Maharashtra Poll Results: Gamble, lessons and future

Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) gamble has finally paid off handsomely in Maharashtra after sweeping 122 seats out of 288 in the Marathi strong belt state. The BJP took a big risk by breaking its 25-year-old alliance with the Shiv Sena led by Udhav Thackeray. Still, it fell short of the majority needed to rule Maharashtra on its own. The biggest loser is Congress Party who was not only decimated after its rout in the Lok Sabha but lost Maharashtra, in particular Mumbai, which is considered to be India’s financial capital.

What does this win represent for the state? First and foremost, BJP has emerged as the strongest party on its own in Maharashtra and perhaps, the win should be credited to the Narendra Modi-Amit Shah duo. In all likelihood, BJP will rule the state with the help of an ally. The spoiler is the National Congress Party who made overture to BJP. It spoils the chance of Shiv Sena to re-work a political arrangement with the BJP to run the state. In short, BJP’s victory spoils the chance of Udhav Thackeray’s aspiration to become Maharashtra’s Chief Minister. In the event, BJP choose to negotiate with SS in the coming days, it will be hard nut to crack for the Sainiks. The biggest loser is the Udhav Thackeray’s party who fought the alliance on its own without the support of their patriarch and the party’s charismatic figure, Bala Saheb Thackeray. Certainly, the late senior’s Thackeray’s shoes is too big to fill for Udhav Thackeray.

However, the positive for the Shiv Sena is that they slightly improved their 2009 tally from 44 to 63. It’s not a bad score for the party who can now claim to be the rightful political inheritor of Bala Saheb but it also means a good start for Udhav Thackeray as the political heir and legitimate leader of the party. Considering that Maharashtra Navnirman Sena leader, Raj Thackeray failed to make an impact in the state. However, if the Shiv Sena wants aspire to become the single largest party in the long run, there is a need to re-invent and favor an all-inclusive politics, not necessarily pro-Maratha. It’s no secret that Shiv Sena’s traditional voters are Marathi strong belt in areas like Dadar and Mahim.

Today, politics and balance of power in the state is fast changing and the average Marathi-born Maharashtrians are an educated lot who aspires for better education, jobs and is a secular lot. Shiv Sena brand of jingoistic politics will not work since there is an attitudinal shift in the way its traditional base is thinking. They must go towards the youth, not just Maratha but its cosmopolitan crowd. They have a trump card in the form of Aditya Thackeray and only time will tell whether the young leader can give a new thinking to the party and revolutionize its structure.

Everything is possible in politics. Can Shiv Sena seek support of the Congress and NCP to turn the table? Highly improbable scenario! Or, will BJP rope in NCP to form the Government or go back to SS since they traveled a long way together? The chances are there since the 63 seats of the Shiv Sena makes them a force to reckon in Maharashtra. I feel BJP and SS may find a truce.

At the end of the day, what matters is the largest interest of the state where BJP who has emerged at the single biggest party in this five-cornered fight has now a free hand  to build infrastructure, provide jobs for the youth and ensure that commoners do not suffer whether it”s the monsoon season or terror attacks in the city. Maharashtra should win and not petty politics. Congress learned it the hard way with nepotism, corruption and a lackadaisical attitude where the woes of the people were blatantly ignored. Crumbling of infrastructure, pot holes during rains, Adarsh Scam you name it, you get it! Maharashtra is one state that has potential to steer high growth and is already a leader on the developmental front. The people must win.


Mumbai Musing: Star Struck at Marine Drive

Sobo (South Mumbai) is famous not just for the sea wave and wind breeze, stroking your hair, as you are surrounded by the Arabian Sea and plush five star hotels. A resident of Marine Drive for two years, I made life time memories, taking long walks, to and fro, Chedda Sadan and Nariman Point, sitting on the parapet among hordes of South Mumbaikars. A place that I fell absolutely in love with. As I hark back, I couldn’t believe how lucky I’ve been to get a room in the super expensive part of SoBo for grabs, doesn’t matter if it’s a hostel room on C-Road.

Copyright. Image to be reproduced with permission or acknowledgement.

Copyright. Image to be reproduced with permission or acknowledgement.

The hostel’s window gives a view to Marine Drive as one would feel the breeze wading through the room. One could see people thronging on Marine Drive, doing the morning and afternoon jog and couples cooing. It’s pure bliss, sitting at Mumbai’s most loved spot. Marine Drive is home to a peek into celebrities making a blink-and-miss appearance to the great delight of Mumbaikars. The sleepless nights spent in the room made me wait for the hostel door to open at 6 a.m as I would rush out for long walks. Rushing to the stalls for a cutting chai, smoke and buying the morning newspapers, spread on the pavement as stacks of them are thrown from the truck. Walking to Nariman Point for my favorite Sheera, I hop straight at Marine Drive, sitting on parapet. As the morning wind blows mercilessly, I  tried to save my newspaper from falling apart and torn. See! I love reading my newspaper in order and not laying scattered from one end to another.

Bang on! After trying to save the newspaper from the wind and breeze, I fold them since I am tired fighting the wind. I sit still and saw Black Cat commando in a jeep, armed with guns. Baap re Baap! Itni Subha! I’m wondering whether Mumbai are chasing some thieves or terrorists. Saw a short athletic guy, in short and black Banyan, sweating profusely as if he is taking part in the olympic, taking big leaps as he sprints his way to victory. I must have seen the guy, somewhere, may be on TV or newspaper. Silly me! Kem-cho, I wanted to yell! The man has already disappeared, trailed by his Black Cats. It’s our own Gujju Bhai, Anil Ambani. Saw Anil-Bhaiyya a couple of times sprinting his way to heaven. They tell me, Anil-Ji favorite track to jog is Marine Drive.

Double-decker BEST Buses and Mumbai is an ongoing romance. What a feeling joy to spot the red bus as you sit on Marine Drive, as passengers glance at the Arabian Sea. It was past five in the evening as I get set for the evening walk following a gruesome lecture at Kalina Campus in Santacruz, struggling my way in the jam-packed local and finally nestled-cum-sleeping in the room. The cutting chai ritual and smoke at the tapdi, Marine Drive is the ultimate destination.

Now, the crowd cheering and waving to the BEST Bus..double-decker wala. Has Mumbai gone mad?! I turn around and saw an open double decker bus, corrugated roof removed and may be flying somewhere like a sauce pan. The crowd must be cheering UFOs! Not really! Saw Bobby Deol and Priyanka Chopra dancing their way to heavenly bliss. See! I was a huge fan of Piggy Chop at that time..she waved back to the crowd, smiling coyly and hiding her face, as the phone wale camera tried to capture her photogenic face. Bobby looks dashing in a shirt tucked in his blue denim. I grew envious, secretly wishing I was him as the crowd would delight at the handsome me and clicking. I was bowled by PC and absolutely love the way she carried herself. No arrogance and comfy with the crowd. I cursed my luck coz the Nokia camera phone was stolen.

I message Aparna, ‘Guess, whom I say? Pat came her reply, “Mumbai people sitting at Marine Drive are so lucky..’ Indeed, we are lucky to stay at Marine Drive and spotting stars. I become crazy when I see stars in public view. I am already dreaming that I am a film star and fans rushing to click me and asking for autograph. Truly, Mumbai Musing.


Magnetic beauty possessing my soul

Stroking her hair gently,

the breeze ruffles the hair.

As she turns around, her face sparks of divinity.

Beauty can be an illusion,

yet I feel drawn towards her like magnet

Her angelic smile symbolizes the perfection of beauty made in heaven.

I am longing to walk up to her,

a power is fettering my steps.

I stand paralyzed, unable to make a move to tell her, ‘Her beauty captivated my mind and soul.’

The time I recover my senses,

she is long gone like dust out of thin air.




Blog Action Day 2014: Equality in a society infested with #Inequality

I am taking part in #blogactionday, October 16, 2014. The post is  based on the theme ‘Inequality:  #BAD2014, #Inequality and #BlogAction hosted by

I choose to write on ‘Equality in a society infested with #Inequality‘ which is destroying the legitimate dreams and rights of human beings in society as well as the fact that children are deprived of education, women are discriminated at every end. The aim of the post is to shed light on the fallacy of capitalism as a system that crumbled and led to the global financial crisis. Still, some believe in the system which is the root cause of corruption, exploitation and inequality.


Since times immemorial, inequality has perpetuated the social strata, be it caste, class, religion or gender.  There is unfair justification on the need for an unequal society to pave the way for equality in terms of resources-natural and human, goods and discrimination. It’s the biggest misnomer and human tragedy when the capitalist and so-called liberal society feed such crass mentality.

When we see a capitalist system that crashed and contributed to million of unemployed across the globe is being justified on rhetoric ground, it is the biggest inequality on earth. The famous United States bred and classic argument, ‘Banks who are too big to fail’ is implemented and taken as the holy truth to justify fat cheques for the fat cats at the expense of the middle class and working class people who are pulling all strings to make both ends meet. Speak about moron capitalism and unequal resources!  For me, this is inequality when the wealth gap gets wider and wider as the capitalist system is indoctrinated in the minds of people as the truth.

When mill workers are robbed of their existence to make way for sky-rocketed building and malls as they stand deprived of their livelihood, this is the biggest human tragedy on earth. The capitalists call it development in their own jargon while they forget the miseries faced by the commoners. It is an irony when slum dwellers live in inhumane conditions and are exploited at every end, while capitalists make crores by twisting the law. Likewise, in Mumbai, the residents of Cola Camp who sweat blood to buy an apartment which is declared as illegal and ordered to be destroyed while the developers violating the Floor Space Index get away. If the houses of residents who take loans to acquire property are driven out and declared as illegal, so are the thousands of so-called skycrapers across the globe.

When an underbelly and child in our society living on the streets of Mumbai, Rahul Dravid, accompanied by a college girl who was giving him a treat in an upmarket restaurant in the posh South Mumbai’s Churchgate is driven out because the former was not wearing slippers, it is the biggest discrimination on earth. Their flimsy justification: It will embarass their super rich patrons. One is appalled to see such kind of discrimination when both the girl and the boy are refused entry on the ground that the latter would offend customers and lower standards of the post restaurant. It’s not only blatant hypocrisy but also the biggest social injustice and inequality.

Inequality to me is when any society refuse to recognize the rights of transgenders and homosexuals as human beings, owing to archaic laws that declare love as a crime. When Section 377 of the Indian Penal Code is being upheld, declaring same-sex love to be illegal, it entails that human beings have no right to live in society. Moreover, when a commercial sex worker is treated as inferior and deprived of basic human rights, this is inequality perpetuated in society.

Education is the right of any human being, rich or poor. When a child in some distant village belonging to the ‘undercaste’ is discriminated and deprived of education, this is not only prejudice but inequality. Similarly, when the girl child is scorned upon or women harassed by a society that prides itself in the name of patriarchy or tradition, this is blatant tale of inequality in society.

When Nobel Prize winner, Kailash Satyarthi, rescues souls subjected to child labour as a one-man army, one feel that the cause to fight an unequal society is not lost, after all. There are still some good human beings like Satyarthi working, faraway from the media glare, to fight inequality and pitch for an equal society. Inequality has always existed and will always exist but, as human beings, we have no right to condone the ugly by-product and evils of the capitalism. Let’s join hands to fight the evil for a more equal society in our own way.


‘From 15 to 50′

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Word Prompt: Happiness

Phrase Prompt: ‘On The Beach’

‘From 15 to 50′

Ketaki walked on the beach when a shining object struck her attention. Propelled by an unknown power, she was drawn towards the object. The sun reflected on the one rupee coin that stood on a castle made of sand. She flung the coin in the water and gyrated to happiness.





‘Maha’ Bharata in the times of Maharashtra

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Kaun Banega Crorepati question. Do you know who is the new ‘Mehenga Dulhan’ in town? Maharashtra! Jai Maharashtra. After all, Balasaheb must be laughing from Parlok, how they trying to rob him of his Baby. Remember he coined, Jai Maharashtra. He must be telling, look at the thieves, clamoring for Jai Maharashtra sing-song a la Doctor Deng. Congress, NCP, BJP and MNS.

Itna Mehenga Dulhan ban Gaya Maharashtra. After all, waqt waqt ki baat hai! Gujarat has suddenly become the sasta Dulha. Pradhan Mantri claimed that he wants Maharashtra to become mehenga than his once Queen of Hearts, Gujarat. Poor fellow, he must be nursing his break up..sob sob..Break Ke Baad with the Sainiks. Aur Apna Gadkari Babu is playing Chori Chori Chup Ke Chupke after his Dabbang fracas. Bechara, Gadkari! He has gone on silent mode now.

Image downloaded on Google India.

After all, it’s the battle for Maharashtra. The new prince, Aditya Thackeray wants Mumbai to gain back its days of glory. Sensible fellow, I tell you. After all, Mumbai is not a 9 to 5 city coz the residents love their city unplugged 24 hours a day. Inspector Dhoble is passé now. Dearies, political tokenism never works in Mumbai. Shivaji Maharaj politics is such an old refrain that makes us run away as if Yo! Yo! Honey Singh or Himesh Babu is singing, full blast almost damaging our ear lobes.

Break Up Ke Baad kya hoga, Maharashtra mein? Issues remain the same, potholes after every monsoon, farmers’ suicides, crime riding high quite surprisingly in cities like Mumbai and Pune. Does the average Mumbaikar have a choice in maximum city? Our life lines running late despite being considered one of the most efficient in the world.

A battle for Satta! No, Shiv Sena must get a reality check since this assembly election is not some classic song a la 90s and 2000s. Their trump card, Bal Thackeray is no more and, perhaps, it’s reason for the Sainiks to re-think of their political strategy, ‘Bhaiyyas Bhagao’ Maharashtra mein. The bait doesn’t bite the average and educated middle class, Maharashtrians or for that matter any one of them-remember anyone living in Maharashtra is called a Maharashtrian or Mumbaikar.

MNS Raj Thackeray has a certain charisma that reminds Sainik followers of his uncle. He has taken the ‘Mee Maratha’ and ‘Maratha Manoos’ campaigh a notch higher to steal the thunder right under the nose of cousin Udhdhav. The question is, can Uddhav Thackeray assert himself as Shiv Sena leader and impose in Maharashtra this time? That’s the million dollar question on the lips of everyone having a tryst with Maharashtra. Wait! Will they rope Uday-Baba as their trump card, showing his biceps to win the election in the name of Entertainment. Ask Vidya, Entertainment, Entertainment and Entertainment!

We, the People! The people of Maharashtra deserve better in terms of infrastructure, development, water, electricity woes to be put to an end as well as housing problems. Will Maharashtra win the battle on Wednesday? Let’s pray, wish and wait for the messiah! Or should we pull the horns to make our city and state the most prosperous in India?

It’s time to clean the city not just from filth but clean the system, both political and bureaucratic or otherwise.Swach Bharat! The people must restore the dignity of Maharashtra and kill corruption, political circus and infrastructure failure. Time to move beyond Namo’s wit to outshine the Thackeray!

Chala Bhau Chala Laukar Laukar!!!!

Big B @ 72: My Amitabh Bachchan moments

What does one churn on the most memorable megastar and superstar of the decade? The one who gave millions  fans across the globe, priceless memories & dream to live for! Seeing him standing tall and towering in every single frame is an experience that movie lovers not only revel but long for! That’s Amitabh Bachchan for you and me. The mention of his name send fans in frenzy and tizzy of sorts. The heart gyrates to a million beats..Dil Dhadak raha hai, aaj bhi, usske naam sunko! The Shahenshah and Sarkar of the Hindi film industry, the man who makes million of Indians nurture dream of cracking the Gold pot in every episode of Kaun Banega Crorepati.

My Amitabh Bachchan moments! The bond that we share with the man, something non Bachchan-alia could never understand. An inspiration! Reciting his father’s rendering of Madhushaala to my generation, oblivious of the works of the great stalwart, Dr Harishvansrai Bachchan, is the real icing on the cake. Bachchan-saab enthuses passion and makes the poetic rendering of Madhushaala an ongoing romance that captures the imagination like breezy words whispered in the ears, offering warmth and solace to the heart.

As a  90s kid,  I grew up quite late on Bachchan’s movies which I watched on TV and, occasionally, Dad would treat me to the movies showcased at the humble theater, minutes away from our house. In the late 80s, I was introduced to  Aakhri Raasta-love it coz his double role fascinated me; Shahenshah-the epic lines, ‘Rishtey Mein Hum Tumhare baap Lagta Hai and his costumes simply delighted me. Simply love this super hero movie; Agneepath-Vijay Dinanath Chauhan became my favorite movie for a long time till Black came.  Remember Dad took me to watch Main Azaad Hoon-the kid in me couldn’t make sense of this ‘boring’ movie whose brilliance I could only understand as an adult and student of cinema. How I wish I was born in this era to witness the frenzy created by stellar performances in Don, Deewar, AAA, Kala Pathar, Sholay and Zanjeer during the 7os!

I was stepping into teenage years in the 90s at a time when Bachchan was taking a break from his acting career. The fan in me borrowed money from Dad’s pockets to buy the audio cassettes containing dialogues of Hum- Jhumma Chumma De De and Tiger-was a dream to live for. Saving the hard earned but paltry pocket money to buy posters and magazines like Filmfare, Movie, Stardust and Cineblitz, featuring Big B on the cover. The scissor would find its way, cutting pictures and articles of Big B with his leading ladies that would find its way in the flip files that I have neatly conserved till date. Or! The post cards of Amitabh Bachchan! I have a huge collection of them.

The Bachchan of 90s was a luxury, the time I almost stopped watching Hindi movies on the silver screen. There was no AB in movies and if one was lucky, the superstar’s interviews would appear once in a blue moon. It was a luxury for die-hard Bachchan fans. There were new heroes, the chocolate boy Amir Khan, the anti-hero Shah Rukh Khan or lover boy Salman Khan, Ajay Devgn or for that matter, the new emerging superstar, Sanjay Dutt, who won hearts in Saajan and Sadak. It was the most amazing decade of 90s where memories movies were made with the new heroes, the Three Khans whose songs and simple, romantic movies altered the business of cinema. No doubt, I enjoyed these movies where one would swear by falling in love with cute girls. But, none of them came close to the charisma, magnetism and persona of Amitabh Bachchan. He was my hero, my God.

As a 90s kid, the filmy magazines I bought with my hard earned pocket money was confiscated by Mom because I was not studying and I was on the verge of crying several times. I would lift some extra coins from Dad’s pocket to buy airmails, sending countless letters to my hero, declaring my undying admiration for him throughout the year. The address was diligently written to the sender’s at Pratiksha Bungalow in Juhu. But, somehow, I never got a reply. I waited with bated breath and decades later, I got a signed autograph. Divine justice, like in the movies. Today, I got a signed digital autograph from Amitabh Bachchan on Twitter. I shall mark 11 October 2014 for it compensates the years of longing for my superstar’s reply. It made the day special.

The Digital autograph Big B sent on my Twitter handle today.

The Digital autograph Big B sent on my Twitter handle today.

This is my story of Amitabh Bachchan, the hero of the masses who became One with his audience who could relate to his pain, heart break, laugh with him and we feel like beating the villains ourselves. Over the years, Bachchan was no longer the hero, romancing his leading ladies and donned a new avatar, the suave KBC host and the rich, mature gentleman with shades of grey. There is no doubt that it was and is one of his most successful second inning, experimenting with different roles in the changing tide of cinema, whether Black, The Last Lear, Nishabd, Eklavya, Cheeni Kum and endorsing dozens of products or standing tall like Friend Philosopher and Guide on KBC. The fan in me still identify with the Vijay of 70s and 80s, the cleanly shaven guy who would do everything to woo his audience. Call him, one-man industry! I don’t care. So be it! This is my Amitabh Bachchan, my hero and inspiration.

A very Happy wala budday to the man, the friend and philosopher. Bachchan made me love movies and taught me what hero worship is all about. 72 is the new 27 for Bachchan. The man has not said his last words and hanging his boots is not for tomorrow. Amitabh Bachchan has not given his best and it’s yet to come. I strongly believe that there is a stellar performance lurking around that shall be way bigger than Zanjeer, Don, Deewar, Agneepath, Black or Paa! A performance that shall make the milestones he created for more than 40 years pale in comparison. May be with a brand new director. Bachchan fans are waiting for this new milestone. Sir! We are waiting for the next one.

I am having a Special Amitabh Bachchan weekend, blogging bout AB, watched Don and will watch Agneepath during the night and, of course, listening to AB songs, proudly wearing my KBC T-shirt. Party toh banta hai boss!

With Love

Die hard Bachchan fan


Memories lingering on mind & soul

Surrendering to the forces of nature,

the mind wanders during the night when the owl couldn’t be heard or seen.

The dogs stopped barking, the birds chirping at a looming distance as they are nestled to sleep.

Go with the flow, they tell!

The mind refuses to sit still at the turn of the clock as thoughts unfurl itself,

scripting new, imagined vision to the universe.

The mind shall not bow to the fury of mankind nor rest like the silent waters of the Arabian sea.

Memories of a lifetime flashes on a breezy Friday,

the moments spent at Marine Drive, loitering the streets of South Mumbai and friendships made!

Wondering why life has to evolve at such fast pace,

throwing me from one end to another.

The past is beautiful, the present is gnawing and the future shall be a mystery.

Good Night


Wordless Wednesday #55

Linking today’s Wordless Wednesday #55 to Ruchira’s prompt on

Borrowing a cue from Ruchira, I take the theme ‘Unity and Diversity’ where we become one with the aesthetic beauty of nature and man-made luxury that gives us refreshing joy in life. Hope you like the prompt!



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With Love




Diary of my life

Hiya folks, hope you enjoying life’s roller coaster ride-the super awesome, thoda Khatta thoda Meetha and the ugly unfurled on us. Like Sachin said, if life throws brickbats on me, I make milestones out of it. Touche!

-Anxiety gnaws on me. I am in a phase where I am becoming crabby and snapping every now and then. Blame it on the frustration in life and impatience growing thin on me. I am becoming extraordinary impatient about life, hopes, dreams. Things doesn’t seem to move the way I want to. I know ups and downs has been always been part of my life and I’ve always been the dark horse. But, things doesn’t seem to work or for that matter, taking its own sweet time. I mean, I know, things will move for the better. But, I hate this snail pace that surrounds my life. How I hate it when stuffs doesn’t work my way!

-There is  a sense of dissatisfaction on the professional front and things can be de-motivating or frustrating. And, the stress, at times, doesn’t seem to help my cause at all. How I wish I could work from home and earn bucket loads of money as a freelancer! I hope, five years from now, I don’t need to work for someone. It can be shitty! Right now, my mind is hovering on the dream content website that I would love to start five years from now and make hay under the sun. That way, I could sit at home and write books. Yeah! I wanna write books as a profession or may be, make short or ad films.

-It’s been more than a month I am off from Facebook and haven’t decided when to come back. I badly needed an FB break and enjoying the de-tox, cut off from what the FB-ers are doing. Totally clueless! I am enjoying every moment of staying in hibernation, free from the ranting, venting, sharing and status updates. Trust me, it’s liberating. The experience of decluttering the mind is the real icing on the cake.

-It’s been ages that I haven’t scripted anything in the diary. I wonder when I gonna reach the end of the diary that I bought  years back. It’s lazy, I know and my palm  is itching. Time to go back and bare my soul.

-Weekend is reserved to be converted into a potato couch. You name it, you get it! Big Boss, yeah, right! I sit through the weekend ka var with Salman Khan. It’s another thing that I don’t find season 8 appealing but wait for the vaar. Comedy Nights with Kapil and this week’s outing of Satyamev Jayate makes me a dull boy, high on the spirit of TV. Btw, absolutely love this week’s episode of Satyamev Jayate where Amir Khan spoke on sports on how a criminal’s life changed through sports, small town Haryanvi girls become pride of a nation or how a small-town middle class boy became a world golf champion . Sports can truly change one’s life.

-It’s been long I haven’t watched a Hindi movie on silver screen since Dhoom:3 in December. I wanna watch Haider next Saturday and hop on for Happy New year this Diwali. During the weekend, I managed to watch Gulabi Gang with legends Madhuri Dixit-Juhi Chawla. Whatta pleasure to watch the two most sought heroines of the 90s acting together. Double impact!

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Having the ball of time at the Golf club

-Every cloud has its silver lining: Finally, the crazy week ended in a deservedly well fashion. I was treated for a free Golf training and absolutely love it. Bang Bang! It’s another story that I missed the cue totally but a lesson totally worth it. Amazing golf course, body posture to hit the cudgel and swinging the bat.

-I missed the birthday of a good friend. I was feeling so bad actually when she pinged, reminding me, how I missed her special day. Blame it on the totally crazy stuffs unfurling in my life where life start and ends with work, sleep, work.