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Day 25: An interpreter of maladies

Crazy head at work…typing like an famished beast…google the savior…symptoms of heart attack, blood clots, and brain hemorrhage. A silly head in a overthinking soul at work. A neck pain taken lightly at first thinking of a wrong turn, hither and thither on the bed but persisted for days and weeks. The brain tells you gotta come to terms with it, no matter what! Ok! Did I tell that this dimwit’s head keeps thinking about collapsing suddenly? I mean, would the real ‘me’ know that he is no more in a sudden death. Crazy over thinking mind, I tell!

Symptoms hardly lie, uneasiness in the throat, thirst, dry tongue, pain traveling like light from the neck to the arms and upper arms. legs with upper and lower neck movement causing pain. I felt like a balloon jettisoned in the air as if scientists are testing nuclear weapons with the sensation of dizziness, propelling me to leap ahead to visit the doctor. He examines me. BP is normal. One positive sign. He wants to be assured and asked me to lie down, to decide on the need for ECG to check heart rhytm, if need to. So much excitement for nothing. Clear symptoms of gastro for not eating on time and going too much on spice. Headed home with shit loads of pills, the perfect antidote to my alcohol, the Scotch whisky. Ha! I felt light like feather.

The genius qualities can never abandon me for my quirky invention of greatest maladies on earth that would make me a perfect character to Jhumpa Lahiri’s The Interpreter of Maladies, the day she decides for a sequel. I can make for a great character blending craziness and a sample that authors or filmmakers can easily explore making it gibberishly awesome. The jibber jabber and gobbledygook of my life makes for a sensational biopic. Move over Sanju!

The tale of how the birthday ring in not with the favorite scotch in the windy, chilly and cold winter but medicines as a sumptuous treat. My food timing can take a beating from time-to-time and with a conference this week when lunch was wolfed past 2 p,m. As much as I think that munching late one day will not lead to gastro issue, perhaps it’s the time to make a religious change to one’s diet or lifestyle. In fact, I could have become a doctor, you see, with the obsession of constantly checking my cholesterol level or asking google uncle about symptoms of heart attack, blood sugar or memory loss. Ha!

And, to say, yours truly could have found the cure for cancer? Yes! I did that also and a routine google task for me whenever there is numbness, body weakness, tingling sensation or piercing caused in the skin and drowsiness. I type, causes and symptoms of cancer. Slap my silly mind. Tiredness had to be overcome post a hectic week and rest needed.  Unfortunately, the rest mantra didn’t go as planned but at least was able to start reading, Shashi Tharoor’s Why I am a Hindu? Like always, I end up surfing on the phone and whining time sitting in front of the computer rather than sleeping or reading stuff. I better keep every weekend for myself rather than being a pale Tintin version.


Work-in-progress, seeker and bundle of contradictions. Stubborn and Refusal to grow up and constantly in search of myself, I blurt it out on my space. Drop in and share some love. Indian by choice.

2 thoughts on “Day 25: An interpreter of maladies

  1. Ha Ha! This is what overthinking does. And then having Google also becomes a con sometimes. 😁 Anyways, hope you are doing well now.
    I have my copy of “Why I am a Hindu?”, but not getting time to start it. Do tell, how is it going? And yes, you could be a character in “Interpreter of Maladies” 😁

    1. Yea my silly mind keeps inventing illnesses and switching to google giving more worry. I do that. Just started 30 pages and looks very detailed. Thanks Pragati and the author can borrow some of my quirkiness 😀

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