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Fear not the unexpressed!

Beauty lies somewhere,

in our scars and nerves,

tears that flow,

unquenched thirst of love,

solace needn’t be painful,

a lonely road trudged,

in search of ourselves,

romance waltzing in the mind,

flow is just an expression,

coming to terms with nuances,

past and present,

hurt is what it takes,

shaking the inner soul,

demystifying our inner emotions,

the unexpressed,

needn’t be sadness,

joy held inside,

clayed humans,

defined by vagaries,

the trees shall speak,

nurtured are roots and leaves,

unspoken words,

only our inner can hear,

fear it not!






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Goddess of lust

Blurred eyes,

my pendulum swing,

intoxication is madness,

a sensuous voice,

tossing by my side,

you are my vodka shots,

scent of fragrance,

lighting flame in our bodies,

flick n chill,

snipper’s intensity,

gotta kill me with your eyes,

sword piercing the heart,

a bullet never kills,

waning in dust,

waking up inebriated,

high on invisible enigma,

nymph of imagination,

sexless love,

goddess of lust,

are you an imagination?

maketh the mind losing sanity,

i ain’t cheap booze,

passing out in a sip.









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Myriad emotions of silence

Silence is darkness,

silence is pause,

syllable in prayer,

silence is chakra,

silence is heartbeat,

hymn and composition,

silence is music unsung,

lyrics composed,

silence is the blank mind,

silence is pain,

silence is oxymoron,

healing the broken me,

nursing wounds,

balm to the soul,

silence is the unsung emotions,

unexpressed emotions,

silence is transported in the unknown,

silence is love,

transported in my land,

silence is me,

silence is you,

silence is the clean air,

silence is the beauty of living and non-living,

silence is my soul,

barred open,

silence is worshipping your Goddess aura,

silence is mythical and myriad.





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Infinity’s child, so I am!

I am light,

i am feather,

walking deserted land and streets,

i am silence,

flying in the realm,

past clouds and mountains,

i am kindred souls,

i do not wield swords,

fighting evils,

but with love,

i am compassion,

i know no hate,

for sweetness in words,

annihilate human poison,

i am the tapestry dusting off prejudices,

i am shorn of harm,

a prayer where living and non living cohabit,

i am forests, rivers and lakes,

i am revered,

i am the tall towers,

i am divinity,

i am the trunks, animals, roots and nature,

infinity’s child.








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Lost to eluded voices

the years hath pass,

sometimes stroke the senses,

reminiscing emotions,

an innocent smile at elapsing seconds,

buried under burden of time,

rose fragrance,

piercing nostril with past memories,

a celebrated song,

cornucopia of happy years,

everything hit a peak,

where none recognize boundaries,

they say I romance words,

look for pain where none exist,

i am an adventurer,

a warrior,

lone at times,

seeking answers,

haunted and eluded voices,

conscience and thoughts are morbid,

seeped in illusion,

what do i look for?

O’ lover,

romance is the missed arrow,

love making is no salvation,

faraway and endless destination,

is where i belong.









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Story of forever

A story has no end,

the imagination,

scars and pains felt,

moments of happiness,

the reckoning striking,

at speed of light,

ah! friends we could have made,

conversation with the self,

a soul friend,

coming alive,

celebrating bond in words,

a story-teller,

baking fun and intense conversations,

tiny quibbles,

overcoming obstacles,

with bonding shared,

look at the sky,

close the eyes,

smiles traced by the whitish cloud,

oh! friend!

what you made of!

clay and mud,

some call wooden toy,

alive you are,

one day dead,

the next vivid,

again invisible,

a game played forever.




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Dance of eternity

Wilted foliage,

spanning joyous tune,

faded sound of flute,

flecked wings,

traversing oceans and storms,

imagining rain dance,

sashaying to the pitter-patter drops,

dancing in abandon,

this invisible woman,

white drenched skirt,

unheard voices,

taking me away from temptations,

worldly guilt,

removing droplets of pain,

faraway from this world.

we shall make our creation,

baked with love and empathy,

judgment filtered,

a world when none is sin or righteous,

we are virtues,

dancing to eternity,

rain is an illusion,

wild invisible woman,

belongs to the sky,

marauding in stormy mind,

brewing in steamed waters,

flicking in the light,

eluding senses,

blown in curly ringlet of smoke.







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The lost note

Drizzle cold sensation,

capturing limbs,

dash of rain capturing skins,

locked in winter,

blowing smoke out of nothingness,

flickered breeze,

windy chime,

circled fragrance,

dreams lost in imagination.

in the quest of aimless arrow,

hitting the lost sky,

sun wiped to rains,

a season of aura,

intoxicated minds,

sepulchral intonation,

tones of sadness,

music weaved and lost notes,

to heart breaking into tiny pieces,

a new tune,

waking up to the dotted sky,

imagined land of chasm,

healed hearts.



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The years’ gone!

Where have all those years gone?

The sadness of joy,

erupting with volcanic force,

reminding of moments,

laughing together,

anger in the company of friends,

days that pass,

a decade left and lost.

waking up to new present.

flash and spur of vivid moments,

tales told in flashback tune,

laugh for there is no regret,

the moment that cannot be reclaimed,

tilled land,

washed ashore,

in the non-existent,

the new,

fated friends,

sprinkled with destiny’s force,

reunion crossing seas,

soaked into memory,

enmeshed into the day’s reality,

minor quibbles in spirited high,

for emotions ain’t gone anywhere.






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Emotional porn game

Tis hath no fury,

last song composed,

love note,

undying lover,

where art lost my tune?

better shores,

forgotten romance,

lost to the west wind,

east breeze,

northern memory,

southern pain,

mapping an invisible love,

restlessness trudging the boulders,

pain is the last stanza composed,

years passed,

wrinkled face wearing pains of past,

woeful letters,

unquenched love exudes no tragedy,

weaver of words.

how i play the emotional porn game,

seeing no red,

blood shall flow,

love needs no passion,

poetry is an interwoven tale of lies,

au revoir.