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My Voice, my thought: #1000 Voices for Compassion Day

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A chain of human kindness is a power that binds soul together in the world and a simple act of goodness multiplies manifold to spread across the vast ocean. I have always believed that a small random act of compassion and kindness flows goodness in all quarters where people, unrelated to each other, benefit from this power act reaching out to vast seas of humanity. The person is sitting in some far-off corner in the world, oblivious to the small selfless act or gesture may suddenly witness unexpected acts of kindness and joy flowing like stream of magic divinity.

Sometimes, a smile or greeting may sparkle magic in our lives and is capable of turning a horribly bad day into something beautiful where everything suddenly works in our favor. Strangers always play a role in our life and it comes in the form of encouraging words, pep talk, handshake, smile or a warm touch on our shoulders.

Happiness cannot be bought in a supermarket and one can never know how we make someone’s day. It’s a small gesture such as helping a blind person cross the busy traffic, buying a bread for a homeless person or offering a pack of milk to the toddler living off the street with her mom. Social media is playing a catalyst role for us to be compassionate human beings. Sometimes, sharing a fellow blogger’s post or the picture of the missing child can unite them with parents. It happened. Can you imagine the happiness on faces of the children and parents that a single act or post leads to more shares that unite a family? To think about it, we are strangers, oblivious to each other, tribulations and happiness. This is compassion and kindness to me.

We meet so many people we call our friends on the online space, souls we connect with and whom we never met in person. I met few souls like that on social media and shared my woes with them. The very act of listening to me without being judgemental means a lot to me as a person and love such soulful conversations. I made many such great friends who has always been there for me, listening to crisis happening in my life and offering selfless help. They helped me focus better on life priorities.

Saying no to racism, casteism, human prejudices and treating men and women with respect demands hell lot of courage. Taking a stand to show our tolerance is the biggest form of compassion and kindness in life. Treating someone with respect, irrespective of the fact that the person has a high or low status in society shows the kind of person that we are and our belief in making society a better place to live. A society’s progress can only be held back when we nurture prejudice of any kind, be it religious, caste, sex or against homosexuals.

Kindness is a simple act that we do from the heart and we don’t need to prove a point to anyone. We can come across someone in a shop who is in short of a rupee or dollar to buy something or is yearning for a warm cup of tea. It will not cost us a fortune to re-kindle hope and sparkle the face of the stranger with the belief that there is no dearth of humanity. It’s not just about compassion but it gives us fulfillment that we brought a smile on someone’s face. There are so many homeless children who die of malnutrition and is devoid of good education. One can well approach an NGO and offer to fund a child’s education and food for a year. Very often, it doesn’t cost a fortune and we can contribute according to our means.

I am participating in 1000 Voices for Compassion Day!/#1000Speak which I first came across on the FB page of my dear and wonderful friend Roshni. It’s a powerful initiative and you can check here.

For more check:




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20 thoughts on “My Voice, my thought: #1000 Voices for Compassion Day

  1. well said, V

    Wise words of wisdom on a friday morning 🙂 But, I am glad we all doing this satyagrah towards compassion. Since we need tolerance towards many issues that are actually gathering dust in the humdrum of life!

  2. You’re right Vishal, kindness and compassion can be conveyed through simple acts. Its no about proving a point but just reaching out to make someone’s day. I agree to all your thoughts expressed here.

  3. Well said. It doesn’t take much to reach out and lift people up. No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted. We all must do our bit and make our world a better place!

  4. Hey you changed the look of your blog…i am also thinking about changing the look 🙂
    A smile or greeting can make your day…that is so true…sometimes a small gesture can make a huge difference in someone’s life or turn a horrible day into a beautiful memory…I loved it Vishal 🙂

    1. It’s good to experiment from time-to-time. I believe small acts makes a huge difference and reminds me of the staff at Trident Hotel where I stayed for a week. No matter how tired u are, the genuine makes the stress disappear:)

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