Monday reflection: Shade of sunset

Blue curtains. Velvet fabric for all seasons. Azure blue sky. Shade of sunset. Shadow of striking sunlight. Tranquil water. Reflection of skyline. Human emotions swathing, into tiny dollops of balloons. Make a wish! Love. Fancy imagination. Speed. Crystal rings. Emeralds. Shaping beauty of magnet. A bit like our fascinating destiny. Parapet! Bearer of our dark […]

Unrealism of love

You gonna smell the rat; Poisonous love; Twirling of fingers; Pure bliss; Cavernous alley; Seeker lost inside the labyrinth; Treachery path; Love can take us to the dark alley, seeking the God of love; Watering down to illusion; It’s the mind playing havoc; No love ain’t too big to lose the self; Worshipping the obsessed […]

Love Freely

Break free! Love. Purity. Nameless. Soulful. Madness. Crooning a tune. Song of life. Is it love? Her whisper, brings a smile to my face. Magic. Angelic. Drenching my soul. Thirst for love. Why give a name to our relation? Pristine beauty. Label kills our bonding. Setting hearts free. Unfettered. Free ourselves. A quest, not a conquest. […]

Aesthetics sense and sensuality

Soothing whispers into the ears. Lullaby played. Capturing minds in myriad hues. Illusion of the heart. Beauty in its revelry. Craving for aesthetics. Yearning for love. Intertwining of fingers. Caress struck like lightning. Igniting the fire. Electrical rush in the senses. A gentle reminder. We are humans. We crave for desires. Kiss and make mad […]

Youth spring of romance, love, lust and desire

  Old flame. Unrequited Love. New love. Intimate desire. Lust. Ignite the Fire. Craving for love. Unquenched thirst. Bruised heart. Madness. Youth spring. Reckless. Heartbreaker. Heartbroken, shred into pieces. Dating spree. Love-making machine. Void. Good, bad and horrible sex. Hiding bruises. Soft heart. Stone hearted. Quenching desires. Void in the heart. Incomplete soul. Seeking the […]

Poetry package: Time, intimacy and scent of love

Hey folks, Have a lovely Sunday. Sharing a package of three poems on Sunday and hope you will enjoy reading them. Wheel of Time Spinning. slow burst. Static, Faster than light. Time. Hope. Defeat. Unplanned victories. Survival. Struggle. Wheel burst our bubble. Sparkle lost. Magic. Mojo. Struggle to keep pace. It’s the wheel dictated by […]