The Chaotic Voyage

The Chaotic Voyage

 That night, the train chugged away from Dadar Station filled with a horde of passengers, excited to welcome the New Year in Goa. It was past midnight. The Jan Shatabdi Express was jam- packed with passengers, gasping for breath and yearning for space as the train rattled its way in this cumbersome 11-hour journey.

The cry of babies holding tightly to their mothers’, newly married couples decked in bridal attire, gold ornaments and elder couples as well as young couples admiring the scenery as the train passed through Pune and Kohlapur. The railway attendant would pass with tray of steaming cups of tea, coffees and wada snacks as passengers to wake up passengers, serving them hot that would keep them alert during the night.

Nestled against the window seat,  Ankita’s head was buried down in Paulo Coelho’s ‘The Valkyries’ The young man, sitting next to her, was getting bored sipping countless cups of tea and agitated sitting in the train that would pick up passengers at every alternate station. “Fuck,” he shouted. “When those people will ever get that there is no breathing space with the crowd eating space. It’s like a bloody pavement.”

Ankita turned around and gave him a look filled with contempt, “Dude! You are disturbing me.” He avoided her gaze and looked at his white coated HTC phone, “It’s 3 a.m.” He dozed off.

He woke up in a jiffy and almost jumped off, sensing someone pushing him. It was Ankita who shoved him away as he was leaning on her. He feared that she was going to shout. “Listen! Mister! Be careful! You are not on your sofa and watch where you are sleeping. I am not your personal property.” He was red with shame and muttered, “I am s-o s-or-r-y. Actually..” She cut him short with a tersed, “Ok.”

Minutes later, he turned to Ankita. “What,” she almost yelled.

“My cellphone,” he pointed on her lap. They didn’t realize that he dropped his cellphone on her lap. “Here, take it!” she sounded irritated.

The voyage came to an end and in the commotion, Ankita disappeared among the crowd. He checked in a hotel at Calangute and fell asleep. He woke up in the evening. It was 8 p.m. He saw 10 missed calls and a message, ‘I need my phone.’ He was surprised, thinking that his moron friends must be playing some pranks. The same number flashed on his screen and he heard an agitated female voice, , “Hi! I need my phone now.”

Taken aback, he replied, “Excuse me…Are you kidding me?”

“Hi! I am Ankita, the girl inside the train on whom you slept so shamelessly. You’ve mistakenly taken my phone..acha I gave you my phone since we have the same brand and same color. I need it now,” She ordered.

He tried to flirt, “I cannot give it now? What if I don’t give you?”

Ankita mellowed, “Okie! I am sorry, Baba, for being rude earlier. What’s your name?

“Aa gayi line pe…Karan.”

She tolerated him with a fake smile, “Line pe toh hai hum dono. See! Karan! I am a journalist and the phone has all my contacts. It’s a matter of life-and-death. Can we meet up tonight at Palolem Beach to exchange the phones and nothing else.”

“Oh!!! At least, we can have a beer together. After all, I am traveling all the way from Calangute to Palolem to give you back your phone. It’s the New Year, yaar. Tomorrow,  but not today.”

“Okay! Fine,” she banged the phone. “What a pest!,” she was fuming.

Goa ushered in the New Year as hips swirled in the air and gyrating to local songs. A girl dressed in blue skirt was standing with her legs deep in the water when Karan bends towards her, locking lips as he pulls a ring in her finger. “My sweet pest,” she smiles.

“Why this naughty smile,” he softly caresses her hair.

“Because my cute pest, I am thinking how we met last year in Goa. Your shameless flirting on my phone and almost falling asleep on me during the train voyage. It’s destiny!”

“Aha! No! It’s our twin cell phones.”

“Who says love stories are made in heaven?” She reflects.

PS:  It’s a work of pure fiction

With Love


Tit bits from my life

Aha! Wondering how I came up with the title, ‘Tit-bits from my life.’ After all, I’m no celebrity that the whole world will show a crazy interest in my otherwise boring life or that I am penning my auto-biography. Anyways, it’s just a silly update bout’ life and all that matters.

-I am planning for a hiatus from blogging. Yeah! You’ve heard it right! Come November, will take two to three weeks break, completely free to freshen the mind. It’s been crazy blogging for one year +, blogging every day and, at times, thrice a week. It’s tough managing two blogs.

-I watched a movie after almost one year in the theater and totally love the Masala wale Paisa Vasool, Happy New Year and couldn’t stop myself mouthing the dialogues. Laugh riot. I know many would not agree with me but loove HNY. Last movie, I watched was Dhoom: 3 and hated it to no end.

-I’ve started reading SRK’s biologography, Shah Rukh Can by Mustaq Sheikh and I’m totally loving it. From being an SRK hater to join his A-list of fan following, the man is endearing and charming. Getting to know his sensitive side how he overcame hardships to reach where he is today, he deserves respect.

-I finally came back to Facebook after two months. Trust me, I feel like a new-bie and taking my time to settle, figuring out things. Keeping away from FB is something everyone should do and just de-activate the account. I do the exercise every year and trust me, it’s good for the soul.

-I am not liking this new Big Boss outing and feel the spark is missing with the clueless participants who are absolute No-No. Guess what! Mom watches everyday and I only watch during week ends to see Salman Khan giving it back to them.

-Couldn’t sleep last night coz I woke up at 11 pm after hitting the sack post work. The dinner, gulping tea and coffee, watching MTV India led me to toss on the bed for the whole night.

-Dying to go for the ‘impossible holiday’, re-visiting Goa and soul-searching in Dharamshala, visiting parts of UP and Delhi, plus my own Mumbai & Pune. This year, it shall not be possible and hopefully, next year will take the revenge.

-I am secretly wishing for a magic to crack the jackpot, relying on lady luck to make me travel and flinging happiness on my face. See! I loove being surprised where I stand, astounded, ‘This is it.’

Displaying IMAG0953.jpg

-It’s been a frustrating phase of life where I keep telling myself, ‘Tis too shall pass’ and hopefully looking at some real change in life. Khulja Sim Sim. Plus, I wanna write this best selling novel to make the moolah…dreaming crazily today. How I wish I was some kind of film celebrity, making the moolah by dancing on stage for 15 minutes, public appearances and product endorsements. Hindi cinema! Mein aa raha hoon. Kismet badi kutti cheez hai, kabhi bhi palaat jaati hain!!! Adab Adab.

-Got some stuffs today, Filmfare Special on Amitabh Bachchan, Paulo Coelho ‘Adultery’ and Khaled Hosseini ‘And the Mountains Echoed.’ Feeling happy! I’m back being the book worm that will get me through December:)

I’m done! I’m done! Enough of ranting that I call tit-bit but Picture Abhi Baaki Hai Mere Dost.

With Love


Diwali 2014: An earthen affair in images

Linking the Diwali pics to Wordless Wednesday #58 hosted by Ruchira on

Diwali came and went in the flick of time and like the lamps, I am sure it will lighten our lives throughout the year. The traditional lightning of lamps and gently placing them in different corners in the house is something I enjoy doing as the earthen lamps are spread on a big ‘thaali’, which is quite a task. One gotta be cautious with the fingers which you don’t wanna burn with the flame. Lightning the earthen lamps has always been my task and post that, distributing Mithai (sweets) to neighbors and family friends is such a joyful experience.

This time, we had a lovely homely Diwali, watching TV and distributing sweets, munching the ones that came home. We kept it simple and watching Big Boss to finally dozed off coz after a tiring day. Mom spent the whole day preparing the sweets and arranging them in the carry bag, designed with the ‘Diyas.’ I know realize how tough it is doing the cleaning and preparing the sweets, after seeing Mom doing the whole preparation for a week.  Hope you had an awesome Diwali. Here leaving you with our Diwali pics. Hope you’ll enjoy them as much as I did doing the click with the HTC phone.






This beautifully decorated Red lamp is one of my favorite which I got at Emporium Delhi, not far away from Shastri Bhawan during my last visit. I remember buying loads of decorative lamps for Mom and I have kept some of them for decorative purpose as well. You can spot another favorite of mind on pic number two, the same one which is not light coz Mom doesn’t want it to be spoiled with oil.


This is a picture I clicked across the road where I live and was struck by the decoration of bulb that lit the Diwali. It was a truly an affair to remember.

Joy lies in simplicity.


A warm cup of tea stroking the heart

Lips stroking the warm glass of tea and upping the chin to feel the joy,

to feel splatter of droplets of rain.

Heavenly bliss that makes the heart content and jumping in gay abandon.

Outside, vile men and women are fighting each other, hell bent to destroy happiness of fellow humans.

They know no happiness and simplicity is their foe.

After all, a modest cuppa tea stewed with love is beyond their comprehension.

Stone-hearted beings shall never derived the joy of sleeping peacefully at night.

Their evil actions shall haunt them to no end.

Simpletons sleep their way to bliss in their thatched huts and stone beds.

Not everyone can reap blessing of the Gods of rain,

it’s in our Karma.

Simple joy and happiness in life,

it’s an osmosis that we reap as we move beyond deceit for we know it shall never harm and destroy us.

A belief in small things for the kind-hearted and pure soul,

As I sip my glass of the tea in the furious rain.

With Love


Film Review: Happy New Year, perfect Diwali cracker and high voltage package

Review: Happy New Year

Cast: Deepika Padukone, Shah Rukh Khan, Abhishek Bachchan, Boman Irani, Vivaan Shah, Jackie Shroff and Anupam Kher, Malika Arora Khan, Vishal Dadlani & Anurag Kashyap in guest appearances.

Music: Vishal-Shekhar

Director: Farah Khan

Producer: Gauri Khan/Red Chillies Entertainment

Wanna go on a bumpy and roller-coaster ride? If, yes! Read this review at your own risk..oops! my bad! Risque! It’s for the haters of ‘meaningful’ brainless flicks and kick ass comedy that tickles the heart to happiness. A word of caution to intellectual critics, swearing by meaningful cinema, it’s a sugar-coated appreciation of Happy New Year and don’t blame me for giving you a heart attack ‘kyon ki saala Kismet bada kutti cheez!’….’Haaro to Haaro, Ijaat Mat Uttara’…’Nandu manjhe Dimaag mein Khide’…

Happy New Year belongs to the masses. Stunning visuals of Dubai captured to perfection, mass appeal, Jhakaas dance moves, super entertaining songs and lovable performances. It’s no secret that Farah Khan belongs to the Manmohan Desai’s school of cinema whose one-liner should remain buried in our head, ‘If you want to enjoy my films, leave your brains at home.’ I know, the intellectuals must be fuming coz HNY has done to them what ‘Mere Brains Ko Aanda Kisne Maara.’ Happy New is a typical ‘Masale dhar’ movie, a bit stretched perhaps as it hits almost three hours, that will woo and make you laugh your lungs out. What works for Farah’s is the dialogue baazi, after all what’s a Hindi movie without mazedar dialogues?

Happy New is the story of six losers in Dubai, Charlie (SRK), Mohini (Deepika), Nandu (Abhishek), Tammy (Boman), Jag (Sonu) and Vivaan (Rohan). A team of six underdogs who are hell bent in seeking a revenge by making the biggest diamond heist. In turn, they captivate the hearts of million across the globe and not just Rs 100 crores worth star-studded diamonds.

Shah Rukh Khan as Charlie, the Boston University topper, is endearing and proves why he is one of the biggest superstar in the country. Perhaps, HNY is the film where he packed an action storm that would make the rest of his movies fade in comparison in terms of Maar Dhaar. He exudes charisma whether in funny situations, action, romance and emotions. The rehearsing of his old filmy bazzi dialogues that won him hearts and wooed his audience remains the movie’s forte. Captivating.

The surprise package of HNY is Abhishek Bachchan. In case you haven’t watched this roller-coaster ride, grab your tickets and you’ll know why. Abhishek as Nandu Bhide excels in comedy and HNY will certainly be one of his most loved character after a spate of bad movies. He is hilarious when he does a repeat of Amitabh Bachchan, ‘I can talk in English and Walk in English.’ Junior Bachchan scores big time in this one with his hatke, tapori style, ‘Nandu Bhide Dimaag Mein Khide’ which the fans will love to no end. In one word: Brilliant. People will identify with the character Nandu that re-defines Abhishek as an actor.

Deepika Padukone as Mohini is live poetry in motion. Her entry is fantastic in the ‘Lovely’ song and the kind of energy she displays, hitting the octane level like a volcano is breath-taking. She has improved a lot as an actor and in every movie, she raises the bar a notch higher which leaves her contemporaries far behind. Certainly, Deepika proves in HNY that she is the most accomplished and versatile actor who gives her fans something new in every film. Whether it’s the romantic scenes with King Khan and comedy or emotional scenes, she shines throughout. She adds credence to her character whether getting ensnared by English the Phunny language or doing a spoof of Kabir Khan in Chak De India. Deepika as Mohini is endearing.

It’s an education watching Boman Irani as Tammy and one wonders how he pulls his characters so effortlessly. An endearing performance by one of the most talented actors in the Hindi film industry. Sonu Sood as Jag performs competently while Naseer’s son Vivaan Shah plays his part well as the loser Geek. A potential to watch out for. Jackie Shroff is competent and suave as the villain.

Farah Khan as a director is fully attuned to the taste of the masses and is a maven on making films injecting the right dose of , ‘Masala.’ However, two back-to-back songs towards the interval seems repetitive and tad boring. Plus, the films drags a bit with its nearing three hours which could have been chopped to make the screenplay more crisp.

On the whole, credit goes to Farah Khan for packing the right punch of action, comedy and emotions to make Happy New Year, the real winner in terms of entertainment.  The right dose of striking a hilarious route coupled with a subdued text of patriotism in the climax makes Happy New Year a flick that carries repeat value coupled with gripping narrative and blockbuster with the right ingredients. Plus, the friendly appearances of Anupam Kher, Vishal Dadlani, Dina Morea and Anurag Kashyap is the extra Mithais.  Truly Team India! Happy New Year has come to make the perfect Diwali gift like the jalebis, mouth-watering Gulab Jamuns and Rasgoolas. Plus, the music by Vishal-Shekhar is captivating and catchy. Another musical high.

What I like with Farah Khan is how she always gives credit to the whole crew in the end. A special gift by Shah Rukh Khan how he presented his cute son, AbRam and of course, Farah’s triplets. It’s lovely to see Gauri Khan shaking a leg. Reasons for you to watch HNY.

PS: Breaking with the tradition of giving stars to HNY and just go, munch the pop corn and enjoy the ride. To nay-sayers, I am your average blogger and no, SRK, Farah, Abhishek and Deepika have not paid me for the review. So shut up and stop cribbling.

With Love


Good ole charm of ‘Gharwali Diwali’

Wishing each & everyone of you a very Happy and Dhinchak Diwali. May all your dreams come true and be bestowed with health, wealth and good wishes. May all your dreams come true as we leave behind the bad, relish wonderful moments and look up to a super awesome season full of love. Diwali is a season where we become one, irrespective of caste, creed, sex or religion and hope to unite as human beings, free of prejudices.

Image credit: Google India

Image credit: Google India


In this age of Shor Sharaba, held under siege by crackers on the road, multiplex culture in the busy streets, there is nothing like Gharwali Diwali. Sober Diwali! See I’m quite a home pigeon these days, gushing to celebrate a sober Diwali. Nah! I haven’t been binge drinking or high on drugs to suffer from withdrawal symptom.

Diwali is always special to me and always look up to D-Day. New clothes, Mithai, lighting Diyas and there is a spark in my eyes as I look excitedly to the celebration, sharing moment of love with near and dear ones. As a child, my eyes would beam excitedly on Diwali and couldn’t wait to sneak on Mithai made by Mom. I remember on the eve of Diwali, Mom would be in the kitchen till late and, as I lay on bed, overhearing the oil as mom would prepare ladoo and Gulab Jamun. I was dying to taste the Mithai but there is no way to sneak in the catch to steal the sweets. Mom is very particular and no one has the right to touch the sweets till Laxmi Puja is performed. I waited with bated breath till the morning, surveying Mom and Dad movement, pretending to go to toilet thousand times, before stealing Mithai that I would slip in my pocket. Done deed!

I would wait for guests in front of the door and when they reach with their dabba full of Mithai, I would gorge on them. Diwali is the day where I strictly don’t have lunch or dinner as countless Mithai shared is spread on the table. A day full of Mithai to sweeten the mouth and stomach. See! I am a very sweet guy, always speaking in loving tone. Must be the effect of Mithai. Meet me at your own peril and I can assure you’ll die of diabetes. My silly stomach crave for Mithai on Diwali Day as I loiter around, wearing my best Kurta-Pyjama. One task I am always given and I am a maven at is to distribute Mithai in small plastic bags to neighbors home as Mom would keep making the sweets. It’s a never ending tough task for Mom, cleaning and washing the house, windows before Diwali and making sweets. Tiring, na! Tsk!!! Uff! Yeh sab ghar ka kaam Diwali ke liye.

When I moved to Pune and Mumbai for my studies, Diwali became an ongoing romance that I cherished over the years and still miss those days. A home away from home. There was never a dull moment on Diwali. I would wait with bated breath for the special pocket money from Dad and Mom to shop for new Kurtas, forking money at the sweet shop to distribute to friends and teachers. Shopping at the crowded Laxmi Road in Pune for the whole day to no avail to get the favorite and special Kurta. Unsuccessful shopping! Trying my luck the next day till I find something better. After all, it’s Diwali. As you walk past the Peth areas, you are held to crackers bursting like being caught on the Indo-Pak border. After all, it’s such a homely feeling in cities like Pune and Mumbai with friends.

How I miss the sweet made by aunty, my best friend Adi’s Mom on Diwali. Aunty makes the best coffee, chai, Maharashtrian food and of course, Mithai. She made my days in Pune super awesome and been Mom to me. The first house I would pay a visit was Adi’s Mom coz I know she would force feed me with Barfi, my favorite Gulab Jamun and, of course, her superb chai. No! I wasn’t complaining. Or, visiting my doc in Pune, Dr Alka, who would make me sit in the Puja and make me eat loads of Mithai. Super awesome Diwali in Pune, I tell you!

During the next, our gang would meet and we were a gen who wouldn’t mind our King Fisher beer as an ode to Vijay Mallya on Diwali. One thing led to the other, shuffling cards, we were ‘juari.’ Yeh Diwali hai ek Jua!!! Rolling the empty bottle of beer to play Truth or Dare. Beware! The deep secrets were out! Who is your latest crush in college? Do you like XYZ? The secret was out on Diwali. Truly special! On Diwali, Adi would corner me on the latest girl friend potential or making me imitate Hindi film ka wonder the actor in me came out on Diwali. Kya kya nahin Karta Diwali hum logon ko..exposing us, of course, and poor me was always the victim.

How I miss those priceless memories. Shopping for hours at Colaba, CST and the awesome street shopping at Crawford Market. The joy of haggling for a Kurta on the street at Crawford cannot be quantified and makes memories to be cherished for a life time. Truly a Gharwali Diwali at home and away from home. It made my Gharwali Diwali full of joyful memories.

This post is written as a part of Indi Happy Hours’#GharWaliDiwali in association with PepsiCo and IndiBlogger.

Diwali Abhinanda

With Love



Maharashtra Poll Results: Gamble, lessons and future

Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) gamble has finally paid off handsomely in Maharashtra after sweeping 122 seats out of 288 in the Marathi strong belt state. The BJP took a big risk by breaking its 25-year-old alliance with the Shiv Sena led by Udhav Thackeray. Still, it fell short of the majority needed to rule Maharashtra on its own. The biggest loser is Congress Party who was not only decimated after its rout in the Lok Sabha but lost Maharashtra, in particular Mumbai, which is considered to be India’s financial capital.

What does this win represent for the state? First and foremost, BJP has emerged as the strongest party on its own in Maharashtra and perhaps, the win should be credited to the Narendra Modi-Amit Shah duo. In all likelihood, BJP will rule the state with the help of an ally. The spoiler is the National Congress Party who made overture to BJP. It spoils the chance of Shiv Sena to re-work a political arrangement with the BJP to run the state. In short, BJP’s victory spoils the chance of Udhav Thackeray’s aspiration to become Maharashtra’s Chief Minister. In the event, BJP choose to negotiate with SS in the coming days, it will be hard nut to crack for the Sainiks. The biggest loser is the Udhav Thackeray’s party who fought the alliance on its own without the support of their patriarch and the party’s charismatic figure, Bala Saheb Thackeray. Certainly, the late senior’s Thackeray’s shoes is too big to fill for Udhav Thackeray.

However, the positive for the Shiv Sena is that they slightly improved their 2009 tally from 44 to 63. It’s not a bad score for the party who can now claim to be the rightful political inheritor of Bala Saheb but it also means a good start for Udhav Thackeray as the political heir and legitimate leader of the party. Considering that Maharashtra Navnirman Sena leader, Raj Thackeray failed to make an impact in the state. However, if the Shiv Sena wants aspire to become the single largest party in the long run, there is a need to re-invent and favor an all-inclusive politics, not necessarily pro-Maratha. It’s no secret that Shiv Sena’s traditional voters are Marathi strong belt in areas like Dadar and Mahim.

Today, politics and balance of power in the state is fast changing and the average Marathi-born Maharashtrians are an educated lot who aspires for better education, jobs and is a secular lot. Shiv Sena brand of jingoistic politics will not work since there is an attitudinal shift in the way its traditional base is thinking. They must go towards the youth, not just Maratha but its cosmopolitan crowd. They have a trump card in the form of Aditya Thackeray and only time will tell whether the young leader can give a new thinking to the party and revolutionize its structure.

Everything is possible in politics. Can Shiv Sena seek support of the Congress and NCP to turn the table? Highly improbable scenario! Or, will BJP rope in NCP to form the Government or go back to SS since they traveled a long way together? The chances are there since the 63 seats of the Shiv Sena makes them a force to reckon in Maharashtra. I feel BJP and SS may find a truce.

At the end of the day, what matters is the largest interest of the state where BJP who has emerged at the single biggest party in this five-cornered fight has now a free hand  to build infrastructure, provide jobs for the youth and ensure that commoners do not suffer whether it”s the monsoon season or terror attacks in the city. Maharashtra should win and not petty politics. Congress learned it the hard way with nepotism, corruption and a lackadaisical attitude where the woes of the people were blatantly ignored. Crumbling of infrastructure, pot holes during rains, Adarsh Scam you name it, you get it! Maharashtra is one state that has potential to steer high growth and is already a leader on the developmental front. The people must win.


Mumbai Musing: Star Struck at Marine Drive

Sobo (South Mumbai) is famous not just for the sea wave and wind breeze, stroking your hair, as you are surrounded by the Arabian Sea and plush five star hotels. A resident of Marine Drive for two years, I made life time memories, taking long walks, to and fro, Chedda Sadan and Nariman Point, sitting on the parapet among hordes of South Mumbaikars. A place that I fell absolutely in love with. As I hark back, I couldn’t believe how lucky I’ve been to get a room in the super expensive part of SoBo for grabs, doesn’t matter if it’s a hostel room on C-Road.

Copyright. Image to be reproduced with permission or acknowledgement.

Copyright. Image to be reproduced with permission or acknowledgement.

The hostel’s window gives a view to Marine Drive as one would feel the breeze wading through the room. One could see people thronging on Marine Drive, doing the morning and afternoon jog and couples cooing. It’s pure bliss, sitting at Mumbai’s most loved spot. Marine Drive is home to a peek into celebrities making a blink-and-miss appearance to the great delight of Mumbaikars. The sleepless nights spent in the room made me wait for the hostel door to open at 6 a.m as I would rush out for long walks. Rushing to the stalls for a cutting chai, smoke and buying the morning newspapers, spread on the pavement as stacks of them are thrown from the truck. Walking to Nariman Point for my favorite Sheera, I hop straight at Marine Drive, sitting on parapet. As the morning wind blows mercilessly, I  tried to save my newspaper from falling apart and torn. See! I love reading my newspaper in order and not laying scattered from one end to another.

Bang on! After trying to save the newspaper from the wind and breeze, I fold them since I am tired fighting the wind. I sit still and saw Black Cat commando in a jeep, armed with guns. Baap re Baap! Itni Subha! I’m wondering whether Mumbai are chasing some thieves or terrorists. Saw a short athletic guy, in short and black Banyan, sweating profusely as if he is taking part in the olympic, taking big leaps as he sprints his way to victory. I must have seen the guy, somewhere, may be on TV or newspaper. Silly me! Kem-cho, I wanted to yell! The man has already disappeared, trailed by his Black Cats. It’s our own Gujju Bhai, Anil Ambani. Saw Anil-Bhaiyya a couple of times sprinting his way to heaven. They tell me, Anil-Ji favorite track to jog is Marine Drive.

Double-decker BEST Buses and Mumbai is an ongoing romance. What a feeling joy to spot the red bus as you sit on Marine Drive, as passengers glance at the Arabian Sea. It was past five in the evening as I get set for the evening walk following a gruesome lecture at Kalina Campus in Santacruz, struggling my way in the jam-packed local and finally nestled-cum-sleeping in the room. The cutting chai ritual and smoke at the tapdi, Marine Drive is the ultimate destination.

Now, the crowd cheering and waving to the BEST Bus..double-decker wala. Has Mumbai gone mad?! I turn around and saw an open double decker bus, corrugated roof removed and may be flying somewhere like a sauce pan. The crowd must be cheering UFOs! Not really! Saw Bobby Deol and Priyanka Chopra dancing their way to heavenly bliss. See! I was a huge fan of Piggy Chop at that time..she waved back to the crowd, smiling coyly and hiding her face, as the phone wale camera tried to capture her photogenic face. Bobby looks dashing in a shirt tucked in his blue denim. I grew envious, secretly wishing I was him as the crowd would delight at the handsome me and clicking. I was bowled by PC and absolutely love the way she carried herself. No arrogance and comfy with the crowd. I cursed my luck coz the Nokia camera phone was stolen.

I message Aparna, ‘Guess, whom I say? Pat came her reply, “Mumbai people sitting at Marine Drive are so lucky..’ Indeed, we are lucky to stay at Marine Drive and spotting stars. I become crazy when I see stars in public view. I am already dreaming that I am a film star and fans rushing to click me and asking for autograph. Truly, Mumbai Musing.


Magnetic beauty possessing my soul

Stroking her hair gently,

the breeze ruffles the hair.

As she turns around, her face sparks of divinity.

Beauty can be an illusion,

yet I feel drawn towards her like magnet

Her angelic smile symbolizes the perfection of beauty made in heaven.

I am longing to walk up to her,

a power is fettering my steps.

I stand paralyzed, unable to make a move to tell her, ‘Her beauty captivated my mind and soul.’

The time I recover my senses,

she is long gone like dust out of thin air.




Blog Action Day 2014: Equality in a society infested with #Inequality

I am taking part in #blogactionday, October 16, 2014. The post is  based on the theme ‘Inequality:  #BAD2014, #Inequality and #BlogAction hosted by

I choose to write on ‘Equality in a society infested with #Inequality‘ which is destroying the legitimate dreams and rights of human beings in society as well as the fact that children are deprived of education, women are discriminated at every end. The aim of the post is to shed light on the fallacy of capitalism as a system that crumbled and led to the global financial crisis. Still, some believe in the system which is the root cause of corruption, exploitation and inequality.


Since times immemorial, inequality has perpetuated the social strata, be it caste, class, religion or gender.  There is unfair justification on the need for an unequal society to pave the way for equality in terms of resources-natural and human, goods and discrimination. It’s the biggest misnomer and human tragedy when the capitalist and so-called liberal society feed such crass mentality.

When we see a capitalist system that crashed and contributed to million of unemployed across the globe is being justified on rhetoric ground, it is the biggest inequality on earth. The famous United States bred and classic argument, ‘Banks who are too big to fail’ is implemented and taken as the holy truth to justify fat cheques for the fat cats at the expense of the middle class and working class people who are pulling all strings to make both ends meet. Speak about moron capitalism and unequal resources!  For me, this is inequality when the wealth gap gets wider and wider as the capitalist system is indoctrinated in the minds of people as the truth.

When mill workers are robbed of their existence to make way for sky-rocketed building and malls as they stand deprived of their livelihood, this is the biggest human tragedy on earth. The capitalists call it development in their own jargon while they forget the miseries faced by the commoners. It is an irony when slum dwellers live in inhumane conditions and are exploited at every end, while capitalists make crores by twisting the law. Likewise, in Mumbai, the residents of Cola Camp who sweat blood to buy an apartment which is declared as illegal and ordered to be destroyed while the developers violating the Floor Space Index get away. If the houses of residents who take loans to acquire property are driven out and declared as illegal, so are the thousands of so-called skycrapers across the globe.

When an underbelly and child in our society living on the streets of Mumbai, Rahul Dravid, accompanied by a college girl who was giving him a treat in an upmarket restaurant in the posh South Mumbai’s Churchgate is driven out because the former was not wearing slippers, it is the biggest discrimination on earth. Their flimsy justification: It will embarass their super rich patrons. One is appalled to see such kind of discrimination when both the girl and the boy are refused entry on the ground that the latter would offend customers and lower standards of the post restaurant. It’s not only blatant hypocrisy but also the biggest social injustice and inequality.

Inequality to me is when any society refuse to recognize the rights of transgenders and homosexuals as human beings, owing to archaic laws that declare love as a crime. When Section 377 of the Indian Penal Code is being upheld, declaring same-sex love to be illegal, it entails that human beings have no right to live in society. Moreover, when a commercial sex worker is treated as inferior and deprived of basic human rights, this is inequality perpetuated in society.

Education is the right of any human being, rich or poor. When a child in some distant village belonging to the ‘undercaste’ is discriminated and deprived of education, this is not only prejudice but inequality. Similarly, when the girl child is scorned upon or women harassed by a society that prides itself in the name of patriarchy or tradition, this is blatant tale of inequality in society.

When Nobel Prize winner, Kailash Satyarthi, rescues souls subjected to child labour as a one-man army, one feel that the cause to fight an unequal society is not lost, after all. There are still some good human beings like Satyarthi working, faraway from the media glare, to fight inequality and pitch for an equal society. Inequality has always existed and will always exist but, as human beings, we have no right to condone the ugly by-product and evils of the capitalism. Let’s join hands to fight the evil for a more equal society in our own way.