The Bet


It was a bet he won among friends. He lifted the Rs 500 crisp notes, mocking his pals who challenged him on taking the cute girl who was a stranger on a date. They thought he would be placated for she is beyond his league. He has beaten them at their own game. He confidently walked towards the stranger and convinced her, “Hey, I need a favor. My friends has challenged to speak to you. I am making a humble request if you don’t mind speaking to me nicely and flashing your thousand dollar smile.”

She smiled at the compliment and said, “Thanks you just made my day. I hate your friends who keep doing time pass and fool around. Inch a bit close to me.” They laughed and faked the flirty conversation to the shock of his friends.

“Hey! Let’s go to the restaurant nearby.”

They were followed by the good-for-nothing friends who saw them, sitting lovingly and chatting as if they were long lost friends.They pretended that nothing in the world could distract their animated conversation, she playing with her hair and gushed at every silly thing he said. They hugged and parted ways after one hour.

He pocketed his bet and laughed at them, who were at a loss of words.




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