Dance in wilderness


Churning a miracle

vibes and bonding,

life has its own strange and intriguing ways,

a chain of liberated souls,

like the seamless ocean,

conspiracy of the divine,

magical are the relationships spurned,

words human speak,

connecting hearts and souls,

tapestry of dreams,

concocting a delicacy,

savored beyond life and death,

sweet and sour,

highs and lows,

for the elixir shall never be reached,

a limitless journey,

extraordinary waits behind the door,

we shall never know!

never abandon hope when there is none,

dance in wilderness.


Thousand heart beat and steamy glass of tea


Droplet of water,

plopped inside the cutting chai,

hiding under the tiny tent,

water sprinkled and drenched the long hair,

snipers barricading the steamy tea,

saving it from the water,

no human nor liquid can save its skin from the splash,

a sensual gaze flitted past the manly gaze,

emotion ran deep inside his body,

water flew through her perfect sculpt,

carved with finesse,

eyelid popped open at her gaze,

she flew like the brittle wind,

thousands heartbeat,

a fresh gulp,

tongue burnt,

she disappeared in the flick of seconds,


mesmerizing beauty.



Technology and elderly


Donning the avatar of a sulking child,

elderly have their fair share of whining,

not for a toy,

nor a chocolate,

a silly WhatsApp message from their son or daughter,

screw it!

it’s not even working,

who is to be blamed?

The youth glued to the smartphones for the entire day,

can’t even fix the bug!

they resemble a jilted lover,

crying hoarse over the world’s ruthless way,

denying the joy of instant messages,

who chased us off the streets!

I ain’t even judging our elders,

amused on how social media and technology,

driving normal sapiens into the world of insanity,

technology is another name for havoc.





Intimacy and wild lie


Spinning a tapestry of dreams,

unsaid words,

if only, I could utter the three-letter words to her,

everything is a lie,

passionate kiss,

wild intimacy,

gentle caress in the dark night,

I tell her, wanna make love to your mind,

she jotted her phone number with the red lipstick,

inviting me in her room,

a lie told to  each other,

she tells me, ‘hush let me take you to the honey bliss,

lick the juice in the vineyard’

we didn’t make love to our beautiful minds,

the hardened flesh bore our savageness,

violently trudging the body lines,

only the scars and regret remain,

silent night owls witnessed treachery to our souls.






Happy Diwali, splash of sweet and celebrating identity



Earthen lamps,

colorful candles,

golden hearts,

swing together,

it’s celebration time,

a splash of sweets,

indulge in the exuberance of lights shining on faces,

make someone’s joy,

a child not favored by the stars,

after all, it’s the festival of lights,

igniting passion,

tolerance of each other’s culture, rites and food,

it’s not a preserve of a few,

happiness of sharing tons of sweet,

lighting the lamp forever in the hearts,

the land of the free,

the vibrant crowd,

uncover the lid of prejudices,

it’s Diwali,

magnificence cut beyond border,

caste, religion or gender,

celebrating our identity,

fireworks minus the cracker,

seamless horde of people sashaying,

together where there shall be no difference,

shed ignorance.

get rid of the darkness.

Happy Diwali


Har ek pal bit gaya aur reh gaya


Ek hawa ka jhonka

Aur neend udh gaya

Yeh mere bewafa sanam nahin tha

Par waqt ka takaza,

Iss par se uss par,

Uttar dakshin se

Purab paschim tak,

Hawa ka tez ruk koi nahin badal paya

Hum kaun hai

Sirf ek aatma

Yakayat se koi nahin jeet paya

Ek mulakat tha,

Bohot saare mulaqatein kyon ki hum sab panchiyaan hai

Iss safar mein

Jo rehengaya sirf yaadein

Ek biti pal jo dil mein bas gaya

Aisa lagta hain ke yeh tooti pooti zindagi

Hum se aagey nikal gaya

Love melts and fizzling emotion


Love and emotions are popcorn,

let it melt inside the tongue,

for it will burst or fizzle like the colas,

joy is momentary,

craving for someone,

ice cream kiss,

enjoy it before it melts,

every drop of water counts,




burn the regret,

flush it down the drain,

time cannot be reclaimed,

be young and reckless,


yes, you heard it right,

there is no age to love and lose,

be an emotional wreck,

so what!

avoid this trap,

they love to tell us lies,

dare and break bones,

conquer the heart,

trudge fearlessly,

bury the failures,

never shy,

fall in love over and again,