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Fiction: Death destination

The door was latched from inside. Dark shadow curve sinewed in human shape forming an image edging past the locked wooden room. The tiny corridor was engulfed in silence, jutting across the sprawling forests and desert that no sane human would dare cross.  There was no contest in the war between spirits and humans.

The house, “Death destination” made sure that anyone walking past it would never come back alive. God and evil jumbled together. Wild stories spread like fire for the forces never wanted the witness to make revelation on he and she form, the naked feet, gaze, marigold features, curls and faces adorned with jewelry. Sudden rain thundered and thrust as if battling a war chest as the lone house, cut off from human civilization and rooted behind a large tree, surrounded by lake, and hills, was spineless facing the war.

Distant mewing of cat, barking of dogs and roaring of tigers faded at midnight. From one far end of the forest to the other end of a small city, the church’s clock struck dozen times foreboding a warning to the rare visitors that the alley towards darkness and fading light wavered. Gunshots splintered and powder fell off the sky in gazillion. Smoky mist and thick black shrouded the sky. Jungle on earth took shape and silence monstered in the form of devils strewn on the dark alley, forests and the barren land. Dead bodies thronged this place to life and carcasses of animals fed vultures flying and soaring. In the flick of smoke, flesh was plenty yet no human remotely walked this land of hell.

Ghosts waltzed in the wild. Fear ran amok and unabated like the shamans manifesting themselves to the tune, “There is no place like hell.” Ghoulish spirits had no limits and captured imagination, veiled in mystery taking the human form of destruction, spitting fire and venom.  A speck of wind fluttered in a circular move propelled by the force of angst in intermittent burst rolling like electrical waves, dragging the dead and flung them towards the lake roiled in deadly liquid. Bodies, still and lifeless sank easily for what remained were charred flesh crunched by termites. Only humans would struggle aimlessly against the tide. The destination took a mammoth and ruthless human form speaking the language of devish might. A city destroyed by the power of madness bursting the balloon of poisonous creation.

Rain washed ashore all traces of still humans and wiped blood print like the perfect crime conjured by the sky during an entire night. Eerie silence was powerless to the conspiracy of nature in this strange land. Peace shivered to death. War roared and thumped the chest for nothing could stop the stride to capture nature and controlled minds. Death destination ruled forever.





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What destroys a relationship?


Relationships are fragile. It takes one moment of anger, ego or silence to break everything nurtured over time be it a friendship, bond with parents, bond transcending time with neighbors, romantic love or marriage. One thing I like about Facebook is how good people dropped comments on this image shared on my timeline. The thread on my wall can be a perfect guide on what not to do in putting our relationships in jeopardy and particularly in today’s time of senseless political arguments on the Lok Sabha elections where things can get so messy to risk many friendships in a moment of anger.

I am digressing. Right back on what breaks a relationship. Debraj commented on stupidity and lack of trust in a relationship. I agree with that and it takes nonsense or stupid moment to blow apart a relationship where we rely on hearsay or any mundane thing, for that matter. Nowadays, people can believe anything that a third-party tells and often the fact that we are emotionally insecure, assume it to be true and start fighting. The moment we realize our stupidity and lacking trust, it may be too late.  As humans, we tend to get angry easily and am guilty as charged. It happened with me in the past but what matters is adopting a different, rational approach in the sense that now I listen to the person and check facts. How about dialogues!

I replied to Debraj on ego and external factors read interference which Heena also said ‘other person’s interference’. Debraj added ‘third person’. The thread became very interesting. Ego is one thing known to destroy our relationships as the villain and why ME has become more important than the US. There is no bigger demon than Ego in refusing to listen to the voice of reason and is a mammoth giant making us blowing our top that we’ve seen couple facing the ire of violence, both verbal and physical. Linked to ego is what I would call ‘Other Person’s Interference’/Third person/External Pressure. See, my reasoning is simple and particularly when it comes to romantic or couple relationship and friendship jutting to our bond with parents, we shouldn’t let a third person interfere or tell us how our partners, friends or parents are and they are stirring trouble or said. Tell that person that he or she has no ‘business’ in interfering and you have a certain equation with your loved ones.

Alternately, parents and in-laws can create a stir in marriage, believe it or not. There is a tendency to interfere in every little thing, be it the food prepared, choice of cities to work or live and lifestyle so much they took No not as an answer but an offense or disrespect. Both sides of parents cannot dictate terms to grown-up adults. Gently remind them that one is old and mature enough to take charge of life. It’s not like the wife is taking the son away or the husband is taking the daughter away. There is no need for meddling.  In the same way, don’t just listen to everything your better half tells about parents.

Of course, good advice is always welcome but one shouldn’t dictate on travel plans or decision to buy land and house, or imposing of culture. Respect the individuality. One of the reasons I believe that when a couple ties the knot, they should live independently to avoid issues that may automatically crop up. I know of friends whose parents have tried to impose social norms which is unhealthy and some relationships crumbled.

Silence is one thing that many of us don’t think about. Lina commented on Silence and I agree with her. Many relationships suffer due to silence and the unfortunate fact is that we don’t communicate enough after a fight. Speak, speak and speak for this very act can iron out so many differences after a minor squabble, ego trip or a big fight. Once the differences are solved, don’t take the burden of words and seek forgiveness for any words hurting the partner. There is no shame in accepting mistakes. A relationship is all about blooming and growing but if we keep staying in our shell, it is a recipe for disaster for this silence can kill.

Expectations in a relationship which Kalindi commented and elaborated saying it tends to overlook qualities a partner has and a breeding ground for unsatisfaction on what they do and don’t. I fully endorse her views on the fact that we have skyrocketed expectations. It can lead to self-harm. There is one possibility. When we expect too much from a partner and when they are unable to fulfill all of them, we become disgruntled, literally charging at them that can mar a relationship. Relying on my past relationship, there were too much expectations and risks that it lingered towards emotional self-harm. I mean, it’s human to expect from a partner and when we don’t receive reciprocity of feeling, we may turn into a wreck.

I have started to believe more in free love rather than building expectations. Trust me on that! It makes us feel better as a person when we reach a compromise with the self, lowers skyrocketed hopes or standards that the other person has to live up to. A healthy relationship is not about burden or pressure but creating a healthy environment. Free love and high expectations are interlinked to me. We don’t expect someone to love us in the way we do, return our calls immediately or be there at the exact moment when we reach out to them. Give time for its important. Space matters in a relationship for both partners should have their own set of friends and people to hang out with. Don’t breed in doubt and regularly check on them with whom they are or this shit about some affair behind the back. Trust, space and expectations are the things I believe in. Being obsessively attached to someone in a relationship can destroy a relationship for nobody wants to be suffocated.

Thank you to my Facebook friends for sharing their ideas on what destroys a relationship.  I learned a lot. I am looking forward to knowing more from blogger friends on the issue or thing(s) that can signal the death knell of a relationship. Gratitude in learning from each other,

Much Love




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Poetry: Mausam ka ishaara

Mausam ka rukh badal raha hai,

Kahaani ne naya mod le liya hai,

Woh hawa ka Jhonka,

Baarish ki ek boond,

Garam chai peena ka ada hai,

Thami hui raahein,

Baat mein therav,

Usski kale baal ne hosh udaya hai,

Ek nayi daastan Prem ka,

Dil ki awaaz aur silsila,

Pyar ka ek anokhi katha,

Ek haseen pari,

Usski dhami paon,

Payal ke jhankar,

Dil ki taar jhor raha hai,

Ek ajnabee chehra,

Woh kaun hai?

Koi kashmakash aur jadu toh hain hai,

Mausam ne akhir kiya ishaara.





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Love cliche…it happens only once

An entire generation has been fed on the twisted definition about rigid romance that we fall in love only once in a lifetime.  What a cliché to live by! Love deserves a second, third and zillion chances. Every new relationship brings a spark and all that jazz. A break up is no reason for us to swear that we will never ever love again, driving self to the wall and bury in sob stories.

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The death of a partner or a broken heart is no reason not to meet new people and close our hearts in building a wall around us. The vibes and spark that flows shouldn’t hold us back in getting to meet new people, albeit follow our soul. We’ve feasted in 90s movies that taught us we live once, die once or falling in love once. It’s the biggest flaw not to love ourselves or feel beautiful to be with a special someone, longing for heartbeats. Love makes us breathe and kick us to life, making every moment count. Love is an oxymoron and keeps us going from strength to strength. There is no point in being sullen and closing the door in exploring the various facets of emotions.

As difficult as it is to overcome trauma and wounds of the past, we owe it to the self for relationships are complex and ever-changing at every single moment. We can never know what’s waiting for us and explore beauty in its essence residing in people. Relationships can work as therapy to heal. Broken heart is not the end of life. Go and find the spark filling the heart with the extraordinary and awesomeness in this special person. Human bonds are meant to be explored and there is no such thing as destiny or we are fated not to be loved. The human tendency to be hard on the self fetters growth and finding love is no hindrance. Be unafraid to come closer to the emotions to carve an identity in being ourselves, understanding who we are as a person and smearing red petals to create happiness. Be a child in love for there is no age to discovering the beauty of relationships.

Humans beings are afraid of new relationships and never say No to love for the heart knows no reason. We tend to run away from ourselves and what’s the point in inflicting self-harm. Our capacity to love is abound and what makes us humans. We are no saints. Screw ups happen big time and that’s alright. Or else, we would cease to exist. Love in itself is fragmented and cliche. So, why live with the cliche that love happens only once. Love happens every time and the heart is not remote controlled. Or, why our emotions or brain behave abnormally and cluster of thoughts keep hitting us in the unlikeliest of times and places.

We cannot live without water or food. Being human is not a buzz word or tag line but a reality we often choose to ignore perhaps because of the brain cells play havoc to us at times and how can we survive without the deepest emotions. So what, a terrible heartbreak happened! Do we stop living and laughing over every small thing! Don’t miss the fun of whispering little things, stealing kisses, fights and getting over things for emotions serves as an antidote to pain and empowering us with sentiments.  Love with all your might and heart. Do not hold back or suppress the emotions lying inside us.

The scariest that could ever happen, apart from Americans fucking up the war in Iraq, is the entire love happens only once to make millions selling records of mushy mushy songs. Ha! Kidding! Truth is there is no such thing as love happens just once, pretty much like the song Fyar. I call it, multiple loves not at the same time, of course. Many places exist in the world to find love but certainly not by sitting home to curse what went wrong in the past relationship. Meeting singles are the first thing that both you and I should do but don’t mean pushing someone to be in a relationship with your or making an ass of yourself, behaving obsessively or like a jilted lover on the first date.  Just don’t push it and let it happen slowly.

Remove the mask of Devdas standing as a loner with a bottle whining about a lover ditching him. It’s passe now. Be on the loop of love and never shy in making the heartbeat, sway to its tune, letting the hair down to empty the mind of hesitation to drool over special someones.

With love


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Day 12: Un (making sense)

Study table in shamble stares wildly at me and finding a decibel voice to screech, “No mojo left in you…just look at me.” I nod with a twinge of guilt. Eyes darting to explore every space and corner of the table, heaps of books and magazine, a cup of tea, perfume, Odomos pack, agenda diary, medicines and effigies of Ganesha. Such a headache. I could have spun myself, twisting the body in a circular move to fake a jazz but no idea what to write.

Whining and cursing the grey on the cropped hair, the mind is forever in effervescence and fleeting thoughts keep popping in and out. Saturday morning means missing the yoga class but the truth is I didn’t feel like attending early morning.  The day can be quite lazy and boring, routine creeping in an attempt to delete the drudgery. Gotta get out of the house for a break. Crazy ideas hitting like a hammer on the head. Not much tale to tell and makes me wonder how on earth I keep missing chit of paper where ideas are jotted to scythe its way on the blog. Disorganized is so me. I live up to this avatar in style.

Guess, a child lives forever in the grown up man and nothing on earth can ever change me. Adulting is not me and you gotta trust on that, which is quite a pain in the ass that I am a fully grown man to the point of being called that. The perks of being unmarried between the mid-30s and 40s, I could be another Salman Khan, minus the madness of course. How does it feel to be single? It often crosses my berserk mind but better don’t tread on this discussion path.  Being mature can actually suck.

This post is verging on insanity, pointless and irrelevant for fuck sake. Thank the sky for Netflix adding a dash of brightness on my dark spot, the boring and irritating alter ego that keeps hovering over my head like some grumpy grandpa, yelling, “Do this…Do that…Push Yourself…be serious…stop being a kid.” I suddenly feel like Vivek Oberoi! Shit did I actually said that! What an example not to follow in today’s times. After all, he is the new Mitron in town giving Twitter a field day thinking he is an Indian version of Pokemon.

This post is still not making sense. I know that and you must be fuming on this crap not provoking a single thread of laugh that you could instantly ask for a pound of my flesh. Time to bug my friends on Whatsapp with some brainless forwards and I do that at times, so if you game to bear me and laugh a bit, well well! May be some alcohol will do some trick tonight, post window shopping in a mall and sipping coffee. I need a life and that’s probably what you guys are thinking…lemme buzz off before I start sounding like a wimpy kid.




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DEATH and the honey dip

Death is the sole companion,

Swallow not the poison but the pride,

Death is the ultimate reality,



No agony in death,


detach heart and soul,

death is a honey dip,

cusping to the lip,

a taste of eternal like love,

gyrating to the endless tune,

marinate in its bliss,

flirt with and

embrace the reality

for no fear shall hold us back the soul,

to the final destination,

five letter word,




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Na woh tum ho, na woh mein hoon!

Majboor na hum,

na woh thi,

zindagi ka faasle mitane ki zid,

Mohabbat ka junoon,

Ab kis se kahe,

Bol na to hum bohot chahte the ussko,

Woh ankahi baat jo dil mein thi,

Ab toh iss mod pe hai,

Jab shabd sirf kagaz pe likhte hai,

Ab woh mohabbat bhi na raha na woh din,

Bharas nikalne mein,

Na woh tum ho,

Na woh mein hoon.