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Drop of tear and water

Hazy morning,

misty eyes,

creamy surfaced cloud,

dotted blue sky,

ships mooring at bay,

flapped wings,

at the cusp of dawn,

smoldering lip,

sensual caress smearing the skin,

tears washed ashore,

beliefs lost and found,

drowned into unexpressed and unquenched sentimentality,

hope and promises,

where the mind meets inlet waves,

crashing at the surface,

a single drop,

tear and water.



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JOMO the MoJo

Joystick, happy stick and drum stick! Move over everything for FOMO of JOMO is here! Right! It’s not Jaya Pradha breaking the internet but our own Joy of Missing Out propelling social media into kinda frenzy, tizzy and ballistic mode. Everyone is putting status updates on JOMO and published web content on how Missing Out on social media, FB and Twitter is the new cool. I don’t wanna FOMO over JOMO!

Image credit: Facebook.

Social media is a time waster! Fine! I know that! Ask me about it in the aftermath of the Lok Sabha poll outcomes, sharing updates, discussions and spat on who is a Sanghi or liberandu, Modi or Rahul! Whatever, tweeting at length over what matters politically or idiotic netagiri statements! A hangover of sort and third eye-popping post the result with social media has suddenly discovered JOMO at the right time! I wanna experience this joy again to miss on counterproductive shits and fuck ups. This time wasting on a spree of spending hours on Facebook, Twitter, Tinder…check! check! check! I am on all possible social media to the exception of Insta, in the mode of hit or push. So far, kinda proud of JOMO from the Insta bug!

Reality check: Spend an entire week on social media and constantly sharing stuff, commenting on friends’ status or constant update to check on this JOMO hypothesis. Contrast the relative theory on the books read, writing business and its implications on your To Do List. I bet FOMO will win hands down on JOMO. The fact is that I spend most days on social media and things I wanna do, reading, writing and agenda diary is held back. JOMO is not just a buzz word but the hard fact where everything consistent and productive is belied or blamed on the dearth of creativity or laziness. JOMO can just be the palliative to push us towards achieving daily goals or targets.

Unfortunately, FOMO has instilled a fear in the mind that we need to be socially relevant to not miss the fun. Far from the truth. We are sucked into an abyss of sort for engaging with trolls and being upset with the nation’s politics being played on social media and often venting towards negativity.  So many times, I ended up into tiffs with my connections about politics or mood of the nation and disagreement fuelling the need to reply on the posted thread. One can only end up not being only depressed but forget the most important things to do, blog posting, working on a short story or novel. This is the story of my life.

Missing out should not be about fear but joy in reveling in one’s space, testing the creative bulb and moving on with one’s business. Just imagine, how many books you can read by choosing to disconnect with social media. Just tune off or temporarily deactivate this Facebook account. Every year, I break off from FB and will do the same in another month. It works as the most amazing therapy one can indulge in and better than the expensive spa.

Now it’s tricky business to delete Whatsapp in the name of JOMO for we have many of our professional contacts but we can limit usage, isn’t it! I shall JOMO my MOJO! Temptation is resistance pretty much like the yummy chocolate bar one is craving for and wanting to stay away from. Have it in you and just go ahead, crunch the backlog of ideas and words into expression.  Cultivate and learning the habit of saying NO. It’s not about people but our temptations. Many of us are discovering this lingo and posting status updates about making it the USP, in defining our individuality.

I say, why not! Make it a sacred part of daily living and motivation of sort to beat everything dreaded or overcoming mental blockage. respect our time and space. Create concrete out of thin air. The JOMO way.  It’s the real treat for one’s sanity and moments of joy. Thanks to my stars and social media, yeah right, for making me discover the term.

Hail JOMO! Say yaa!

JOMO Yours


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Letter to imaginary friend

Dear imaginary friend,

You burst the myth of popping uninvited every night. Till I thought I am the most shameless creature, you stole the thunder right under my nose, gate crashing at every moment to break my sleep in the wee hour, afternoon nap and evening to play with my silly mind. Even ghosts visit at specific time but you are like the Mumbai locals running late in reverse.

What do I make of you! Wearing the cloak of evil, gentleness and frenzy to jostle me into excitement, shaking me off the perch.  I am confused at your visit and try not to think too much about you. Most of the times, I grow increasingly fed up of your presence in my mind as you play with my emotions in turmoil and turbulence, reminding of the sheer evil force, sucking me into new low. Oh! This shitty feeling about being a terrible voice and never shying in reminding me about my evil or criminal streak. You belong to a gang, plotting to kick the ass of my foes, beating them to death and a stroke of ingenuity in shifting the blame on me.

I am not You. Perhaps an extension or may be not, the misplaced anger and creating dramatic things for I know at times you bear tremendous control on me. How I wanna break away from you, imaginary friend! You are the foe! But, some real friends told me to make you my friend. Imaginary as you are yet exist in giving me sleepless nights. How can you be so fucked up, naughty and stirring trouble in my cup of tea. This voice whispering about going ahead, chasing my dreams or giving back to people. Now, don’t act so innocent for controlling my life. You remind me at times about some forces hatching a conspiracy behind my back! Gawd! How negative! And, people could think about me making things in my mind. It’s you who is angry and restless when something negative, rude or idotic is flown like arrow at me.

Are you for real! If not, how come you visit me uninvited and being a tease. Had you been a woman! Oh! Well, you are just a dude pretending to me and hey, don’t you dare usurping my identity. Happy that you are not very regular nowadays. Keep sleeping forever for don’t wanna you provoking my thoughts at the image of daff shit. I am a writer, at least imaginary pretty unlike the churlish you and payback time when will wrote a novel to expose you, dear protagonist and antagonist. Come and beat that. Time for you to stop being the kind and evil alter ego pushing me beyond the limits.

Imaginary friend, are you Santa Claus visting everything child not with toys but worries. Do you ever work and what do you have for breakfast or dinner! May be, you will come for drinks. Yay! I boozed yesterday and will today but you are not invited.

Cya soon


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Dewy emotions and moments

season’s rain,

mango souffle moment,

drench in the flavor,

water percolating on the skin,

wrapped inside the thick blanket,

close the eyes,

sleep drifting away,

shivering and cold sensation running deep,

stillness and soothing seconds and minutes,

etching memories,

imagination soaring in the rain,

triggering happy moments,

nursing wounds,

buried in the past,

it belonged to the halcyon monsoon,

raining today,

the past era and present,

ruined buildings,

deserted homes,

lone soldier’s feet buried in the water pool,

raise a toast to the dewy emotions.






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Day 18: Creative writing and guilt!

I am in awe of productive and efficient people juggling a day’s work, writing, reading and doing the run around to complete a deadline, hitting the gym, pub, and a date. Multitasking has become a far distant thing for me and inefficiency gnaws right at the cluttered wheel and robbing the chest thumping thunder. Cursing the self is my reality.

The book that I want to write and is close to my heart has been lost into translation forever, running away from it for a slew of months because of my creative inability.  Why this incapacity to write, be it the novel or for that matter, reading and penning posts on the blog. Blame it on time being more the self-defined devil and doling excuses. I had this discussion with Moushmi on her post. “Writing dilemma” on how disorganized we can be in a day. It got me thinking on how I am unable to prioritize and the first thought flowing in the mind is de-cluttering and tasks roiling at the back of the grey cell.

There are so many things staring at me, penning thoughts in the diary and wolfing pending books-there are lots of them on my disorganized and dusty table and that last-minute rush killing me. How about devoting days to concentrate on things and casting time aside, albeit hours, to sieve through things, taking a mental note and a deep breath. You name it, you get it! Start with yoga, jot a list of things to do, emails, read blogs, reading, watching Netflix-the giant killer of sucking times, social media-the dreaded devil and evening time-jotting interview questions in case you plan to interview someone, blogging at night and ending the day with reading and meditation. Sounds cool as an idea but almost undoable in a day.

We tend to put so many things in our day’s agenda and trust me, ending up doing zilch sends a shitty feeling of being completely mediocre. The writing mojo is yet to be reclaimed. Wishful thinking! How my author friends are able to wrap 100 pages draft in two months, a second draft for another month and wrap it up entirely in four months! Discipline and perseverance, they tell. But, how! Writing can be harrowing and over whelming, sketching characters and creating the human conflict taking days and months.

I am already thinking about quitting! 70 pages draft done over two years yet no way out, a couple of short stories lurched or left midway and attempt for a poetry book, vague ideas for short films, pending newspapers, magazines to finish. To make things worse, I have lost the art of reading at bedtime and can stay wide awake with my eyes staring at the ceiling fan but flipping pages with an invisible finger. In the quest for quick fix solution and it feels like trying to push an already open door for words may convey an empty expression. Yes! Right now.


With love



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Vestige of the mind

a wisp of choked emotions,

smile and tears,

unusual happiness,

jettisoning in the air,

flapping wings,

where exuberance meets turmoil,

in this city called,

vestige of the mind,

blank pages,

pouring ink,



unquenched desires,

trudging past rocks and thorns,

palm hiding bruises,

beneath lies a glittered rose,

the night’s dusk becomes the day’s sun,

obsession becomes success,

fantasy in the wild,

pull off the blinkers,

the mirror watching,

shadow’s reflection.




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Day 17: Relationship and dating talks

Our relationships grow fickle and complex with time. As we grow old and this is the lamest excuse-not an age thing, we get bored with relationships and trickling to mood swings. By nature, I am an extremely moody person. One day, I may just want to meet someone for a date and by evening, some voices keep swinging in the head, instilling doubts and the mind verges from one thing to another.

One moment, I want to go on a date with someone and the next, just wanna be with myself, doing my own things and wondering on being able to devote time for all the things. A big question mark? Relationships and the idea of everything romantic sounds cool to be with someone is quite the shade that we wear among the tons of things we do in a day. We are running against the dreaded time trickling against us, in the quest to do thousands of things to achieve professional and personal success while being a relationship or seeing someone is always at the back of the mind. Yes, there are many who would just go for a fling or one night stand to compensate for the missing dots.

I don’t know how many among us face this dilemma, should we go for a date or not and being in a relationship or staying away. A tale of unwilling to experiment, flirting with danger or for that matter, past choices holding us from taking the plunge. How our moods are altered, verging from one thing to another, making us stay away from meeting someone? Or, is it that people or potential relationships have ceased to interest us as humans and this mad rush to make money or running around hold us back from being with someone! I would like to believe so but quite unsure about this aspect! Or, the M for Money thing always stands in the way.

So many things guide our choice to be in a relationship, going on a harmless and fun date and being emotionally inclined. It’s also true that our time is quite fucked up with our obsession to make hay under the sun. Perhaps, we should hit the pause button and reflects on our date or prospective relationship equation.