Book Review: Brushstroke ‘tales of sunshine’

Book Review: Tales of Sunshine

Author: Sundari Venkatraman

Published by: Flaming Sun

Stars: Three and a half

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Author Sundari Venkatraman experiments with the unique genre of short stories which is all about the human stories, life’s battles and a world makes one’s oyster. It’s the tales of struggle, hopes and the lemons thrown by life at us. The stories are distinct from each other and painted with a gentle touch, the brush stroking the emotions in a vivid manner. The language is simple in depicting lives where the human soul is not only vibrant but comes alive in all its forms. The collection is a quick and smart read that will leave a lasting impression in nurturing human understand, passion and it certainly pays to be true to the self.


TALES OF SUNSHINE is a collection of ten short stories that brings hope. It’s all about the struggles, friendship, hope, promise, belief and breaking free. After all, life is all about making choices and compassion never harms.


In ‘The Ray of Sunshine’, Raj faces a dilemma where he has to take a decision but has to face his inner demons where he is caught between the devil and the deep blue sea. The character has been sketched in a clear manner and the story addresses job losses and how it affects families. The story is sensitive and touches the human heart.

‘A Promise Given’ takes us in the world of Aparna and Sachin with friendship, drugs and treachery as the backdrop. It’s all about finding ourselves in a friend and the story will bring tears to your eyes. It is tragic and will leave a mark on your heart for it is built on sadness and hope, at the same time. I particularly liked the surprise element in the end.

‘In Life Goes out of Control’, Sundari Venkatraman touches the subject of conflict, parental ego and what we seek from life. There is a daughter who takes the call in her life and the story echoes tales of obsession with academic streams where the conflict between passion and ego has been well addressed. It’s all about the battle one faces in life as a lone child who ultimately gets the last laugh by standing her ground.

The theme of passion finds echo in ‘Breaking Free From the Mould’ with a nagging grand ma who can’t see her grandson breaking free on his own terms. There are no evil parents but the way Sundari Venkatraman twist and spin the story in a light manner makes it a winner. The generation gap has been done in a light manner in spite of tension in the plot.

In ‘Rakesh Nath’s Recovery’, the unexplained phenomena in life is depicted in the trial of human life which flows easily till the last moment which makes us realize the character coming back from the dead. I have heard such human stories and the author makes it so real, true to life. She adds an edge to spookiness in all its manifested form, real and alive.

The story, ‘Until Death us do Part’ is a tale of revenge plotted in a smart manner where sheer desperation can drive us to the wall where no hope is left and it’s only a miracle that saves us from the jaws of death. The message Sundari Venkatraman sends is strong and it’s sheer Karma that cheats death.

The grandfather, grandson and son trio in ‘Is Grandpa Home?’ is beautifully woven with a heart capable of loving and no power on earth can stop it. The story breaks our heart and brings sadness when the grandfather faces hurt and pain but, ultimately, happy ending is the sweetest revenge for the readers.

There are stories like Daydreaming Mercenary’, ‘The Elephant in the Room’ and ‘Exam Fever’,  treated in a sensitive manner and aptly addresses life in all its forms and subtleties that shows that life is not what it seems to be, expressing nuances that appearances can be tricky, emotions fickle and our judgements are not flawless. There are surprise elements that warm the heart in depicting the triumph of humanity above everything.

What’s Not!

Sundari Venkatraman is a terrific story-teller whose writing captivates us and she knows her readers’ pulse. However, I feel that few stories could have been better explored by extending the length to lend nuances or conflicting shades to the characters. Of course, that doesn’t take away the credibility of ‘Tales of Sunshine.’

Final Words:

The collection of short stories by Sundari Venkatraman is truly tales of sunshine that speaks the language of love and humanity in aesthetic way. Not to be missed. Go and grab your copy and let the sun shine in your life.

You can grab your copy on Amazon.




A Goddess who conquers

She came as a whiff of divinity and fragrance of flurry of air wafting in the South Mumbai cafe. Echoing spark like the Goddess of magic and personified confidence, Nazoo curled the smoke that twisted in rings and the passion in her eyes told thousand stories. An enigma that sashay and made her dupatta flow, embodying dreams. I sat, watched and followed her gaze. There were no starry air yet the personality was made of something else. I could have fallen for her yet didn’t but stood amazed at the passionate words she belched out.

Her eyes beamed with glow that shone on her face. A passionate and sharp debater, she made me see her points when we discussed about society and its ways of doing things. She didn’t need to make efforts to stand among the crowd. She was not just your average girl but a woman born to conquer. I sat and watched her in awe. Our meeting point was the frequented cafe, smoking and chatting about life. A women that forces admiration. They don’t make such kind of women. She’s rare. Lucid, charming and stuffs dreams are made of. She is no one’s muse yet poetry weaved in depicting her emotions and nuances. An angel in the form of human soul with flaws. Don’t we all have flaws! She sparkles with contagious energy. You feel her presence and magnetism that can overpower any living thing with her gaze. We spoke when she asked if she can borrow a light for her cigarette. After all, we are all smokers!

Nazoo was destined to conquer the stars, chase for dreams and achieve greatness. After all, she did! She lit the cafe with her gaze as she smoked and casually chatted the pan wala guy who smiled at her. After all, who can ignore her steps?! People looked around when she walked. The free spirit and wildness in her, coy is not her thing. She can put the dogs to sleep on the street and make the birds take flight to conquer their freedom. Our conversation were like the precious gems and a stroke of gold that lands in your heart and soul. A poet’s muse but too extraordinary to be fettered or conquered. A flawless face that echoes kindness, beauty and stroke of lush breeze. Her words are worth every penny, unblemished by prejudice and has the knack of making and speaking simple things with so much power.

Sensual braid and her flawless feet is an understatement. There are souls who leave a deep impact on your mind and making you believe in the extraordinary. A true Goddess in all her forms and expressions, she brought positive vibes like the gentle wind fluttering.

PS: Dedicated to one of the most wonderful woman, human and friend I met in the cafe where we discussed everything under the sun during our small and rare snippet of conversation. No, I didn’t have a crush on her but admire her. She is conquering the world and achieving the extraordinary in her world. When she walks, you can just sit in awe and watch her. Stay blessed, Nazoo. You are a Goddess.



Pune Memoirs (9)

Pune, Gokhale Nagar:


“Are you sure you want to move out there?” Mr Oak looks at me through his eyes sitting at the wooden table filled with papers and his rimmed spectacles fell on his nose. I was apologetic and said, “Yes, Sir. College is hardly 3 km away from Gokhale Nagar.” He shrugged my concern, “Don’t go there. It’s horrible and the place is so filthy and dirty. You can always hop on through the six seater and I’ve told you, learn to ride a scooter.” I was adamant and parted away with my three months rent. He was not ready to give it back. It makes sense in a way and parted ways with the money.

Gokhale Nagar is a middle class locality where you drive straight from Deep Bangla Chowk towards Senapati Bapat (SB) Road surrounded by community life of small and modest houses, small shops, chicken shops where necks were slashed alive, lining up on both sides of the narrow road which goes up to the slope.   It was quite a small flat and our kitchen window gave the view of the road that borders hair dresser, small super market, sweet mart and cyber cafe. I remember Mom and Dad would call at the cyber guy who ran a local STD booth and he would hit the wooden kitchen window with a stone. You know the phone has arrived from home and hop in time to the other side of the road.

Image sourced from Google/

Image sourced from Google/

It was quite an experience waking up at 5.30 a.m to attend the morning lecture and waiting for the rickshaw in the cold. The rickshaw drove past me and stopped when you dash only to realize they are waiting for school kids. Bad signal! I felt like Harry Potter missing the Hogwarts bus. Coming back home, I jump straight to the bed sleeping till 4 to 5 p.m. The evening and nights were spent hanging around at the cyber and coffee shop owned by a jolly fellow who loved to pull our legs, Aslam Bhai. I would pull his legs singing, Aslam Bhai! Aslam Bhai! The jovial dude with greyish hair and beard would smile and shout, ‘Gaana hai yahan pe lagaon kya aur tum bhi gaana.’ The man always expressed a smile and pulled our legs and we would hang out at this cyber, sipping coffee or chai till the wee hours in the morning. There were sleepless nights since I slept during the day and the time winded at Aslam Bhai’s cafe where white plastic chair were scattered. We would chat past midnight with people and the young student population in the small community life, blowing smoke and sipping countless cups of tea and coffee.

Eye candy romance was served hot on the platter at the small shop owned by the uncle and aunty where we would buy pack of milk, biscuits and cigarettes, always making a last dash at 10.30 pm closing time  The eye candy engineering wali rode the bike and walked inside the shop where our eyes met one day. Removing the scarf she entered the counter and scolded me, warning not to move inside and stay outside the counter. I flirted and asked her stream. It was engineering. Nazre mili (eyes met) and standing tall with her, longing to see her inside every time. I loved watching her shadow, draped in Salwar Kameez and walking gracefully.  Aunty did get a hang of my one-sided romance with her daughter but was very sweet, always teased her with laughter when I came  to the shop. I could make out their conversation in Marathi where aunty would tell her daughter, one day you will leave us and get married to him. I pretended not to figure it out. Both mother and daughter laughed. In fact, I was always a nice, sajjan guy. Both uncle and aunty loved me a lot. I missed my chance but aunty knew when I stood in front of the shop looking around. The lovely Maharashtrian aunty would tease me, ‘Kya chahiye’. She answered with a smile, ‘Woh abhi tak aayi nahin. Shaam ko aayegi’. My face became blank and wore a sheepish look. I felt like singing, ‘Yeh kya hua kaise hue, chori chori jab nazrein mili.’ As I look back, I could have married her and rather being single, aunty would narrate to the kids our shop romance. Ha!

Once, a big fat guy tried to bully me with his Dada giri at Aslam Bhai’s cyber shop and when Aslam Bhai got wind of it, he shouted at the Dada and told me not to worry since area ka Dada is being taken care of.  The next day, the bully came towards and I must confess that I was scared but he told me yaar, asking to buy him beer.  I slipped some 30 bucks in his hand and beat a hasty retreat to the flat.

The year ended in Gokhale Nagar when we were invited for a small party at the balcony which was organised by our society. It was lovely. We contributed 100 bucks each and there was songs, dance and kids obtained prizes. I was asked to hand over prizes to the kids who touched my feet.  The families were always sweet to me. Aha! Biryani was served. Lukka chuppi was played again on the new year eye with the cute girl who would look at me from her flat in the neighborhood every morning and she made a sign with her hand inching to her lip, as a silent gesture to ask  if I ate. Again, no romance shomance happened but it only brewed.

Gokhale Nagar can be very boisterous with the hordes of students while at the same time very sober, owing to the locals. I remember that on first January 2004, some folks lit a bonfire at the basement of the flats. It was winter in the evening near the shops owned by Aslam Bhai and my eye candy where I went to buy candles. It was a beautiful sight to see the local warming their hands. While it was not a place that I particularly liked owing to the facts that students can lose their sanity and often misbehaved making noise to make the people’s life hell. Yet, there were some memorable moments during my one year I stayed, be it playing cricket at the huge tarred road or reasoning with folks who came knocking on the door for chanda during Ganpati or a night out with some Arab folks at TDS.

Hope you liked this episode in my Pune Memoirs.

PS: There were three types of flats in Gokhale Nagar, LIG (Low Income Group), MIG (Middle Income Group) and HIG (High Income Group)

Cya folks



Ten to one: Real Me, funny’s ME

Tags can be fun and daring. A Sunday night when the rain flashes and wind blows its conch and flutters on your window sill, you know you wanna kick in some fun. Shameless as I am for mileage, I claim the tag from Roshan and any reason is good to write. I take the tag of Ten to One in my Life and try to answer 55 Questions. That’s huge like the Hulk’s roar. Koi bhi bahana chalege saala writing ke liye kuch bhi karega. Lemme try to be an open book.

TEN HOW’S!…Dus ka Dum

Image credit: Google

How did you get one of your scars? haha! I kept falling down as a child and hit myself on the knee while running & playing football. I am incident prone! Tell you a secret. The obvious one is the front tooth who broke into two as a teenager and till then remained like that. I was at a wedding and started playing war with some kids when a stone imagined to be rocket landed on my mouth. Man! It pained. Blood oozed and smashed it into two. I cried and cried.
How did you celebrate your last birthday? I was with myself and deactivated FB notification but a friend caught me and called from Mumbai. We spoke for a good 30 minutes like during the old days. I treated myself with Scotch whisky, woke up to do meditation.
How are you feeling at this moment? Awesome!!! Any problem with that?! Ha!!!
How did your night go last? Watched the first episode of 24 with AK on the small screen, wrapped the blanked around and slept.
How did you do in high school? Below average. Slow learner who is winning the race of life now. Few friends, except one or two and never liked speaking to people.
How did you get the shirt you are wearing? You mean the white unbranded one kept to sleep. Old one since eight years! Just bought it in a pack of three for 500 bucks.
How often do you see your best friends? Quite often! Just met them today, speaking about life and miracles. Most of them, I am in touch via FB for we are globe-trotting by sitting on different time zones. They are my strength.
How much money did you spend last month?  Blew my consultancy fees on pending loans, EMI and few books.
How old do you want to be when you get married? You wanna hung me with a tight rope or what! It’s not my thing.
How old will you be at your next birthday? Why should I tell! I stopped growing up when I turned 18. Are you an astrologer hell-bent to fix me with someone.

9 the what….

Your mother’s name? Peace!! You wanna her kill me…ha!
What did you do last weekend? Working on a project, wore a suit after ages for a corporate event and enjoyed a wine.
What is the most important part of your life? Happiness, dreams, hope and spiritual conquest.
What would you rather be doing? Acting in movies. Do I get paid whining my time dreaming to be on film sets!!
What did you last cry over? Some disparaging news.
What always makes you feel better when you’re upset? Swearing!!! MC/BC!!! Gotta vent it out. Kidding, I aint! Yeah, watching a movie or reading a book.
What’s the most important thing you look for in a significant other? Free spirited and wild.
What did you have for breakfast? Biscuits, Sutarfeni.

8 YOU’S!

Have you ever liked someone who had a girlfriend/boyfriend? Many times.
Have you ever had your heart broken? Yeah! I am an expert at it.
Have you ever been out of the country?  I am!!
Have you ever done something outrageously dumb? You name it, you get it. I am always courting trouble.
Have you ever been back stabbed by a friend? Friendship can be fickle at times like villains in old Hindi movies
Have you ever had sex on the beach? Definitely yes for it taste awesome. Quite an indecently decent drink.
Have you ever read an entire book in a day? Yeah! Don’t kill me for that. Chetan Bhagat One Night at the Call Centre one Monsoon in Mumbai.

7 WHO’S!

Who was the last person you saw? A friend
Who was the last person you texted? My boss
Who was the last person you hung out with? Same same friend I met today
Who was the last person to call you? The client
Who did you last hug? A friend! Must be two months back. I hate kissing people on the cheek.
Who is the last person who texted you? Manish
Who is the last person you said, “I Love You” to? A friend on Facebook in return for honey’ing me


Where do your best friends live? Pune, Mumbai, Sydney
Where did you last go? At ma friend’s place..abe bola na!!
Where did you last hang out? Friend’s place
Where did you go to school? At an Arya Samaj school
Where is your favorite place to be? Pune and Mumbai. In fact both!!!
Where did you sleep last night? On my bed, where else!

5 DO’S!

Do you think anyone likes you? Y-e-a-h. You doubt it?!
Do you ever wish you were someone else? Nopes. There is only one specimen that’s me.
Do you know the muffin man? Muffler man, yeah our Dilli ki CM
Does the future scare you? Yeah
Do your parents know about your blog? Mom heard bout it…i told her i write online

4 WHY’S!

Why are you best friends with your best friend? Dunno…People come in your life for a reason
Why did you get into blogging? Blogger by accident. I didn’t know what it was all about until a friend created an account.
Why did your parents give you the name you have? Should ask them! I’m not The Man who Knew Too Much
Why are you doing this survey? Appealing. Something to kick the lazy me from snoring.

3 IFS!

If you could have one super power what could it be? Be the change, knock some sense in the head of imbeciles and perhaps break the skulk or scare the shit of idiots
If you could go back in one time and change one thing, would you? Definitely…college days.
If you were stranded on a deserted island and could bring one thing, what would you bring? A beautiful and brainy woman for some kick ass conversation.


Would you ever get back together if one of your ex’s ever asked you? No way. Raat Gayi Baat Gayi. Never get back with an ex.
Would you ever shave your head to save someone you love? The hair on my head is an illusion that you suffer from…color blues!


Are you happy with your life right now? I am in a happy space after very long. Quite exciting and unpredictable.
Well!! So much fun on a Sunday night, writing and listening to the sound of rain and wind making merry. It’s full of me, funny, guarded and real at the same time. Feel free to tag yourselves and make some noise.

Book Review: IBSW is a heady cocktail

Book Review: I Am Big So What?!

Author: Shuchi Singh Kalra

Publisher: Fingerprint Lite

Rating: Four and a half stars

Credit: Shuchi Singh Kalra/


The funny woman is back. I am Big So What! Plus Size! Body shamers trolling you! It ain’t Marilyn Monroe in reverse but if it does with a desi version of keeping the extra fat and flitting comfortably, who gives a fuck! Yeah! Right! Who gives a godamn rat ass bout it! Shuchi Singh Kalra tells you with a bang the story of a big girl, Roli Kapoor in I am Big So What! The story of Roli Kapoor turned down by a lover and she meets unwanted jerks on planet earth, the irritating aunty hell-bent to save all girls in distress to get them married. IBSW is not just about body shaming but romance, love, break-ups and crisis that a big girl or any girl for that matter, goes through.

Shuchi takes IBSW to another level, raising the bar a notch higher to an octane level to make IBSW a blockbuster hit. She is not yet Done with Men for there is love and romance in the most untoward situations. You loved ‘Done with Men’ for its effortless and intelligent humor but IBSW will make you drool over the fun quotient. The one-liners are kick ass right from the first lines where Shuchi packs a punch that marries humor, romance and body shaming in the most powerful manner.


IBSW is romance served on a hot plate of sizzler, a heady cocktail of friendship with a Papa don’t preach tag that Roli loves to spread. Shuchi churns a new tale in weaving Roli, the alligator and the sensual humor, swing and sweeping words that makes one choke with laughter. IBSW makes laughter an aphrodisiac minus sex. Suchi Singh Kalra redefines fatness that shames the trolls to give them a taste of their own silly medicine and it’s no Viagra.

Author Shuchi Singh Kalra

Roli is one of a kinda woman in her 30s who has mastered the art of attracting jerks and worms wherever she stomps her foot. It makes her character endearing, fun-loving and totally crazy. Enter the world of Roli and you have Orange aunty, the typical preening neighbour with roving eyes hell-bent to get her married as if she is a fat damsel in distress. The best thing about the book is that you see Roli through Shuchi’s eyes and the digs she takes at the folks is terrific like art on canvas. “I can make my own money aunty. And a softie won’t do for me.” She takes the software, swings it like a ball and turns into a softie.

Trouble has a name when Roli meets her suitors, right from the ‘smug jerk’ providing wholesome entertainment that will make Rohit Shetty’s flicks fade in comparison to Mr Money Bags fleecing designer stuffs borrowed from someone or the Xmas tree dude. IBSW is pure fun with oodles of hotness where Shuchi effortless packs a punch, with statements like, ‘Why can’t we call people smug jerks..?’ or the reference to bf bbw from porn site. ‘Why watch TV when we have so many cartoons here? or read this discussion with suitor when Roli smacks his head with, ‘I can lose the weight but can you grow a personality?’ This is what humor is all about, appealing and hitting you on the face when you least expect it. But, you need a brain to get them, right Shuchi!

Roli’s journey is kicked off in the most unusual fashion when she meets Kabir, the dishy Kebab Platter and the time they are reunited in the most untoward manner which is nothing short than an anti-climax. The momentum is kept going when Roli meets  Malati, a blind school girl who gently reminds her a life-long lesson about battling the odds or the showdown sequence with bestie Monica whose boyfriend she abhors. “I hate smug morons,’ Roli says as if she is waving Hi and bye. Simple and effective.

IBSW is the perfect mix of romance that hits the altitude while at the same time, is a strong and much needed statement on society. Roli’s show down with her Dad on the losing weight kind of crap leaves a powerful impact in this rom-com filled with humor.  Mind you! Ekta Kapoor soap operas’ makes a comeback in Roli discussion with Rinke with the Pehle aap philosophy of elder sister taking the plunge. Super efficient narration  that portrays a society stuck and hanging to the dark ages.

The description and adjectives such as ‘cute like a polar bear’ or sketching of the erotically intimate scenes between Kabir and Roli are pulled like the waves of slow music, stirring to life in a poetical and lyrical manner.  There are very few authors who get love making scenes right like Shuchi does.

“His lips were pressing against mine and his tongue had begun to explore the deep recesses of my mouth…he made me discover the erogenous zones that I knew never existed…”

I always believe that a writer is an artist, basking in aesthetic senses painting the union of two souls made for each other and gyrating to dance steps. . That’s Shuchi Singh Kalra for you. There is also Roli’s boss, Divya, who shines as a very strong woman and laid back at the same time, painted in a sensual manner in the way she laze around with her laptop. Shuchi gives so much dignity to her characters be it, Divya or Roli.

What’s Not?!

I AM BIG SO WHAT! is sensual, engaging and honest to the core narration that it makes it a tough business to draw faults. However, I feel that Divya is one hell of a character who should have been given more mileage in her interaction with Roli as she is quite complex and of course, a woman of  substance.

Final Words:

“Don’t run after love, it will come after you.”

Soppy kisses, flower haters and anti climax with Rohit resurfacing which brought father and daughter together, makes IBSW a powerful reunion about life and relationships. The climax is heart pounding and expressed in a super entertaining way with the love chase and big fat Punjabi wedding. The last lines, ‘Two shows on a single ticket’ is very Punjabi that makes life grand and King Size. If you think, Shuchi Singh Kalra is done, she gifts readers thought-provoking poems where every word weaved rekindle passion and reminds you to love yourself, ladies. ‘Body shaming is not cool! Just STAAPHH! Winks!! Stop measuring your boob size and go on a rampage, ladies or dudes, who wanna their chest become blouse. Pun intended! I am very sure that Shuchi Singh Kalra’s I Am Big so What!! will set a trend and don’t be surprise that books on being big fat romance will flood the market. One of the best books I’ve read this year and the best thing to happen to romance literature is Shuchi Singh Kalra.

PS: I thank Shuchi Singh Kalra who sent me the book for review. Connect with the author on Facebook, Twitter and her website.   Book your copy on Amazon India



Writing Wednesdays: Beliefs, dreams and nurturing hope

This post is written as part of ‘Here Come Writing Wednesdays #writingwednesdays’ hosted on Write Tribe.


A wise man once said, “Tough Times Never Last but Tough People Do.” As I look back at my life one year back, I was reeling under negativity and spat anger everywhere. Things were not working for me and I was on the brink of a nervous breakdown, wondering whether it’s eternal. I was surviving on a dim but fading light. The hair turned grey. Frustration gnawed upon me. I would never accept my limits or being wrong and God save that person who came up with gyan lessons or tried to be all preachy! Trust me, some people bore my brunt and anger. I hit on social media and got into a spat with people.

A job where we were denied our basic salary that went on for months and I finally put on my papers. I was compelled to take a low and menial job in a factory that was much below my academic credentials and salary worth. It felt like I was dying every second of my life. Depression seeped in and couldn’t chase off the negative-cum-unwanted thoughts that flowed in. At that time, there were friends like Payal Agarwal, Pratibha, Devangini Chauhan and Gayatri Aptekar who supported me a lot and advised on meditation. ‘Close your eyes and go blank for 5 minutes,’ they said. I had completely lost it in this flurry of thought that hijacked my life. Nonetheless, I started the practice on an irregular basis for I wondered on the futility of the practice.

It was in the first week of January that I woke up one day and looked at myself in the mirror, “Vishal! What are you doing to yourself?” I skipped work on that day and it got me thinking how I lost my mojo but needed to be back to the super optimistic person that I was aeon ago. It cannot happen, I told myself. I must be born again and be that person for whom the world Impossible never existed. The decision was taken. There was no financial back-up, EMI and loans pending. No extra money to survive. I took a bold decision and risked a monthly salary. The next day I informed my employer who happens to be a relative that I will quit in another week time.

There was the struggle. In the mean time, I received a peanut offer from a newspaper offering 15k that was much below my expectations. I mulled about it but politely declined to join them. It is fear that compels us to take anything that comes our way.  We have insecurities that we may not get a job and are compelled to devalue ourselves as human beings. Once bitten, twice shy. But, the moment we compromise and don’t value ourselves, we are suck into it. It was a good decision that I took and now as I hark back, I am proud of making a bold decision where the real me came alive. I cannot say that I can afford to turn down a job but decided to go against the tide. Certainly, I cannot take risks since I don’t have a back up but went with the gut feeling.

It’s been two months when life pretty much surprised me in all its forms. I like things that way. It was in June when a miracle happened when I got paid handsomely for one week project as a consultant. In no time, I turned into a freelancer with the same company who has offered me two projects which I am doing this month and one of them is getting over today. There is a huge international conference about insurance that I will attend in the evening where the assignment will be completed.

Right now, I don’t earn a secure monthly salary but survive on projects and pray that they keep on coming. But, I am in a happy space today where I am able to take projects and do my own things sitting at home. For the first project, I report at the client’s office thrice a week for few hours and I am learning the basic ropes of the financial industry which is a challenge for me. It’s an exciting phase in my life. There were three years where I hit a dismal low and lost all hopes but what followed this year was nothing short than a miracle.

After nine months, I can see changes in me from a spiritual and soulful perspective where I am more composed and relaxed as a person. It’s a new me. Today, I can say that the meditation has helped me a lot in growing into the person that I am slowly becoming. True, my life is far from what I wished for but things are shaping in an upward curve. I refuse to set goals about seeing myself in the next five years which I feel is a flawed perspective but it’s a daily challenge for me, striving against all odds. Everyday is a struggle.

To every soul struggling in life, one thing I’d like to say, never abandon this tiny bubble of hope for after night comes the sunrise. Believe in yourself and never kill the dreams. You are made and destined to do the extraordinary, there is no one like you. Nurture hopes and work on yourself as a human beings.



Frame-to-Frame: Panjim, Goa




City life can be vibrant and filled with zest worth living for our aesthetic and personal fulfillment, expressing thousand emotions. I share with you a picture of Panjim in Goa that was clicked one sunny morning way back in January 2012. A beautifully planned town where buildings stands tall in its soulful simplicity, where people and nature adds beauty to existence. Love the sight of the beautiful trees that adorn spirited life in the morning where you can wade in to enjoy the blissful moments in sheer tranquility.

Incredible Goa

With Love