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Sab mil ke khele Holi

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Bhaiya,Sab mil ke holi khele.

Yeh khushiyan ka tyohar.

Duniya ke anek rang.

Gulal ka kamaal.

Bura mat mano.

Holi hai bhai.

Hum toh holi khelenge.

Cher char.

Bhaiya hai hum.

Bheegi teri choli.

Anek rang.

Hum saab ek hai.

Na koi jaat na koi dharm.

Bas apne dhun mein magan.

Khelo holi dil se.

Ek hi pehchaan hai,


Mauj masti ke rang.

Rang bhar ke,

dil se dil jod de.

Holi ke anek shubh kaamn.





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Day 31

Fuck!! Fuck!! Fuck!! I ain’t cursing coz it’s April Fool. India just lost the semis against West Indies despite a flying start. And, when we thought it’s done and the Indies have a near impossible chase, it all went kaput. Guess, it’s as hard as fuck. Pun intended!! It makes the night sour when we were almost sure to lift the cup this time. Never ignore the underdogs as England showed yesterday. No Lagaan for us, at least!! That’s the positive. But, hail King Virat Kohli. Is there anything he can’t do?!

Holi came and went. It was a lovely holi filled with angelic and divine surprise after aeons on March 24. I was missing my earlier festival of colors during the college days where Bhang, Gulal, and dance was served on the platter. It suddenly felt like the gud old days. Guess!! I gotta make my wish for something stronger for it never fails me. I was like how I wanna play Holi this time but there was no company. On the eve, I smeared Gulal on the face and on D-day, I was on my way to visit our family friends. I had second thought of walking on the street to parade a multi-colored face like a character from Avatar but I was like what the heck!! Let the child inside the grown up body come out, alive and kicking. I was welcomed to the house of our family friends with the kids playing with dry Gulal and they enthusiastically asked me, Will you play with us? I couldn’t stop thanking my stars and turned into a kid in no time. They cheered, yeah and we played, sprinkling colors on the face, clothes and hair. I didn’t expect to play with colors and the kids made my day. Did I tell you that I made a video sending a personal message on FB? Not very happy with the final version shot on I-pad for I was loud and my Hindi turned out to be accented. Must have done some 10 retakes.

On the personal front, wondering what’s in store for me. I need to do a self-assessment real fast on what I need to do with my life. Days and nights resemble each other. Been staying awake for the whole night and tossing on bed where sleep is eluding me, turning me into an over-thinker. The irony is there was a time when I loved staying awake at night with eyes wide open and now when I wanna crash, it’s just not happening to me.

The career woe is taking a toll on me for the past three years as things been on a slippery slope with shuttling jobs and places that haven’t been really fulfilling for me. Depression took me to a new low every time with the hair turning grey in no time. Still waiting for the magic to happen but seems that it’s a long, overdue wait. Fuck up happens!! For how long?! Question marks remain. Perhaps, I need to vent it out by crying my heart out to release pent-up energy. Thankfully, I am more balanced this time, unlike the past two years. Still, feel like hitting my head on the wall.

Been unemployed for quite some time now. I am in talk with a media group where I am negotiating salary and all but there is no guarantee that they will take me or I will, for that matter, take the abysmal low package they are offering. Savings is dry and EMI, loans need to be paid. I am in the desperate look out for freelance writing so that I can earn something by sitting at home. Few places have rejected my applications and some of them didn’t even respond. It feels bad and hit the most where it hurts, the ego. I have a strong opinion about myself as a media professional and it’s not something that will change, no matter how browbeaten I am.

Folks, if you happen to know something about freelancing or someone looking for a writer online, do shout out to me for I am in real need. Right now, I am not in India but wouldn’t mind working from home since I am in touch with all the Indian issues and all.

I need to push myself and gotta sit to do my profile for I have already registered on few worldwide freelance websites but thing is that I always leave stuff midway. My tomorrow never comes. Trust me, I curse myself after that. When things hit you real hard, you keep wondering whether you doing things the right way or something is sorely missing. It drains you and sap the energy within. You lose the vitality to see things in a clear-cut and sensible manner. I so wanna build my freelance career for I don’t see myself doing a regular job but makes the moolah as a writer on my own, by sitting at home, in the long-term.

As you know, I am taking part in the April A to Z Blogging Challenge and it’s my third participation. For the first time, I don’t have a theme but I am dabbling with fiction about memory loss, the struggle of an actor and as always, Mumbai as the backdrop. Feels quite flustered nowadays when I am speeding against time. Sometimes, you feel vindicated with the situation flung at you by life and gets angry with the world for being dealt at in an unfair manner. You feel that you don’t deserve to be treated by life that way nd it’s pointless to go, bag a university degree or slogging to build a career.

I just feel like closing my eyes and strive not to imagine anything happening but feel positive energy which is quite a luxury nowadays. As you can see on the blog, there are lots of book reviews and more to come. I am on a reading spree and there are many magazines that haven’t been read. It’s waiting for me to consume.

Just can’t believe that I have written 800 plus words for this crap post about things encapsulating my existence. Guess, we all have our own battles and wars to wage, isn’t it?! High time to look ahead and explore career options in UAE, one market that I am keen on and perhaps, might be back to India as an alternate.




PS: The post has not been written to get sympathy. It’s just that I need to vent and speak to myself.


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Memory with Holi

You know it’s Holi when Gulal flowing and splashing in the Mohalla. Sprinkling colors when children, grown-ups and adults running amok in all directions with Pichkaris like army men and women. Happy Holi folks.

holi images 2016
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The festival of colors Holi holds a special place in my heart and it’s the time to splash colors, get dirty and messy with clothes that I knew would be as good as junk after Holi.  Bhang makes Holi an exciting affair full of fun, grandeur, and awesomeness. Times change and the excitement is missing now where I hardly play Holi, splashing colors like it used to be during those days, be it childhood or college days.

As a child, I was always shy and though I wanted to play Holi, it was always with the elders in the house. I was excited when the day came to play Holi, smearing the face with colors, that would take days to get rid of. There were kids in the neighborhood with whom I would play and some adult who would concoct the color to whom I shyly and nervously would go to,”Bhaiya thoda sa lagao.’ The Bhaiya was one of the mischievous guy around who would throw color on me and paint the face.

Image credit: India Times@Deepika Padukone
Image credit: India Times@Deepika Padukone


It stuck like glue and applying soap would not do the trick. What fun!! Naturally, Mom would laugh after chiding me and Dad would scold me. As I grew up reaching adolescence, there were the bunch of guys who would run away from school and we would meet somewhere, hiding alcohol and wait for girls to splash Holi on their school bus. The girls would giggle and hurriedly close the window panes. At the bus stop, they would hesitatingly step down and after much prodding, they agreed to let us smear colors on their face. But, it was done in true Holi spirit and we would not overstep our limits. It was not an excuse to misbehave with girls and being folks hailing from good culture and education, we would respect the girls. Sadly, now, Holi has become in some quarters an excuse to misbehave with girls. How I wish the good ole days of endearing Holi  would be back.

But, it was all done in true Holi spirit and we would not overstep our limits. It was not an excuse to misbehave with girls and being folks hailing from good culture and education, we would were taught to be respectful on the day celebrating colors. Sadly, now, Holi has become in some quarters an excuse to misbehave with girls. How I wish the good ole days of endearing Holi  would be back!

During college days in Pune, Holi was not only an endearing and fun fest for us but it bonded our friendship whether being turned out of our favorite college days where the waiter came outside to serve us tea and coffee. Holi Hai!! We die for the day where there was no space on our face lining and we turned into the joker. Ha!! Or the rain dance at parties and traveling, going to and fro, to look for bhang. Dancing to Do Me a Favor Let’s Play Holi was best.

Can Holi be the same without Rang Barse Bheege Chunarwali sung by Amitabh Bachchan or Holi Khele Raguveera? A song that comes close to Rang Barse for me is Balam Pichkari, where most blend to show that no matter how much times has changed, the spirit of Holi remains the same. I hardly play Holi in the same vein like it used to be but I never forget to smear the face with gulal at home.

Nowadays, everyone is so busy in life and the true meaning of Holi is lost is translation and the fervor is missing where folks would go ballistic. Blame it on the mad rush to make money where we have become too personal and community life is slowly dying. Make it on Holi and #KhulkeKheloHoli. I missed the opportunity hosted on Blogadda to write on childhood memory for Holi by being part of the contest #KhulkeKheloHoli. This video is so endearing and I couldn’t resist being part of it. Watch it for this heart warming video beats everything.

Wishing all of you a very happy Holi and splash colors to make life colorful, forgetting all past memories and starting everything afresh. If someone has mistakenly thrown water splash on you, laugh it off as positive energy to work magic in your life like Jaya Didi says in Sholay, ‘Bhai Holi Hai bura mat man.’

Happy Holi




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Happy Holi: A flamboyance of colors


Sprinkling colors of love,

smearing varied hues and expression of magnificent imprint on faces.

Emboldened by the flamboyance of flirty paste and tasting colors of friendship,

as the powerful memory remain entrenched forever.

It’s Holi.

Letting the hair loose, forgeting bout’ everything else as we break all barriers to make the self happy and

embracing everyone with love.

A tale of Gulal and Bhang,

thousand hugs shared, countless emotions expressed in the rain dance.

Red, Blue, Gold, Yellow and Rose.

We just live for the moment as our tainted Kurta and face gel.

Spilling colors of togetherness and happiness which is impossible to wipe off.

Chartering a new season as hearts bond,

magical moments felt inside the heart.

A festival of charm, love, happiness to celebrate the magnifying beauty of life.

Happy Holi folks




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Happy Holi

Holi celebrations, Pushkar, Rajasthan.
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Rang Barse bheege chunarwali rang barse..the teaser song every guy loves to hum to a gal during holi as the girl runaway from him..Holi hai bhai,holi hai bhai, bura mat maan..Yippie,today is Holi. Happy Holi,folks. Holi ranks among my most favourite festival, the other favourites remain Diwali and Ganesh Chaturthi, not necessarily in that order.

We l wait for the day to come as we get bhang-ed as we let our hair down  during holiday. During my teens and my college days, not so long ago, i would wait for Holi to come and dance to the tunes of colours as our friends would splash colors all over our face and our white Kurta redesigned in various textures. Or, the party we had at Corinthian club, Pune for Holi where we had so much fun. Year later, we had so much fun with the gang near my college, Fergusson. I still remember how we were denied entry in a hotel opposite college, savera just because our face were simply made up like clowns. The poor waiters had to bring tea for us outside and we really felt like homeless beings as a result of our multi coloured face and clothes. This was the time and as I look back on memories of Holi, I just exude a smile, wishing how those fun times would come back.

I am not in India right now and I’m terribly missing my Holi. i have my Holi songs for company and memories to cherish. Before leaving for work, I shall apply a tilak on ma forehead and hopefully, next year, me and Holi shall have so much fun as we shall gyrate to sensuous Holi songs. My favourite remains, Rang Barse powerfully and playfully rendered by Amitabh Bachchan. Nothing can beat Big B in this Holi song. The one from Sholay is also beautiful so is Holi khele Raghuveera wadh ke from Baghbaan but nothing like Rang Barse.

Happy Holi