In conversation with Preethi Venugopala, author of ‘Without You’

Today, the blog features Preethi Venugopala whose romance novel, ‘Without You’ set in places such as Sreepuram, Bengalaru and Dubai has hit the market. In the conversation, Preethi tells about her novel, what makes writing and painting exciting for her as well as new projects in the offing. The civil engineer also blogs on Tulips and Me

A strong believer that story tellers are healers in the present world as they can change people outlook’s through the stories told, Preethi has been published in two anthologies,  ‘The Second Life’ and ‘Blank Space’. Another anthology ‘A Little Chorus of Love’ is to be published soon. She is a regular contributor to many online magazines and websites.

In her own words:

 Preethi Venugopala is a Civil Engineer by education and an avid blogger, artist by passion. After working in many prestigious civil engineering projects for more than a decade, she quit her job to become a full time mother. Meanwhile, she took a Masters Degree in English literature to complete her dream of studying English literature. She tried her hand successfully at crafts, crocheting, portraiture and painting before venturing into writing.


Preethi Venugopal

She loves hearing from readers and can be contacted on mail and Facebook.

Hope you enjoy reading the interview.

A portrait by Preethi. Copyrights belong to Preethi Venugopal and the artist's permission required before taking images on the blog.

A portrait by Preethi.
Copyrights belong to Preethi Venugopala and the artist’s permission required before taking images on the blog.

Without You’ is the story of love that transform Ananya into a winner: Preethi Venugopal

1. What is your book, ‘Without You’, a romance that is played out in different places; Sreepuram, Bengaluru and Dubai, all about?

 ‘Without You’, is a contemporary fantasy romance. The story begins in Kerala, progresses in Bengaluru and attains denouement in Dubai.

When Ananya Shankar, an engineering student, reaches her grandmother’s house in Kerala on a month long vacation, romance is the last thing that she expects to find. But on the very day that she reaches Sreepuram, she meets Dr Arjun, their new neighbour and the heir to the multimillion dollar super market chain, SHINE. A romance ensues but circumstances force them apart.

All in all, it is a story where love transforms the naive girl that Ananya is, into a winner in life. It talks about the power of journaling, of friends and love in its myriad forms.

 2. Why did you choose Bengalaru and Dubai, two cosmopolitan places yet vastly different in appeal, as the backdrop in your novel?

 Bengaluru and Dubai are two of my favourite places. I have lived in Dubai for a while and I am currently settled in Bengaluru. It is easy to write a story based in a place you know. That is the reason why I selected Dubai and Bengaluru.

Even Sreepuram, the illusionary village, where the story begins is actually an exact portrayal of my village in Kerala which is picturesque and magical.

 3. In your blog, Tulips and Me, it is described as the sphere where positive stories and art is crafted. Can you tell the readers what the blog is about and what guides you in weaving positive stories about life and, of course, your paintings describing vivid expression?

 I am a huge believer in positivity. I strongly believe that a positive thought is a thousand times stronger than a negative thought. My blog, hence, focuses on stories with happy endings. I also write articles/musings that are filled with inspiration. I also post my art.

If my writings have succeeded in bringing a smile on the face of my reader, I feel I have accomplished what I had aimed to.

 4. You are Civil Engineer by profession. When did you start blogging and what was the reason you started penning words on an online platform?

 There comes a time in the life of every writer when he/she gets bitten by the writing bug. I got attacked by it in July 2013 while I was on a sabbatical from work and I haven’t recovered yet. It started as a platform to polish my writing skills. Luckily, I have been able to get some sincere readers and also, during the process got in touch with some great writers.

 5. You have got rave reviews for your story, ‘The Arabian Dream’ in The Second Life, ‘The Eternal Love’ in the anthology Blank Space, and was a member of the winning team of ‘Game of Blogs’ conducted by Blogadda. What drives or inspire your stories?

 Inspiration mostly comes in the form of prompts. For ‘The Second Life’, the prompt was to write a story that inspired you, something that you had heard or was part of your life. ‘The Arabian dream’ was inspired by a story told by my manager in Dubai, and is partly based on true events from his life.

I had written ‘Eternal Love’ for a prompt which wanted me to talk about esoteric possibilities in love.

In ‘Game of Blogs’ we wrote sci-fi fiction, a story where the protagonist was an alien who was trying to save earth, belonging to the peacekeeper Aliens clan who were in charge of protecting life on earth. I, being a fantasy lover, had suggested the idea and the whole team liked it. We went on to win the competition and our story will be published by Leadstart publishers soon.

For another anthology that is about to be published the prompt was “Love through ages”. So, I wrote a historical romance.

So you can see, imagination roams in various aisles when it is directed that way.

 6. Tell us when ‘A little Chorus of Love’ is coming and how different your story in this one is from your novel, ‘Without You’?

 A little Chorus of Love is an anthology that is in the offing and my story in that “My Red Knight” is a historical inter-racial romance based in the 1720s Calcutta.

“Without You” is very modern and happens in a time period between 2009 and 2011.

Both have the common theme of love, though.

 7. You are also an editor. How difficult it is for an editor to cut and re-work your own stories?

 I have worked as editor for two anthologies till now; “Blank Space” and ‘A little Chorus of Love.” Blank Space had a hundred flash fictions and many of the writers were newbie in that venture. It was tough to edit because there were numerous errors in almost all stories except a few written by prominent writers.

A little chorus of Love was easier as I had other editors helping me and more than half of the authors in the anthology were accomplished writers or eminent bloggers.

Editing our own stories is a risky job. Errors escape our attention because our brain often camouflages our mistakes. It is always better to have someone else edit our stories. But, grammar check software can be of great help while editing our own writing.

 8. Tell us about the inspiration behind your paintings, where you create portraits in pencils and charcoals. When you started painting and what does it mean to you?

Preethi portrait.

A view of landscape made by Preethi.

 Painting and portraiture is a very pleasing way to vent. Creating something that is pleasing to the eye always brings happiness.

I started painting in 2011 to cope up with the sadness of losing my father. It was a way to vent my sadness. I painted one painting after the other and they helped me heal.

I started portraiture as a hobby and started gifting personalised sketches to my friends on birthdays. It was hugely popular among my friends and they started to call me an artist.

Every one of my art has a small part of me in it and it helps me grow as a person.

 9. I’ve read the first chapter of ‘Without You’ which describes the home coming of Ananya, who is smitten by Dr Arjun who is the best friend of my name sake, Vishal. Is it a tale of the NRI girl longing for love and facing an identity crisis?

 No, it is not the tale of an NRI girl. In fact, she lives and studies in Bengaluru. Ananya is quite the tomboy and love catches her unaware. Arjun, though, is an NRI millionaire who has settled for the time being in Sreepuram to aid his studies.

 10. What can your fans and friends expect after ‘Without You’? Is there a full-fledged novel on the cards after this one?

 Yes, I am working on a sequel of ‘Without You.” It won’t be a sequel in the exact sense, but some characters in ‘Without You” who were loved by my beta readers are going to have a bigger role in this second book which will be based in Sreepuram. My readers wanted me to write a story for Vishal (your namesake). So currently I am writing Vishal’s story.




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Re-blogging from A to Z: Not in Love when I Thought I was

Re-Blogging Letter ‘N for Not in Love When I thought I was’ during the ‘Blogging from April A to Z Challenge on the other blog. Today, I share with you letter N.

N for Not in Love when I Thought I was

We sat together in class. I loved how she would she ran her fingers down her curly tresses, turns around and coyly smile, laugh at every small thing and stupid jokes that we would make. I was amazed how she would drag me to the tapdi to enjoy cutting chai, vada pav and befriend the street urchins, buying them lunch.
Playful! She remained like a child and would call me in the middle of the night to tell how she is craving for ice cream. “Come and pick me, na. I’m dying for ice cream and before you say anything, I’ve already sneaked out of the hostel and waiting for you downstairs.”
Babe!! You crazy, I scolded her. I rushed to meet her, worried that she must be standing alone at midnight and zoomed in front of the girls’ hostel as we drove to Pune station. She started to sing loudly, her arms stretched in the air, “mouth watering ice cream, enjoy life before it melts. It’s midnight, I feel like feeling in love with the stars. I am pillion riding with the kindest man on earth. Today, I find him hot.
“Shut up,” I said. “Stop buttering me, I know what you saying no true, I am not hot.”
“I feel like loving you and showering affection just for the day,” she bites my ears and caressed me with her hands. I felt a tingling sensation and adrenaline rush, controlled my senses to maintain balance on the bike. It’s a beautiful feeling to be emotionally overpowered by her simplicity and childlike innocence.
I felt drawn to her every single moment of life and  started to lose control over my senses. I am falling in love with her, I told myself. At least, what I thought! Emotions can trick to the heart and an attractive persona close to the soul attracts like magnet. I thought she were the one on hearing the bells ringing in the heart.
She turned me into a poet, weaved poems for my muse to see the world with perfection. After all, it’s the season of love and longing for her joie-de-vivre persona. My life at college started and revolved around her. Nights were spent, speaking for long hours on phone and waking up each other in the morning.
Like all beautiful things, it had to come to an end. It was the time for her to shift base and after discussing, analyzing things what is best for us, we kissed for the last time and hugged like long-lost lovers. Gradually, our phone calls separated by distance withered before we finally moved on in life. Not in Love when I thought I was! I saw her relationship status on Facebook, engaged and finally I moved on when I proposed to the girl at the bus stop. It was another beautiful relationship but I shall cherish the moments I spent with the girl who had the most amazing child like innocence. Love can be a tricky word.

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Re-blogging from A to Z: L for Live (In) Love

Re-blogging the post that I did during April A to Z Blogging challenge. Letter L for Live (In) Love was written on Day 12 for the challenge. Hope you will like it.

Live (In) Love

Zoya stares at the sky and didn’t bulge for a second at Juhu beach. I ask, “What are you looking at at?” She tells, “Shh. Don’t break the silence of the beautiful night. Just look at the stars. Ask for something precious.” She closed her eyes, ran the moist palm of her hand on our faces. My skin feels the cold sensation running through her palm.

She looks at me, her face fresh like the morning dew, “What did you ask for? No! Wait, don’t tell me.”
I tell, “I asked for the most beautiful thing in the world.” Deep inside my heart, I prayed for her love and togetherness that shall never separate us till death. She gives me the coy expression that made me feel in love with her and I can feel the divinity within her.
We walked together, our feet soaked in the white sand, “You know. Whatever you ask from the stars become true, they say. I believe in the legend.”
I concentrate on her words, the innocent thoughts that she conveys brings warmth to my existence. Zoya is the reason for my happiness and always brings out the best in me, re-affirming my faith in humanity. She changed me as a person and makes me better every single day. Some call it fate but for me it’s pure love.
She is the angel that came uninvited to bring perfection that was missing in my life.
“Love is the most beautiful feeling on earth. I started living. I live (d) (In) Love.
She smiles radiantly, “What are you thinking about?”
“You,” I say truthfully.
“Aha,” she grins and her words tells me that she is amused.
“Vishal. You know what matters is living every moment and finding love in every small thing. What lies behind us and what lie before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us.”
I protested, “But, you sent me the forward this morning.”
She patiently said, “Allah! It is just a gentle reminder of times that may slip in front of us. Live (In) Love.”
This moment was so beautiful. I didn’t want it to slip from our hands and how I wished I could capture the emotions forever. Love is timeless. Everything is so perfect.
I woke up next to Zoya to realize she has disappeared. I regained my senses, “She is not here with me.  She was right: Live (In) Love.” The painful break-up that me go through an an emotional turmoil and couldn’t understand that love is not about possessing someone but feeling the emotions running through my senses. She made me understand the day we parted how we matter to each other and there shall not be a day when our feeling would not reach out to each other. After all, who can tear apart souls and hearts who are bound together. Now, I have begun to understand the power of selfless love. It’s truly, Live (In) Love.
Post script: It’s an extract from the novel I’ve been trying to write for more than three years. It’s a true love story coupled with hues of imagination. Hope you enjoyed reading it.
With Love

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Re-blogged from A to Z Challenge: Kiss of Life and Love

Peeps! Back to re-blogging from April A to Z challenge where I am sharing some posts I feel are quite interesting during last month and looking for your feedback. The post below ‘Kiss of Life and Love’ was written on Day 11 for Letter K. Happy reading.

Kiss of Life and Love

Holding the stranger women close to him and gently holding her waist, he eyes her features as she moves the glass of whisky an inch closer to his lip. He took a sip and stroke her lip with his finger, slowly cupping his face towards her nose, running the palm of his hand on her face. She smiles seductively while slightly moving away from him on the dance floor. She was a seductress. He held her hand and drew her towards him. She pushed her mouth on his, indulging in a long passionate kiss.

It was the kiss of love. He was drawn to her sheer power and tasting her lip would drive him crazy, the energy displayed by her affectionate kiss rendered him powerless. He thought it was the magic of love yet the first smooch saw him slipping every time, as they indulged into intimacy. They get sunk into the language of kiss, exploring each other’s mouth and gaping for breath. After all, the relation resumed to long kisses in the open air, rave parties and the room, far from the glares of people. They shunted people away from their lives to made the world of kiss and intimacy their oyster.
Kiss can be poisonous. It was their last kiss as they bade farewell to the world. Lying on the floor, the kissed their way to passionate intimacy and he was oblivious to the toxic substance she held on her lip, as they kissed during the wee hours of the night. Like the Neelkanth, their throat burned and turned blue. They held each other tight, lips sealed and breathed their last.
It was the most passionate kiss. She knew deep inside that she ain’t never let him go and sneaked inside the kitchen, smeared the substance of death before walking back to sit on his lap. She gave him the most memorable kiss that sealed their lives into eternity.  It was the kiss of life and love.



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Review: Piku a true-to-life gutsy story, romancing life on celluloid

Film Review: Piku

Rating: Four Stars

Cast: Deepika Padukone, Amitabh Bachchan, Irfan, Moushumi Chatterjee, Jishu Sengupta, Raghuvir Yadav, Nutan Mathur, Prerna Chawla, Rupsa Banerjee and Aniruddha Roy Chowdhury

Music: Anupam Roy

Screenplay: Juhi Chaturvedi

Cinematography: Kamaljeet Negi

Director: Shoojit Sircar

During the past decade, there has been a slew of film makers, exploring new subjects and experimenting with a new genre of cinema riding high on the wave of an audience who refuse to be swayed by almost anything doled on them. The audience taste is ever growing and changing every single day, becoming more intransigent with the films they watch. I always believe, either you make a good or bad movie and disagree with the distinction between commercial, meaningful or art cinema. Shootjit Sircar’s Piku is one film that came like a breath of fresh air to carve a place in your heart, a film beautifully made with no overt drama while exploring the relationship between a father and a daughter. It’s a realistic movie, set in a Bengoli household, which remains true to life and will steal your heart, right away, be it the endearing Bhaskor Banerjee (Amitabh Bachchan), the independent Piku (Deepika Padukone) who is modern in outlook still care for her father and the ‘crazy’ Rana (Irfan) as Shoojit Sircar camera zooms and takes you in the beautiful Kolkota, set as the movie’s background.

It’s for the first time that a director and script writer has made constipation the central part of a character ,Bhaskor that makes it a laugh riot  from start to finish. What works in Piku’s favor is the hearty laugh, dialogues and one-liners that makes the film a winner. Credit to the screenplay writer Juhi Chaturvedi whose dialogues remains, the hale and hearty, part of the movie. Piku’s strength is based entirely on author-backed roles and performances cum endearing acts, strong dialogues by Juhi and brilliant execution by Shoojit Sircar. Describing Piku as a ‘feel-good’ movie would be an understatement to describe this cinematic journey that charms the audience. It’s after years that a beautiful movie and lyrical in prose like Piku has come to charm the audience. It’s coming of age, experimental cinema, energetic and fresh in appeal cum romancing life on celluloid. In short, a gush of fresh air aimed to not only entertain the audience but make them think progressively in a light manner. Piku is a winner all the way and a refreshing movie.

Bhaskor Banerjee (Amitabh Bachchan) is irritating and a pain to his daughter (Piku), obsessed with constipation, making it the trigger that would save the mankind from World War III. A transformation, from the angry young man to the upright patriarch and now a sweet and sour father. Bachchan re-defines himself with Piku, a far cry from the deep baritone we love so much and makes us go gaga over him in his new, endearing ‘avatar. He doesn’t shy away to tell us that he loves his deceased wife whose way of doing things were wrong and never cared for her individuality, fettered in the name of duty. Big B does a feminism in an effortless manner when he says, ‘My daughter is not a virgin, is financially and sexually independent.’ What ease! What honesty in the act of the old man with self-declared and unabashed selfishness. Superbly woven by Juhu Chaturvedi and Sircar who uncover the lid on the hypocrisy in society. Or, the low IQ of ‘women’ who want to get married. It’s one of the most poignant scenes at the dining table. Kudos to Bachchan who plays himself down, the actor and the star, to make Deepika Padukone take centre-stage.

Deepika Padukone is Piku and the soul of the movie. The girl has transformed beautifully right from the days of Om Shanti Om, Cocktail, Happy New Year and Piku. Audience will forget about Deepika Padukone at the end of the show and will remember Piku, which is her best performance so far. The manner in which Deepika matches two giants and towering actors, Bachchan and Irfan, is commendable. It is not given for everyone to match an Amitabh Bachchan at every step and credit goes to Deepika Padukone, one of the most brilliant actors of her generation who raises the bar a notch higher in every scene and simply explodes as Piku. The palatable chemistry she shares with Bachchan, shouting at him in the house, singing in Bengoli, Aei poth jodi na shesh hoye from the 1960’s movie Saptapadi during the road trip or the drunken scene at home, doing a jig to the song Jeebone ki parbo na sung by Manna Deyin the 1969 flick Teen Bhubaner Pare, is poignant and subtly done.

Irfan whose skills as an actor is effortless, is a treat to watch. A man that can perform anything, at any rate. His one-liners as he develops a bond with Bhaskor or Piku is mind-blowing. One scene that remains in our mind how he stops the car to give an earful to Bachchan on ‘family burden’, his character that doesn’t see eye-to-eye with his mother and sister. Simply superb! How true when parents don’t let their children bloom with the whole emotional drama. He explodes with his dialogues with Sr Bachchan and Padukone.His dialogue, “ye baap beti to aise hi time pass karrahe hai. Mujhe to nai lagta inhe calcutta jaana bhi hai”. Simply brilliant. Or the scene, when Irfan teaches Bachchan senior the merit of sitting on an Indian latrine. Epic!

Moushumi Chatterjee has had tremendous chemistry with Bachchan in the past and makes a comeback in Piku as the flamboyant Chaubi Mashi who never shy away from saying she married thrice. The endearing Moushumi has never lost her inherent charm and provides some animated discussing with Big B about women’s role in society. What a pleasure to watch the veteran in this comeback vehicle and I am sure she will earn a place in the hearts of young cinema fans.

Piku is a daring and gutsy movie made in a subtle manner-If Women are meant to serve men food during the day and have sex at night, stellar performance by Deepika Padukone and Amitabh Bachchan redefining himself as an actor or the Poti Chair flying high atop the car. Amazing screenplay by Juhi Chaturvedi and Shoojit Sircar’s vision of cinema, shooting Kolkata in such a majestic manner, the by-lanes, trams and roads. Bachchan’s cycle ride is shot in such a delightful manner. Or, Anupam Roy’s endearing music that goes with the theme of the movie. If you haven’t watched Piku, it’s high time to do so since you have no right to miss this journey kyon ki Motion se Hi Emotion Hota Hai. The film is going to redefine the progressive father-daughter relationship which is one of the best made during the years. Piku will stay you forever

With Love



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Re-blogged from A to Z: I for Internet Girl Friend

This post I for Internet Girl Friend was written on Day 9 as part of April A to Z Blogging challenge on the other blog. Here re-producing and re-blogging here for friends and followers.


It’s been days, nights and years. I can’t wait for her to ping me where the conversations would go till late and finish in the early morning. It’s endless and infinity. if there is a Mathematics could define us. I ping her.

ME: You know what! You are my internet girl friend.
SHE: Huh! hahahha! What is that?
I try to rack my brain to come up with an explanation.
ME: Boy and girl who has a relationship on the internet. See! We spend our time on the night for very long hours,  every single day and when I can’t see you, I long for your ping. The only relationship that binds us,no luv shuv or intimacy.
She: Arre! Bhagwan! Log yeh dekhenge to kya sochenge (What will people say if they see this?) You know what we are blackening our faces now. Wah!!! What a name Internet Girl Friend!
She would ping with, ‘Whattya doing’ and I will narrate the story of my life from A to Z during the day, as if singing the name of God or reciting some mantra. The conversation sometimes drag during the day to finish till the early morning. You see, she is the savior by sitting online with me, keeping me company post midnight in office when I have to wait some two hours for our office transport to pack me home. Idea! Yes Idea! I ask.
ME: Hey!!! Womaniya! Will you marry me?
She is aghast and finds me hilarious, “What you crazy? Haha!!”
ME: It’s my wish, meri marzi. You cannot decide for yourself. I make a deal, let’s marry and we live life on our own terms. There is no load and you allowed to date whoever you are. You lead your life and I lead mine.
SHE: Dream on. I’ve already made a deal with another friend. You came too late. He is gay and I’ll marry him.
ME: Who are you to decide. I have said, You’ll marry me only.
SHE: Just shut up. Will you?
ME: I can’t, internet girl friend.
She tells how amazed it is when I come with such theories. Internet girl friend, it’s so sidey and cliche, she chuckles. I coax her that it’s a novel idea that nobody came up with her. See, it’s original, I send a smiley. In fact, I should date my G-Talk who gave me such crazy idea. I must be an author, I tell her and weave a book, ‘Internet Girl Friend’ to rake the moolah.
Love on the net but minus the perks of dating but longing the thrill to see each other and indulging the harmless flirting. A tale of attraction, witnessed by the thing called internet who saw through friendships that buried our deep dark secrets.
We are no boy friend and girl friend but the net makes you the internet girl friend, I start troubling her.
SHE: Listen! I gotta go sleep now and cya.
ME: Arre! Wait na, Internet Girl Friend.
SHE: Taa-taa
ME: Aree.
I start typing but the internet girl friend has long disappeared, discarding my companionship during the night.

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Re-blogged from A to Z: G for Ghostly Affair

Sharing and re-blogging G for Ghostly Affair on Day 7 which I wrote as part of April A to Z Blogging Challenge. As usual looking for the feedback of valued readers and followers. I attempted a ghost story for this one.

G for Ghostly Affair

The doors are bolted from inside, the window pane creaking and the curtains flying with wind flowing inside the house. I freeze and sat still on the sofa. I can’t find the voice to protest. Finally, I took the courage, stammering and plead with her to unchain me. “Please,” I implore you. Go away. You have such a kind and beautiful, feminine voice and I can’t understand why you doing this to me and making me your prisoner.”
“Damn it! I am in my own house,” I finally broke down.
The soft, invisible voice tells me, “Boy! I am in love with you. I am roaming for years to find love and finally found you. You are selfless and kind-hearted. There is no way I am going to let you off. Let’s go into my world.”
It sent a chill down my spine, wondering what kind of ghost who one day knocks on my door and falls in love with me. I silently pray that I am dreaming. I cannot run away since the first step I make towards the door makes me stop like statue and I am dragged back towards her. I cannot see her but I know she is standing right in front of me. I feel a chill dropping down my spine, my legs suddenly becomes weak and am drained of energy.
I slightly remember last night when we were slightly bored and downed bottles of whisky. The four of us were looking for thrill when we lay the Ouija board on the floor, calling for the ghost when coins stumbled, announcing the coming. My over-enthusiastic friends asked about her when she told about the guy who ditched her on the eve of herr engagement. Not able to face the parents, she jumped in the deep waterfall that consumed her body. In the wee hours, my friends left the flat and I didn’t know when her heart went for me.
Do I have a choice, I wonder. She tells me, “I know what you are thinking? You are screwed with me forever. I feel sad for you. You are trapped. This is what you think. Both of us need each other and we would love each other forever. It’s eternal. You know that I live in another world and you will not be able to make love to me. I cannot even touch the living and you cannot touch something which is already dead.
I take a deep breath. “In short, I shall be dead.”
She broke into a cackle of laughter, “No! My dear. I will not kill you and take you into my world. But, you shall be mine forever and you will stay with me inside your house. I will not allow any other woman to take my place. Perhaps, you think it’s a punishment but it’s eternal love.”
She started crying. “You know I didn’t want to do that to you. Perhaps, you need to atone for the sins of your brother who ditched me for that bitch.”

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