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A slice of love, Geet and life Jab we Met

There are some movies, that offer a slice of life and stays in our imagination and hearts forever. Such cinematic gem often serves as an imitation of the real and we end up falling in love with the characters. How we wish to have someone like them as our soul mates!


This week, Imtiaz Ali’s Jab We Met celebrated a decade of falling in love with the boisterous and uninterrupted chatterbox Geet and of course, Aditya Kashyap. A tale of love and the complications of existence which still rings fresh in our mind and the innate desire for a friend or soul mate like Geet to gently remind us to breathe every moment or it’s never too late to pursue our passion in life. She makes a man or women feel complete.

There are so many emotions associated with Jab we Met that makes us realize that we have suddenly become old. Geet is one of the rare and adorable characters that make me fall in love with her at every instant. How I wish to find her in real? There are very few characters like her who chew life and steal your heart at the mere mention. One can never get enough of this film that has hardly a dull moment. I watched this movie again today and it still feels fresh that brought me back to the carefree and rebellious days in Mumbai. The days where you believe in love and the special someone whom you wish to be like her. There are quite a few lucky souls who may have met their Geet, a character immortalized by Kareena  Kapoor and a role that suits her to the hilt. She simply defines love at first sight.

A totally kick-ass woman and she stole the thunder with the one-liners, ‘we are by the way friends, Zindagi mere favorite game or jaala de Sali ko’ that won the hearts. There is not a single flaw that I can recollect in Jab We Met that offered a mirror image of life with the very believable Geet and Aditya which the college goer crowd could relate to in those days.

The film and the characters are timeless that even after 10 years, one can see that nothing has changed in the way we interpret love. Jab we Met is the perfect guide to relationships. I can watch this movie innumerable times that teaches so many things about living every minute, not nurse regrets, and make blunders.

It’s a movie that has redefined urban love and relationships in India that touches the core of the young generation. Imtiaz Ali scored a sixer with this one and it is fair game to call it epic, iconic and a masterpiece in depicting the pulse of the Indian youth. Geet and Aditya were not just film characters but friends we wished to have and nurture for life. You just can’t get enough of Geet. The playfulness, innocence, stupidity, and craze for life make her simply adorable. There is a certain strength about the female protagonist doesn’t give a damn to the world but live life on her own defined terms. She could be an inspiration to clueless people who always seek approval or think too much before doing something. Jump in the water and not think about it, at all.

A decade of Jab we Met and its sheer madness that no die-hard fan can ever recover or stay away from. Geet is the universe and will now be the inspiration to flesh out the female character in the rom-com book that I am working on. I was stuck for a couple of months. But, I have now decided to give shades of Geet to my female protagonist and the bottom line would be, what would Geet do in this particular situation?’ The book will in part be a tribute to JWM and an ode to one of the most adorable female characters on screen that I fell in love with.

There are many guys who secretly hope of having someone like Geet in their lives and I am no exception to her magic. Of course, Kareena nailed it and hard to think of someone else other than her who could inject such freshness and depth into the character. The dialogues, be it, ‘Bhatinda chal milati hoon, aap convince ho gaye ya mein aur bolo and the famous Decent Hotel with this terrific line, train mein mila…item kaisa, ek dum karak.’

Jab We Met was not just a film for our generation but a journey a bit like the travails and adventure of Aditya Kashyap and Geet who are too good to be real in every single frame. It celebrated love and went beyond that to re-affirm our belief and the zest for life.



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Film Review: Bajrangi Bhaijaan is Salman’s feast

Bajrangi Bhaijaan

Producer: Salman Khan Films, Rockline Venkatesh

Director: Kabir Khan

Cast: Salman Khan, Kareena Kapoor-Khan, Nawazuddin Siddiqui,Harshaali Malhotra, Om Puri and Adnan Sami (Guest appearance)

Rating: Four Stars

It’s Salman Khan! The man with the midas touch, who can rarely go wrong at the box office and knows the pulse of the nation by heart, is back with a bang with Bajrangi Bhaijaan. Director Kabir Khan who is known to make films that are technically very strong explores the relationship between an upright man, devotee of Lord Hanuman and a six-year old Pakistani girl, who loses her way in India. He develops a bond with the child and after all means fail, he doggedly decides to take her back home. Kabir Khan deserves applause for sending a strong message of peace, love and humanity between India and Pakistan who often find themselves at the bickering end. People from both countries share the same food and culture as well as their love for movies, music is no secret. It’s a statement of unity.

Salman Khan as Pavan Kumar Chaturvedi aka Bajrangi carries Bhajrangi Bhaijaan on his shoulder the moment the camera starts rolling and shares an amazing bond with the child actor, Shahida (Harshaali Malhotra) that remains one of the movie’s forte. Kabir Khan has presented Salman Khan in a very intelligent manner and one can say that the actor re-invented himself in his new ‘mellowed’ character that reminds us of Sooraj Bharjatya’s Prem. A far cry from the flamboyant characters he played in Dabbang, Ek Tha Tiger and Wanted. It’s a sheer delight to watch a restrained Salman who delivers an outstanding performance and wins hearts despite downplaying himself. There is more to Salman Khan as an actor.

The chemistry Salman Khan shares with Munni aka Shahida is fantastic and a delightful act, pictured frame by frame that makes the scenes one of the high moments. Ace director Kabir Khan has injected the right emotional dose in capturing the moments between Salman and Harshaali, who is so natural and at ease in front of the camera. The child artist is endearing, natural and effortless. Kareena Kapoor Khan provides able support to Salman-Harshaali, shows that she is a star to reckon on. Nawaazuddin Siddiqui (Chand Nawaab) as the Pakistani reporter provokes peals of laughter and is at his natural best in this cinematic journey. He adds zing to the movie. Om Puri in a cameo is fantastic and his moments stay with us, reminding us that a charismatic actor doesn’t need much screen presence to make an impact.

The first 10 minutes during the cricket match set in Pakistan sets the tone and Kabir Khan taps the emotion of cricket and love with aplomb. The scene where Salman Khan rescues Munni from the brothel and bashes the villains, remains has a powerful impact or the scene where he picks bangles at the market to give to the child only to realize that she is already gone is brilliantly captured. Or! When the child goes back to her mother towards the end as Nawazzudin runs and films the emotional moment is sheer delight.  Bajrani Bhaijaan ends in an high emotional moment, uniting two countries, in much the same fashion that it started.

However, the film’s pace slows down a bit after the interval when Bajrangi and Munni reaches Pakistan, to search for the former’s house but gathers steam with the remarkable entry of Nawazuddin and the scenes at the police station-cum-chase lifts the film. The Qawali at the Darga featuring Adnan Sami is not only endearing but powerful rendering.

On the whole, Bajrangi Bhaijaan couldn’t be come at a better time, an Eid release for Salman Khan’s fans. Arguably, the movie is one of the most entertaining flicks this year. Director Kabir Khan offers a visual treat in terms of screenplay and technical aspect of the film while at the same time treating the subject in a sensitive manner. He sends a strong message of peace for both nations where the camera zooms on the child’s innocence as an unifying factor. The music of the movie, Ek Selfie lele re and Bhar Do Jholi adds  to the cinematic experience. It’s the right combination of mass appeal, sensitivity and technically strong movie. It’s Bajrangi Bhaijaan, a film with mass appeal and has all the box office ingredients as showcased by its huge success. It will be counted among Salman Khan’s best.

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Ra. One: India got its superhero

Movie Review: India gets its superhero

Rating: Four stars

Ra.One released on Diwali amidst immense hype. The movie, however, has lived up to the expectations and is a sure shot winner. It is the perfect Diwali gift as it has all the necessary ingredients in terms of script, performances, special effects and spectacular action.

We’ve had Koi Mil Gaya, Krish and now Ra.One has taken the ‘superhero’ to a higher level. Ra.One is the story of Shekhar (Shah Rukh Khan) who designs a new video game (Ra.One) to make his son (Armaan Verma) happy. However, Ra.One decides to get out of game mode and start to control the lives of the main protagonists.

This is when the good robot (G.One) comes into play. Ra.One is also the story of triumph of good over evil where good always wins.

In terms of performances, Shah Rukh Khan as Shekhar and G.One has acted after a long time. It feels good to see him play a character and not himself like he has in several movies. Whether as an endearing father, lovable husband or G.One, he should be given credit for giving a performance that will be remembered for a long time. It’s one of his better films, if not the best.

Kareena Kapoor, despite not having an author backed role delivers on every count and shows that she is one of the best actors among the current crop. She sizzles in Chhamak Challo, which is already a rage among music lovers. Child artiste Armaan is lovable as kid who is fascinated by villains. Many children will find themselves in him.

Ra.One works at every level. The spectacular action scenes, the fights between Ra.One and G.One, special and visual sequences, particularly the chase scenes on Mumbai local trains are a sheer delight.

The entry of Rajnikanth as Chitti (his character in Robot) is one of the highlights of the film and he shows that even in one scene he can be the show stealer. The voice over by megastar Amitabh Bachchan in one scene gives Ra.One a royal touch. The music by Vishal-Shekhar is soulful and Akon’s rendering of Chhamak Challo is addictive.

However, the film lacks the emotional quotient, particularly in the relationship between G.One and Kareena.  Most importantly, the experience would have been magical and perfect if it was shown in 3D. The theatres will hopefully take this factor into consideration next time.

Despite all this, Anubhav Sinha must be credited for extracting the best from Shah Rukh Khan, Kareena Kapoor and Arjun Rampal. The film that spells magic and visual experience should appeal to everyone. Ra.One should not be missed for its special effects that are in line with international standards. India has got its superhero.