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Why Is Aamir Khan Such a Pretentious Prick

It hurts..ouch!!! Mr Perfectionist is competing with Sanskari Babu Alok nath. That’s freaking awesome by heartranjan:) Bhag DK Bose DK Bose:)

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Once upon a time in India, Lagaan released.

The film was a smash hit, was sent as our choice for the Oscars (but couldn’t win, as the jury grew old and died during the interval) and Aamir Khan suddenly became the thinking man’s conscience.

The guy who would never attend film awards because he didn’t believe in them, suddenly seemed to be jumping up and down the red carpet, promoting his film. But of course, he was doing it for the nation.

When Lagaan lost out to No Man’s Land, Aamir Khan told the press that the other film deserved to win. When I saw it, said Khan, I knew that it was better than ours.

From that moment on, Aamir Khan has somehow projected and marketed himself as the voice of the nation/youth/continent/solar system. And it’s fucking annoying.


Alright, so he chooses to do one movie at a time, reads his…

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10 thoughts on “Why Is Aamir Khan Such a Pretentious Prick

  1. I am sure you already know my stand ..

    THANK GOD someone did not say this because of him being a Muslim 🙂 ..

    I wonder why he has the largest fan following, and his show was most watched show.. I wonder who the REAL hypocrites are ..

    I am just wondering what the reaction will be of people who are going GA GA over the ROAST, when they find the language used in their own homes.. will they go and pat the back of the people who use such a language WELL DONE SON.. you are getting out of your comfort

    Or is it a case of someone is so popular that people are jealous ..

    My question is everyone knows what a HYPOCRITE aamir khan is THEN please stop watching his shows, his movies and stop taking an interest in whatever he does..

      1. ohhhhhhhhhhh nooooooooooo come on , dont give up that easy i was looking forward to another discussion .. he he he he he

        forget about all this when are you writing another of your stories .. been a long time now

  2. though i get your points and the bit of truth behind it, i’d still choose to disagree… yes, at a point of time while watching ‘Satyameva Jayate’ i really did wonder why he became so emotional when he must have already heard the sad stories… but then the ‘not so smart’ people- a few poor villagers and old ones who don’t ‘know’ the difference between acting and reality need to know that he and the audience is affected by the sad story… they need to feel emotionally about it to change it or give it a thought…
    and whom are we kidding.. no one’s perfect…we all are a bit of hypocrites… we help others, have compassion, and do social service only to feel good about ourselves, to have a purpose in our life… we all have that ‘need’ to be needed…

    1. I think we can agree to disagree when he can make a Delhi Belly still hit at stand up comedy. A case of stifling creativity. As far as SJ is concerned it’s a brilliant show shedding light on social ills. But, Mr AK hypocrisy on AIB was visible.

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