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Pain of farewell and goodbye

Farewell is painful,

the death tunnel,


angst and agony of the traveler,

leaving the shores and nest,

for an infinite destination,

a soulless journey in the faraway,

forsaking happiness of a place,


shorn of feeling,

death staring at the face,

battling emotions that haunt,

powerful yet invisible shadow,

who is the enemy?

soldiering ahead and wiping the journey that once gave limitless happiness,

the page is flipping to reach a climax,

fraught with surprises,

of not so happy ending,

discovering joy may be,

making a new journey,

a route with no nigh,

no goodbye!





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An abyss and phoenix’s rising to bliss

The abyss,

a wedge of heart and soul,

dark and infinite alley,

seamless possibilities,


rising above the sea and flame,

like the Phoenix,

i am alive,

scathed and bruised,

the mark of victory,

fighting the odds,

the fire shall not consume me,

of sex and alcohol,

the party that ravaged,

an explosive cocktail,

weaving the tapestry of dreams,

don’t give them a bad name,

the pathway of bliss,

enjoying every second of intensity,

it ain’t a curse.





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Be them!

Flap the pages,

ink a new tale on a blank leaf,

march in the unknown territory,

jump inside the icy storm,

tick the clock fast forward,

make a deal with time,

challenge the planet,

be wild,

kiss the unknown,

be the rain and sunshine,

smear the snowflake on the face,

chuck out dime and coin,

sing on the street for chillar,

travel the world shabbily,

be a poor nomad,

wear the cloak of invisibility,

take a new identity,

every single day,

alien language,



celebrate the unique you,

be them.



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Impermanence of everlastings!

Everlasting love and relationships!

whoever told so!

Nothing stays permanently,

not the bruise,




chocolate of romance,

or excitement of till death do us apart,

a face reminds us of the romance season

change the season,

pain can be healed,

create fresh memories,

make new moments,

stay alive,

fragmented pieces don’t make a whole,

bury the past,

if you may,

unfetter the wings,

forever shall be relegated to the ruined palace,

lick your wounds,

spit the poison of separation,

you are no snake,

to be rattled and conquered!




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Corny feeling and a metaphor

O’ stranger!

spontaneous love,

plain serendipity,

an identity,

a metaphor,

or just nameless creatures!

romance is passé,

we paint in various shades,

chuck the cloak,

our faces,

invisible to the world,

drab feelings,

close the eyes,

to fairy tales,

human needs are plain,


urge to kiss and forget,

a harmless, intimate affair,

heat it,

listen to the sound,

our corny love,

a taste of dew,

don’t throw the dirty looks,

my babe,

the feminine finger licking your red lip,

not chocolate,

intense eyes,

plain murder,

bury your feeling and craving,

not worth it!

This inchoate sentiment!



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Sparrow in the mirror is sacred to seamless souls

Book Review: Sparrow in the Mirror

Author: Kunal Uniyal

Rating: Three and a half stars


Image credit: Goodreads.



The verses eponymous with the displacement of minds, cherished identity, death, and love for mother coalescing into seamless emotions, joy and chasm of existence embedded into our complex relations. Kunal Uniyal’s Sparrow in the mirror depicts the flow of intense imagery visualized in a searing manner that pushes us towards the crude reality, at times painful and the other soothing, the momentary joy that we often relegate into oblivion as we are caught up in the humdrum of routine life.

The book is a collection of poetry interweave together, lyrical at times and a flurry of vastly intense emotions constituting its intrinsic beauty. It soothes the soul like a balm and prayer that cures the reader of its complexities or bruises that resides in the mind, albeit the maladies inflicted on us in various forms.

The poems right from Sparrow in the Mirror to House of Life and Mother takes the readers on a path of devotion becoming the voice of the mother waiting for the son with bated breath or exploring the nuanced tales of envy, jealousy, confinement of one’s image in glass and the constant fear we live in where shying from one’s shadow is perhaps the biggest punishment for a fettered mind. The unadulterated love of a mother who often finds herself lonely but doesn’t think twice to hold and protect her cubs from the evil ways of the world is paid the perfect tribute and divinely revered by the author.

In ‘What is death?’ the author explores the layers of complexity and metaphysical, painting it with a brush of renaissance and liberation which is beyond sadness or the common understanding of the world. The lines are beautifully done:

“Is it a dark abyss or a sacred rite?

Or is it subtle, sublime yet supreme delight?

Or liberation of soul from the desire filled hive’

He offers hope in the wake of extreme pain and bruises to showcase that it may not be the end of anything and ravaging the ego to make a fresh beginning.  ‘Dwarfed by Ego’ is a gem that speaks about love and possession, something powerful and simple that ordinary mortals may not understand.

Face behind Face is about the mask of fake identity that we brandish in town that dehumanize us at every second of life and we are often at the crossroad, albeit in conflict with the real identity or detachment of the spirit. Of course, Liberty is about setting the self-free in all forms and ‘Who am I?’ taps into the divine light or manifestation done in the delectable spirit to spread the wings free. The ‘Quest for Truth’ is all about surrender to the divine form where Captain Kunal makes a beautiful analogy to Jesus Christ, tried on the cross and one can interpret how conveyers of truth are dealt mercilessly in today’s times. The examples are telling and one shall refrain from crossing the threshold of poetry to give it an undertone in the current political scenario.

The author beautifully ends the collection by paying the fitting tribute and devotion to his lord, Krishna who is the only ‘supreme’ force, the friend, advisor and enthralling warrior who plays the perfect flute. There is something called the dance of envy and I call it the poem of the divine.


Concluding Remarks:

Kunal Uniyal’s Sparrow in the mirror is not just a modicum of expression to relay words but a sacred prayer laden with an intensity that rings an echo in the hearts and minds’ chakra to awaken seamless souls that makes the vibrant universe. No poetry lover can afford to miss ‘Sparrow in the mirror’ weaved in the simplest language that will help them discover another facet and depth embedded in poems.


PS: The book Sparrow in the mirror was sent to me by the author Captain Kunal Uniyal in exchange for a honest review. You can check the blurb on Goodreads, click here to get a copy and connect with the author on Twitter.




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My ear, her lullaby


mother’s affection,

flowing with love,

the laughs,

graceful smile,

all she knew,

to offer unbridled joy,

a giver,

the voice ringing an echo,

my ear,

her lullaby,

childhood moments,

a womb,

filled with warmth,

radiant and charming personality.

such souls are rare to come,

a huge part of my childhood flew,

the voice shall no longer be heard,

seamless affection,

the end of it,

what remains,

shall be forever moments to cherish,

the belief that she was going to make it,

rising from the ashes,

wasn’t meant to be,

blessings remain forever,

the vibes,

I bow in gratitude to her,

Goddess and angel,

has to go back to her home,

nestled among the stars.

With love


PS: This poem is dedicated to my bua who passed away today after battling a long illness and couldn’t thank her enough for all the love in the world.