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Labyrinth of mood and a cold slab

Waft of freezing sensation,

cackling like ice cream in fridge,

low temperature,

shivering skin,

cold windy and wild windy chime blowing,

playing the flesh game,

fluttering hair,

crescent of a new winterly season,

ball of rain knotted and interspersed with emotions,

wearing footprint on the city,

confined to home,

nurturing sensual desires,

pouring icy waves flapping and slapping,

chaos of waves running on legs, hand, and face,

quelling adventure and desires,

rubbing palms,

stroking the chin,

longing for warm pleasure,

just the start,

a chilly season,

bruises here and there,

breeze and winter mist

a balm to worries,

cold slab hitting an octane level,

gulping a cup of hot tea,

wavering in intermittent burst,

who stole my baby sleep?

rain’s lullaby,

labyrinth of mood,

ghostly weather,

havoc, torment and bliss,

gyrating to the tune of changing season,

caressing lone minds,

in form and shades.


With love





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Unsettled heart

Fish swimming in the bowl

Cooing pigeons nestled inside the home nest

A loner snuggled in thick blanket

craving for a cup of steamy tea flowing in the matka

Imagery stroking the mind

Winter creeping in

Mind wandering to the past and glorious days

Memory is as fickle as the brain

A lazy Sunday where whimsical feelings fly like birds,

in search of the abode

Unsettled heart,

aimless destination

homeless pigeon in search of finality.

Chaotic existence

With love






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Winter mist

Fluttering leaves.

Winter mist,

regaling the heart and mind.

Wind blowing like heavenly voice.

Night’s folly.

Morning mist.

Thunder waves.

Cuddled by thick blankets.

Slumbering in heavenly peace.

The bed is my only solace.

Listening to the pitter-patter of rain.

Lulled to sleep.

Rolling the icy cold palms.

Caressing the face.

Ha! How I wish could sleep for the whole day!

Steamy cup of coffee.

Warming the body.


Waft of cold seeping through the bricks and glasses.

Blissful season.




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Titanic Jack’ N Rose moment

It was in the mid spring. She was wearing her winter sweater , nylon hat over her blue denim in the garden. She was sitting in the garden, with he laptop on her knees working. It’s been long as she enjoyed the long walk to the garden, free from the hustle bustle of her apartment facing the busy streets. She was free from the honking of cars. She was completely oblivious that she was under the watchful eyes of the complete stranger. She has a new admirer. She had lotsa them in college and the work place.

He is a carefree young man in his late 20s. He just left college and is confused. He still is. He loves the winter and wait impatiently for it to come. He loves sipping hot cutting tea in the morning and fool around in the garden. The cool breeze soothes his mind. He had not still made up his mind whether to join the New York film school or join as an assistant to a reputed film company in Mumbai. It was a huge project.

He saw her, she conquered his heart. He was melted as lost his masochism in the flick of seconds. He was amazed as to how his sexual virility has gone and lost count of the numerous hearts he broke. He has started believing in love. As he lit a cigarette, a sexy voice calls, hey man listen to me one minute. He looks back as he saw her calling. He couldn’t believe his luck. It must be magical winter. He walks towards her as she tells him, Hi, I’m Samantha could you please hold my laptop as I need to go and wash my hands down there.

Everyday, they would meet in the garden as she kept her lap top aside listening to his confusion, the first time he lost his virginity, his girl friends and confusion about life. They spoke lengthily of the winter and she told him about his exes. She would laugh loudly as he narrated the story of Joy who ran away from home to become a musician. They would walk on the alley holding hands and then com,e back sitting on the bench. The laptop slowly witnessed their first sweet and then passionate kiss. It was their Titanic Jack N’ Rose moment. How they met and kissed is beyond their comprehension. The Titanic often came till they couldn’t resist each other as they had sex for the first tine in Nikhil’s house. The Titanic moment reached a scaled height.

A beautiful winter love story as they recreated their own Titanic magic and Jack N Rose moment. The story of Samantha and Nikhil with no strings attached.