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Shattered love! lick the venom!

Twirling madness,

emotional high,

heart’s adrenaline,

called love,

destroyer of the soul,

stop languishing at the shattered heart,

caress the bruises,

had you not loved, lost and torn apart,

intensity would be alien to you!

revel in the beauty and magnitude,

pain is an ode to the soul,

swim in the sea of sorrow,

navigate through the defeats,

stormy past,

emotional hurricane,

you need it the most,

we all do!

lick the poisonous cream,

taste the venom,

a battered heart is nectar,

swirling on the tongue,

come and break the heart,

who has the courage?

one emotion that makes the soul,

immortal and seamless.






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Unrealism of love

You gonna smell the rat;

Poisonous love;

Twirling of fingers;

Pure bliss;

Cavernous alley;

Seeker lost inside the labyrinth;

Treachery path;

Love can take us to the dark alley,

seeking the God of love;

Watering down to illusion;

It’s the mind playing havoc;

No love ain’t too big to lose the self;

Worshipping the obsessed hearts,

whom death couldn’t do them part;

Poetic justice;

Happens only in the after thought,

and garden of Eden and Eve;

Love can be unreal;

The unrealism hold it’s force;

The might of love;