Unclip the wings, dreams and undampened spirits

to conquer dreams and soar in the sky,

never asked for extravagant,

humble dreams and aspirations,

to make it big,

years have passed,

battered I may have been,

weakened and bruised,

the desire to win may have calmed down,

knocked I am,

slowly getting up on the heel,

ready to run,

dare you,

come and beat my spirit,

undampened enthusiasm,

the heart is young,

raring to fall in love again,

no age to fuck up,

unclip the wings,

soar in the sky,

dream catcher,

holding the stars in the hand,

the destination is waiting for me,

i still dream,

make paper boats to carry me in the storm,

keep dreaming,

stay inspired forever,

falling in love,


chasing the aimless.

PS: Dhadak Dhadak is one of my favorite songs in the college days and it inspired this poem taking me back to those days. It still inspires me to chase dreams.

With love



Wild days, heart break and pain

The days of heart-break and pain,

every time it told a new story,

unrequited love,

loosened grip on destiny,


Image sourced from http://68.media.tumblr.com

wild heart,

it now belongs to another era,

dusting every pain with a sprinkle of salt,

flushing the scars,

a smile to bury the disappointment,

turning the leaf of time,

carefree days,

exploring the soul,

letting loose,

it pulls every time like a magnet,


every single second counted,

verging on extremities,

losing one’s way,

to the flavor of alcohol,





never shied away to burn the tongue,

blood tasted like water,


unquenched thirst,

tripping  on the wet road to hold rain drop inside the palm,

it bore no shame,

a song for every occasion,

drenched in every sauce,

left behind in memory’s trove.












Quilled heart


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Stain of ink on white sheet,

you marvel on the love letter,

fragrance of rose,

pouring my heart,

drop of tear,

releasing emotions,

it’s no coy sentimentality,

longing for your tresses,

fragmented soul,

feel the pain,

i dare you cannot,

for its words that drench your senses,

my story,

stroking her scent,

perfume that pierces every bit of my mind,

love is no entertainment,

no curry for my soul,

craved for her,

battling my demons,

for having loved and lost,

you lust for my poetry,

my letter of love,



I ain’t looking for empathy,

torn and battered,

emotions poured,

grief unraveled,

the love that cannot be saved,

it charms you,

besotted I am,

her gaze,


killing me every second,

she didn’t tear the letter,

the quill dried.






Lost echoes

Possessed souls,

spirits and djinns scything in the dark,

shrieking to break the cage,

a litany longing for freedom,

unfettering the claws,

a city lies in ruins,

shattered lives,

decrepit walls and wails,

choked by the lost echoes,

voices buried and dug in the pit

tapestry of rainbow shrouded in distant dreams,

seeker of unblemished love,

soiled by prejudices and hatred,

a land where humans swear by the skin’s color,

no home for children,

losing the battle,

it’s no fancy tale or wonderland,

crushed aspirations,

ghouls wearing the cloak of humanity,

travesty of sentiment,

empty stomachs,

massacre of innocent hearts




Sunrise’s mojo and swinging spirit

Dewy morning

dark sky

glowing moon surfacing

lighting a light in the heart

healing spirit

shining on the soul

erasing the scars

opening the moist eyes

contemplating in silence

kaleidoscope of emotions

spirit swinging and soaring

hitting a high

who needs booze?

existence is a drug!

thriving on cocktail




sunrise’s mojo

gently caressing furs,

igniting the chakra

coalescing into one whole,

it’s no mathematical equation

the chemistry of the heart and mind,

put to rest assumptions






blow the bubble

unfold the palm,

flicker the mound of baggage in the air.








Silent whisper in the dark night

Silent whisper,

susurration of gentle stream,

disappearing in the fading distance,

a long night,

creepy voices,

fluttering of wind,

mind at rest,

fighting the storm raging inside the body,

peace is a heavy price to pay,

liberated soul,

unfulfilled prayer,

come and claim the body,

I challenge the Gods!

it shall not be!

Emerging victorious from the jaw of death,

they think!

wounds shall remain,

true liberation doesn’t reside in the battered body!


a pound of flesh,

wandering aimlessly,

it’s no triumph,

a curse to fight death at every second,

tired and crumpled i am,

my imagination soars in the dark night,

hello poet,

weaving the strings,

creating illusion,








Enticing flavor, Goddess of passion

Duvet’s comfort,

gaping at the quill,

in the quest for freedom

sidling on the pathway,

under the shade of the jamoon tree,

fresh stroke of air,

soggy sensation

thumping heart beat,

strutting birds in pecking order,

wisp of smoke curled,

spun with the sea breeze

An amorous sensation,

gentle drizzle plopped inside the steamy tea

Perfume of tender flower,

whirring at the nostril’s edge


rapture of senses,

Scent of the unknown,

enticing flavor,

intriguing steps,

flitting like light

she can’t be love!

Greek Goddess of passion?!