Book Review: ‘CHOICES’ is enchanting and finds echo to your heart



Ruchira Khanna

Released by: Createspace

Rating: Three and a half

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A feel-good and sensitive narration expressing the essence of love, family values, dreams, good heart and hopes for  the ordinary mortal in any society, be it western or Asian.  Ruchira Khanna’s CHOICES is a heart-warming story that anyone will identify with because it’s a story that finds an echo in every heart that beats.

Should we pursue our dreams or settle for less in seeking happiness? Credit to Ruchira Khanna for not making value-judgement but keeps the question open in a non-biased way. In this process of materialistic pursuits, we have forgotten about our real identity, obsessed with making money at the cost of human happiness, and a heart capable of loving. In short, we have forgotten how to enjoy every single moment of life. This is what Ruchira addresses in this exquisite novel with aplomb.


Leonardo is a young man who is standing on a crossroad of life, facing choices. One road leads to a high stress career that brings in big bucks; the other is a chance to make a real difference in lives of others. He has a few questions, questions that all of us have faced when facing choices that can change our lives. Does fate make a man, or do his desires?

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My Blurb:

The Sylva family is an immigrant from Portugal to US in search of a good life. Albert and Amelia face a lot of hardships but they give lots of love and care to their son, Leonardo, who is shy teenager. They help him to face his inner battles, shyness and always encourage him to see his inner self and never flinch to care about friends and to fall in love. It is an example of a family bonding with love. As fate would have it, an incident shakes the family. Will Amelie and her son Leonardo be able to conquer the battles of life? Author Ruchira Khanna has the answers for you.


Ruchira Khanna took great care to avoid the pitfalls of boredom and preachy language that can halt the flow of a novel highlighting positivity, human happiness and heavy duty morality. Ruchira should be credited for the treatment that doesn’t make it sound like a Robin Sharma book. Certainly, it’s not and the writer carves her own niche and in her own style that makes it uniquely beautiful. ‘CHOICES’ depicts the human bondage, relationship between a father and son, mother and son with a skillful narration. The writer brings a poignant conclusion which is relatable and mesmerizes the heart. Ruchira Khanna makes a good point that money shouldn’t be a deciding factor to lead a successful life. She expresses the perspective in a subdued manner.

Words touching the soul:

“Things happen for a reason…You realize you have friends…I  have always been on the run and have never helped anyone….her mind is busy thinking how remarkable fate is and whatever happens in everybody’s life has a reason for it”


-During the start, too many characters are introduced at the same time that initially, it leads to confusion and the readers might take time to get a hang of things.

-At times, I feel that the situation hops too swiftly from one situation to another and the case in point, is where Leonard hops from the job of warden to his dream job. One feels it happens a bit too abrupt.


All said and done, Ruchira Khanna paints a vivid picture through the well-sketched characters and rich texture that makes it a powerful story and sensitive narration. . Very well told, the outpouring of human emotions makes us feel that it’s our story that grasps our attention from start-to-finish. The author has done a terrific job in weaving a story that captures the soul and imagination. ‘CHOICES’ is your story, my story and your struggles in life that defines you. The author taps the emotional moments when Albert dies and showcases the women condition through Amelie in a telling way. The pain and longing for one’s love is brilliantly sketched. I recommend Ruchira Khanna’s ‘CHOICES’ for making a strong pitch on the essence of family for successful relationship. A winner all the way, ‘CHOICES’, is a must-have in your collection of good books.

I wish to thank the author who mailed me the book copy and grateful that she considered me to review her book.

Rukminiharan by Sharmistha Basu

How does one introduce, Sharmistha Basu?A known name in the blogging world, poet, thinker and terrific story-teller. A great friend, we met on the blogging world and the fiery lady doesn’t mince her words. Ignore her at your own perils. Sharmistha is someone who has gone through a lot in life and she has come a long way to carve a name for herself in the blogging and published world. When I requested her to do a guest post for her, we exchanged no less than 16 e-mails. Yes! I swear. Finally, I present her to you. Scroll down and read. Finally, it was worth the wait and she lived up to her promise, churning something special for me. A powerful story, ‘Rukminiharan.’

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Sharmistha Basu


A shadow of darkness formed over her beautiful face. How could Shishupal do this, without her permission!

Being a princess she knew she have to first think about her family prestige then her own love, feelings for Krishna.

She called her best friend, “Go to the temple and tell the priest Princess Rukmini has begged him to visit her immediately. To hurry and come with great discretion.”

The old priest visited the young princess in stealth, they conversed for long time the priest left with a mischievous twinkle in his eyes, a letter cleverly hidden under his clothes.

Next day he left the kingdom, headed towards Dwarka.

Krishna was sitting on his throne when the priest’s arrival was announced. He was brought in with great respect.

After exchanging of pleasantries the priest handed him over the letter.

Krishna opened the letter, the beautiful words filled up his soul like music from an invisible Veena,

My love,

We never met,

Yet when I hear you name

My heart beats.

My hands are tied,

With the chains of customs,

Those chains will become my death,

Unless you tear them and set me free,

To tie me again but with love,

Come in great hurry my love,

For a bit late may be too late.

Your love forever!

The old priest told Krishna that Rukmini will have to visit Durga temple and offer her prayers there on her wedding day. If he does not steal her from there she will destroy herself but won’t marry anyone but him.

Krishna bade the priest adieu with promise.

We all know the rest of the story, don’t we? In case you don’t know…

When the beautiful princess,

Came out of the temple after praying with all her heart,

To the mother to bless her with her love,

Someone was waiting,

Though she has never seen him

But that very instant she knew

He was the one she has waited for

In every birth since eternity,

His arms gathered her and together they whisked past

The guards and warriors waiting for the bride

to be handed over to an unworthy man

to bring some political gain

and something extra to an unworthy brother!

Well do you know the story of Rukmini and Krishna? Some of you may know some may not. It is a cute story.

Rukmi, her brother arranged her marriage with Shishupal without her consent, she has always loved Krishna, even though they have never met, so she sends her trusted messenger to him, expressing her love and requesting him to marry her, or else she will destroy herself.

Krishna comes for her and kidnaps her, they get married and she is Krishna’s first wife and Goddess Laxmi’s avatar.

Sharmishtha Basu


‘Thinking of You’ by Payal Agarwal

Today, I welcome on the blog a dear friend of mine, Payal Agarwal. as my guest blogger. A super talented woman who writes exquisitely beautiful poetic prose that fills the soul and mind with near perfect and pure happiness. In her own words, Payal describes herself as:


Payal Agarwal


She’s an admirer of art and keen observer of life who finds herself penning down her thoughts. She enjoys good music while playing with her paints and brushes. She is also fond of photography. Nature and life inspires her. She loves rain and she loves autumn too! Few of her poems have been published in several anthologies like Ah!Poetry, Anthesis, World anthology of poems on global harmony and peace. Upcoming anthologies include Heavenly hymns and Poetic symphonies. Her poem, “a rendezvous with myself” was published in Goa based newspaper in 2005. She blogs at




Payal Agarwal

Today, with the warmth that we shared once, I gently tried to melt some frozen memories that tiptoed silently in my heart. They often made me numb. Today, after many years, these mild, untouched, soothing rays of the Sun brought along, undefined happiness. Today, with the warmth that we shared once, I gently tried to melt some frozen memories that tiptoed silently in my heart. They often made me numb. No matter how much I free my mind, some random thoughts find their place, always! Some places, some days, some moments are special. After many years, today, I find myself sitting with a pen and paper, writing, erasing, rewriting, in every corner of my home and smiling, just thinking of you.


MEGHNA is pure entertainment, blissful tale of love





Sundari Venkatraman

Rating: Three and a half

Genre: Romance

Banner: Flaming Sun



When author Sundari Venkatraman gave me a free copy of her book MEGHNA, I jumped on the occasion since I drooled over her last outing, ‘Double Jeopardy’ and am in awe of her writing style that connects with my soul. I’ve been excited to read and review, MEGHNA, since it’s the name of one of my best friend and college pal.

Disclaimer by Sundari:

It’s only for entertainment and has no special value like Double Jeopardy

So don’t look for one :D


The young and dashing Rahul Sinha lives in England with his parents, Shyam and Rajni. Rahul is exulted with his efforts at work paying off and plans a holiday with his best friend Sanjay Srivastav who lives in Mumbai with his wife Reema, kids Sanya and Rehaan and most importantly, his sister, Meghna. Rahul recalls meeting Meghna just before they parted six years ago.

Meghna who teaches modern dance for the pure love of it is thrown for a toss when Rahul comes visiting. She had thought he had forgotten them.
Thus begins the story between Rahul and Meghna, the teasing, the flirting, the anger, the tears… …will they find love?

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 Author Sundari Venkatraman has the knack of story-telling that captures your attention from start-to-finish and writes in a unique style that makes you relate to the characters etched in her world of ‘romance.’ The best thing about the writer’s style that she writes in a simple language that connects with the youth. This is what makes MEGHNA works. However, I feel it somewhat falls short of expectation if I compare Meghna with Double Jeopardy. Nevertheless, MEGHNA is a smart read, weaving tale of love that will make you connect with the world of Meghna and Rahul. Thus, the author is successful in telling a good story and injecting the right dose of love, emotions, sadness and drama, like our Hindi movies pot boilers. It’s enough to say that Sundari Venkatraman has concocted pure entertainment to break the routine in your life. Grab it for the pure joy of reading this tale of love.


 What makes MEGHNA works is the chemistry among the main protagonists, Rahul and Meghna.  The characters, Sanjay, Reema, Shyam, Rajni and, of course, Prashant and Aisha add to the drama that unfurls to set your pulses racing like the Mumbai local trains. The plot does suffer at times when the narration loses steam and grip. However, the author swiftly hit the right nail by sprucing up things through the ‘wicked characters’ of Rajni and Aisha and drama with Meghna running away in the plane. This is the mark of a good writer who feels that when the balance is not tilted in favor of the book, she injects drama in a timely fashion to lift the narration to pique the readers’ interest. We want to know what will happen next and the novel recovers at the right time. I feel that the main characters, Rahul and Meghna are sketched in a detailed manner which one can easily relate to.

Extracts: The Tango Lines

 Dialogues are a forte of a good novel and this is where Sundari Venkatraman scores a high note.

 “Meghna was just the perfect name for her. Her grey eyes reminded him of dark, rain-bearing clouds. The lightning temper in her eyes and the thunder in her expression added to his conviction. Just now the grey eyes were smiling guilelessly up at him…Rahul found her lips again and gave her a deep, soul-searing kiss. His tongue danced a tango with hers and both were gasping for breath as they came up for air…..Meghna thought that she had been the only one mooning about her love over the past years of staying apart. The sense of having found a kindred spirit grew by the second.

What’s Not!!!

  1. The miss-and-blink characters of Prashant and Aisha. Perhaps, both should have been developed further and given an extended leash to build up suspense.

2. Post the break up towards the climax, I find Meghna melt a bit too easily into Rahul’s arms. How about playing hard to get?!


Final words:

 Sundari Venkatraman’s MEGHNA is a light, fun-filled read that comes like a breath of fresh air. The objective of entertainment has been attained to make the heart dance to the tune of love and romance. Sundari Venkatraman is among the few authors that struck a chord with the masses and the intimate scenes cum sexual tension is dealt in an effective manner, something very few authors can narrate in a sensitive manner. She lends credence to the adage, ‘sensuality, intimacy can be told in a dignified and beautiful manner.

At one glance: Sundari Venkatraman’s MEGHNA is a smart and joyful ride.

The book can be purchased on and the author can be reached out to on

Guest Post: Soumya Vilekar…read on

As you all know, I am on a blog break in November. It’s a Guest post and I welcome a dear friend of mine, Soumya Vilekar. When I requested Soumya to write a post, pat came the reply and, in no time, her post reached my mail box. Soumya Vilekar is a super talented writer whose recently published work ‘Suroor of the Soul’ along with Shaheen S Dhanji, won hearts and touched the soul. She wrote a mind-blowing post which one can only bow in respect. Scroll down to read the post. You’ll know what I am saying.

You can find her on and followe her on


Soumya V

Identity: Human being

Place: Earth

2nd November 2014- An imaginary excerpt of a real incident


While the baby cuddled in her arms, became restless over the noise in the crowd and started wailing, the little boy who held the finger of his mother was desperate for the candy floss. It attracted him so much, that the pinkish strands of thick bunch looked to him like the ultimate object of desire.

She scolded the boy for not being patient.
“Just few minutes my dear. You will get that. Let us finish for what we are here.”

A newly married couple was enjoying the whole scene and the young man teased his newly wed wife about the baby, who was the centre of attraction for them.

Wishes they say are the extension of desires and desires are formed new at every step of life. The urge to desire makes man live. Unless the desires are not harmful, there isn’t any danger of it to anyone, they carry you forward in life to your goal and ambition.

It was a perfect evening, the colours of twilight had overpowered the blue azure and the ensemble of crimson and saffron painted the outline of the sky. The graceful earth had welcomed the dusk warmly.

Few meters away, a lady in a red graceful sari was overlooking from behind, her friend’s shoulder. Her attire looked so ethnic and elegant.

The woman with the baby was continuously staring at the lady’s beautiful personality.

Her focus broke again, as her son again reminded, “Mummy, I want the candy floss”.

The vendor who was selling the candy floss seemed less interested in having more customers. He was continuously on phone with someone and mostly people who came there were waded off, by his indifferent attitude. He must be around 19 years old. The moustache wasn’t visible yet. His mother must have dreamt a good career of his, if he was amongst the one who were fortunate enough to go to school.

So many shades we see of life in our society. People struggle to survive, some struggle to get food, some for secured shelter, some never get to know what education is all about. Some get everything served on their platter, they hardly value it.

The music started and the chaotic noise came to a stand-still. It mesmerized every heart who was present there and the symphony of the graceful retreat was witnessed by thousands.

As the rhythm faded in the air, with its end, something just silenced the ears for few minutes.

Before anyone could realize, the place had turned into a graveyard for hundreds of people who were there as tourists and were proud to witness one of the most important event which marks and symbolizes the effort of peace .Across the border, lay scattered bodies of my unknown friends and strangers who few moments ago had been my companion of the exuberant beating retreat.

It was a final retreat for them. Eyes were wet across the boundary. Sons, mothers, friends, husbands, wives all had lost their lives.

My heart couldn’t absorb the grief of seeing that little baby being thrown amidst the mob and his brother lying somewhere else.

Many candy flosses were spread all around.

It was heard later, the vendor had come there to sell death, not candy floss.

Beware, stop such vendors of terror and curb their ways. It can be withheld only by mutual respect and being humane. Radicalism of any sort will lead to savagery.

Be human and respect being humane.


Soumya Vilekar, the person behind the image, in her own words:


Soumya Vilekar is a writer, poet, blogger and author. Her works include collection of inspirational, spiritual, motivational and romantic poems, some of which have been featured in different anthologies namely AATISH, LOVELETS, THE AWAKENING OF SHE, HEAVENLY HYMNS AND SYNTHESIS. Her work has also been featured in the literary magazine CLRI. She has penned over more than 800 poems along with four poetry books, the recent one being “Suroor of the Soul”.
She is a writer and vocal contributor on Worldpulse, the esteemed site which connects women globally across 90 nations for the noble cause of women empowerment.
 Soumya draws inspiration from nature where she cultivates her thoughts and forms the essence of the Divine in her milieu. Hailing from the field of powder metallurgy with a joint patent in the same, she currently resides at Sharjah, UAE.




Un-apologetically non-selfie in world of FB addicts

Duniya re duniya..very good..very good..Duniya walon…very bad…very bad. Facebook wale moving the hips to the ‘lungi dance’ and phone camera hanging on their fingers….. lives held loose on the death-defying cliff. Ha! Our Ibizza world of selfies. No prize for guessing who were caught red-handed in the sexy gateway.

A world of selfie is our new oxymoron for self-depreciating humor.Katha hai likes ka aur comments…Dil Vil Pyar Vyar Mein Kya Jaanu re! Narcissists are all over the place, to paint the town red. Remember Nana Patekar in Bluff Master..Image!!! Image ka falooda! Char Din Aaina nahin dekha. Poor Nana! There was no selfie or Facebook at that time. And to think! The whole world is on Facebook..our parents must be lurking around, creeping on the floor…char botal Vodka…Hum Bechara bacche ka kya hoga. They must be singing, Hum Bhi agar bache hota aur miltey Facebook aur selfie. Our great grand-parents..okay not great, I am going over-the-top, just grand-parents, a lil’ birdie told me, they are now spending remaining days on the planet swirling their tongues with this ice-cream called ‘Selfie’ and Facebook. After all, what’s the harm in experiencing some harmless orgasmic pleasure?!

Heard most of the new-age kids cannot live with and without it, sinking into low-key depression to make Tadap Tadap ke iss dil se ahain nikle toh loot gaye hum tere mohabbat mein. O! Facebook! What you doing to kids? Selfie’less addict, posting smiles and the hottest pics in hip N happening parties on social media, FB and Twitter. Where is the party tonight? Naach all night!!! They wanna be stalked all over the place. How can you miss the cute smile and Monu’s biceps..look at my six-pack abs!!! Aha! The sloshed faces-cum-drowsy looks. What a sexy sight!!

There is an anti-climax to the countless selfies gone viral on social media..the new gateway of socialization. See! I am tempted to call it, ‘Chutiyapa ‘n’. Uncle Sam is watching us. Not Obama dumbo!!! The parents and great parents…baap re baap! We cannot kiss and make love, speak ‘dirty’ on social media anymore. Time to be migrating birds coz the system ganging against us. How dare they? Today’s kids have no’ tameez’, the ‘badtameez dil, no ada..spoiling our rich culture..Sanskari Babu, ‘Alok Nath’ where are you? Time to post your selfies on Facebook..the kids need Ashirvad and gotta earn Puniya. Now, we can no longer say, sex..okie that’s crude..many avatars of Alok Baba is watching and moral brigade fuming. Love is all bout making up wherever you want and with whoever u wanna.

All pictures are downloaded from Google.

Yeh Duniya, Yeh Facebook wala selfies mere kaam ki nahin!!! Next time, I’ll switch cell phone, Facebook and throw away my prized gadgets no matter how Hi-fii and smart my I-pad is…to perch atop the mountains at Dharamshala with char botal Vodka. I gotta clean my soul and getting to the Ganges is not ma turf coz NaMo has already glamorized the sacred river. And! This cute designer struck gal is facing depression coz no one is passing by her to give some bhav and likes. Dream on! Almost an impossible task! You bet! What are the odds of making the moolah on horse-trading…take a trip to Mahalaxmi Race Course.

Okay! On a serious note, Selfie walla, status update on FB and Twitter is getting worse for kids.I’ve read somewhere that some kids have killed themselves, suffering from withdrawal symptoms, getting violent with parents and abandoning studies coz their parents have banned Facebook at home. It’s kinda worrisome and hence, the post. Guys and Gals! De-addiction needed. Just de-activate the account for a while and do some real outdoor shits with pals. At the cost of being accused of blowing my own trumpet, one fine day, I de-activated the account for two months. No! I wasn’t missing’s good for the soul. You know why! Been a FB addict, couldn’t breath free air.

Free ka gyaan I’m giving!!!

PS: With this whimsical post and trying to be funny..its flat humor on ma face, I announce 15 to 20 days break off the blog. See ya soon, mates!!! Till then, spread love, Maa ka Aashirvad and make it a selfie-less the real thingy, sweetJ




The Chaotic Voyage

The Chaotic Voyage

 That night, the train chugged away from Dadar Station filled with a horde of passengers, excited to welcome the New Year in Goa. It was past midnight. The Jan Shatabdi Express was jam- packed with passengers, gasping for breath and yearning for space as the train rattled its way in this cumbersome 11-hour journey.

The cry of babies holding tightly to their mothers’, newly married couples decked in bridal attire, gold ornaments and elder couples as well as young couples admiring the scenery as the train passed through Pune and Kohlapur. The railway attendant would pass with tray of steaming cups of tea, coffees and wada snacks as passengers to wake up passengers, serving them hot that would keep them alert during the night.

Nestled against the window seat,  Ankita’s head was buried down in Paulo Coelho’s ‘The Valkyries’ The young man, sitting next to her, was getting bored sipping countless cups of tea and agitated sitting in the train that would pick up passengers at every alternate station. “Fuck,” he shouted. “When those people will ever get that there is no breathing space with the crowd eating space. It’s like a bloody pavement.”

Ankita turned around and gave him a look filled with contempt, “Dude! You are disturbing me.” He avoided her gaze and looked at his white coated HTC phone, “It’s 3 a.m.” He dozed off.

He woke up in a jiffy and almost jumped off, sensing someone pushing him. It was Ankita who shoved him away as he was leaning on her. He feared that she was going to shout. “Listen! Mister! Be careful! You are not on your sofa and watch where you are sleeping. I am not your personal property.” He was red with shame and muttered, “I am s-o s-or-r-y. Actually..” She cut him short with a tersed, “Ok.”

Minutes later, he turned to Ankita. “What,” she almost yelled.

“My cellphone,” he pointed on her lap. They didn’t realize that he dropped his cellphone on her lap. “Here, take it!” she sounded irritated.

The voyage came to an end and in the commotion, Ankita disappeared among the crowd. He checked in a hotel at Calangute and fell asleep. He woke up in the evening. It was 8 p.m. He saw 10 missed calls and a message, ‘I need my phone.’ He was surprised, thinking that his moron friends must be playing some pranks. The same number flashed on his screen and he heard an agitated female voice, , “Hi! I need my phone now.”

Taken aback, he replied, “Excuse me…Are you kidding me?”

“Hi! I am Ankita, the girl inside the train on whom you slept so shamelessly. You’ve mistakenly taken my phone..acha I gave you my phone since we have the same brand and same color. I need it now,” She ordered.

He tried to flirt, “I cannot give it now? What if I don’t give you?”

Ankita mellowed, “Okie! I am sorry, Baba, for being rude earlier. What’s your name?

“Aa gayi line pe…Karan.”

She tolerated him with a fake smile, “Line pe toh hai hum dono. See! Karan! I am a journalist and the phone has all my contacts. It’s a matter of life-and-death. Can we meet up tonight at Palolem Beach to exchange the phones and nothing else.”

“Oh!!! At least, we can have a beer together. After all, I am traveling all the way from Calangute to Palolem to give you back your phone. It’s the New Year, yaar. Tomorrow,  but not today.”

“Okay! Fine,” she banged the phone. “What a pest!,” she was fuming.

Goa ushered in the New Year as hips swirled in the air and gyrating to local songs. A girl dressed in blue skirt was standing with her legs deep in the water when Karan bends towards her, locking lips as he pulls a ring in her finger. “My sweet pest,” she smiles.

“Why this naughty smile,” he softly caresses her hair.

“Because my cute pest, I am thinking how we met last year in Goa. Your shameless flirting on my phone and almost falling asleep on me during the train voyage. It’s destiny!”

“Aha! No! It’s our twin cell phones.”

“Who says love stories are made in heaven?” She reflects.

PS:  It’s a work of pure fiction

With Love


Tit bits from my life

Aha! Wondering how I came up with the title, ‘Tit-bits from my life.’ After all, I’m no celebrity that the whole world will show a crazy interest in my otherwise boring life or that I am penning my auto-biography. Anyways, it’s just a silly update bout’ life and all that matters.

-I am planning for a hiatus from blogging. Yeah! You’ve heard it right! Come November, will take two to three weeks break, completely free to freshen the mind. It’s been crazy blogging for one year +, blogging every day and, at times, thrice a week. It’s tough managing two blogs.

-I watched a movie after almost one year in the theater and totally love the Masala wale Paisa Vasool, Happy New Year and couldn’t stop myself mouthing the dialogues. Laugh riot. I know many would not agree with me but loove HNY. Last movie, I watched was Dhoom: 3 and hated it to no end.

-I’ve started reading SRK’s biologography, Shah Rukh Can by Mustaq Sheikh and I’m totally loving it. From being an SRK hater to join his A-list of fan following, the man is endearing and charming. Getting to know his sensitive side how he overcame hardships to reach where he is today, he deserves respect.

-I finally came back to Facebook after two months. Trust me, I feel like a new-bie and taking my time to settle, figuring out things. Keeping away from FB is something everyone should do and just de-activate the account. I do the exercise every year and trust me, it’s good for the soul.

-I am not liking this new Big Boss outing and feel the spark is missing with the clueless participants who are absolute No-No. Guess what! Mom watches everyday and I only watch during week ends to see Salman Khan giving it back to them.

-Couldn’t sleep last night coz I woke up at 11 pm after hitting the sack post work. The dinner, gulping tea and coffee, watching MTV India led me to toss on the bed for the whole night.

-Dying to go for the ‘impossible holiday’, re-visiting Goa and soul-searching in Dharamshala, visiting parts of UP and Delhi, plus my own Mumbai & Pune. This year, it shall not be possible and hopefully, next year will take the revenge.

-I am secretly wishing for a magic to crack the jackpot, relying on lady luck to make me travel and flinging happiness on my face. See! I loove being surprised where I stand, astounded, ‘This is it.’

Displaying IMAG0953.jpg

-It’s been a frustrating phase of life where I keep telling myself, ‘Tis too shall pass’ and hopefully looking at some real change in life. Khulja Sim Sim. Plus, I wanna write this best selling novel to make the moolah…dreaming crazily today. How I wish I was some kind of film celebrity, making the moolah by dancing on stage for 15 minutes, public appearances and product endorsements. Hindi cinema! Mein aa raha hoon. Kismet badi kutti cheez hai, kabhi bhi palaat jaati hain!!! Adab Adab.

-Got some stuffs today, Filmfare Special on Amitabh Bachchan, Paulo Coelho ‘Adultery’ and Khaled Hosseini ‘And the Mountains Echoed.’ Feeling happy! I’m back being the book worm that will get me through December:)

I’m done! I’m done! Enough of ranting that I call tit-bit but Picture Abhi Baaki Hai Mere Dost.

With Love


Diwali 2014: An earthen affair in images

Linking the Diwali pics to Wordless Wednesday #58 hosted by Ruchira on

Diwali came and went in the flick of time and like the lamps, I am sure it will lighten our lives throughout the year. The traditional lightning of lamps and gently placing them in different corners in the house is something I enjoy doing as the earthen lamps are spread on a big ‘thaali’, which is quite a task. One gotta be cautious with the fingers which you don’t wanna burn with the flame. Lightning the earthen lamps has always been my task and post that, distributing Mithai (sweets) to neighbors and family friends is such a joyful experience.

This time, we had a lovely homely Diwali, watching TV and distributing sweets, munching the ones that came home. We kept it simple and watching Big Boss to finally dozed off coz after a tiring day. Mom spent the whole day preparing the sweets and arranging them in the carry bag, designed with the ‘Diyas.’ I know realize how tough it is doing the cleaning and preparing the sweets, after seeing Mom doing the whole preparation for a week.  Hope you had an awesome Diwali. Here leaving you with our Diwali pics. Hope you’ll enjoy them as much as I did doing the click with the HTC phone.






This beautifully decorated Red lamp is one of my favorite which I got at Emporium Delhi, not far away from Shastri Bhawan during my last visit. I remember buying loads of decorative lamps for Mom and I have kept some of them for decorative purpose as well. You can spot another favorite of mind on pic number two, the same one which is not light coz Mom doesn’t want it to be spoiled with oil.


This is a picture I clicked across the road where I live and was struck by the decoration of bulb that lit the Diwali. It was a truly an affair to remember.

Joy lies in simplicity.


A warm cup of tea stroking the heart

Lips stroking the warm glass of tea and upping the chin to feel the joy,

to feel splatter of droplets of rain.

Heavenly bliss that makes the heart content and jumping in gay abandon.

Outside, vile men and women are fighting each other, hell bent to destroy happiness of fellow humans.

They know no happiness and simplicity is their foe.

After all, a modest cuppa tea stewed with love is beyond their comprehension.

Stone-hearted beings shall never derived the joy of sleeping peacefully at night.

Their evil actions shall haunt them to no end.

Simpletons sleep their way to bliss in their thatched huts and stone beds.

Not everyone can reap blessing of the Gods of rain,

it’s in our Karma.

Simple joy and happiness in life,

it’s an osmosis that we reap as we move beyond deceit for we know it shall never harm and destroy us.

A belief in small things for the kind-hearted and pure soul,

As I sip my glass of the tea in the furious rain.

With Love