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Labyrinth in wilted time

Liquor to undying spirit,

intoxicated to vagaries and wondrous,

baking dreams,

vagabond on eerie and wet streets,

it ain’t sex and fleshy intimacy,

condoms torn and lost,

wilted is my imagination,

liar, liar!

the soul screams,

heart scythed by deadly weapons,

whoever told pain and disappointment,

come unanswered?

withered seasons where tears run dry,

thickened by the heat,

emotions changing palms,

can’t be destiny, right!

money changes hands,

luck doesn’t,

a stroke of love and passion,

bowing to striking madness,

belief is ocean,

dream is my chimera,

slow smokey drag,

lifeless and,

unwavering spirit,

free and aimless days,

destination forever lost,

going back to the halcyon,

path lost to ways of the world,

wheel of time has never been,

labyrinth of time drowned in echoes.








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For the love of!

For the love,

loosened guitar strings

weaved and knotted together,

collecting broken thread.

a healed heart taking decades,

taught how to love again

scars wearing on a soul,

unspooled romance like a broken tape,

stroking chin, lip and skin,

love the inner,

every aspect of the soul,

don’t be shy in seeking help,

for vulnerability is inner strength,

for the love of,

me, you and the world,

break all barriers,

dip straight into the storms,

embracing the whirlwind,

love is beauty magnified,

revel in its madness and intense passion,

whacking you,

flung towards reality,

pain and pleasure,

angst and madness,

for the love of it,

walk straight into the flames with blindfold.




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A shot of madness

You call it love,

I call it madness,

gentle touch,

breeze wafting and piercing through the mind,

an injection,

shot of liquor,

incapacitating the brain,

swayed by a well serving dish,

caress and harmless touch,

interlocked fingers,

frothy lips,

heads buried in the sand,

sneaking away in the paradise,

a hornet nest,

drip of sensual honey,

imprinting souls,

a taste of intimacy and lust,

loosening control,

exploring zones and spot,

liberated experience,

where no relationship matter,

only US.




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Love madly vs hatred and bloodshed



Human prejudice.

Ruthless hearts.

Love lost.

Empathy losing its sheen.

Barbaric minds at work.

Wrecking havoc.

Families destroyed.

Tears of blood.


Force of hatred gaining upper hand.

Think again.

Nothing on earth can defeat Love.

It’s our biggest weapon.

Love freely and spread its might.

It’s not the religion.

Evil men & women spreading hatred.

Don’t call yourself pious.

No religion teaches harm or violence.

Sick and barbaric minds.

Homophobic prejudice and hatred!

Love shall stop you.

The mightiest of all.

Make love.

If it’s sin,

drench in its passion.

Be immoral, if they think so.

We shall make love,

kiss openly.

Men & Women.

Be intimate.

Say No to violence or threat.

Postscript: This poem is written as a tribute to victims of terror attack in Orlando. Keep the faith and keep believing in love.

With Love


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