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WoW: Seeking the soul in the mate

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A friend told me today during our snippet of conversation, “I am not your soul mate, just to make things clear.” She has a practical take on soul mates, it is the mate of the soul with whom you share a very special connection. No need to pretense. It’s all about being yourself or silence whether you say it with words or not.”

It got me thinking, who is my soul mate? The zillion friends I have on Facebook whom I never met but I have a special bond with or the folks I have passionate discussions about the vagaries of life, emotions, cosmic energy or the universe. Nah! That’s a different connection. Soul is the mate with whom the connection is made on an altogether different planet with whom we may or may not have a romantic or physical inclination. It is genderless, in fact.

In our journey and the quest to complete ourselves, we meet different people  with whom we hit a passionate and lyrical high which we often mistake as our soul mates. The definition of a soul mate is quite flawed, in my opinion. It happened to me ages ago when I fell in love with different someones’ with whom I’d share peppy, romantics SMSes and hanging out together thinking that she is the one for the emotional chord was so strong and powerful like lightning. I was convinced that the different Shes’ are the soul mates. We tend to be swayed and blinded by emotions like the smokescreen we wear on the face, convinced that she is the One. They were companions in the journey of life.

Dissecting on soul mates is complex, tricky and subjective. It got me wonder whether I am can be my own soul mate. There are two sides to me, the weak vs strong, emotional foolish vs reasonably mature and voices inside vs the body responding. The imaginary voice is one character that I want to introduce in the rom-com novel that I am writing and how he makes fun and pulls down the character afflicted by love. Can’t we be our own soul mate? Yet! This argument has several flaws since it may just be a pretending voice inside that soothes the hyper me that I am a strong person. It’s the fickle human nature.

It’s a tough self-analysis to make on The Special One, albeit, the soul mate, the one who takes hold of you when you are weakened by events and can hear your voice of distress or happiness. It shows that I haven’t really found one but the streak of soul mates through friends who helped me to hold on when the going was tough. It’s crazy how the human minds and bodies respond to something as deep as soul mates to make it very romantic, lyrical or glamorous.

I feel when the soul mate comes, she will make me feel uncomfortable and disturbing inside, someone who I wouldn’t let go easily. It’s all about connecting hearts and we can be One without emotional attachment or romantic fling. It will be someone who would   complete me as a person and together, we would become One whole and not tiny particles.  She will not be an ordinary girl or women who skim my path every single day but someone very special, beyond the ordinary who would push me to the extreme edge. She will be a very strong woman and the feelings that only the heart and soul can experience within.

The soul mate will be a woman or girl, it’s something that I feel very strongly about and know it deep within. Why I am insisting and oft-repeating woman or girl? I wouldn’t lend age to my soul mate. She can be older to me or very much younger, perhaps an 18-year-old girl. Why do we need to assign age or gender to a relationship between soul mates? I mean, we don’t need to prove anything to society. That’s what our relationship will be all about where there would be no moral or religious justification.

Wondering how and what the soul mate will be all about. I am a seeker. I shall seek in this journey of life and she will find me. I am a great believer in the guardian angel who has always sparkled my life with the extraordinary and she will be one angelic girl. Again, I may paint a wrong description of my soul mate but she will come in a form. I am not painting an idyllic or rosy picture but believe in the impossible made possible. We live in a world of possibilities. The soul mate is the stuff our dreams are made of yet very real and human to the core.






Work-in-progress, seeker and bundle of contradictions. Stubborn and Refusal to grow up and constantly in search of myself, I blurt it out on my space. Drop in and share some love. Indian by choice.

24 thoughts on “WoW: Seeking the soul in the mate

  1. This was so beautiful to read. Yes, the bond with our soulmate will be divine, something we can have only with that special someone. Loved how you said that this is what dreams are made of and yet are real and human. Hope your special one finds you soon. 😀

  2. Nice thought to ponder upon.

    I would tend to believe the friends we have are not our soulmates…most likely they would leave us one day for some reason or another.

    The best fitment to the definition would be your spouse, if you go all the way to either’s demise and the other one finds it difficult to survive from thereon.

    1. I can’t agree more with that. We are travellers who get down at a station never to be seen again. In fact, I disagree to a certain extent on spouses and believe that soul mates may not necessarily have a physical or romantic edge. But, it’s quite tricky and complex to define soul mate.

  3. Soul Mates exists 1 in a Trillion.
    Some months back, I was living in a Blissfull world that I had found my Soul Mate.
    Some months later, we break-up and I don’t believe in Soul Mates anymore.

    1. Hi Cattie, I believe we often make this mistake when we are in a relationship. Being with someone is a great learning journey and defines us. I believe that soul mates shouldn’t necessary have a romantic or intimate angle. It’s much beyond that! But, it does exist, I feel!

  4. I believe we can have many soul mates …. as long as the chemistry is there … with friends, lovers…. welll said my friend- I enjoyed this read:-) and wow new design on your blog rt? like it! all the best Vishal

  5. This is pretty intense stuff. I think a soulmate is someone who is exactly like you, yet a little different, the difference only aiding to make sure you rethink some of your decisions and decide to park them since if you’d taken them, it would have been huge mistakes 🙂 Is that a guardian angel? Perhaps. I would also think it’s someone who can be your subconscious-equivalent 🙂
    Good one! 🙂

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