Melting lips in windstorm, wild breeze


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Flurry of wind;

Flow of strong breeze;

Cloudy mist;

Leaves swaying;

Waves crashing;

Wild sea,

caught in a maelstrom;

Violent force spinning body movement;

Dazzling weather,

conspiring with furious force;

Sky gazing;

Cold sensation seeping through the knee and hands;

Hair fluttering in all directions;

Drop of rains;

Pigeons snuggled in cosy nests;

Drip of sensation;

Icy skin pricking;

Lips melting;

Waves crashing;

Whirled by the wind;

Adrenaline rush;

Stormy moment;

Hues of togetherness;

Tale of a city;

Million emotions.

Happy Sunday

With Love