Tribute to Shri APJ Abdul Kalam, our beacon of hope and ignited dreams

It’s a day of gloom and it was tizzy of shock to learn that one of the greatest man who shaped India’s destiny as one of its greatest scientist, father of Nuclear programme, Avul Pakir Jainulabdeen Abdul Kalam breathed his last today. I hoped that it was a rumor that one of the greatest Indian President and a model has passed away. But, it was not meant to be as India lost one of its greatest man who ignited dreams and gave Wings of Fire to the Nation. I refuse to say RIP because souls like President Kalam are timeless and beyond death. I feel that I was lucky that he was India’s President, the time I was still a student in college. Even in death, the passionate teacher, was delivering lecture. Righting a post on Shri Abdul Kalam is insignificant. Honestly speaking, the man who inspired millions across the world, cannot be described in a lengthy blog post and I choose to dedicate a poem to him. He shall always reverberate in our mind and soul. Let remind ourselves that Shri Kalam was and is the harbinger of hope, at a time when we hear so many pessimist views about India. Let’s add Wings of Fire to the country.

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A beacon of hope and shining light who ignites minds.

A man who shone and an intellectual rocket for his country.

His vision wore no blinkers, a soft heart to young children, men and women, the downtrodden.

The pride of the nation.

Who won hearts and earned respect of not just India but the world.

Describing President Shri Abdul Kalam in words wouldn’t suffice.

The infectious smile that will remain forever  etched in our hearts.

The simple life he led is an inspiration to us.

He was one of us who bridge distance between his subjects and himself.

A charmer who believed in the power of education and never shied to enlighten us,

on being a simpleton.

His thoughts will stay forever.

Timeless man.

It’s hard to believe that he is no more as our eyes well up.

The power of a man and women lies in its intellect, to shape beliefs, engineer thoughts and nurture creativity.

It’s a dark day in our rich history.

We simply cannot digest the fact that one of the greatest man is no more.

We shall remember you Sir for your kindness, love, humility and intelligence.

You will always remain a model for us as we keep the faith despite the lows,

for you gave us wings of fire and ignited dreams, inspiring a nation.

Today, the heart is heavy but filled with hope for India to become a super economic, intellectual and cultural power.

We believe in your words and actions

With Love



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#My Cherished Object: Childhood memory, my toy

I was a difficult and obstinate child, saying no to me, would spell trouble to my parents and it means bringing the pavement down. I was such a child, who would never shy rolling on the payment at the sight of a toy that one day Mom had no option but to call the patrolling cop on the busy street during X-mas season to make me to stand and scare the shit outta me. It was the time we were walking past the shops displaying toys. It’s another matter that I’d grow sullen at home.

baby foot

The little in child in me knew for sure that if I didn’t get my way with Mom-which I never did-emotional trick would be conjured on Dad. It always worked, at least, most of the time. I vividly remember that Dad coming home early on X-mas eve and I eagerly waited  for him have his cup of tea, standing behind his back. I would patiently wait for him to get out of the shower and would ask thousand times what time we would go out. Finally, when the time came, the three of us-Mom, Dad and Me finally walked to the toy shop and run straight to the shop where I trained my eye balls on this Baby foot game. lt has all the making of a complete football game, the stadium, ball and two players that didn’t make me bat my eyelid.

On seeing Mom and Dad haggling with the shop wala, I stomped on my feet with anxiety and secretly praying that I get my game, something very modest for the middle class children when other kids afforded cars with remote control. It was the biggest and most fanciest thing in the 90s. The moment I got my gift from Dad, we scampered our way home as I held tightly to my possession as if there would be no tomorrow. Nothing would come between me and my gift.

Over the years, the football game became my most prized object and gift from Dad where I would spend Christmas and the rest of the year playing alone and convincing Dad to play with me. It’s a bond I shared with Dad in peals of laughter and as I hark back to the past, it made memories strengthening the bond with Dad. Dollops of love and happiness framed in memory with my toy.

Such childhood memories are framed in the mind that renders Kodak camera redundant. It’s what makes the heart happy that matters the most in life. Today, when we see how our world is restricted to social media, verging to the anti-social when kids stick to the lap top, Ipad and other gadgets, leading to less interaction with parents, I realize how lucky we were in the 90s. Our generation had a life, bonding with parents over toys. The game crumbled with time but the emotions remain priceless.

This post is written as part of  The cherished Blog Fest hosted by Dan Antion Damyanti, Paul Ruddock, Peter Nena, Sharukh Bamboat. Today is Day Three and written on July 26.

With Love



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#My Cherished Object: Mumbai black-and-yellow taxi

Taxi Mumbai

It was the Mumbai summer in May and the last day of SYBA exams. I remember giving the exam and headed home to pack my bag and hop to Mumbai to chill and get away from Pune. I took the bus late night and reached Dadar past midnight since I had to receive someone at Mumbai airport and accompany him to the domestic terminal at Sahar. It was initially planned to be three days stay in Mumbai which turned into a week.

I didn’t know that on my last day, I would acquire one of my most cherished object that would stay with me forever. Staying in Colaba has its own perks way and back in 2005 it was a steal, staying in a room that I got for 100 bucks a day. Yeah! You got it right! It was near Regal and mind you, a decent hotel, not a metaphor to Decent Hotel in Shahid-Kariena starrer Jab We Met. Okie! The room was kinda small like a match box but considering that I am out most of the time, it makes sense. I loove the view of Mumbai, double decker buses and the iconic ambassador black-and-yellow cabs. I am fascinated by the cabs which reminds that you are in Amchi Mumbai.

Sitting like a King in the cab whooshing in speed and admiring Maximum City at its peak as the wind stroke past your face and ruffling your hair, the magical moments reaches its peak to dizzying height. That’s Mumbai for me. I just love the taxi ride. It’s something I’ve learned to cherished and no matter how long one comes back to the city, there are certain things that never change in this religion called Mumbai and one of its temple, the black and yellow cab.

It was Saturday that I checked out at the hotel. After a sumptuous meal at Mc Do, I bought few Kurta, Shirt,T-shirts and quite a few mundane mundane stuffs at Colaba Causeway that I bundled in my bag that grew like a balloon. As I walked past a street hawker selling miniature taxi and rickshaw. I haggled with him and finally settled for 50 bucks. I was in awe of the toy, this cute little taxi that formed part of my memories in Maximum City. I was happy of my new possession, gleaming like a child.

The train reached Pune station past midnight and hailed a cabbie to home where I was welcomed by my best friend and flat mate, Adi, who shamelessly opened my bag to see the magic of my shopping spree in Mumbai. He knows how crazy I can get in Mumbai. He took the small toy and rolled it on the floor. We started playing like kids. Adi smiled in his usual maniac manner, saying, ‘Oh! Day and Night Service..Taxi. Your favorite.’ I was proud of the gift to self. Over the years, the cab became my most prized possession, as I harked back on memories made in the city.

This post is written as part of The cherished Blog Fest hosted by Dan Antion Damyanti, Paul Ruddock, Peter Nena, Sharukh Bamboat. I am again running late and post for Day 2 on July 26 for the three days blog hop.






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#The cherished blog fest: Life time memories at Trident, Gurgaon


Nestled in Gurgaon, Trident Hotel which is part of the famous Group of Oberoi, gave me life time memories. Eight days, eight nights of happiness, this place is something I will cherish for the rest of my life. I’d call it the perfect gateway of happiness. The ever smiling staff treat you like a member of the family and just walking at the lobby, seeing happy faces and folding their hand, saying namaste, brings a sense of peace and rejuvenated my battery.

It makes me wonder how we humans get tired in a day and not every moment echoes human happiness. Seeing them standing on their feet for the whole day and not a sullen look, it deserves respect. The hotel, the atmosphere gives the feeling of home away from home. What dedication! Spreading positive energy.

During my stay at Trident, I would take a night stroll and admire this beautiful pool at the entrance and the reflection of the dome at the entrance which is pure bliss. It shines beautifully in the wee hours. What a beautiful scenery! It feels like one is in heaven. It makes your day soothing, peaceful and flawless. One can feel the powerful vibes flowing in and one wishes that nothing can disturb such peaceful and spiritual thought. You feel like living life king size, churning of beautiful dreams. It’s a moment to be relished, enjoying every second of your life. You suddenly feel how precious your life is and doesn’t want this moment to elapse.

I would love walking past this beautiful pool, talking several rounds and feeling the cool air and breeze wafting through the skin. A feeling of such magnitude that cannot be described in words. I call the moments magical, running for a hot cup of cappuccino inside and rush back for a walk by the pool side. One wishes for this moment to stay forever. This is pure love for me.

There are moments in life that struck you and feel it’s like a dream that has caught your fancy. It’s not fancy but pure beauty where you get this feeling of something extraordinary that will happen in your life. Mojo moment! Trust me, this feeling of watching such a beautiful sight is simply and magnificent. It’s like falling in love for the first time. The first love and this place will always remain special for me.

Never in my wildest imagination that I would have thought of visiting such a place. But, it’s Karma in love when happiness comes in various forms and quite unexpected. A killer moment! The first time I saw this beautiful pool, I mesmerized by the sheer magnitude of its beauty and stood there admiring how nature and creativity can blend to turn into something so powerful. It remained in my mind for hours.

During the day, the first thing that popped in my mind is to rush out and admire the beautiful sight. It was a daily affair and post work done, no prize for guessing my hang out spot at the hotel! Trust me, watching such beauty does a lot to your mind and soul. You feel an inner peace and beauty within.

This post is written as part of The cherished Blog Fest hosted by Dan Antion Damyanti, Paul Ruddock, Peter Nena, Sharukh Bamboat. Click here for more details on the blog hop, from Day 24 to Day 26. Today, I am running late and posting for Day One on July 25 when I should have posted yesterday. Apologies.




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Ghosh’s Ahalya an ode to feminism, strong metaphor

Film Review: Ahalya

Genre: Short

Cast: Soumitra Chatterjee, Tota Roy Chowdhury and Radhika Apte

Director: Sujoy Ghosh

Adapting a legendary story on screen is a complex task and it’s either you get it right or you go completely off track, the length not with standing. Sujoy Ghosh took a gutsy step in adapting Ahalya as a short film but also reinterpreted the literary work in his own way, exploring the dark and tragic. Quite a task at hand, I would say.

In the epic Ramayana, Brahma created the most flawless woman who is conquered by Gautama and Indra takes the garb of the former by deceit and makes love to Ahalya. In return, Ahalya is cursed and turned into a stone. One is tempted to ask what is the fault of Ahalya in that?

Sujoy Ghosh re-interprets Ahalya with the visit of police inspector (Toto Roy Chowdhury) to the house of artist Soumitra Chatterjee and his young-cum-beautiful wife Ahalya played by Radhika Apte. This time Ahalya is depicted as a temptress and seduces the police inspector in the most subdued manner. Ghosh weaves 14 minutes of powerful cinema, where the audience is hooked to the powerful and tight narrative-cum-screenplay. The director casts a critical view on society who castigated a woman and the new-age Ahalya showcases that she is a human being and carves her own identity. The film, set in Bengal, injects the metaphor in a very potent manner that makes it a sheer delight. Adding to that, the camera movements, close up shots and the lamps set the mood to make the film convincing.

Image credit: Google

Veteran actor Soumitra Chatterjee is effortless and flawless whether it’s spawning the mystery or naughty act and is such a delight to watch. Toto Roy Chowdhury holds his forte and plays his part with competence. The winner in Ahalya is its female lead, Radhika Apte who is effortless as an actor, pulls a mature act where her body language marries the Bengoli that she speaks. She gives the short film the added edge and plays Ahalya to perfection, sinking easily in the character. Certainly, Radhika is going to re-define acting and is someone who has a powerful stroke play. She is the soul of Ahalya.

Final words: Mystery, thriller and re-adaptation of the mythology, Ahalya, is a must watch and will blow your mind. I remain speechless after the climax scene where suspense has been deftly explored coupled with the thrilling end. The director should be applauded for the introduction of statues which is not only a novel concept but a strong metaphor in this female-centric act. The scene where Ahalya strokes Indra has been shot with an aesthetic sense and is splendidly done. The climax is brilliantly sketched.

On the flip side, Ahalya, at some point, is not a full suspense and one can sense what may happen towards the end and Ahalya (Radhika) holding the status towards the end seems a bit flimsy. But, it doesn’t diminish the merit of the actors in 14 minutes of dark, gritty and delightful cinema which is an ode to feminism. A must watch.

You can watch it here or click on You Tube. Enjoy.



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Hindi Baatein: Ishq mein halat kharab

Hey folks, today is Thursday and time for Hindi Baatein, the initiative of my dear friend Sharmistha Basu, to encourage blogging in Hindi. Hope you will enjoy this small poem, ek choti si bhent aap sab ke liye.

Yeh ishq nahin aasaan,

pagalpan jo hum karte hain, khat aur kavita likhte hein.

Bas usse bhejna bhool gaye hum.

Aakhir yeh kaun padega.

Ussko kaise pata chalege mere dil mein kya guzar raha hai.

Kya usse pata mere dil mein kya beet raha hai,

Darr kiss baat ko,

ke hum ussko kho denge.

Isse kehte Ishq mein halat karab hona aur khud ko bhool jana.

Akhr iss pyar koi anjaam nahin.

With Love



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Wordless Wednesday #91

Wordless Wednesday #91

I am tagging myself on Wordless Wednesday #91 hosted by Ruchira Khanna.

imag 2

Power of life and crescent view,

spanning over lush nature.

a treat to the eyes that blow the mind.

As the sun sets in, the senses capture the air flowing.

re-kindling believe in life and magic.

With Love



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