Silent whisper in the dark night


Silent whisper,

susurration of gentle stream,

disappearing in the fading distance,

a long night,

creepy voices,

fluttering of wind,

mind at rest,

fighting the storm raging inside the body,

peace is a heavy price to pay,

liberated soul,

unfulfilled prayer,

come and claim the body,

I challenge the Gods!

it shall not be!

Emerging victorious from the jaw of death,

they think!

wounds shall remain,

true liberation doesn’t reside in the battered body!


a pound of flesh,

wandering aimlessly,

it’s no triumph,

a curse to fight death at every second,

tired and crumpled i am,

my imagination soars in the dark night,

hello poet,

weaving the strings,

creating illusion,









Tale in the sky and cloud


Glistening sky and cloud

Dribble of rain,

cool waves seeping in

Silent night,

streaming tears of happiness

sparkle of peace,

soothing energy,

sitting in the dark,

letting tenderness and gentleness flow in

harking to childhood days of love,

gentleness of our elders,

unspoken lesson of kindness and wisdom

Halcyon epoch,

trekking the mountains,

soiling the trousers and dancing in the mud

a long and forgotten era

where race, caste or class belonging didn’t matter

reclaim this innocence

let the air flow in to capture our undying spirit

time for the child to reclaim us

Time vanish like thin air

make every moment worth it

be glorious

may love always win



Beauty of the night


Fluorescent lamp.


Wandering mind.

Iridescent bubbles.

Crimson sky.

Silent echo.

Feeble voices.

Imaginary muse.

Intriguing beauty.

Is it love?

Can the heart long in silence?

Invisible force.

Magnet of illusion.

Wing to fly.

True calling?

Pulled by an unknown force?

Misplaced angst.

Myriad of emotions.

Passionate soul.

Resuscitated ashes.

Rise like the phoenix.

Dance to perfection.

Roar like a tiger.

A lone bird’s song.

Words flowing out of nowhere.

Beauty of the night.







Fresh Morning quilt.

Unfulfilled dreams.

Night and day became one.

Dreams and reality are like moon and earth.

Extravagant imagination is more glorious on the outside.

Anticipation and expectations giving an adrenaline rush.

Dreams of making it big make the stars feel within reach.

Fancying a life built on the highway.

Castle of imagination.

Filled with the riches and glorious wealth.

Life is not built on fancy thoughts.

Perhaps, fairy tale is an aberration.

Myriad images painted by an idle mind,

we create an existence deeply embedded in the consciousness.

Dream like a child.

Shed this adult thing.


Fuck it off!

Norms of behaving like an adult.

We can do!

I can.

What it takes is an enormous amount of belief and illusion.

Don’t dilute the dreams.

It’s sheer passion.

Patience, determination and joyfulness.

Let’s make it happen.

Have a lovely Sunday









Slice of life and tranquil sea


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Glittery stars in the sky,

white cloud reclining in the dark night.

Tree leaves fluttering gently,

breezy wind cools the atmosphere.

Flowers basking in their glory,

like beautiful damsels struck by admirers.

A romantic evening witness couple holding hands at the boulevard.

Tranquil sea bury the secrets in the city.

Tiny grain of water sprinkle blessing on city dwellers.

Momentary joy cherishing the stillness of life,

forgetting the pain and struggle of unruly existence.

Soothing moments of sitting with oneself,

surrounded by the pristine Queen’s necklace.

A night that one wouldn’t wish to wane away in the flick of seconds.