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Target 500

Hola folks,

Happy Sunday! Writing and keeping it to 500 Words limit! Ok, let me try this basic ground rule firmly believed and sharing freely with the whole world, except myself. I read a couple of blogs today and to be precise, handful one or two, stumbled on a short story reproduced by someone and another one on writing. Do check it here on K.M.Allan’s blog. It almost propelled me to write but no luck, so far.

Blame it on the winter season creeping in and the only thing that I have been able to do since the morning is slouching on bed, doing absolutely zilch and burying my head with the blanket. It’s only in the evening that I read extra 50 pages in the book Freedom of Midnight by Larry Collins and Dominique La Pierre on India’s struggle for Independence. Three cups of coffee, tea cups, tons of water and a very light lunch made of papaya, prune, date, curd and green tea as I look to start my diet tomorrow. Don’t ask! It’s a challenge. There is no plan but have every intention to kick away my Indian packed snacks or sweet mithai and pastry which I over indulged by the way and yesterday was the last rich mutton fauji I made. I must say that mom supervised the entire cooking process in the end. It would be interested for you to watch the Mutton Fauji recipe by Chef Ranveer Brar. Do let me know how you people find the recipe.

Back to what I forget about the post, “Character Motivation: Tips and Tracks” armed with every single intention to adopt and write by continuing the romance novella or doing a shortie on the blog but instead slouching on bed seems to be a better idea. You see, it’s all about getting my priority rightish on a Sunday and that’s sleeping. Trust me, when the chill bones get an upper hand, there is nothing on earth that makes sense.

There have been many firsts. For the first time ever in my life, I was able to open my Bordeaux wine yesterday with a Flamingo can opener without both bottle and the device coming unscathed. Shocking but true yes! You may find it unbelievable but it’s an impossible task for me with the cap pulled inside most of the times and breaking the corker. I got a fancy opener from the Indian shop and at the right time, speaking to the bestie who is now settled in Australia. We normally have our weekend alcohol trip on Whatsapp and he guided me with the twist, him telling it’s making the right sound. Phut! It was done. A feeling of winning war and acing the nobel prize after missing it all. That was Saturday.

Still not enough of the Saturday for I watched this amazing film A Star is Born which always wanted to and finally landed on Netflix. I am a huge Lady Gaga fan and couldn’t miss this one with Bradley Coopers. An absolute gem and scintillating music. Pure theater in motion which cannot be missed for anything on earth.

Total: 520 Words

A free writing prompt on every Sunday and linking to Esha’s blog. I promise to hop on the listed blogs where the aim is to encourage writing and removing the mind’s clutter every week.

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Diary of a Recluse (2): Keeping it simple

I keep conversations at a bare minimum and excuse myself for having lost the interest in engaging with people endlessly on a physical level. I see conversations as drab. The lockdown and corona pandemic has been a blessing in disguise for soul searching and mirroring the real me. Being a recluse works big time for me in seeing my relationships I have with people, to the exception of college friends in India and closed ones am in touch via Whatsapp.

Getting to know or meeting new people no longer interests me or at least, in keeping it minimum. I say no to the bare invites tendered to me, whether friends or something official, if possible. Trust me, it works wonders for the mind and soul. I can enjoy my lone drinks. I am not alone.

A boring tale to spell on the hum drum and routine of a day restricted to the desk, running all sundry and this week brisk walking twice a week. A first life post the lockdown turning into a couch potato, getting back and a spirit dampened with the back pain, cholesterol issue soaring and some cervical nerve issues making the year end challenging. Yoga has worked like magic to keep sanity alive. I am mastering the art of keeping my conversation short with people, whether shopping or wadding on the streets. Staying at home has never looked so good in my life and perhaps a way to make peace or giving serenity.

Being on my own affords a strange sense of comfort. I often why we make such a big deal on going out or meeting people since being confined shouldn’t be seen as punishment. To the contrary, it works great as a medicine to isolate the self and cutting away from the world. There is so much that we can do, right from penning thoughts in the diary and addressing personal issues, hinging on the A for Acceptance about our situation. I am in holiday for 10-15 days with work for the year canned on the last Friday. An entire weekend spent lazing on bed throughout and reading, making it my favourite activity. I love it when there is zero pressure and the sheer joy of not adhering to deadlines, or doing the running around. Just let things sink in very slowly, be aware of breathing and taking one thing at a time.

Kindle has become a loyal companion in this phase of self imposed lockdown shifting away from printed books. The reading has surprisingly gone up and two books away from hitting magical number 50 achieved in 2019. It’s not about setting a record but relishing every book read for there is no pressure to run against time. Reading is no competition. Keeping the hands off during weekend and socialization means lockdown increases the speed in discovering tons of books. So much we can look at the pandemic whittling down to perspective helping to empower through reading coming as the best form of therapy.

I have slowed down. There is less guilt in the way I used to try to finish a day crazily from writing, blogging, or reading perspective. I take my own time in doing things and perhaps in sieving and reorganizing to become better disciplined as a person. To be honest, I royally suck at it. I cannot write on a spree like many established and seasoned writers do and deep down, it left a bad feeling but not anymore.

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Lockdown tales: And the kitchen and video calls discovered

Ask the sharpest fortune teller and the great seer wouldn’t dare telling us that 2020 would turn us into the most unwilling prisoners on earth. John Stuart Mill belonging to the theory of Utilitarianism and Liberty wouldn’t in the wildest imagination fancy on willing coercion for us to stay in the confines of the four walls avoiding the spread of a deadly vice called Coronavirus.

The rest is history as we would argue years down the line and looking back at how humans forever thriving on their toes and oustering each other resorting to the most unimaginable tricks would be locked inside. Two months plus and coming to terms with a term, alien in the start and now routine, is a matter of perspective. An idea of lockdown conveyed various gamuts of emotions for me, ranging from fear of the unknown to the dread of being placed in a hospital quarantine ward and death. I internalized with the emotions and imagining to be breathless. Sleepless nights spent and a mild fever, or cough sent me in a tizzy of sort. The demons fought inside and out, killing me at every second. Anxiety peak hit a new high every single day and battling emotions for weeks, till I decided to own things up.

Lockdown has been doing me good and discovering myself in what is a process, unpeeling the various layers. Blessing in disguise it is! I grabbed a couple of books, right from Sanjay Dutt’s autobiography and Twinkle Khanna’s Pyjamas are Forgiving but the reading flow has abruptly stopped. Opportunity came knocking on the door. I took a back seat yet experimented a lot with new things, alien to me. The digital world was explored without fear and conquered my fear of public speaking by taking a brand new workshop as a trainer. I never thought that the introvert in me would be able to speak to an e-audience for three hours and did reasonably well. The best was and is yet to come.

Cooking is an art and was alien to it. I wanted to make dishes and making most of the house arrest, starting with aloo jeera, waited for a month plus to make, forever delaying.  Success was written all over. I followed track with bitter gourd saute, followed successfully with Hakka Noodle and Mutton Rogan Josh. Mom taught me a kitchen lesson that more than anything else, nurturing patience matters a lot. One thing learned is cementing the bond with people who matter and Adi, my best friend settled in Australia called on Saturdays for long-distance boozing. Relationships with the right people matters. I understand loneliness more than anything else and have changed a lot, right from being patient with mom, trying not to be irritated by any slight or mundane thing. Earlier, I was blowing a fuse but the degree has lessened. We need to be flexible and more understanding towards our parents for a time will come, when the new old generation will be us.

This pandemic taught me to be one with nature and the sensitive me has become friends with birds and pigeons visiting every day where we put rice and rotis for them to eat. A bond made with the living entities that we ignored during normal times and the time is now to be more in sync with the realities that we humans have arrogantly claimed to be our own, the earth.  As humans grappling with the new world social order, none will be the same and the way we look at interactions or relationships has altered. We aren’t gonna die but grow with a new perspective. The best is yet to come. I can sense it.

Every single day never ceases to surprise me. I just signed for an NLP basic course for beginners on Udemy and ain’t gonna stop here to discover the self. The times are uncertain and upskilling to reinvent in this ever changing world is what will make the knife edgier. Do we have a choice? All of us have a Gmail and it’s only yesterday that Google Duo was discovered. Where have I been all this while? Things take its own course to happen. Paromita has been a friend for a long time and she started something called Let’s Huddle India that I will speak at length in a fresh post. This week, she pinged on Whatsapp whether I’ll be interested to be part of the circle spreading positivity in lockdown times. There was not too much thinking and went with the flow. What happened yesterday was extraordinary and fulfilling, speaking to plain strangers, introducing ourselves, incidents impacting us, and how we coping with the lockdown. This conversation talked to the inner me and so much to share with people who started as strangers, then becoming friends to spread positivity. We are all storytellers and tales waiting to be unfurled. Only, if we let the universe take care of us. Let us be healed.





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April in an era of lockdown, postponement and hope

A month of lockdown, celebrating Easter and the mother of postponement. Happy Easter. Say Hello to April. A meticulous and carefully planned trip spanning for six months plus back home to India went for a toss. Air ticket postponed twice. The hopeful and positive person that I am thought that everything planned would find its way finally after some chaos. Hotel booking done.  On the verge of booking the final ticket and verging from one airline to the other, I was dissuaded to shift the days and to wait how the virus progresses. At the last minute, the Dubai stopover was canned in favor of another airline.

A trip that wasn’t meant to be. The culprit or for that matter, an invisible foe called Corona. No last-minute packing or tension of reaching the airport in time but jettisoned to the ground. I sat and nursed the wounds. Travel this year hasn’t been postponed and a part of me still believe that as the year ends, I shall see the homeland after ages. All is not lost in a promising year that ultimately turned horribly bad. 2020 for you.

As I was brought back to reality, anxiety hit a peak as the corona positive cases across the world and in India rose in numbers. I spent sleepless nights and wondering, What if I was next in tow to face the ire of nature. Thankfully, I shifted my focus away from Corona, censored the news and ultimately found peace.  Netflix and Prime came to the rescue. I read quite a few digital books and reading is one exercise that helps the mind to soothe itself. Practice breathing and yoga to keep the mind sane.

April is quite a stir in a cup and we are not yet done. In the raging chaos, there is a glint of hope and professionally, an e-opportunity for a half-day talk presented itself which I cannot reveal at this stage. At a time where many among us are facing the heat, good news is something we need to cherish and treasure, praying the vibes percolates to reach everyone. I gotta challenge myself. I conquered fear this week and landed in supermarkets to get basic groceries. Trust me, it was a risk but glad it’s all done finally. The wine and whiskey were ordered online. I am set now staying at home.

The doorknob in my room broke for quite some months and right now, meaning a heinous task to get a carpenter fixing it.  I spent an entire week sleeping on the couch that can hurt the bones in places. Finally, I toggled with the door and was able to open it, but a short respite and is again blocked.  A month of fear discovering dark spots and whitening of the skin freaking me out. Finally, a colleague whose Dad is a dermatologist in Delhi asked me to share the skin pics which ultimately turned out to be dry eczema. Doctor uncle recommended to apply coconut oil that I’ve been doing. There are still some white spots on the skin and scaring the shit out of me. Scaremongering may just ail and kill us before we really die.

One thing this Corona taught me is that we need to make the most for we can never know what’s showing behind the door. Embrace fears, take risks and trudge on the toe, if you may for at end of the day, it’s really worth. This month, I read the biography of Sanjay Dutt on Juggernaut by Yaseer Usmaan which is an eye-opener on the superstar flirting with danger and paying for his stupid mistakes made. The tale is honest and compelling on the life and times of a man who was far from being a saint. Hope, he learned from his mistakes and atoned for the choices made. If you have the Juggernaut app on your Ipad or tablet, do check out for in this lockdown time, they are giving some amazing collections for free. Right now, started reading Twinkle Khanna’s Pyjamas are Forgiving for free.

I am missing my favorite Indian food and sweets in lockdown time. Everything looks surreal, something we only read in books and watched in American coated movies. One smart logic, stay confined in the house to be safe for it’s the only constant that matters. April hasn’t been an eventful month for me, except being in house arrest mode and not something I am whining about. For starter, it’s not disturbing me except for an entire travel planning flying out of thin air. Yoga came as handy and a conscious choice to eat with a limit for there is no way to go out, running or sweating it out.

Hope is what we thrive on. A miracle prayer when next we write on the month unfurling, this madness has calmed down and slowly inching towards back to normal in containing the spread when airport shall open, people becoming healthier cum becoming better people, learning lessons the hard way coupled with less stressful lives. Being on the edge shall cease to be a fancy expression.

In hope we believe!

Stay Safe, Stay Inside

Lotsa Love


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Managing anxiety in times of Corona

The mind needs distraction from the pressure piling with the Covid-19 claiming lives and this whole isolation and quarantine fury. The entire lockdown and self-isolation can make a wreck out of the best of us and bringing out the worst in us. Playing it down should be the mantra. Easier said than done! With the madness unfurling and all types of information flowing from the net, how can we keep our sanity unblemished?

This deadly disease is already making us super anxious for we don’t know what lies ahead. Given how the uncertainty is ailing us and the bug hitting when it is least expected, we are living in a world grappling with deep anxiety laden with the virus already adding to our already burdensome life. We are surrounded by fake news on digital media and the information at the tip of your fingers is scaring the shit out of us. A mild fever or flu can freak us out and may not necessarily be Coronavirus. It starts by educating yourself and the World Health Organization is the best place to start separating the wheat from the chaff.

The response stimulus to underlying conditions plays an important part coupled with external factors often compelling our reactions in varying degree that often rely on our environment, personal traits or scars faced in the past. I have an anxiety issue for a long time and must confess that my sleep broke in the middle of the night for successive days. Yes, the Corona outbreak has started to affect me. But, time to stake claim by watching something good on OTT like am doing right now, Pushpavali Season 2 on Prime. It’s very important to shift our focus away from issues or else it might devastate us. I had a quick trip to the supermarket and took a walk in an age of lockdown and self-isolation, picking up the wrong wine. To tell, how much Covid-19 is having a toll on us.

The time is right now in at least listening to authorities dissuading us from avoiding the crowd and so irritating that dumb fucks just don’t get it. It irks to see people storming supermarkets with this panic buying shit and occupying every space but we need to get away from this anger. Reading matters in those harrowing times. Just pick up a couple of good books and read on kindle that works wonders coupling it with reaching out to friends’ on Whatsapp. Staying and being confined to home can be upsetting but rewire things in the mind on how fun it can be marrying wfh, reading, watching web content such as Netflix or Prime and taking afternoon naps.

We can all beat this anxiety surrounding this monster of a virus that has its expiry date. Keep healthy ensuring 8 to 10 hours of sleep, indulge if you may in your favorite alcohol, pen a fiction-I have every intention to do that and munch on those chocolates, practice meditation, and yoga but don’t forget to have ginger, lemon, ginger and warm water suggested by someone boosting immunity. It matters to fight it out. I know something about the anxiety pangs for my travel plan went for a toss but am anyway planning for it in another two months for this China imported virus will go for a toss.

Cheerz to all of us



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Day 19: June in a nutshell!

I celebrated my birthday this week. Nah! Ain’t telling you the date! I believe the special day is personal and to spend with close friends and loved ones who matter, and M is one such friend who never misses calling me. Other friends make it a point to miss it and blaming on FB notification. Ha! I removed notifications from all social media since all the congratulatory wall writing can get overwhelming, at times. Not to say I didn’t enjoy in the past but one day, woke up and was like ‘Ok! That’s it!’ Deactivated this entire birthday notification.

Honestly, never saw the sense of sharing birthday with the entire world and don’t believe in celebrating, except gulping wine, treated self this time with a creamy Latte coffee and spent the entire day outside to avoid this feeling of being reminded of growing old. The best treat was speaking to M in Mumbai for hell long time that made it worth, indulging in book spree and watched Mowgli on Netflix.

Recovering from a terrible tooth removal last week and still feeling some pressure or pain on the impacted jaw. Since it’s winter in my part of the world, I was lucky in getting away with acute pain since an extraction in the cold means unbearable pain. There is another story to the tooth extraction, hinging on revisiting tragedy. I have quite a story started four years back when I passed out and last Friday, post the painful surgery, the only thing could do was shifting the dental chair. He asked if I am feeling dizzy. There was a cousin doctor by my side. I just told am going to pass out and was transported in a dream, when I woke up thinking thieves erupted in the room to kill me. Blame it on the cousin doctor wearing black. He held my palm to check the pulse, telling to relax. It seems funny. I always have this fainting trip when it comes to tooth surgery.

I spent the entire day to google about fainting after surgery and was surprised to read it’s common for patients to be struck by syncope, a medical situation when blood doesn’t flow properly from the hands to the brain. It did spoil my plans of having alcohol on the birth date but did with some wine. Tell you what! One day after the surgery, cheating with wine as well. Of course, munching on my favorite mint chocolate ice-cream is always an excuse.

Reading took a toll this month. Much to the chagrin, I can’t put myself reading at bedtime and right in winter, despite being surrounded by books, head is covered with blanket and sitting still with phone for company. It’s a shame actually on losing this art of reading at bed time and making me wonder on how technology took over the mind and trying to sit still without flapping the book cover. I have piles of books stashed at home to read and for motivation, went to buy few more books. Hope it does the trick in not just reading but also writing as well since the latter took a huge toll. Need to better organize my time schedule. So many blog topics get lost in translation and simply forgotten.

June is almost hitting a dead end and been quite a so…so month.  The cherry on cake is pending money is on its way to make me laugh to the bank and on the other, been thinking to go on quite a unique therapy. Believe it or not, I am planning to limit human interaction for the next two months. It can do wonder to the soul to curb the negative energy and thrum positive bells in the soul that gets tired easily by mindless socialization with people. It’s not that I’ve been socializing loads but one needs a people break from time-to-time.

Wishing you a happy June end and amazing July



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Day 18: Creative writing and guilt!

I am in awe of productive and efficient people juggling a day’s work, writing, reading and doing the run around to complete a deadline, hitting the gym, pub, and a date. Multitasking has become a far distant thing for me and inefficiency gnaws right at the cluttered wheel and robbing the chest thumping thunder. Cursing the self is my reality.

The book that I want to write and is close to my heart has been lost into translation forever, running away from it for a slew of months because of my creative inability.  Why this incapacity to write, be it the novel or for that matter, reading and penning posts on the blog. Blame it on time being more the self-defined devil and doling excuses. I had this discussion with Moushmi on her post. “Writing dilemma” on how disorganized we can be in a day. It got me thinking on how I am unable to prioritize and the first thought flowing in the mind is de-cluttering and tasks roiling at the back of the grey cell.

There are so many things staring at me, penning thoughts in the diary and wolfing pending books-there are lots of them on my disorganized and dusty table and that last-minute rush killing me. How about devoting days to concentrate on things and casting time aside, albeit hours, to sieve through things, taking a mental note and a deep breath. You name it, you get it! Start with yoga, jot a list of things to do, emails, read blogs, reading, watching Netflix-the giant killer of sucking times, social media-the dreaded devil and evening time-jotting interview questions in case you plan to interview someone, blogging at night and ending the day with reading and meditation. Sounds cool as an idea but almost undoable in a day.

We tend to put so many things in our day’s agenda and trust me, ending up doing zilch sends a shitty feeling of being completely mediocre. The writing mojo is yet to be reclaimed. Wishful thinking! How my author friends are able to wrap 100 pages draft in two months, a second draft for another month and wrap it up entirely in four months! Discipline and perseverance, they tell. But, how! Writing can be harrowing and over whelming, sketching characters and creating the human conflict taking days and months.

I am already thinking about quitting! 70 pages draft done over two years yet no way out, a couple of short stories lurched or left midway and attempt for a poetry book, vague ideas for short films, pending newspapers, magazines to finish. To make things worse, I have lost the art of reading at bedtime and can stay wide awake with my eyes staring at the ceiling fan but flipping pages with an invisible finger. In the quest for quick fix solution and it feels like trying to push an already open door for words may convey an empty expression. Yes! Right now.


With love



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Day 3: Hello February!

A lazy start to the year. I didn’t really write much. No office trip and sat at home, working and only this week, attended two professional meetings since Day One of the year.  Can you imagine! The perks of no compulsory office trip worked wonders and a treat being a freelancer sitting at home. Awfully hot weather in my part of the world and confining me to home since the priority is to avoid the sweltering heart, gulping lots of water and binge-watching on Netflix.

So many good stuffs I watched this year both on Amazon Prime and Netflix, almost finishing Wild Wild Country on Osho, both seasons of Little Things with Mithila Palkar, Powder, Soni an amazing film on women empowerment, gender equation in the police force and fighting patriarchy, Pahuna a Nepali slice of life film and wrapped up the first season of The Marvellous Mrs Maisel. I shall head to watch the Second Season, House of Cards and some fucking interesting good stuffs this month. February has just started like a flick of dust.

I cannot uncork a bottle of wine and one of my biggest failures doesn’t seem to leave me.  Tried yesterday and miserably failed at it. I was almost heart-broken, struggling with the corked bottle pushing the cap inside the red liquid. Bas! I was done and reason always to go with the twisting screw cap. Problem solved. Don’t laugh when I say pulling off a corked bottle is nothing less than Spiderman trudging buildings or sweating off like the biceps dude in a gym, showing the botoxed body, not that I have one. Uncorking a wine bottle can be as hard as fuck. The corkscrew looks fascinating yet intriguing like a hardcore criminal unlocking a safe to run away with million dollars. I shall fail as a thief.

Tried every trick in the book, googled how to uncork the bottle and following the You Tube tutorial to crack the code. I put the cork screw nail on the lid and started to pull it off but to no avail. Next, the help of a small knife to conjure the trick but again failure was written all over my face. Sweating over a bottle of wine and the last option like always, push the cork inside the bottle. Done. I put a strainer cupped on my wine glass and poured myself a drink.  The story of my life. I have pledged not to ever buy a corked bottle but one with a twisting cap. Too much of a headache using a corkscrew.

January was a record month reading 8 books, something I’ve never done in life, right from legal thriller, slice of life, biography and kindle books. I am on a reading spree and have no intention to slow done. Reading is about pleasure and taking time to read but till am famished, will not quench the hunger for amazing literature. I got myself Paulo Coelho’s Hippie and Shantaram for the third time in a decade. Shantaram serves wing to my Mumbai fascination and quite a story in itself for I never got back the two copies lent to friends.  Never on earth, I ain’t gonna lend this copy to anybody.



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Day 39: Temptation to resist in season’s ending

Fist bang, tear and wink, slice of fruit, unquenched thirst for romance, silly kiss, euphoria and unsettled goals, half-baked dreams and a toss soon mangling a year into tiny shreds. Would you believe it! Feel like a decade of days, weeks and months flitting to celebrate a new dawn.

The flapping of diary pages and tearing the calendar will be rendered into oblivion super soon. The trickiest part is it didn’t leave us with time to mull over things and giving wings to our thoughts for time will he history like ripened juicy mangoes falling off the tree in the new season. A year will soon end. One would argue another month is left and December preparing itself to fawn all over the orchard to make it grow and happen.

A lost opportunity is a missed opportunity. Misses and hit for the year! I’ve lost count for there has been rekindled hope, optimism, defeat-not really but ground to up the game, triumph and growth. Post-Diwali, I am on a sweet detox and contrary to earlier times, my sweet tooth resisted all temptation for two weeks, except dry raisin or fruits. Unsure, whether you would call it sweetened stuff. So far, so good! Got reason to cheer and be thankful to keep away. I got the kick from someone I follow on Twitter going on detox and it’s not that there is no pastry temptation but choose to keep away for quite some time. Let me stay away for a month to stretch the endurance.

Today makes two weeks of writing non-stop and took upon me to target writing every day till the year ends. The writing took a beating for almost two years and the only way to tackle the downturn is to keep jotting every single day. I think the trick lies in making a plan on topics to write on a weekly basis and that way, writer’s block doesn’t surface. A fine strategy for it’s working pretty well.

November has been a pretty interesting month reading wise when I finished some interesting books, The Subtle Art of Not Giving a Fuck, Ultimate Grandmother Hacks on balancing health and diet by the amazing Kavita Devgan, just wrapped Galahad at Blandings-PG Wodehouse. I personally love Wodehouse intelligence, wit and sarcasm in portraying old British humor which is effortless and carries its own indelible charm. Adding to the list is Chetan Bhagat’s The Girl in Room 105 built on quite an interesting premise but faraway from CB’s Five Point Someone and not a bad book. I am halfway through but let’s say CB redeems himself in a way after the super boring One Indian Girl. The book could have been terrific had he chosen sticking to his forte romance but it stretches beyond where love meets religion and investigation trail lingering on suspense. Hope the book surprises me since halfway through and would be thrilling to see a turnaround much to the reader’s delight.

I turned into a model on Saturday. A photographer friend experimenting with the different shots and close-ups with various camera angles which I happily did with him. A new experience, standing straight, look into the lenses, fixing gaze to the far right. So much. I shall share an entire post with images next week.

Have a wonderful weekend



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Day 36: Do you take a well deserved break?

Have you thought of taking a well-deserved break? I don’t mean the social media, FB break taken personally every year by deactivating the account, decluttering the mind and cutting off from all news feed. Social media break is therapeutic so is cutting off from work to break away from a year drudgery. I normally take my break during Diwali time for five days where I don’t check office email or go through my Linkedin which is mostly an extension of professional life or for that matter personal mail.

Work detox is an extremely important step for working professionals and little do we realize its relevance to rejuvenate the batteries. You don’t need to book a hotel or weekend gateway, hop on the next flight to Europe and/or sitting by the sea, overrated stuff to shorn off from everything to find yourself. Unfortunately, the marketing gimmicks get too much and such a sore temptation to grab things that we may lack like expensive hotel stays or foreign trips to come full circle. It’s the biggest lie we are told. I am drifting!

A productive break can mean doing nothing, just sit and savor the moment. I spent five days, lazing around and waking up late, read a couple of books. I wrapped Lokmanya Tilak’s biography, Ruchira Khanna’s RSVP and almost done with The Subtle Art of Not Giving a Fuck by Mark Manson. The latter is an amazing book and offering a practical approach to life, unlike the so-called over emphasized Gurus asking to run against the tide. The sheer joy of taking things slowly without any pressure is an efficient way to declutter. It can be anything and like in my case, sitting and munching on Diwali mithai with chai during the day and afternoon.

I was able to take things slowly this time and deleted the imperviousness of pressure or for that matter, running against time to fulfill deadline in my dictionary. We need this moment to be with ourselves in today’s crazy times where we forget our individuality in this mad rat race or the quest of making unlimited money. Just slow down. Period. Of course, I caught with the over-hyped Diwali release, Thug of Hindostan turning out to be the only dark spot in my holiday and was one of the most ridiculous things I ever did.

Taking a break is painted as complex or doing something extraordinary. Nothing farther from the truth for we can enjoy the simple things made beautifully. This festive season I cleaned my bookshelf and table, discarded quite a few things. The real de-clutter in the room demanded my attention and creating space in the room to breathe easy. Positive energy brings a pretty feeling to the mind and soul.

A balancing act pretty much sums up my short vacation. A friend’s daughter has turned three and we had a party after celebrating the little munchkin birthday, getting sloshed and catching up with pals. Go into a state of mindfulness, sit by the sea if you may, spend time with a book, practice yoga, enjoy your drink, wake up super late and binge on Netflix to find yourself.