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Rave and Run

This post R for ‘Rave and Run’ is written as part of #‎AtoZChallenge‬: Blogging from A to Z April Challenge.

Rave and Run

The party is in full motion in the farm house, are cut off from city life where hordes of celebrities, politicians and college kids are swarming to the tune of music. I wear my most expensive black shirt at the party hosted in my honour for sweeping every award.

Somehow, I feel out of place and uncomfortable seeing scary faces. My head is swirling and whirling in motion and I am experiencing a nauseating feeling after I sip the drink. A few women are making a pass at me and twirl their tongue out, inviting me openly for an orgy. Women and men are walking naked and tripping on the dance floor.  I am furious but powerless. The loud music feels makes my head splitter and spin like a volcano.

“What the hell is happening?”, I shout at Bhai Saab and Meena. She winks at me, “Take me for hire, baby.”

“Drugs and all that shit…I cannot accept this and leaving right away. I will expose both of you to the police.”

Bhai Saab taps my shoulder, “You see this guy in the grey suit. He is the dreadful underworld don and that dude sitting with the two college girls, is the new police commissioner in the city. Go and complain. Sunny boy! You are in a labyrinth. You will be the first one to be arrested and we’ll kill you inside jail. The parcel that stoked your lust story with Meena! Remember. It contains drugs that slowly kill the nerve of a youth every second. And the document you transport for me every now and then. Supari!! A small token to contract killers.

“What?” I shockingly react.

Meena poses her hand on my shoulder, “You are a criminal like us. Do you have a choice? Bhaisaab is the king of the underworld. Before we forget, you gotta act in few films financed by us, the underworld.”

My eyes are dry and my hand is shaking. My lip is burning after Meera twirls some white powder, push them inside my tongue and bends her head on the upper part of my jeans, sliding her hand inside me.

My head is spinning. It feels like a jab landing straight into my chest. I walk away from them when I hear cries inside a dark room. I pull the door with all my might to discover a horrific scene.  There are kids crying inside and a cute, teenage girl grabs my hand, “You are the love of my life. I love your films. Please save us for the uncles and aunties wanting us to do bad things.” The innocent children are shrieking and shaking with fear.

I am trapped in a labyrinth but it’s the time to atone for my sins. Woe betide me! If it means, that I am gunned down, so be it. I will not let them cast their ugly shadow on innocent children.

I roll a joint and inhale deeply. The bottle of whisky is rolled on the floor. I fling it on the door and unscrew the bottle with my tooth. Tickled by my instinct, I spill the alcohol and bang, I pull a gunshot, throwing alcohol bottles splintering in the air in a flurry and thick smoke engulf the party. It’s dark everywhere and people are coughing where some are choking to death.

The high flyer rave party is turning into dust and smoke is turning into fire, ravaging everything. I throw myself into the dark room where the cries of the children are getting louder. A metal pole is falling and I stand with my back pressing against the wall, pulling it with all my might to shield the children. “Break the damn window and jump,” I snarl.

The girl pushes the children out of the window, with all force, with my back pressing on her. My hand is soaking with blood and burning as I push the pole. I carry her in my arms, facing the blaze flowing in our directions. We have no time to think about the villains, shouting their lungs out. We throw ourselves out of the window and I hold her close to my chest.

We run along with dozens of children for our lives towards my silver BMW, pushing everyone inside. The car screeches, stumbling upon a pole and gear up breaking everything on the way.

I am driving like a maniac and hear gun shots behind the bullet proof car. They are on our trail. I swerve the car from right to left, colliding with their jeep caught in a flurry of gunshots. The car is rotating from left to right, caught like a sandwich in a ball of fire and I finally gravitate towards my foes. They lose control of their vehicles that cascades in the air, flinging like cricket balls. I zoom ahead at a burst of speed, hitting everything on my way, barricades snapping in the air. I wriggle with the wheel and the car is thrust in the air, rolls upside down and makes a blistering sound. The children shriek.

The car makes a thawing sound as it storms onto the railway track. A fast train is chugging in full throttle. I close my eyes and press hard on the brakes, the car swirls within inches in front of the train that rams it way ahead. I lose control of the car that breaks into a wall.

I hear the sirens of the police and ambulance from a looming distance before I collapse. I am a hero to the eyes of the small children who meekly clap at the back seat. The brand new BMW is in shamble.



Work-in-progress, seeker, and bundle of contradictions. Stubborn and Refusal to grow up and constantly in search of myself, I blurt it out on my space. Drop in and share some love. Indian!!!

65 thoughts on “Rave and Run

      1. Things are great…you will not believe I want to write but I cant I keep staring at screen but nothing will come up 😦

      2. You know my A to Z theme so damn tough to keep momentum. This post is a tribute to 70s and 80s flicks that made the angry young man, Mr Amitabh Bachchan and his ilk. Keep writing and churn anything, be it a poem or intimate stuffs you so good at:)
        Let’s connect on FB:)

      3. You are too good at writing you should really think about publishing a novel or something…sure thing let’s connect on FB 🙂

      4. Thanks lot, Aarya and I try to write entertainment at fast pace. Hope, I get to publish a book, someday. First time, I am trying a thriller and experimenting for my forte is sensual romance:)

    1. Thanks so much, Mani. Though, I feel in every profession we have good and bad people. My funda for this one: Leave your brains at home and enjoy at full blast the entertainment package. At times, I treat the theme with sensitivity and at other juncture, paint it in high voltage entertainment:)

    1. Thanks lot Kalaravi. That was the aim of making it as intense in terms of action packed. An ode to filmi scenes between 70s and 90s:)
      So glad you could enjoy the episode:)

  1. The BMW police jeep chase felt like it was being enacted right in front of me … that is the power of words and the mark of a good writer. Enjoyed it Vishal … will keep coming back for more.

    1. Thanks a ton, Jayanthi. I wanted to make it visually powerfully and sending heart pounding waves. Hope I am successful!! Your words are encouraging. Will hop on during the weekend:)

    1. Thanks loads, Esha. I tried to imagine things and picture them vividly to script heart pounding actions. Your words means a lot, considering you write incredibly well:)

  2. what a power packed story! so well-penned that there were some true nail-biting turns and descriptions. He emerged out as a real hero in the end showing exemplary courage. Good one, enjoyed it!

    1. Thanks so much Ankita. It’s his redemption that has started. I have one funda: Leave your brains at home and enjoy for I try to entertain. But, there is an underlying message, kindness always pay:)

  3. So very well said…narration was fast paced, storyline gripping…and i liked the part where hero lives up the name of a hero at the end…

  4. No dearth of action here, certainly. Reads like a Bollywood film!

    Thanks much for visiting my blog.


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