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Target 500

Hola folks,

Happy Sunday! Writing and keeping it to 500 Words limit! Ok, let me try this basic ground rule firmly believed and sharing freely with the whole world, except myself. I read a couple of blogs today and to be precise, handful one or two, stumbled on a short story reproduced by someone and another one on writing. Do check it here on K.M.Allan’s blog. It almost propelled me to write but no luck, so far.

Blame it on the winter season creeping in and the only thing that I have been able to do since the morning is slouching on bed, doing absolutely zilch and burying my head with the blanket. It’s only in the evening that I read extra 50 pages in the book Freedom of Midnight by Larry Collins and Dominique La Pierre on India’s struggle for Independence. Three cups of coffee, tea cups, tons of water and a very light lunch made of papaya, prune, date, curd and green tea as I look to start my diet tomorrow. Don’t ask! It’s a challenge. There is no plan but have every intention to kick away my Indian packed snacks or sweet mithai and pastry which I over indulged by the way and yesterday was the last rich mutton fauji I made. I must say that mom supervised the entire cooking process in the end. It would be interested for you to watch the Mutton Fauji recipe by Chef Ranveer Brar. Do let me know how you people find the recipe.

Back to what I forget about the post, “Character Motivation: Tips and Tracks” armed with every single intention to adopt and write by continuing the romance novella or doing a shortie on the blog but instead slouching on bed seems to be a better idea. You see, it’s all about getting my priority rightish on a Sunday and that’s sleeping. Trust me, when the chill bones get an upper hand, there is nothing on earth that makes sense.

There have been many firsts. For the first time ever in my life, I was able to open my Bordeaux wine yesterday with a Flamingo can opener without both bottle and the device coming unscathed. Shocking but true yes! You may find it unbelievable but it’s an impossible task for me with the cap pulled inside most of the times and breaking the corker. I got a fancy opener from the Indian shop and at the right time, speaking to the bestie who is now settled in Australia. We normally have our weekend alcohol trip on Whatsapp and he guided me with the twist, him telling it’s making the right sound. Phut! It was done. A feeling of winning war and acing the nobel prize after missing it all. That was Saturday.

Still not enough of the Saturday for I watched this amazing film A Star is Born which always wanted to and finally landed on Netflix. I am a huge Lady Gaga fan and couldn’t miss this one with Bradley Coopers. An absolute gem and scintillating music. Pure theater in motion which cannot be missed for anything on earth.

Total: 520 Words

A free writing prompt on every Sunday and linking to Esha’s blog. I promise to hop on the listed blogs where the aim is to encourage writing and removing the mind’s clutter every week.