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Love zectangle Rakhi-Virat-Anushka: Begaane Shaadi

A new love story to take you by storm. Showing in Cinema Near you for Free. Wanna-be-politician, has-been-actress, diva and vamp. Did I say actress? Must be an off-screen actress who has never been one. Meet Rakhi who? Sawant! Go lucky girl, Punjabi at heart and in style, fiesty and doling loads of love with a lip job done to prove the world wrong. Man! She can act and love her loads. Joie de vivre extraordinary who will sacrifice everything for her love. Nah! The love is not Ranveer Singh. Ram-Leela is passe. Enter Anuska Sharma meets angry young man, hitting a sixer on the face, Virat Kohli. The perfect competitor to Bhaji antics on-field. Our Sreesanth must still be nursing his wound suffered on pitch, handkerchief stuck in the pocket forever.

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It’s a love triangle, Anushka meets Virat while the vamp Rakhi wanna get some mileage in this mushy mushy love story. Cho Chweet. The Mika Singh hang over doesn’t seem to wade off any time soon as Ms Sawant throws her tantrum to break heart of our dear Anushka in this passionate love story with Virat. And, India is going great guns in the World Cup. Enough for distraction, Virat! Keep the bat firmly in your hand. You lose that, you may justify that the 15 votes of Rakhi Sawant got in the last Lok Sabha election got too much to your head. Virat! Did you vote for her? Stupid me! How can you? You don’t stay in posh posh Bandra that would be only too happy to throw Raakhi Sawant out for noise pollution. Of course, at one master stroke, you can afford poshy poshy flat to be SRK’s neighbor. Be honest, Rakhi. You shameless, liar. You got only 14 votes coz Rakhi votes Rakhi. Rakhi Rashtriya Aam Party wah wah!! From the self claimed media ki beti to the brand ambassador of color green that already exist and self-confessed love, stuck like sandwich between Anushka and Virat. Kya Virat! You are stumped, already thinking to dump Anushka coz Rakhi aunty told you.

Iss Kahani mein pyar, dramebaazi aur phunny emotions hai. World Cup, cinema, rajneeti aur Rakhi Bachao Abhiyan. Is Karan Johar listening to script his next hatke love story? Heard KRK will produce this love zectangle with a dhamaal song by Mika Singh, Meine kya dekha ta Rakhi mein? Heard Ms Sawant is having a lip job to compete with Anushka! Spare us. Don’t ever do that Rakhi coz the idiot box will get more dumb and numb. Anushka reloaded is more than enough. I am telling you it’s a lost cause and it doesn’t even lead to global warming. We won’t even get back our dear, old Anushka, the gal next door. Pointless, I tell you.

How does it feel to be the most hated ‘cerebral’ celebrity? I wonder, was it a meme to declare your love for Virat if Anushka ne ab tak I do nahin bolo. Isse kehti hain begani shaadi mein Abdull(i) Deewani. The story of a wanna be vamp in search of job, a beauty queen in love and a distracted cricket star always angry.



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42 thoughts on “Love zectangle Rakhi-Virat-Anushka: Begaane Shaadi

  1. Now this is something different. I really liked that part about noise pollution. That lady is a match for the blaring loudspeakers you come across in festival grounds/ election campaign meets.

  2. Lol! This is crazy. Actually I find Rakhi Sawant’s desperation to stay in the limelight a bit sad.

      1. I don’t read gossip columns and Rakhi certainly makes weird statements, in fact I have not been reading any newspaper since 1st Jan, we did not subscribed for one here, and I don’t listen to news channels- they deliver the blow too hard. So I will say I am passing blissful months without any knowledge of death and destruction at global scale.

        Yesterday I made the mistake of trying to get the headlines and was instantly rewarded with the planecrash news 😦

        have you heard the song “A little good news” by Anne Murray, I sometimes feel like sending its copies to news channels and papers, esp. the morning shows.

        Did Rakhi claimed her love for Virat? Well he is one of the richest young persons in India I have read, so….

      2. You know, somehow I think Rakhi knows how to stay in limelight, after all, that is what celebs want, right? maybe, she too laughs at people like they laugh at her? tell me one thing, what was the name of her last hit film? but almost every one knows Rakhi Sawant. Even people like me who are not at all interested in celebrities know her …. got the message?

      3. Ya! She is such a put off like Malika Sherawat. Agree to that last bit she laughs at people and take her revenge. I wonder whether you can call the craps she acted in as films!

      4. she is one of the actresses I have never seen on screen, I guess her movies are just out of my league or are not that available!

        well, you know the type of people I have met in flesh, so a moohphat panjaban is just a harmless creature dying for recognition to me, absolutely benign! 😉

      5. exactly. that is why she does crazy things, think about Madonna, she used to do these things too, but she was super talented too!

        I have heard that limelight is more addictive than drugs, so …. it must be really painful to be ignored after being the center of attraction once, right?

        have you seen the movie “kagaz ke phool”? it is amazing!

        I feel sad for these people, those who were once the “big thing” and now no one knows them, after all they are not accidental celebs, they wanted to be wooed, that is why they entered showbiz, then everyone forgot them… poor things!

      6. Exactly my point is if you are gifted like Madonna or Lady Gaga and prove yourself..guess limelight is like an illness. That’s so true how many celebs who has faded..many of them, remember Mandakini who was Dawood muse or Mamta Kulkarni!

      7. forget about those one movie wonders, have you seen rati agnihotri, poonam dhillon, joohi chawla lately? there was a time when people were gaga over these ladies!

        how time takes its toll, does not it?

      8. Yeah so true! They just disappeared though Juhi is still around. Crossed the path of Poonam Dhillon once at Ambassador hotel at Marine Drive:)

      9. seen poonam and rati in two horror movies recently, they are still glamorous! I am watching hindi movies for a change lately, horror movies only but hindi ha..

        loved a few vikram bhatt movies, he atleast creates some intelligent horror movies, and loved 13B, horror has a new address I love R. Madhavan 🙂

      10. R Madhavan is absolutely brilliant! super cool!

        I have not seen Raaz (or have I? Is it that movie in which Bips tries to harass her junior actress by black magic?) but have seen 1920 the evil returns and some other movies by him and liked them. unfortunately I cant name them.

        He is better, far better than his bolly brothers of same track (think about ramsay movies, I was watching purana mandir yesterday) 😉

      11. Nah! First one with Bips and Dino Morea…was awesome. 1920 IS GOOD Too and Ramsay were in top form. This one u speaking is Raaz 2, complete rubbish!!

      12. 1920 is really good in comparison to hindi horrors, have you seen “ek thee dayan”? it is one of the best hindi horrors I have seen.

        I was watching jani dushman yesterday, its songs are great, have you heard the haunting melody by rafi “chalo ree doli uthao kahar”? who will think that magical song is based on such morbid background! every time I hear that song it makes me laugh to think how misguiding covers can sometimes be!

      13. Ek thee Dayan is horrible and badly made. Yeah, I swear such a beautiful song set against the background. Like the say, trailer hamesha acha hota hai pat thakela movie hai:)

      14. 3G for a change was capable to shock me once in a while, without ear splitting stupid background scores! I loved it quite a lot, Sonali Chauhan is really pretty, she looks a lot like Sonali Bendre (she was one glamorous girl) from some angles I mean.

        Neil Nitin mukesh is really handsome!

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