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Unrealism of love

You gonna smell the rat;

Poisonous love;

Twirling of fingers;

Pure bliss;

Cavernous alley;

Seeker lost inside the labyrinth;

Treachery path;

Love can take us to the dark alley,

seeking the God of love;

Watering down to illusion;

It’s the mind playing havoc;

No love ain’t too big to lose the self;

Worshipping the obsessed hearts,

whom death couldn’t do them part;

Poetic justice;

Happens only in the after thought,

and garden of Eden and Eve;

Love can be unreal;

The unrealism hold it’s force;

The might of love;



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Playing life’s puzzle

Toggling the cards,

a puzzle that seems never ending.

It’s harrowing at the thought of being caught in a labyrinth,

smeared with darkness.

I shall not let it over power my state of being.

The road to win the race is eluding me,

yet the clues are hiding somewhere beneath.

Unraveling the mystery cloud,

I move past the storm to find a way to attain bliss.

Heaven has never been a smooth ride.

It’s all a question of playing the cards right,

and beating the opponents at their own game.