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Silent whisper in the dark night

Silent whisper,

susurration of gentle stream,

disappearing in the fading distance,

a long night,

creepy voices,

fluttering of wind,

mind at rest,

fighting the storm raging inside the body,

peace is a heavy price to pay,

liberated soul,

unfulfilled prayer,

come and claim the body,

I challenge the Gods!

it shall not be!

Emerging victorious from the jaw of death,

they think!

wounds shall remain,

true liberation doesn’t reside in the battered body!


a pound of flesh,

wandering aimlessly,

it’s no triumph,

a curse to fight death at every second,

tired and crumpled i am,

my imagination soars in the dark night,

hello poet,

weaving the strings,

creating illusion,








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Friday Fiction: Maya

The music played in the mind of Omi. He wandered aimlessly in the night and hearing birds chirping from a distance. A feeble smile stroke his lip. The memories of the times spent with the best friend, the girl he crushed on and the blank calls made in the wee hours. The times that slipped is a powerful healer as he faced his destiny. The unexpected defeats and longing for miracles. It soothed his heart as he looked back at the wondrous times that seemed too good to be true. It felt like waking up from a beautiful dream composed of heavenly bliss.

He chucked his last cigarette and the smoke curled in the air. Last night, the dream dawned upon Omi that all is not lost. Perhaps, it’s a sign of the extraordinary times that will unfurl. The depression that he fought with and how he wanted his life to get back to normal. It wasn’t helping him. He was hanging with a tiny thread of hope. Omi lay in the hospital and the last pinch of blood was sucked from his body. He fainted. It’s all Maya, he told himself. She is the illusion that life is made of. He passed out.

The angel unfurled in front of him. His Maya is near perfect, svelte and bore no human flaw. Omi would breathe his last in peace. On his bedside, the shiny iPhone was decked under the white pillow and he held it with his finger. The tall nurse walked past him and gently place his head on the right position on the pillow and winked at him. She was his Maya. Omi made an effort and fumbled with his hand to click her picture. I can now die in peace, he reasoned with his illogical, stubborn and obsessed mind. He sold his kidney for the super expensive iPhone to capture her gaze. It was his biggest illusion, only if what love can do to faint hearted like Omi. He passed away into heavenly bliss during the night.




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Liquefied Love


Battling emotions,

inner foes within.

You are the demon.


Craving over the impossible.

Insecurity gnaws the mind.


Warring heart.


Turbulent love.

It isn’t!

Entangled thoughts!

Myriad feeling!


Tasting like cherry plucked under the sun.

Intimate whisper.

Plain attraction.

Liquefied love.


the heart wasn’t!

Feeling of illusion.

Swayed to the tune of,

innocent whispers,



lightning spark.



Vivacious weather.



Fading sky.

The heart is like the fluttering leaves.

Stroking senses.

Tricked into sweetness of juicy pulp.

Melliflous song.



Sensual thrill.








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Magnetic beauty possessing my soul

Stroking her hair gently,

the breeze ruffles the hair.

As she turns around, her face sparks of divinity.

Beauty can be an illusion,

yet I feel drawn towards her like magnet

Her angelic smile symbolizes the perfection of beauty made in heaven.

I am longing to walk up to her,

a power is fettering my steps.

I stand paralyzed, unable to make a move to tell her, ‘Her beauty captivated my mind and soul.’

The time I recover my senses,

she is long gone like dust out of thin air.