An Indian Monsoon

You know Monsoon has reached the shores when the black umbrella that you are carrying is pushed and you struggle to save it from becoming the prey of gushing winds and rains that wash the tarred roads at Churchgate. We all have a monsoon story to tell, isn’t it? A story that is as distinct and similar in many respects to many commoners

in the different cities in India. The black umbrella story bears testimony to my first monsoon experienced in Mumbai. At that time, I was staying at Churchgate and opposite to Marine Drive at the hostel. It rained heavily in June and it scared the shit out of me as a young student. The struggle to reach the black-and-yellow with the black umbrella in hand and the back pack when you are almost drenched as you rushed to enter the cab. As the car wade slowly, you wonder how you will get out of the car with sticky jeans and tee as you are already uncomfortable. But, at the end of the day, you can only smile at the beautiful and romantic shower in India. It’s a totally awesome feeling.

The local train rattle its way slowly to the station as you eagerly wait to get inside the compartment only to be gently reminded that you are not alone. You will be shoved aside as you jostle your way inside with, ‘abe haat’ or ‘kude chala’ owing to the monsoon. You don’t blame anybody coz it’s the monsoon that pressurize commoners like you to act in a more aggressive fashion. In case you think, you’ve got a respite,err..think again, coz the slow train will move at snail pace as your journey is delayed by few hours as a forty minutes journey takes two hours. You are stranded at the next station since there is no way you can get out amidst the violent storms but maddening showers. A thought pop in your head, There was no need to take a bath in the morning since nature will give you a free shower. There is such a thing call free bath in Mumbai. As you get out of the station, you struggle to light your cigarette and droplets of water fall in your cutting chai.

I remember in Pune that I was riding my bike slowly in the pool of water that reaches your knee as I move slowly in order to avoid stumbling in the mud. Once, I reached the apartment at Pashan, I was completely drenched and realized that the shoes, jeans, socks have all gone for a toss. I owned just one pair of shoesย  and on the next day, I reached the shop the earliest to acquire a brand new pair of shoes.

We all love and long for the monsoon despite we constantly whine that it is raining too much. We love getting drenched in the rains as we dance our way to dancing in the wilderness manner. It happens only in India and we love the monsoon.

PS: My thought goes to the people of Uttarakhand who lost all their belongings and were rendered homeless to this year’s stormy rains. Let’s spare a thought to the dead who lost everything owing to the carelessness of authorities. It’s a sad episode in our beautiful monsoon.




40 thoughts on “An Indian Monsoon

  1. That’s a lot of water! The monsoons in my area bring more dust than moisture, but sometimes there are short, heavy bursts of rain (which results in flooding because the ground is too dry to soak up the water.)

  2. Indeed it is! It was the carefree days I experience as a young student and the times of monsoon, I just stepped out of the room and drenched myself. I so miss the Indian Monsoon:) Where are you living, btw?

  3. Do we think alike or what??? ๐Ÿ™‚ We have two posts with same titles. I titled the Nirbhaya one the same before and then I changed it. Then I named one of my stories as ‘The Indian Afternoon’ . ๐Ÿ™‚

    Nice post by the way!

  4. Lively narration, that’s true we experience many irritations even due to little rains due to traffic jams, clogged drains, knee deep water on roads. but still we all love to watch that lovely rain fall outside our window..

  5. It’s like I was experiencing the monsoon even though I never did. But the story reminded me of my school days with 1 pair of shoes for the whole year. The problem was not having only 1 pair of shoes, the problem was heading to school with the wet shoes in your feet during rainy seasons.
    Gathering all these memories, makes a story to tell your kids about your student life.

    1. Hey Prabhas, it does reminds of the rain and still recall those days going to school and, of course, college all wet and u have to stay like that for the whole day. Student days are the best days, no matter which part of the world we are and something to tell to the kids, as you tell. Must be awesome for you to tell and nice for them to listen:) Monsoon is one such thing that I absolutely love, never mind being wet and drenched. Absolute fun:)

  6. Vishal this is an awesome depiction of the monsoon rains. My grand daughters love to dance in the rain.I am always scared that they should not fall ill.Even my DIL joins them.I can see them enjoying . I can imagine how you too love to get wet in the rain.

  7. Oh how much i miss the mumbai monsoons. Every ganpati visarjan we would dance in the rains like there is no tommorrow.
    The first photograph of a BEST bus and the rain clogged mumbai is a classic.

    1. Ask me, I miss the monsoon and Mumbai terribly!!! Visarjan was a feast and water falling on the face, walking at Marine Drive or Gateway was pure bliss…was staying at Churchgate๐Ÿ˜€

  8. I can relate to this post so much . The whining and frowns when those tracks drown and with it hopes of reaching the workplace on time, and the joy of being soaked by the salty sprays at Worli or Gateway ! Just did a couple of posts last week on the same . Have a nice day , V:)

    1. Hey, thanks a lot for dropping in. I still miss those days of getting soaked and walking willfully at Marine Drive with rain slapping me and wind thrusting me backward. What joy. Enjoyed watching the water dashing at Gateway. Awesomee feeling:)

      1. Mine was broken and shattered. Drenched myself from VT once and walked to Churchgate, hopped the train and visited Haji Ali. Just imagine! Crazy times..jeans and shoes soaked:)

  9. Oh, this brings back memories of my own college days when I had to fend for myself every time it rained heavily in Pune, and you know how heavily it can rain in Pune ๐Ÿ˜‰ You described Mumbai rains so well I felt like I was there in the local being jostled around. Rains – can’t live with them, can’t live without them ๐Ÿ˜‚

    1. Ya Monsoon is bliss but crazy man. What days…getting drenched toll the knee…remember my last tryst in Pune…was a Sunday eve and everything in my bag was drenched….and Mumbai monsoon well is Mumbai monsoon. Both places boast of amazing rain.

      1. That is true. I’m yet to experience the full vigor of Mumbai monsoons. I’ve been told they’re bad. Wheneverive been around its only drizzled there. But I’ll take your word for it. ๐Ÿ˜Š

      2. Yes something I always say. Having cutting and love how the water makes a splash in my chai. It’s bliss and simplicity of happiness for me:)

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