Monday reflection: Shade of sunset

Blue curtains. Velvet fabric for all seasons. Azure blue sky. Shade of sunset. Shadow of striking sunlight. Tranquil water. Reflection of skyline. Human emotions swathing, into tiny dollops of balloons. Make a wish! Love. Fancy imagination. Speed. Crystal rings. Emeralds. Shaping beauty of magnet. A bit like our fascinating destiny. Parapet! Bearer of our dark […]

Unrealism of love

You gonna smell the rat; Poisonous love; Twirling of fingers; Pure bliss; Cavernous alley; Seeker lost inside the labyrinth; Treachery path; Love can take us to the dark alley, seeking the God of love; Watering down to illusion; It’s the mind playing havoc; No love ain’t too big to lose the self; Worshipping the obsessed […]

Writer’s mind

Writer! Oh! Writer! Living in his own imaginative world. Love, hate, passion, break up and sentimentality! The orgasm of words faked. It’s kitsch! Dream-seller! Stack of lies. How proud I am of him? Prophet of doom. Lyrical expression, singing the tale of ‘ideal’ romance. Never mess with them; Making a fool of yourself is the […]

She was…she is

She’s a toddler; She was fully clad and a medical science student; An independent woman. Hailing from a village: A homemaker; A farmer’s wife; She walked straight to her home; She hummed a song; She was raped, sexually assaulted and ignored the leered glances; Lewd comments: Of course! She asked for it: For how long, […]

Fading flicker of light

Numbness. I resemble, an earthen lamp nestled in a dark corner. Fading flicker of light; Everything must come to an end. Love. Friendship. Youthfulness. It shall not always stay the same. Equations change. Realization dawns, time is no bubble. Counting my stars and tiny dots on the sky. Watching in silence as memory slips is the peace […]

A wish to make

It’s my wish; To shoot balloons with secrets inside to spurt in the air. My dreams of flying the airplane, hitting the sky and sketching my name on the universe; My wish to make everything count out of nothing on earthen mud; It’s the simple joys and small particles of aspirations that matter; To grow bigger […]