Audumbar Arts’ Jogi de Naal to soon enthrall Sufi lovers

Sufi music is always a mystified affair that soothes the heart and soul to strike an inner chord with truth and the self. The production company, Audumbar Arts, headed by Soumya Vilekar brings to you the beautiful Punjabi Sufi Song, Jogi De Naal, that will soon enthrall music lovers. The song takes you on a spiritual quest, gently touching your inner senses and carries a sense of divinity that cannot be measured with words.

Jogi de Naal is passionate and quenches the thirst of lovers longing for their beloved. The rhythmic background and gentle tapping invokes love in the purest form that gently touches your heart in a spiritual manner in its evocation of the divine and higher power where the traveler submits the self and soul to the almighty in a selfless manner. The music is sublime and singer Kaushik Kashyap expresses emotions in a passionate way that will flow into hearts capable of loving  with tenderness. The song brings to the fore a gamut of emotions, be it pure love, passion and devotion for the supreme power. It’s all about letting yourself be swayed by the supreme power. The production company approached me for a review of the music and must say I was floored by the scintillating music, touching poetic words and the sheer power in the voice of the singer Kaushik Kashyap. It’s a gift from its makers to lovers of soulfully beautiful music gravitating towards stillness that seeps in the soul. The music is made straight from the heart that segues into an eternal voice that transgresses prejudices and moves beyond the human flesh.

Jogi de Naal is the voice of love, passion and divinity in all its forms and expressions. At a time when a Sufi qawwali singer Amjad Sabri was murdered and hundreds killed in hate crime, Jogi de Naal comes at the right time to affirm our belief in love and humanity. Sufism is deeply entrenched in the mystic and the quote of philosopher WT Stace, ‘A unifying vision in which The One is perceived by the senses and through many objects, so ‘All is One’’ is fully embraced by Jogi de Naal.

Let’s meet the team behind this brilliantly produced aesthetic work, Jogi de Naal. The Punjabi Sufi song is written by Hindi film industry lyricist Alok Ranjan Jha, whose latest film SHORGUL will soon hit the marquee. Jha recently won an award for the song, ‘Jai Bheem’ dedicated to Dr B R Ambedkar in Mumbai.

The music for Jogi De Naal is composed by ex-Navy official, Vivian Vaidya and who has mastery on more than 8 musical instruments. Vaidya has assisted in the music composition of Beating Retreat on our Republic Day celebrations in Delhi during his Navy Days. He has his own band, ‘FUSION TRIX’ that performs regularly in Goa. The main guitarist for the song, David Sinchury has been featured on MTV Indies and I D Rao who is the saxophone and flute player for the song, is a regular performing artist on MTV Coke Studio.

Singer Kaushik Kashyap hails from the Hindi film industry that we call, ‘Bollywood’. He has done short films, lent his voice to Assamese films and assisted Ali Quli Mirza, a Big Boss contestant, in his music shows till now. The sound track and video of Jogi de Naal is produced by Soumya Vilekar‘s Audumbar Arts. Soumya Vilekar is no stranger to the world of Sufism, music and poetry. She is a celebrated author, blogger and poet. Soumya has penned over 800 poems on various subjects ranging from Eastern Philosophy, Spirituality and human relations. Soumya has also published books such as ‘Life-Inspiration to Spiritualism, ‘The Mystic Journey’. ‘Winds of Philia’ and co-authored ‘Suroor of the Soul’  on the esoteric journey of a soul. A vocal contributor and Community Champion in leadership group  on Worldpulse, a global platform connecting women across 190 nations, Soumya Vilekar is the sub editor of the quarterly Hindi magazine and founder of artist’s group Revolutionary Pens. She also holds a joint patent in powder metallurgy and to her credit, featured in numerous poetic anthologies and short stories.

A 30 seconds promo of the song has been released on Facebook and Team Aaj Tak also promoted the musicians on World Music Day. From today, lips will sing Jogi De Naal, which enthralls hearts, mind and soul. I can vouch for that. Jogi de Naal, a blend of Sufism and contemporary music, is morning raga for the soul.

Wishing all of you a blissful Eid Mubarrak.

Truly Jogi de Naal

With Love