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Emptiness and lost thoughts

O! Energy why you behave like that?

sinking me deep into an abyss,

a dark corridor,

everything feels so barren,

closing my eyes,

twinkling stars fading,

where is my light!

the moon has dipped,

prisoner to myriad thoughts,

there is none,

zest is lost,

today is such a day,

where nothing makes sense,

emotions can be such an oxymoron,

even the pain is lost,

i want to feel every shred of it,

no tears to unleash,

emptiness to deal with,

there shall be light,

lacking every little thing,

nudge me,

O! Soul,

where are you lost!

cannot move shores,

plain irritation in moving fingers,

pushing self becomes a mirage,

thoughts are just a feeling lost,

labyrinth has become my space.



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Destiny smeared with blood

The path that shan’t be,

lone travelers,

wrinkled faces,

defeated by travails,

modest sarees and muddied shirts,

connoisseur of crops,

ripped of smile and prosperity,

feeding strangers with love,

no tenderness to the kind yet helpless hands feeding us,

till desperation strikes,

leaving modest village comfort,

taking pain, tears and memory as belongings,

plodding tireless on the path,

where lovers are estranged and unknown to each other,

night owls turning into seekers,

what is this destination you crave for?

 braving storms,

hunger and thirst,


tired soles,

destiny smeared with blood,  

why maketh pain pleasure?



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Numb and other feelings

Numb is pain,

happiness is let go of every thing,

binaries of past and present,

unquenched emotions,

entrenched in wounds left behind,

beyond frailty of time,

cake of happiness,

smeared on soul,

craving for this morsel,

tell me the ingredient,

i want but a slice,

quenching seamless hunger,

loosening the flesh,

accepting love and pain,

shedding tears,

creating the joyous,

celebrating the dance of faith,

the toxic shall leave the soul,

entering the new,

intoxicating a mind,

an entire lifetime to make peace with,

who needs reincarnate?

for heaven and hell,

is me and you.



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Lost voices

Crossing the oceans,

carried by the dangerous waves,

bridging crevices,


blackened surface,

when the clouds and sky fade,

Lifeless face,

feeble voices disappeared into the crowd,

seeped into laughter,

haze and brouhaha,

mortar bricks and walls,

hiding pain,

shan’t hear our voices,

wiping emotions in cow dung,

smeared the hut,

just a home,

a tiny morsel lapped,

rummaging through garbage,

termites feasting into the lifeless,

emotions, identity and tears buried.




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Love affliction!

Love is what afflicts the sanest,

occupying every tiny thread in the brain,

washed in alcohol,

burying the pain,

why we become so obsessed over split milk?

social media nursing break up,

venting out anger and frustration,

making peace with what was never,

the hyperventilating state,

desperate calls to the one that never belonged to us,

sleepless nights,

tossing on the bed,

checking the phone,

for the miraculous relationship salvage text,

what we humans are made of!

Oxymoron driving us towards desperate act,

crazy lovers do unimaginable things,

never dissect love,

for it’s not meant to be understood.







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When years are lost

When you suddenly realize the end of the road appears close,

when translated words is love lost,

investing heart and soul,

this feeling called love rips you apart,

when you feel empty and broken inside,

flowers blooming in spring,

drought manifesting when water lay in abundance,

you know this feeling right,

where notes are cacophony,

when nothing seems right,

yet, the tide swayed in favor,

a bullet piercing the chest,

feeling alive in death,

when emotions washed ashore,

someone crying on years lost,

a woman stabbed,

when she cannot seek revenge,

when a little boy turned into man abused,

when humans woke up from the scars,

when healing may just be a word.






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A broken heart!

Dreams lost forever

carried with the winds,

washed forever,

running away from myself!

For how long!

Going back in time is not an option!

Fate is!

Light, camera and action,


haunting the ear drums and souls,

the ‘Bollywoodish’ dream,

I am a failure,

a reminder how passion falls flat on the face.

why it happens!

what we wish for never comes true,

not unrequited love,

not for money and conquering the world,

imagination of capturing my lost audience,

truth hurts and breaks the heart into smithereens,

i want to be humiliated,

regrets insulting my soul,

so be it!

today destiny knocked me down,

reminding i am a nobody and non-entity,

dreams are made to be broken,

how I wish!

having time on my hands!

emotional wreck,

a sinking ship,

got not right to taste success,

for never earned it!

you may soothe my soul,

nurture false hopes in me,

I know the ultimate truth,

it hurts,

the angst and pain,

voice of the ghost,

flinging me to reality,

today i learned it,

coming to terms perhaps,

for there is no permanent closure,

one day it the wound will end,

seeking no sympathy,

death will the closure of my suffering,

With love




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Happy Mother’s Day: Womb of sacrifice

Mothers are the womb of sacrifice,

epitome of emotions,

hiding wounds,

crying in silence,

in anger lies love,

selfless goddesses,

walking miles to feed babies,

embracing little ones with warmth,

bearing suffering,

not a single word of complain,

showering dollop of affection,

another name for love,



blooming flowers among thorns,

unsung heroes,

in obscure villages,

sacrifice and healing taking years,

carrying burden of bricks on the head,

for a pouch of milk to feed wailing babies,

battered souls,

countless mothers’ tales,

sleeping on an empty stomach,

on a map where perhaps no dreams are realized,

rich or poor,

mothers will remain mothers,

merit our thousand salute in this life time.


Happy Mothers’ Day



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Itchy palm and crescent waves

Gentle wind soaring,

crescent waves flapping the inert face,

flipped pages,

bird zooming above the mist,

silent story told,

itchy palm,

scratching the skin,

undying obsession to write,

every moment bear its pain,

angst washed ashore by waves,

the sea a silent spectator,


witnessing the fury,

unmoved at the out of world design,

vagary of nature,


salty sea water,


few can comprehend,

humans or ghouls,

gentle souls or evil.




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Stillness and a new tune

Enraptured by stillness,

flowing river,

kaleidoscope of images,

a season foraying,

like fallen leaves,



every single emotion left behind,

bereft of tears,

i ain’t a rock,

a sandstorm, may be,

what to make of emotions?

constantly evolving,

silence enshrines many untold stories,

tears stopped,

stream of water shall burst,

the soul is lost,

to the sound and whims,

the mood is like guitar,

strumming a new tune,

at every end,

don’t hold on things,

set free the soul,

capturing the mind,

is overrated,

seeking the forlorn lover,

ah! just forget it.