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Gen Z Lingo land! DANK!

I was chatting with a friend on Whatsapp when she wrote, Talk to you later’ and made me wonder the days when we would type right through the lingo, TTYL! Have the lingos disappeared out of our system as we grow old! Honestly, I cannot recall the lingos traded in the past! Ok! Shall try. Remember, Wru! Where are you! It’s not really a lingo but something we made ourselves and another reason to believe that we need to speak language of the young and vibrant, college crowd?

Lol! Wtf! AKA! We all loved them right in those days and emerged as our cult dictionary, making us cool and hippie. Honestly, I just googled to re-jig the memory on lingo-ism used in the past which is now forever lost in translation and stumbling on the present day. See, what I found on what they call Gen Z slang, OTP is not One Time Password for banking transactions! Think again! One True Pair! How cool! To think, DVD is the new slang in town for a threesome with two guys! Tauba! Tauba! I am actually wondering on the slang on what being naught and wild would come to!

You cannot not stop in your track to admire the slangs young generation is taking ahead, a shtick making campus conversation and dating kicking live and how! How about Yaas for Yes,  AF for As Fuck, BAE for a lover or Before Anyone Else. This is one hot term that I love for no BAE in my otherwise, dullish life. LIP for being Turned Up, how about that! Seriously is one of my favorite terms when I am fuming and incensed but time is changing and it becomes Bruh. Now, WOAT is something to express Worst of All Times! The new generation is really having it all jazzy in the conversational lingo and at times, feel to missing out in the present day campus life.

Dank is an eye-opener and sounds so much like the German word for Thank you but another way for slaying it with Really Cool! Ask me about the connection and I really don’t know but feels good to hear how the lingos are shaping over time. JoMo! No question asked for it’s been all over social media for some time, pretty much like FOMO and TBH is all about, To be Honest. Just read about something called GOAT got nothing to do with a dude looking like one or the Goatee, below the chin but Greatest of All Time! Whoa! Am I!




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Colors of passion

Passion is poetry,

madness leashing,

head spinning,

a drunkard ode,

muse’s swan song,

sketching art on canvas,

footprints on blank paper,

butterfly’s colorful trace,

a twist in the tale,

filling gaps in the heart,

heartbreaking song,

rubbing wounds on the pain,

of love lost,

string of musical beats,

rhythmic song,

forsaken dreams,

a song written in the past,

carried away by the tide of emotions,

flung into the unknown seas,

i often ask what my passion,

why washed ashore,

rising tides,

the dead man,

fished at bay,

eyes wet,

dreams wore silence,

lullaby of waves,





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Day 32: Attached to love and a city!

Something brewing in my mind! Slap silly mind in jest! Brush the alcohol effect maketh the mind wondering, hitting an emotional high and transported into the world of surreal…love shuv, emotional fire and romance of illusion. Where’s the pretty girl, I wonder!  My heart goes cuckoo. Who makes the mind go topsy turvy! The relations we make and ideas flickering inside the head!

Attachment is a bitch, I tell you! We cling to love, the emotional sucker that we become and flitting to the past…read Bombay the emotions and city bang bang, Mumbai seeping into the soul. I can never live without the city, the rains sputtering and crowd going berserk, wind tracing emotions to be flung at Marine Drive, the local trains or life left behind. I am stuck into the past that chains me to its womb. Days of yore taking a lone walk in the city, longing for the perfume of nonveg food, cutting chai or bun maska at midnight right at Churchgate Station. Hell to the heart that cries and longing for impossible in rewind.

Bade Miyan at Colaba, Baghdadi beef fry with flat and jumbo naan to quench the stomach’s thirst or beer flowing at Leopold or Cafe Monde! Sports Express Bar, I heard it’s closed and confined to relics. I love wading past the hawkers selling fake Gucci and the unbranded, that wristwatch flapping open and close, someone asked me to change the model since her Dad didn’t like the gift Man! I bartered with the dude, maskaoing him to change and he did! It felt like a triumph to woo the lady who almost chucked me outta her life. Mumbai is an obsession for me when I ain’t in the city! The cane juice cooling the heels at every nook-and-city corner! Alcohol doing things to me and making me go berserk right now.

In the name of Maximum City, I said cheerz to Kingfisher beer and now staring at the Bombay Saphire Gin…everything amchi Mumbai and Good ole’ Bombay makes me wild, the past flashing right in front of the nose. The trips at the now-closed Planet M and Groove music shop at Churchgate, making me flaneur incarnate, walking aimlessly for a fag, I crave for alcohol, longing for a fling! Imagination is an ejaculation! The stench wafting through the air in an odorless city that can claim no place in the cramped space and pace, occupied by sweating bees, we call humans.

Stinking men and women! No world big enough to run for peddlers and pimps to make a living in a city called Maximum. Everything comes at a price where migrant workers with tinsel town dreams run the risk of being thrashed for being labeled as Bhaiya by the manoos! The ones who shall not be named! Filmstars spotted in South Bombay! Are they real! Doe-eyed babe coyly hiding her face on a double-decker bus on spotted and clicked by fans, upcoming female star having coffee in the sweltering afternoon with Parsi family, far away from the gaze! The perils of being infamously famous.




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When years are lost

When you suddenly realize the end of the road appears close,

when translated words is love lost,

investing heart and soul,

this feeling called love rips you apart,

when you feel empty and broken inside,

flowers blooming in spring,

drought manifesting when water lay in abundance,

you know this feeling right,

where notes are cacophony,

when nothing seems right,

yet, the tide swayed in favor,

a bullet piercing the chest,

feeling alive in death,

when emotions washed ashore,

someone crying on years lost,

a woman stabbed,

when she cannot seek revenge,

when a little boy turned into man abused,

when humans woke up from the scars,

when healing may just be a word.






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Day 31: Specky tale

Hey! Specky! That’s how the web app greets me in a welcome note and a constant reminder of wearing glasses for life. Not that I complain or whine since we are partners in crime, cannot live off each other like the good old Romeo-Juliet love story till death do us apart.

A friend and colleague’s in-laws coming from India and the trick lies in getting the eyes checked that took an entire day. It saves time and shipping charges. Business done! What a harrowing experience it’s been and felt like shouting loudly mike checking, eyes checking, one, two, three and roll camera. I checked at the nearby optics and the place was closed for lunchtime till 2 p.m. Bad signal! The place didn’t open at the scheduled time and the guys were late by 45 minutes. Lame excuse! Let it pass. Appointment taken for 3.30 p.m and time to meet the doctor. I was grilled for a good 30 minutes plus.

Equipment sat on the eyes, changing numbers, positive and minus reading the letters. One moment everything clear and bright. The next stage, everything went blurred. I wasn’t sure which lenses would sit, flitting between clear and blurry, again not so much clear and the next decent. It was already turning to be tiring for the eyes and dreaded experience.

Eyes testing can be taxing, trust me and finally, the ophthalmologist decided on blue lenses to protect the cornea from computer lights. I need a better view with dual vision, bifocal and progressive lenses for eyes power increased fourfold. It was all done and the moment reached home, crashed on the bed. Ouch! Quite an experience going for the test and felt like a spent up force. The perks of lapping on Netflix and sitting to work on the laptop. I never thought that the appointment would be dampener of sort and sucked the entire energy. Eyes can be such a vampire.

It’s another tell-all tale that haven’t ordered the specs till now and been surfing to land on the right frame, the 3D version clicked and sent to a couple of friends since am someone who can’t decide. Feedback of friends matters. I Whatsapp an actor friend in Mumbai, my colleague whose in-laws are coming and another close friend who got me the specs from Mumbai the last time. Quite surprising, they all zeroed on the same frame which is quite cheap but the price of the lenses are coming relatively expensive thrice the frame price. Lens matters! Where on earth, I am wearing like a zombie, wrecking such a burden of power!

I cannot see through the current lenses and affirming the belief that they are gone for good. As funny as it is, the eyes pop beyond the lenses to read through stuff from close and a distance, avoiding specky to remove this entire burden that has been confirmed by the eye specialist. High time to change chasmish number and reminding the grey cells to order the spec so that the visitors receive them before they leave India. Who invented eyes and specs!

Have a lovely weekend!


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A trip to the supermarket!

Who invented supermarkets! A weekly or monthly trip can be quite clueless as we shop for groceries at the month end and there was a time I shopped endlessly, picking everything could lay my hands on, courtesy the credit card. It bore no limit and a big, fat party that burned a hole in my pocket.

Learning a lesson the hard way and think again, nowadays, I have saved a list on my laptop and jotting on paper chit with a pen, trying in sticking to it. Here’s a catch! Flitting from one supermarket to the other, it’s hard to resist buying stuff which makes it something tempting and hard to resist. This time, I went minimalist and trying to make it a strict affair. The monthly ride to the supermarket can be quite stressful and the budget keeps hovering on the top of my mind.

It’s quite an expensive affair where this time I have cut massively from the list and often end up forgetting to tick boxes The shoe polish was obliterated from the mind and missed the item yet again, something that was the priority for the day. I think going minimalist is the need of the hour and why over indulge in buying that we won’t need ending up lying inside the house. There is no point overspending, something I have realized that keeps straining out the monthly budget. Call it the placebo effect that mind fucks. It gives a feel-good effect when we splurge but that’s not the way to do things, right!

We tend to be swayed by the products on display and today ended up chucking unnecessary items making me proud. Always make a list like I mentioned and strictly adhere to it. Sometimes, it pays to be a stinger. This entire discounted products on the shelf is a big, fucking scam. Trust me on that. Marketers want us to believe that we are going for a steal but price slashed is a cunning, conjuring trick that makes us buy more and we end up paying extra than what they are worth.

Many years back, I read an article, seduced in the supermarket where the bottom line was a supermarket outing increased the prospect of finding a date. How ludicrous! I mean, the supermarket would be the last place on earth where I will get to ask a girl out and she would say yes. What are the odds! Cast aside the wildest imagination, cupid can never strike in a supermarket, except if you are the luckiest dude or babe on earth, believing that marriage is made in heaven and sold on the potboilers Netflix or Amazon are made of! How wacky for an idea! You only got Puran Poli counting as the love of your life.

I won’t deny on exploring various supermarkets in my entire life and sometimes a new one cropping up knocked me off the perch in the obsession to discover new products and honestly, can’t remember the last it made me happy to glow over the moon. The desire to explore a new place and grabbing stuff that otherwise wouldn’t think of getting making it major money fuck up and traveling with the trolley as if booking a trip to the moon.

It doesn’t go without saying there are supermarkets like Foodworld in Pune holding an emotional quotient for me since it was the first haven on earth discovered in the city. There are so many iconic supermarkets like that who are confined to the past and like Suryodaya at Churchgate that gave it an air of familiarity in the city and one of the places, I enjoyed going for a trip. Sadly, the places are now closed and confined to memory. Till you visit the next supermarket in your town!







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We once loved!

Days of yore,

when love was alive,

excitement to fall and yearn for someone,

feelings are bland,

no age to make the heartbeat,

I tell them,

holding hands,

kissing passionately are myths,

imagine the love,

making us feel good about ourselves,

prancing and wading aimlessly,

floating in the air,

sensation of touch,

we call it love,

forever changing,

for hearts are complex,

the end of everything,

yes! maybe not,

romanticized idea of dates and cuddles,

who invented emotions,

days of love letters waning,

trunk calls,

made the hearts grow fonder,

forgetting we once loved!