Love zectangle Rakhi-Virat-Anushka: Begaane Shaadi

A new love story to take you by storm. Showing in Cinema Near you for Free. Wanna-be-politician, has-been-actress, diva and vamp. Did I say actress? Must be an off-screen actress who has never been one. Meet Rakhi who? Sawant! Go lucky girl, Punjabi at heart and in style, fiesty and doling loads of love with a lip job done to prove the world wrong. Man! She can act and love her loads. Joie de vivre extraordinary who will sacrifice everything for her love. Nah! The love is not Ranveer Singh. Ram-Leela is passe. Enter Anuska Sharma meets angry young man, hitting a sixer on the face, Virat Kohli. The perfect competitor to Bhaji antics on-field. Our Sreesanth must still be nursing his wound suffered on pitch, handkerchief stuck in the pocket forever.

Image credit: Google India


It’s a love triangle, Anushka meets Virat while the vamp Rakhi wanna get some mileage in this mushy mushy love story. Cho Chweet. The Mika Singh hang over doesn’t seem to wade off any time soon as Ms Sawant throws her tantrum to break heart of our dear Anushka in this passionate love story with Virat. And, India is going great guns in the World Cup. Enough for distraction, Virat! Keep the bat firmly in your hand. You lose that, you may justify that the 15 votes of Rakhi Sawant got in the last Lok Sabha election got too much to your head. Virat! Did you vote for her? Stupid me! How can you? You don’t stay in posh posh Bandra that would be only too happy to throw Raakhi Sawant out for noise pollution. Of course, at one master stroke, you can afford poshy poshy flat to be SRK’s neighbor. Be honest, Rakhi. You shameless, liar. You got only 14 votes coz Rakhi votes Rakhi. Rakhi Rashtriya Aam Party wah wah!! From the self claimed media ki beti to the brand ambassador of color green that already exist and self-confessed love, stuck like sandwich between Anushka and Virat. Kya Virat! You are stumped, already thinking to dump Anushka coz Rakhi aunty told you.

Iss Kahani mein pyar, dramebaazi aur phunny emotions hai. World Cup, cinema, rajneeti aur Rakhi Bachao Abhiyan. Is Karan Johar listening to script his next hatke love story? Heard KRK will produce this love zectangle with a dhamaal song by Mika Singh, Meine kya dekha ta Rakhi mein? Heard Ms Sawant is having a lip job to compete with Anushka! Spare us. Don’t ever do that Rakhi coz the idiot box will get more dumb and numb. Anushka reloaded is more than enough. I am telling you it’s a lost cause and it doesn’t even lead to global warming. We won’t even get back our dear, old Anushka, the gal next door. Pointless, I tell you.

How does it feel to be the most hated ‘cerebral’ celebrity? I wonder, was it a meme to declare your love for Virat if Anushka ne ab tak I do nahin bolo. Isse kehti hain begani shaadi mein Abdull(i) Deewani. The story of a wanna be vamp in search of job, a beauty queen in love and a distracted cricket star always angry.



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