She was…she is

She’s a toddler; She was fully clad and a medical science student; An independent woman. Hailing from a village: A homemaker; A farmer’s wife; She walked straight to her home; She hummed a song; She was raped, sexually assaulted and ignored the leered glances; Lewd comments: Of course! She asked for it: For how long, […]

Ordinary women, extraordinary feat

Color splashed. Brevity is an understatement. Winning hearts. Capturing minds. Celebrating an identity. Women of substance. Men of valor. Ordinary mortals. Trudging the path of fire. Quenching thirst of success. Unlimited Hunger. Champion doesn’t win every battle. Some are lost at the finishing line. Undying spirit makes men and women. Battling prejudices. Nepotism dying a […]

Book Review: Hinduism beyond Rituals, Customs and Traditions

  Book Review: Hinduism beyond Rituals, Customs and Traditions Author: Promod Puri Released in: December 2015 Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform Rating: Four stars Introduction: Religion is the opium of the people, Karl Marx said. Since times immemorial, various school of thoughts debated on the role religion plays in our lives to strengthen order and […]

Flash fiction: Yo! Mamma! Atta country bar!! Cheap booze

Yo!! Friday is here. A quirky flash fiction your way and editing made easy the Grammarly way. Hope you enjoy the fun take on American cowboy movies. Yo! Mamma! Atta country bar!!  Cheap booze Yo!! Man!! Atta boy!! The bearded cowboy descended on the grey horse and trotted on his boot to find his way inside […]