Happy Diwali, splash of sweet and celebrating identity


Earthen lamps,

colorful candles,

golden hearts,

swing together,

it’s celebration time,

a splash of sweets,

indulge in the exuberance of lights shining on faces,

make someone’s joy,

a child not favored by the stars,

after all, it’s the festival of lights,

igniting passion,

tolerance of each other’s culture, rites and food,

it’s not a preserve of a few,

happiness of sharing tons of sweet,

lighting the lamp forever in the hearts,

the land of the free,

the vibrant crowd,

uncover the lid of prejudices,

it’s Diwali,

magnificence cut beyond border,

caste, religion or gender,

celebrating our identity,

fireworks minus the cracker,

seamless horde of people sashaying,

together where there shall be no difference,

shed ignorance.

get rid of the darkness.

Happy Diwali



Har ek pal bit gaya aur reh gaya

Ek hawa ka jhonka

Aur neend udh gaya

Yeh mere bewafa sanam nahin tha

Par waqt ka takaza,

Iss par se uss par,

Uttar dakshin se

Purab paschim tak,

Hawa ka tez ruk koi nahin badal paya

Hum kaun hai

Sirf ek aatma

Yakayat se koi nahin jeet paya

Ek mulakat tha,

Bohot saare mulaqatein kyon ki hum sab panchiyaan hai

Iss safar mein

Jo rehengaya sirf yaadein

Ek biti pal jo dil mein bas gaya

Aisa lagta hain ke yeh tooti pooti zindagi

Hum se aagey nikal gaya

Love melts and fizzling emotion

Love and emotions are popcorn,

let it melt inside the tongue,

for it will burst or fizzle like the colas,

joy is momentary,

craving for someone,

ice cream kiss,

enjoy it before it melts,

every drop of water counts,




burn the regret,

flush it down the drain,

time cannot be reclaimed,

be young and reckless,


yes, you heard it right,

there is no age to love and lose,

be an emotional wreck,

so what!

avoid this trap,

they love to tell us lies,

dare and break bones,

conquer the heart,

trudge fearlessly,

bury the failures,

never shy,

fall in love over and again,







Mojo of heart break

Soak in the muddy mess,

untie the mind’s laces,

declutter the wings,

the love that wasn’t meant to be,

bury everything,

feed the pigeons with the disappointment,

sprinkle the tears in the ocean

the heartbreak will sway to your tune,

make it your mojo,

no love is too big to lose,

press the heart,

carve a house of free abandon,

let the hurt flow,

heal the bruise with mud,

make the pain a sheer joy and madness,

you’ve dared and love,

regret is another name for barely living,

burn the dead corpse,

residing with the ghosts,

no past is haunting,

it’s your moksha.





Traveler’s dilemma

Kites undoing each other,

cutting loose strings,

you know this feeling, right!

illusion in the berserk mind,

spinning sensation,

twirling on the dance floor,

gyrating with ghosts,

imaginary souls,

the heart beat,

anxiety pang,

life has left you in a lurch,


no thread to hang on to,

ditched by circumstances,

cursing the skies and storms,

a slippery slope,

gotta climb on top again,

it’s no child play,

nor it’s impossible,

random thoughts,

a traveler’s dilemma,

puzzle to be solved,

mystery of existence,

highs and lows,

sugar and salt,

laughter and tears,

dare you!

read my mind






Unclip the wings, dreams and undampened spirits

to conquer dreams and soar in the sky,

never asked for extravagant,

humble dreams and aspirations,

to make it big,

years have passed,

battered I may have been,

weakened and bruised,

the desire to win may have calmed down,

knocked I am,

slowly getting up on the heel,

ready to run,

dare you,

come and beat my spirit,

undampened enthusiasm,

the heart is young,

raring to fall in love again,

no age to fuck up,

unclip the wings,

soar in the sky,

dream catcher,

holding the stars in the hand,

the destination is waiting for me,

i still dream,

make paper boats to carry me in the storm,

keep dreaming,

stay inspired forever,

falling in love,


chasing the aimless.

PS: Dhadak Dhadak is one of my favorite songs in the college days and it inspired this poem taking me back to those days. It still inspires me to chase dreams.

With love



Wild days, heart break and pain

The days of heart-break and pain,

every time it told a new story,

unrequited love,

loosened grip on destiny,


Image sourced from http://68.media.tumblr.com

wild heart,

it now belongs to another era,

dusting every pain with a sprinkle of salt,

flushing the scars,

a smile to bury the disappointment,

turning the leaf of time,

carefree days,

exploring the soul,

letting loose,

it pulls every time like a magnet,


every single second counted,

verging on extremities,

losing one’s way,

to the flavor of alcohol,





never shied away to burn the tongue,

blood tasted like water,


unquenched thirst,

tripping  on the wet road to hold rain drop inside the palm,

it bore no shame,

a song for every occasion,

drenched in every sauce,

left behind in memory’s trove.