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It’s Raining Awards-an ode to Soumya

Been nominated for a bunch of awards for the second time and this time by Taazein Mirza Saeed yesterday and million thanks to the wonderful Taazein for nominating me. The first wonderful person who opened the door of awards is one of my favorite, Soumya and apology Soumya for not responding by answering the questions immediately . I intend to respond at both nominations in much the same fashion and the next post will be a tribute to the wonderful Taazein. Back to back posts. Both Taazein and Soumya are wonderful bloggers . Check the blogs of the wonderful ladies to see how awesome they are and how they are making difference to the lives of millions on the blog space. Check out Soumya and Taazein blogs on nominations list below.


The first one belongs to Soumya

1. What is the meaning of life?

Life is an ice cream. Enjoy it before it melts. I believe that one must enjoy every moment of life and spread happiness around you. Be good to people and be selfless.

2. Happiness is all about?

Look for happiness within the self and make others happy. I often seek happiness in small and mundane things in life by making someone happy and somebody saying nice things about me. I derive happiness also by having a cutting chai on the streets in India. I derive utmost happiness by visiting India and will be happiest when I am able to re-locate back to India.


3. Why do you start a blog?

Honestly speaking, the best thing that happened to me and didn’t knew about the amazing Pandora Box or a box of magic. It is my space. my newspaper where I am the managing editor and creative director. Certainly, the best thing where I was introduced to blogging by my Raakhee’s sister husband. At that time, I hardly knew anything about blogging but now, I can’t live without it. In short, to voice my feeling and evolve.
4. What is more important in your life relationships or fame?

Relationship with human beings with whom I have a soulful connection with. I treasure relationships and this is what matters, at the end of the day. No money, no materialistic gain or fame will matter. I refer to Rajesh Khanna who said in an award function, Izzatain shohratain chahatain ulfatain koi bhi cheez duniya main rahti nahi aaj main hoon jahan kal koi aur tha .. aaj main hoon jahan kal koi aur tha Ye bhi ek daur hai woh bhi ek daur tha (Fame, respect and love do not stay forever. Today, I am here tomorrow somebody else will take my place). Well said, Rajesh sir, Life is not permanent and one day we will all perish).

5. One thing which you like the most about blogging?

Hmm! Tricky question..hhehe I have made such wonderful friends with people I have never met and hopeful, I shall meet some of them in this life time. No matter what we say, the blog has personally binded me with like-minded people and we made great friends. I forged a bond and I never met morons and hopefully, I won’t. Our extended family on the blog are awesome, kind and wonderful people. I love meeting the awesome people who made difference to each other’s life.

6. What’s the best decision you ever made?

Hmm! The word best is subjected to different interpretations and is very subjective. I have taken some tough decisions and took risk. What matters is to be happy in life, this is what I believe. Back to back, I left two jobs coz I was unhappy. But, I am glad I did. One should not weigh decisions on the basis of material gains.

7. Do you believe that unconditional love really exists in any kind of relationship?

Love got to be unconditional or it’s not love in the first place. I believe in free love no matter how much the world may reject the concept.
8. What would be your first reaction if your physician recommends you to see a psychologist?

I will tell him, ‘ You have translated what I have in mind’ Hahhaa, kidding me..all bloggers got to be a bit mad. All the best to the ‘poor’ psychologist.
9. Do you believe in Karma’s if yes then what are bad and good karma according to you?

I just wanna be a good human being. What goes around comes around. Whatever sin, you commit you gonna pay it here. Truth will always triumph, it will take some time but justice will ultimately prevail. I believe in remaining silence even in the face of false accusations coz I know the end will always be  positive.

10. Do you believe in rebirth or afterlife if yes then why?

I don’t know whether re-birth or life after birth exist. But, re-birth or after life, let’s pledge to be good human beings and try to be kind, say no corruption, not differentiate human beings on the basis of race, caste or sex, get away from racial prejudices and respect women in this life.

11. What is the best moment of your life?

There are quite a few. Where should I start with? My college days, Fergusson College in Pune, Mumbai Days and when I was selected by the Indian Government to cover the IOR-ARC conference  as a journalist last year in Gurgaon and New Delhi. It took me by surprise and knew I arrived as a professional. Certainly, the best moment in my life as a professional journalist and reporter. When my boss lauded my work, seeing people around me happy, fondly remember the days with my dad and my days with mom. I am making the most of it, being with my amazing friends, days with teachers..the list is long..when I was nominated by Soumya and Taazein, when somebody write nice words about my, I should stop blushing::)

Now, gals and guys. The real things now. I decide to nominate fellow bloggers for the Hug Awards and quite a tough choice coz most of them are totally awesome. In short, my understanding of the Hug Award is for people who make a difference to the world through their writing. Souls who toil hard for the spread of peace, love and degree of awesomeness. Happy soul that share their lives and spread happiness, selfless in their leaning towards life.

Now, the nominations for the Hug and Other Bunch of awards are:



3. santulan.wordpress.comwonderful-readership-award

I wish you all the very best and add sparkle to the lives of everyone and all. Good vibes, love and keep faith in the world. Good human beings are still here in a world laden with crime, ruthlessness and natural calamities.
With Love


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Celebrating Friendship Day: A season to rejoice

Sunset Over Bandstand, Mumbai
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On Friendship Day, I present a small token to everyone who believes in the sacred bond. It’s a short story that I dedicate to everyone.

“So you are going back to Nainital? Why can’t you stay in Mumbai?.I can’t understand this weird behaviour. It’ so abrupt, yaa. Say something at least.”

Kehna ko kya baaki raha, abhi. I am feeling like staying with my mom for a while. As it is, Arun doesn’t love me. I have given up.”

Sneha came to say bye to Ranveer. They studied together at Jai Hind college. They were dating each other but unfortunately it didn’t work out but they choose to remain best friends forever. They didn’t want the relation to take a toll on their friendship. She dated and fell in love with Arun but he ditched her. Somehow, she was not able to get his him out of her life.

The sudden decision to leave Mumbai left many of her friends shocked and Ranveer was dismayed. She was his first friend, long before they started dating and became his strength. As friends, they were inseparable.

Ranveer wanted to try something to prevent her from leaving the city.

“When are you coming back,” he pleaded with tears in his eyes.

She held the palm of his hand as they sit at Barista at Shivaji Park,Dadar.”Don’t worry, we will meet someday.Our friendship can and will never die.Even death can never conquer us.We dated and could have drifted apart but our friendship was too strong. Life cannot fail us. What is distance,yaar?”

“Please Sneha, don’t do this to me. What would I do without you here in Mumbai?You know that,” he tearfully said.

She already took her decision.”Tomorrow 5.20 a.m come to the flat.I will give you the key.You can shift there. I have already spoken to the owner. I didn’t move anything and everything is intact. Those things will remind you every day of our sweet moments spent together.  Hey, cheer up. You have a sea facing room and the window opens up to the beach. I will be forever with you, present in every juncture of life.”

In the morning, he came to the house and scurried away with Sneha’s luggage to Chitrapathi Shivaji Terminus(CST). Both of them were silent in the black and yellow cab as they witnessed the swirl of traffic from Bandra to Marine Drive, Churchgate, and CST. The train for Calcutta slowly approached the station as he helped her pull the heavy stack of luggage. They looked at each other in silence. The siren blew and the train was rattling away from the station and she scampered and threw herself on him. She tearfully hugged him.

“I shall always remember you.You were, are and will always be my best friend.You shall be present forever in my heart.” Both of them hugged each other and their voices choked in emotions, shedding bucket of tears.

The train slowly ambled away from CST as Sneha ran along to enter the train as Ranveer sat on the bench to watch it disappear at a faraway distance. A part of his life has gone with the dust.

Six years later:

Ranveer checked on his Facebook notification and received a new friend request. He checks the profile of someone wearing a saree and blue spectacle. He’s crestfallen. It’s Sneha Dasgupta, his bong friend. He couldn’t believe his eyes.

“Ranveer, will you meet me? I am leaving a phone number. Call me I have seen you in the busy streets of Calcutta.”

He is in Calcutta for a film shoot.

Ranveer pressed the bell and is greeted by a tall woman wearing a green sari.

“Hi, I am Ranveer.”

She smiled exuberantly.

“Ranveer beta. Sneha speaks about you every time. She is in the hospital and will undergo surgery for cancer.”

“What? She never told me about it.”

He entered the hospital and clueless what to tell her. He really wants to slap her for hiding everything from him.

Sneha is lying in hospital and sports a fading smile.

“Hi, Ranveer. How is everyone in Mumbai? You have become more handsome and looking very sexy. Hunk.”

He looked at her straight.

“Just shut up okay. Why did you lie to me? You have broken my trust.”

She caresses his face.

“I didn’t want to burden you. It’s my fight.”

He furiously said, “Since when it became your own solo battle. I always thought that it was us. Our friendship.”

They hug each other like children lost in the Kumbh Mela and cry in each other’s arms.

One year later.

Sitting on the veranda, Sneha holds his hand, “Dude let’s go to Mumbai.”

He calmly says, “Sneha, your surgery is successful. Heal completely and allow some time. I promise to take you to Mumbai.”

She exudes a calm and composed smile,

“Ranveer. I have realised that since I left Mumbai I wasn’t living my life. I was dying every day. The guy with whom my marriage was fixed left me saying that he cannot live with a wife who is diagnosed with cancer. You were my only friend and were with till the time I went for surgery. I know it’s your silent prayers and love that saved my life. I want to enjoy every moment of my life with you.”

The next morning they left for Mumbai and they reached the city of dreams on Friendship Day that was on a Sunday, They tied wristband on each other’s hands. They munched pani puri at Marine drive, ate Kulfi and drank cutting chai as they walked the long distance from Marine Drive to Chowpatty beach. They traveled in the cab, double-decker bus and local trains.

They gave each other a happy hug oblivious to the presence of onlookers. They didn’t care about perception.They are the best of friends and remained so.

Happy Friendship Day.

“True friends are those that withstood the test of time.”


Hey folks, tried the short story on the auspicious Friendship Day and dedicate it to everyone who believe in Friendship.Let me know the feedback.

With Love