Wild love in Maximum City

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Wild love, we made,

in the dark alleys of Maximum City

It ain’t dope

The addiction of lovelorn souls

Feeding on Jazz by the Bay

Who needs food?

We are mind vagabonds

I read your lip

You taste my mind

Nectarine pleasure

A sensual adventure that blew our heads

sending electrifying sensation down the spine

It’s no fake orgasm

Spinning in our passion

Words speaking to quench the soul’s thirst

A journey that has no end

taking each other to an unknown destination

at the peak of envy

No power can douse the flame



What is love?


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What is love?

A shot of adrenaline pumping

Pint of restlessness and breathlessness

A heart lost in no time to an invisible scent

Her fragrance and cosmic pull

Fragmented in pieces

The divine touch

Flutter of roses

Electrifying touch

sending rippling waves

Churning emotions like the glacier

Filling seamless ocean

Quenching the thirst

Sensation and touches that cut deep

The emptiness of a heart,

breaking all rules to conquer the unconquered

A painful and bruised heart

It derives joy in a heart shattered into pieces

Call it what you may,

love find its identity in different forms,

making a pale shadow of itself

It’s called love.







Life will go on!

White swan in the pool of water

Lonely kid singing loudly,

for the silver Gandhi coin

Pigeon flocking its way above the sea to reach the sky

Wings clipped in fear of falling

We are our biggest foes,

scared of our own shadow

A child’s parched throat longing for the steamy cup of tea

He cannot afford the tea

chased away for having dirty feet soiled in mud

A city life envied by many

The migrants sleep on an empty stomach

Unfulfilled dream

curse the destiny

The class divide where the urban elite throws money

and the poor long for Vada Pav to fill the stomach

The Monsoon has started and rain pouring

A violent curse for some

For the rest of us, it’ s a blessing from the sky

We will whine on our fate, laugh together and fight our way in the railway compartment

Deep chasm in life and emotions


Life will go on!






Embrace of the wind

Subtle breeze brings a comfort that runs through the soul

Admiring the drops in the ocean

Friendly gaze at the trees at night, silent water and sky at rest

Sitting in silence

A gentle embrace of the wind holding us in its fold

A moment of solitude that would never wane

Seeking peace within the surrounding

Walking miles to pluck cherries jamoon on trees in gay abandon

A whistle is heard from afar

the wailing train’s siren signalling the last destination

It shall never be the last journey sought








Chalkboard days of simplicity and rebellion

A decade of memory,

carefree days of rebel,



the scent of a girl,

the fragrance of Vodka and Whisky,

wafting in the spirit,

Memory can be painful,

bruising the soul in places that hurt the most,

Retrieving moments lost and captured,

it’s like laying the soul to rest,


chill tremor felt inside the body,

cheap tobacco stench,

the pal feasting on Gudang Garam,

girls sipping Breezer,

the men tasting the river of Imperial Blue, Old Monk Rum, and Romanov Vodka,

Life wasn’t a bed rose of scotch in those days.

Plain and simple chalkboard days of simplicity.


Smokey morning


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Haze of the early winter

Opening the eyes to the swan song of

cooing birds, barking dogs, and honking

Not just another day

Smokey morning

Mooring of the ships

Tea brewed and served hot in glasses

Fritters served on the road stall

Fresh air percolates through the nostrils

Cute kids incarnate marshmallow in school uniforms

The blue symphony blows in the mind

The trumpet of life blasts to full volume

Shivering sensation

Life is like the power steam engine,

revving up to fly high and touching the sky

Rolling into one,

steamy tea,

morning mist,

capturing the dark glory of life,

remaining buried forever in the mind









Monday reflection: Shade of sunset


Image credit: Google/Flicker/Mohammad Habib

Blue curtains.

Velvet fabric for all seasons.

Azure blue sky.

Shade of sunset.

Shadow of striking sunlight.

Tranquil water.

Reflection of skyline.

Human emotions swathing,

into tiny dollops of balloons.

Make a wish!


Fancy imagination.


Crystal rings.


Shaping beauty of magnet.

A bit like our fascinating destiny.

Parapet! Bearer of our dark secrets.

Boulders hiding our veiled existence.

Turmoil of the seas, hiding beneath the rocks.

Soothing the soul and spirit.

Haunting past.

Present knows no bound.

Future is always scary and intriguing.

Connecting the thread of two lives.

Interconnected together.

It makes a fascinating and untold tale.