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I am a Liebster!! Munch popcorn and enjoy

Appreciation, flattery and praises, how I love them all!! Yay!! A Liebster award taste like choco cookie all the way. I am doing that after a span of more than 2 years and what the harm in playing along. Leena has tagged me and here V comes to break the boredom. Tankoo, tankoo. Let’s have fun on the journey.

Racking the grey matter in the brain and try to be wacky. I dare you call me an unfunny asshole and blog sell out. Ha! Feeling like a celeb and play along the guillotine by Leena.

  1. Where did it all begin? (Wait, blogging I mean)

You mean, sex. Ah!! (Face palm) Naughty me!! Yeah, yeah, blogging shogging of course..over a cup of coffee!! Kidding. It all happened after Dad’s death and been making the life of a family friend and computer geek’s life hellish, to create a website for me. You see, I always wanted to be cool. In five minutes, the blog was created and the first post was on ‘Amchi Mumbai’-already converted to a Mumbaikar by then. Fascination for maximum city and another lame attempt on cinema…guess, when I was born I never cried..Maa Maa but Cine-Maa, the time I was aspiring to become a film maker and actor.

2. What does your blog focus on? (Or are you more like me? Pulling out the pen, and lashing out at the world on every damn subject. Don’t blame me; I have a tool mightier than the sword I’ve been told)

I’ve been told I am nutty and this one got me thinking. Chalega chalega!! Just spilled coffee. Hmm!! Tough nut. I write about almost everything, poems, books and film reviews, interviews, my life 360 degrees, short stories and I whip, lash and rant. I got the brains and I churn anything like the Neelkanth. Only thing, I don’t have a blue throat. Oh!! I loove satire. Haven’t done that for long. There is no genre coz I hate sticking my head in a pool of muddy patch, you see.

3. What’s your poison? Show me the money honey or, Saala main toh sahib ban gaya!

Dhina dhin dhan, My name is Lakhan….Poison, venom…you plotting to kill me Leena or what!! Feel like singing, What’s my poison? Bas kar ya!! Acha theek, negative people and that’s why I don’t respond to their antics face to face. I have a blog to kill with my sword. Come and beat me. Oh! Yeah! How can I forget? Milk is the foe and loved spilling it as a child. An anecdote, before going to skool, Mom would give me a big glass to drink and it was such a pain. Momma was inside the house and surveyed her movements, before throwing them all by the window face to face. It’s my enemy. But, it got back at me. In the evening, Dad would place a glass in front of me and there was no way out..took a good one hour sipping bit and worshipping the milk.

4. Okay so I comment, you comment, we all comment for……. It’s been a while since we’ve been discussing topics of international, national, even gully importance. Its high time I knew whom I’m talking to. Tell me more about yourself, shall ya?

Yeh koi gaana hai kya.. I comment, you comment, we all comment. Who am I? Interesting question. Let me try this one: I am an enigma, a mystery of sort, inexistent. Hey, do you know who you speaking to? I can well be a ghost..Bees Saal Baad. Hum Kaun Hai! Remember the forgettable Amitabh, Dharam Paaji and Dimple Kapadia starrer. I am just a commoner, a blogger and soul who at times is confused and angry at the world, try to find happiness in small and mundane stuffs. He has dreams and aspirations, which is taking its own sweet time to fulfill.

5. Hitting the keyboard and cursing the wifi is what our free time mostly comprises of. Other than that, what’s your relaxation mantra?

Short stories..the world of imagination, movie buff, writing is the passion of life, books are the besties, chatting, blogging and troubling cum irritating people-I do that quite off like kicking balls, though not many will believe.

6. If they made you the Prime Minister of India for one day, who’s a** would you kick first? (I know picking one’s tough, thanks to our state of affairs, but I’m sure with your foresight you can do it.

You kidding me!! I don’t know the A to Z of politics. I will be a big failure at it. Yeah, I’d like a well meaning PM to curb corruption, screw the balls of extremists and hate mongers, politicians with the hang over of ‘Ticket to Pakistan’ and self claimed Gurus and of course, rapists-If I had my way, I’d punish them in public to set an example. It applies to violent men who harass their wives and who claim superiority

7. Some intelligent soul once said to me, that he thought Global Warming equals to the climate getting warmer! Never mind, one tip/advice that you would want to share with all readers for doing their little bit.

Don’t destroy the planet and our ecology. It’s our wealth and we owe it our children. Keep the country safe like it’s your own house. You don’t throw garbage inside your house, right. To builders, please, please! In the name of development, don’t destroy greenery and hills to make buildings mushroom everywhere. Keep green space.

8. Your take on (choose one) – Returns or Exchange policy of authors on awards or, The ‘Intolerance’ mania.

Am I allowed to choose both? Award Waapsi wins hand down against intolerance.

9. Any wish (better still if it’s a secret one) for Santa this year?

Yeh Santa Kaun hai!! Reveal yourself mate. Why do you visit me when I am sleeping? The rest is a secret!! I wanna the power of Harria Puttar!! The potion of magic. I ain’t revealing that.

10. Your opinion on my blog and style of writing. Keep a hand on your blog (window), and say the truth, nothing but the truth. (No venting out anger for the questions above.

You mean your blog, Leena. I love it and your quirky style. I was nominated and gotta be nice to you like a gentleman. Now, dole out some cents.


Now, the time has come for you peeps, to answer my questions. I shall be nice, I promise. I am not a trained lawyer or CBI quizzing RaGa.

  1. What’s in a name? I don’t mean your new born but blog. (Hint: You think a name plays an important part for your space)
  2. Dating someone over blog…been there, done that? I know a couple bloggers.
  3. The most irritating blogger and trolls? How do you deal with negativity on blog?
  4. Would you die for freedom of expression if someone wanna restrict your content?
  5. Coffee, Whisky or Wine!! What stimulates your posts?
  6. Minting money on blog or it’s just pure passion?
  7. Do you really mean the comments you post on my blog?
  8. Love, sex aur Dhoka. What do you write ’bout?
  9. Pet peeves on blogging!! Give your two cent.
  10. How would you define success and failure?

Rulz in da book:

  • Be gratuitous to the nominator, thank him/her for nominating you
  • Display the award in your post (anywhere you wish to)
  • Now it’s your turn, nominate 10 more bloggers with 10 more questions for them.
  • Answer the questions asked by the nominator.
  • Notify the nominees (using social sites)

Here, comes my nominees:



Bespectacled Mother


path breaking writer





Cifar Shayar



Work-in-progress, seeker, and bundle of contradictions. Stubborn and Refusal to grow up and constantly in search of myself, I blurt it out on my space. Drop in and share some love. Indian!!!

22 thoughts on “I am a Liebster!! Munch popcorn and enjoy

  1. Hahaha…I so much enjoyed your answers, Vishal. Awesome! 😀 ‘cine-maa’ LOL..that’s nice pun and suits so well with your kinda writing… 🙂

    Congrats and thanks again for bestowing the honour on’ve been one of those blogger buddies with whom I can discuss freely on any issue and whose style of writing I really enjoy… 🙂

  2. I’ve made the transfer Vishal! (Please note that it won’t be full payment though, cos 6 words ain’t ringing the cash register ;-))
    I’m glad buddy, you’ve made it an entertaining post, twisted answers on a twisted questionnaire 🙂

  3. Congratulations for the 2nd Liebster award. Your interesting answers helped me in knowing you 🙂 And thank you for nominating me but, sadly, I have stopped doing award posts for sometime now. But this should hardly matter, right. Hoping to have a long term blogging relationship. Happy blogging!!

    1. Hey thanks and I understand ur perspective..haven’t taken any for more than 2 years. Thought this one would be fun and Leena is such a good friend, that’s you. Answers were tongue in cheek and that’s what I tried doing

  4. absolutely loved knowing you, now here I will sheepishly say that just yesterday I officially accepted your “3 quote for 3 days” gift, I made it “4 quotes/lyrics for 4 weeks” added Karan and Indira with you and they will be up in my Thursday Pedagogy post, this one will be fun so it will show up quicker, before February I hope!


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