Monday reflection: Shade of sunset

Blue curtains. Velvet fabric for all seasons. Azure blue sky. Shade of sunset. Shadow of striking sunlight. Tranquil water. Reflection of skyline. Human emotions swathing, into tiny dollops of balloons. Make a wish! Love. Fancy imagination. Speed. Crystal rings. Emeralds. Shaping beauty of magnet. A bit like our fascinating destiny. Parapet! Bearer of our dark […]

Haunting Past

Tearful adieu. Moist eyes. Heart broken. Shattered soul. Numb. Time flickered like dust and wind. Speechless voice. Choked emotions. It felt like a dream. Done and dusted. Longing to go back. Flawless past. Soul lost in the days of glory. Heart beat. Present became past. Tenses for some. A whole life snatched by time. Vows, […]