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Destiny smeared with blood

The path that shan’t be,

lone travelers,

wrinkled faces,

defeated by travails,

modest sarees and muddied shirts,

connoisseur of crops,

ripped of smile and prosperity,

feeding strangers with love,

no tenderness to the kind yet helpless hands feeding us,

till desperation strikes,

leaving modest village comfort,

taking pain, tears and memory as belongings,

plodding tireless on the path,

where lovers are estranged and unknown to each other,

night owls turning into seekers,

what is this destination you crave for?

 braving storms,

hunger and thirst,


tired soles,

destiny smeared with blood,  

why maketh pain pleasure?



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An intoxicated love

Wound piercing the heart,

is my pleasure,

obsessed with the arrow,

bruising my soul,

laughing at your ruthlessness,

i shall smile at the unrequited,

shedding tears of blood,

passion to indulge in self pain,

tearing every shred in the nerves,

kill me,

you shall,

the lover in me hath no fury,

curse is no love,

unfulfilled vows,

i shall break them all,

for am beyond pain,

kissing the bruises,

every scar bears your name,

seeking pleasure in torment,

intoxicated in your absence,

longing for you,

completes me,

who says love kills!

painting your name,

an artist of love,

you are my brushstroke.










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Sex capitalism of pleasure toys!

Sex belongs to none and all. Our ancient Indian culture has depicted this game of mating and procreation with color, embedded in tradition. In modern times, sex is beyond procreation and oodle of fun flows from gyrating to rhythmic pleasure called foreplay and orgasmic. Shush! Pleasure play, stroking and sex toys in silent whispers and don’t tell the world, except Gods of lust and businesses making a kill on kinky in the market.

Ever wonder why dark chocolate is more expensive? Pretty much like the old age sexual adage and something I wrote on Twitter the last time, Sex is like choco, the more you have, the more you want. We are aroused in a world of sexual denial. The longings for everything sexual verges from monotony to routine, albeit daily occurrences running rampage in our minds but merely brushing it away is no quick fix solution. So much for our sexual fantasies. The worst play out when sexual capitalism kills foreplay to enter our intimate bedroom uninvited, cashing on the suppressed envy and lust, like the dirty uncle.

The only store calling itself India’s No 1 for orgasmic pleasure and am refraining from taking the name takes pride in offering sex toys, lingerie, lubes and vibrator for self-pleasure romance. It should have been truly liberating for folks wanting thrilling pleasure and setting free as sexual beings.  Bad signals. I clicked on the website and was in for a surprise seeing the huge price to play starting from 7 k and going beyond 30k. So much for pleasuring!


Orgasmic pleasure is utmost natural, something many, or for that matter, most of us do inside the confines of our private and intimate scene, the bedroom or hotel room. There are several reasons for that right from, singles yearning for sex and someone’s partner working, unfulfilling marriage or distant partners living or working across the shores in the globe. The point I am making is that on one hand, we are speaking about the need not to suppress our sexual desires as human beings to be unfettered and the other, a company imposing a huge price on everything pleasurable. Shouldn’t this experience be one among the many affordable goods on the market minus the huge price tag imposed?

A friend commented on my Facebook post on how the company is enjoying a huge monopoly on pleasure and as a deliberate attempt when sometimes back, Amazon was selling or is still at dirt cheap price. It’s something I was alien to and remains to be checked. A travesty of sensual fun and beefing the idea of an exclusive sex toy club of the rich boy and glamorous babe. Why should the commoners be deprived of fun?

In today’s time, sex is not a tool but an emotionally charged energy for good health and in specific circumstances, saving a marriage or a relationship gone awry. It doesn’t take away the fact that people are unwilling to speak about sex but experiencing under the sheet. Accessibility is seemingly lost on us and the much needed sexual revolution needed to make people speak the three-letter words or share sexual fantasies is a distant dream. As a nation, we need to grow not out of shame but freely. Sex or pleasure objects are not attached to stigma or guilt-ridden to perpetuate one society but to be experienced freely.

The worst part is such businesses are playing moral policing in an invisible or subdued fashion to control urges or desires. Indulging in harmless fantasy would mean seeking the blessing of a company selling sex toys at exorbitant prices?

My friend makes a fair and valid point on how pleasure toys have been banned from all the major and normal websites, read Amazon and the others, so that only one or few are getting a free hand in to sell and rake the moolah while depriving the masses, the US, the humans, men and women. The bottom line remains the deep scare that adult store toys would spread like plague in reaching to everyone and breaking the monopoly, in her own words. The democratization of sex has been lost and starting with high handedness morality, whittles to the huge price and arrogant justification flung on the young people. Patriarchy in the form of business taking over our sex lives.

Take one example, the vibrator is a balm for many lonely, occasional, boring or regular sexual beings. In short, humans love using the vibrator and to make a point, it’s something I never used but quite tempted for pleasure and arousal in future. The vibrator has been effective and beautiful tapped to express emotions and quench longing hinging on complex sexual beings portrayed in Netflix’s Lust Stories. And, to think the quoted price,  is a whopping almost 7.6K! Woah!

The time has come to make sex tools accessible and the suppression is working big time with businesses controlling objects of pleasures and fulfillment. We live in times of suppressing needs and longing where despite liberalism the entire game of sex is becoming the battle of unequal, similar to control in exploitative system feeding deprived and depravity, to stifle emotional desires. No wonder that sex is controlled with capitalism having the upper hand and sparing none.

Be honest about what we want and sexual rights not to be snatched away from the commoners. Why shouldn’t the rural poor and middle class not have access to sex toys and tools for we need more of it through awareness, the right education, and purchasing power to buy toys fondling the flesh and senses?

With Love


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Concealed by the heart!

Moral compass stifling human desires.

Fulfilled in the hiding and faraway from public glare.

Scared to death to be in the open.

They deem it as immoral,

cursing hell for those who give way to desires.

Human pleasures are the new sin.

Cease to be human and desires die a sudden death.

Crave to love and long.

Where has the chocolate and ice cream gone?

For a toss!

Moral crusaders tell me it’s the mother of destruction.

Diabetes and high BP will wreck havoc.

Savoring the moments of ecstasy,

quenching my desire to gob smacking heavenly bliss.

Good Night