Sex with an ex (9)

Anita’s furtive eyes followed Ajay’s gaze as the BMW car they were in, waded on the busy street of Mumbai and he almost cursed at the yellow-and-black cabbie doing a U-turn in front of them. He avoided the taxi just in time and banged on his window. “Easy,” Anita said. “Bhenchod,” Ajay cursed.

He sweated as he steered the wheel with his right hand and fidgeted with the latest silver coated i-phone with his left hand. Anita was losing patience and lunged out at Ajay who didn’t say a single word, “Dude, do you realize how I escaped from there? I almost flirted with death to get out of there to meet you, the moment you called. At least, say something rather than driving in silence and pointlessly doing the round of Mumbai on New Year eve as if we are some fucking tourists. What’s the deal?”

Ajay slowed the car and removed a bottle of Black Label Johnny Walker whisky snuggled under the driver’s seat and gulped a drop down the throat.  His eyes were red and he looked like a weak, emasculated man who hasn’t slept for days. He tried to reassure her and touched her naked arm, “Roshni is my estranged wife and she is sleeping with your fiancee but not for long. He came as your fiance and the whole thing has been a set up by Roshni who brought him into your life since she was persuaded that you are the only one who could break the locks of the vault that would make them richest to rule the entire Mumbai. She has meticulously planned the whole thing and played the victim card to earn your trust. She knew about us from day one. Roshni is behind the biggest gang of corrupt business nexus with politicians involved in nuclear weapons who want to bring the city to its knee so that they rule us,  You have been part of their hatched conspiracy and she has exploited your emotional weakness at very instance. It’s either us or them. Two people have to die or else, the guilt will forever haunt us to our grave. You have given them the password to the biggest secret. It’s a scam, a terrorist attack to destroy the city today. We have to stop them. It’s their last act.”

Anita was flabbergasted and looked at Ajay with shock written all over her face. She lost her voice and felt dizzy. “Sh…” Anita couldn’t complete her sentence when they heard a sharp beep inside the metal silver coated roof inside the car. Ajay was seething with anger and was scared at the same time. His heart was racing ferociously. He knew that Roshni and her lover has put a device inside the car. He had no time to react but steered the car to maximum speed, almost flying over the pavement and leaped onto the JJ flyover. Ajay saw no possibility to stop the car and the black-and-yellow cab that was on their trail and reared the BMW.

Suddenly, a flurry of gunshots hit the high luxury car. It was Rohini and her lover who were following Ajay and Anita since a long time. A deadly device was planted inside the car. After doing the cat and mouse chase and firing were exchanged, Ajay lost control of the vehicle which hit a concrete wall, painted in yellow with the phone number of Vijay Coaching class.

Thud! A huge explosion deafened their ears and the glass windows splintered, hitting them on their faces. Ajay and Anita clutched to each other and their eyes slowly blinked. They fell unconscious. Rohini urged her lover, “Fast! We got them. The device is hidden in Anita’s handbag and both must be dead by now. Get it now.” As she rushed towards the car, the two lovers mysterious disappeared. “Where have they gone,” Rohini’s eyes which were sprouting fire suddenly became icy cold and her face went blank. “We don’t have time. It’s do or die. Jaldi, let’s find them,” she dragged her companion along.

Ajay and Anita’s face and clothes were soaked with blood and hid behind the abandoned and rusty railway track. Anita was shivering and almost shrieked in fear when Ajay pressed his hand on her mouth. He flung a red apple and crushed can that landed inside the BMW car which rolled and escalated to make the noise of humans struggling inside. Rohini and her lover were distracted and ran to look for their targets inside the car.

On the spur of the moment, Ajay pressed a button on his i-phone and bang the car exploded and the fire ravaged both Rohini and her lover. Anita was flabbergasted and hit Ajay on the chest, unsure whether she should cry or laugh. She held him tight.  Ajay whispered in her ears, “To the world, Ajay and Anita are dead. We will be born again in a new city and taking a new identity. Tomorrow is a new day with hopes and aspirations to start all over again.”

Ajay cupped her lip with his hand, kissing every layer and she pushed her lip inside his mouth and their tongues pressing and biting each other, swirled passionately as they embraced a new life. It was the kiss made in paradise.

(To be continued)



Fiction: Cheat Kiss and the frog

‘What did you do just now?’, Mehr’s face turned shy and red, shifted her gaze away from him in the crowded coffee shop to watch the rain splattering on the glass window. He nonchalantly said, “Oh! I was trying to count and feel the butterfly. She wore a feigned smile to express surprise in an ironical way, “WoW! Genius! Where was the butterfly roaming? On my lip. I am flattered.”

Kamal tapped the wooden table with his hand and fingers humming, “I stole a kiss. I peck her on the cheek. She turned her face away. A coy princess. The butterfly lips didn’t kiss and melt.”

“Aha! Mr Shayar. You are in total mood today and better don’t buy moods condom at the shop. Keep the smartness inside your pant,” Mehr deliberately stitched his lip with her words. Mehr has a natural flair for words and this is one thing that made her Kamal’s hot pursuit until she relented.

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The rain lashed uninterruptedly for hours. Mehr stuck her cheek like glue to the glass pane, watching the branches clattering outside and water pouring as black umbrellas resurfaced in the city, people flocking for shelter and safety under the thin roofs on the street, housing a line up of old colonial buildings in a row. The face tingling with icy cold sensation was a favorite pastime and she loved this feeling to death. Kamal inched forward to stroke her cheek but he suddenly felt a spurt of numbness on his palm and fingers. A dripping cold sensation ran down his spine and made him shudder. He jerked backward with the cold feeling that almost made his palm and fingers numb.  Mehr broke into a cackle of laughter. “Now, you know why I am a cool oven. Caress me at your own risk. I am electrical and piping red-hot.” He mocked her laughter, “I thought you were cold like the icy water.”

“Hey, Mister,” she lightly chided him. Perhaps, you don’t know how hot and desirable I am.” He was not going to let go of the moment and jumped on the occasion, “You gotta prove your hotness quotient right now here in the crowded cafe after this tall claim. Show some guts, babe. It’s a perfect time. The rain will make it something to remember. The romantic moment, rain and breeze will soon elapse. Enjoy before it melts.” She knew what he was hinting at.

Mehr would play hard to get. At least, he should do some hard work and not empty talk to kiss her most prized possession, the moist lip, She is not going to give in so easily this time. She smiled with naughtiness brimmed to her lip. “Nice try, dude. Better be more creative. After all, it’s a question of lips which I don’t barter for free.” Kamal was losing patience but faked a smile, “You wanna me move the mountains or sing Karaoke in this place full of couples busy making out to win over you. It’s just a kiss yaar.” She put her seductive smile, “Try better. Buck up your act and words. Take your time…I am a hot pursuit, after all.” She winked at him.

Kamal tapped his finger on the table and fling a rupee coin in Mehr’s direction which amused her. She looked at how he expertly tossed the coin with his index and asked, “What are you doing?” He casually distracted her, “Look at this dude wearing fancy trousers. He looks like Ranveer Singh in this funky Pyjama.” She turned her face towards the random guy. He calculated his move as she turned her face and held her waist, swiftly planting a kiss on her quivering lip.

Kamal felt the dripping sensation of moist lips that made him smile. His heart warmed as their mouths cupped. Mehr was taken by surprise and blushed, almost hiding her face under the paper napkin. She moved her face closer and kissed him back. Their hearts melted. She couldn’t stop herself from cajoling him with a tender touch on his face, “You are a cheat kisser. Look outside and see your reflection. Just do it na.” He relented and saw a frog soiling in the muddy patch.

He was taken aback and muttered, “What! You think I am a frog.” She was elated after pulling this one on him, “Of course, you will turn into a cute frog after kissing me. I am a true princess who needs no kingdom.”





Choice of words: #QuotedStories

This post is written as part of this prompt (Fiction + personal), Choice of words,#QuotedStories, Follow your heart but take your brain with you – Alfred Adler hosted by Upasna and Rohan.

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I climbed the stairs, intrigued by the sweet and enticing voice trudging but as I raced my way upstairs to close on her heels, she was disappearing by the minute. The mysterious voice held me in its spell and I was enamored by the lullaby. My soul was captivated by this unknown force that kept pulling me in her direction.

My legs were numb and stood paralyzed but nothing could stop me. I was in short of breath and sweated profusely. The alley was dark and the staircase deserted. I was determined to unravel her identity. A strange feeling encapsulated me that her voice echoed a sense of familiarity that we’ve met since ages in another world. This sensation ran deep down my spine and it pulled me towards her. I couldn’t think properly. This was the last thing that I could do. Perhaps, I was listening to an inner voice that wouldn’t give a damn to reason. I knew that I was treading a dangerous path. But, who cares!

I inched within a distance of her shadow as I neared the white coated wall and wooden door. I searched thoroughly for her. She was nowhere to be seen. It was an enigma of sort. Maybe, life’s greatest illusion. For me, she was life. I was prepared to spend the rest of my life with her. My heart was beating unusually fast and stood paralyzed with fear. It was now or never, I told myself. In all these years, I lived in constant fear. But, not anymore even if death crossed my path.

I pushed the door with all my might, banging it with my fist and body which made it open wide on the terrace and suddenly an unknown force flung my body, propelled by the wind towards the edge. I felt like a bird flying in the blue sky and flitting past the crystal clear cloud.  The voice has brusquely stopped. I looked around but this place looked eerie. I was standing on the crossroad of life-and-death, my feet firmly entrenched on the roof’s end of the skyrise. My head was spinning as I looked down the city with its inhabitants and cars becoming smaller with lights moving faster than the corner of my eyes. My vision blurred. Suddenly, my eye struck on a banner lying upside down on the huge and sprawling jamun tree: Follow your heart but take your brain with you – Alfred Adler


I often wonder, what if one has to choose between the heart and the head for it’s impossible for someone to carry both with them in this big world of thinking.  It’s like the analogy of who came first, egg or chicken. The short story above is an analogy of sort on what keeps raging inside my head when I take decisions. I always trust my intuition and decide on the spur of the moment. I have been designed like that only: The head or logic has never been my strongest point.  I am someone who always thinks with the heart. My high point of argument: If we had no heart to feel the pain, love or making decisions, the head would never exist. This quote by Alfred Adler about following the heart but taking the brain along is quite tricky, complex and subjective. I can’t recall a single time when I haven’t followed my heart. It hasn’t resulted in the best decision of my life which often has led in hurting myself. I have left several jobs without thinking of its implications or weighing the consequences such as payment of loans and EMI or my own expenses. Trust me, it was the roughest patch in life where I didn’t have money to buy a single cigarette stick for myself and broke my own piggy bank for daily survival.

I can’t recall a single time when I haven’t followed my heart. It hasn’t resulted in the best decision of my life which often has led in hurting myself. I have left several jobs without thinking of its implications or weighing the consequences such as payment of loans and EMI or my own expenses. Trust me, it was the roughest patch in life where I didn’t have money to buy a single cigarette stick for myself and broke my own piggy bank for daily survival.

Still, I shall tell you it was the best decision that I ever took in life for following my heart and ended up being in a fix taught me hell lot about resilience, patience and going with the flow. It helped to refine and define myself as a person. At the end of the day, I will always choose to follow my heart rather than carrying the head along. I am planning to for an iPhone 7 and logic would tell that it’s stupid to throw away so much money out of the window. But, I am someone who toil real hard for my money and why the fuck give too much importance to pricey logic. Life is short. Treat yourself well for it’s you and no one else deserve the good and bad things in equal measure.



Fiction: The devil casting its shadow

It poured heavily that night. Thunderstorm rocked the city like a time bomb. The crowded streets felt like a desert and everyone flocked to the confines of their four walls. The whole country watched in horror as the news unfurled live on the idiot box. The politician who indulges in rhetoric about patriotism has been nabbed to be in cahoots with terrorists and was conspiring for a terror attack to struck the country. The people were in a state of shocked and yelled betrayal in front of their TV set. It feels like the hand of the devil casting its shadow on the life of the average commoners.

After all, such kind of traitors always take the people and their followers for a ride, fooling them by using emotional gimmick while they ride on crores of gold. The country is slowly recovering from demonetization and the sudden death of a revered iconic woman politician in the south when it was struck with another sharp blow on the face.

The bomb has been diffused. The Indian army, NCG commanders, and the entire police force have barricaded the sea and port declaring curfew till the politician is not arrested. Helicopters are hovering below the sky and above the tall buildings in the city to ensure that no mayhem happen till this terrorist is not dragged out and handcuffed, to a secret location. The TV crew and journalists are having a field day, stationed in front of the sprawling bungalow of the neta-turned-villain airing live update. The entire country is on tenterhooks. It is the day when the commoners are winning against celebrities with shows like Big Boss and Kaun Banega Crorepati registering abysmally low TRP not exceeding two points. It’s judgment Day.


Cigarettes were stubbed in the ashtray inside the studio apartment. The wooden door was wide open that gave an aerial view of the city from the balcony. The television channels were flipped to get the latest news and, in particular, some bizarre news that would rage and boil inside his crazy mind. He confined himself inside his studio, not daring to move his feet past the door. After all, he was engulfed in fear.

The power of imagination halted after being a self-made prisoner for 360 days of writing his novel. Politician arrested for terror act, rain, thunder, and fall in TRP…the thread was missing. The author banged his head on the table with pen in hand after writing 359 pages for he couldn’t arrive at a breath-taking climax. After all, what will happen when the cop arrest the politician involved in terrorism! He suddenly went blank.

Loud fists were heard on his door and he turned around to see cops waiting for him. They thrust him with force on the floor and handcuffed his hands. The CBI officer winked, “Game over, son. You planted a false video in the house of the Minister and played a smart game to convince us that he is a terrorist.  We found out everything and how you’ve brought the whole country down, in chasing this man, barricade his house and bringing the city down.” The officer ordered to his junior, “Take his whole manuscript. After all, he will write the climax in jail.”



Sex with an Ex (6)

The room was dark and eerie. Rohini stood frozen as a walking shadow flicked behind her on the white coated wall. A candle was lit and flashed on her near perfect and attractive face with the fading wrinkle.

Rohini’s hair fell on her round and angular face, that no sane man could keep away from. She wondered why Ajay doesn’t find her attractive anymore. She leaped to her feet and stood like a statue, shivering to death when a rapacious lip pressed and bit her ear. Suddenly, a stiff male hand traveled inside her bra and squeezed her boob that became stiff and she felt her inside exploding like molten lava.

She wore an air of relief when the male voice that whispered into her air sounded familiar. She turned around to unbutton his shirt.  He carried her into her arms to the bed and gently tells, “Your hair and colorful string of hippie necklaces are embarrassing me.” It made her desirable. “It’s simple. Remove them carefully. I am all yours tonight.” She pulled off her skirt and bra as an invitation to him and felt his force inside her.

Rohini was scheming and knew that sex is a weapon which she would control this man like a TV remote in her hand and press at will. She wore a calm demeanor, spoke seductively and paused at regular interval.  “I hope the amazing sex that we are having will not distract you from the duty. We need to act fast. Baby, it’s the time to stop losing the time or else, our plan will fizzle in the air. After all, it is a question of crores. It’s time for you to gain her trust. It’s not happening. She is confused and it’s the time to hit when the iron is hot. Mess up with her mind. She is our passport to heaven.”

He nodded but knew at the same time, that Rohini cannot be trusted. She cannot be a stupid woman who fell for his charm but today she is showing her true colors. He knows that he gotta be cautious for she will not wait a second to finish him once the mission is over.


The furtive eyes of Anita followed Ajay as he drove the gray silver BMW car on the busy street of Mumbai and almost cursed at the yellow-and-black cabbie doing a U-turn in front of them. He avoided the taxi just in time and banged on his window. “Easy,” Anita said. “Bhenchod,” Ajay cursed.

Anita cleared her throat and spoke with composure, “It’s not happening, Ajay. This relationship is not going anywhere unlike this car. Sex and just sex. Bas! You don’t have the balls to divorce your wife. I cannot be kept in the dark. Truth is I don’t have the courage to break up with my fiance.”

He stopped the car and unfastened the seat belt, caressed her hair to move closer to her. “No,” she hollered. “Don’t fucking touch me, I dare you.” “Be patient, babe,” he tried to calm her. Thud! A huge explosion deafened their ears and the glass windows splintered, hitting them on their faces. Ajay and Anita clutched to each other and their eyes slowly blinked. They fell unconscious.

It’s been months that they were closely watched by a roving eye and every move they made, be it inside the hotel room lying naked, smooching passionately or squabbled were shot on camera.

Earlier chapters can be read here.


To be continued…

UBC 31: Crazy Romance, Cuddling Hearts and Harmless Flirting (7)

This post is written on Day 31 of the Ultimate Blog Challenge that I am doing in October for The Blog Chatter. I was running late and finally, I finished. It’s a romance series and today is the climax  and last outing of Crazy Romance, Cuddling Hearts and Harmless Flirting (7): 100 crores Diwali love

UBC 31: 100 Crores Diwali Love

Dusk has crept in. The silver doorknob twisted and slid open as she walked in tired and disappointed. Ayesha plonked on the couch to rest her head and was sipping a glass of ice cold water when she felt a shadow straggling behind her. A sharp object almost nipped her back which caused her to yelp in pain.

A scruffy voice pierced in her ears, “Get up and move or else this knife will enter your skin.” Ayesha almost fainted and felt a lump in her throat to wiggle her way blindfolded on the stairs. The voice softened, “You can slowly open your eyes now.”

Ayesha turned around in fear and felt no pressure on her, threw away the red band to see that her assailant had disappeared. She felt a chill down her spine. The stairs spangled with colors and lights traversing on every step, earthen lamps, candles lit on every step.  She blighted, trusted her gut feeling that Gigoloskore will surprise her on Diwali. As she flitted her steps, black-and-white pictures capturing her movements during the chase for love at Marine Drive, Archies Gallery, Churchgate Station, holding the teddy bear close to her chest and swirling her way on the streets of Mumbai, were carefully placed in red envelopes splayed on the floor, wall and table.

She knew it was him. It had to be her Gigoloskore. Her heart beat faster for she couldn’t wait to meet the man who made her lose her sleep and making her fall madly in love with him. Her voice cracked, “I know it’s you. Come man. My lips are ready to taste the nectar of passion.”

“Please, yaar! In ten minutes, it’s gonna be six. It’s Diwali yaar,” she implored him. Someone held her waist from behind and she felt a jolt on seeing him. Ayesha couldn’t believe her eyes. “You swine! I am going to kill you for making me do that. I had an inkling that it was you. You made me ran. You almost kidnapped me in my own house. You are so cute. Worth na doing the chase like 100 crores romance. Their lips met and melted, tasting the nectar, roiling passion, exploring every inch, line, and zone in their mouths.

“I promised to you. We will light the lamps together,” he said. He wore a bright blue Kurta on white pyjama. She sizzled in a cream saree.  He caressed her hand as she lit the lick in the colorful earthen lamps, candles, tasting the sweets one by one, gulab jamun, ladoo, barfi, Kaaju Katli, and chocolates.

Ayesha broke a piece in each and every sweet splattered in a huge gold plated thali and pushed into his mouth. He unwrapped the box of Cadburi chocolate and smeared on her lip as she bit his finger. “Ouch!” he complained.  She was amused and laughed, “So much for making me lose my sleep. I told you are a dog. You think I am Basanti or what with your hero giri.”

“You are my Pathaka, my Lakshmi. I will never ever let you go,” he spoke softly. The glitter in her eyes spoke the language of eternal love with passion. Crackers flung in the air. She scampered down the stairs to see small children running to burst crackers and grown-ups wishing each other Happy Diwali in jest.

He gently held her hand as they trudged back to the apartment. Their lips melted again, singing Happy Diwali in pure Hindi film style. He untied the string in Ayesha’s saree kissing her nape and bareback. She bit into the barfi, held between her teeth which reached his dry lip. “It’s the best ever Diwali in my life. Our love is eternal like the sweet,” she breathed.

“And, the light will always shine on us, my Rosho gullah,” he winked.

Ayesha lilted, “What should I call you?” Who will kiss and make love to me every five seconds or five minutes, Gautam or Gigoloskore?

He simpered, “I am at your service day and night, you Highness…Gautam or Gogoloskore.”

The light went off.

The end

Happy Diwali



UBC 30: Crazy Romance, Cuddling Hearts and Harmless Flirting (6): Chasing Love


This post is written as part of the Ultimate Blog Challenge and The Blog Chatter on Day 30. I am writing short stories for the entire challenge in October and doing a romance series, Crazy Romance, Cuddling Hearts and Harmless Flirting (6): Chasing Love.


It was a sunny morning in Mumbai that Ayesha woke up to. She scampered her way inside the black-and-yellow cab, urged the driver to drive aimlessly and to wander on the busy streets. The vehicles ambled slowly in a day where the traffic stood standstill. Finally, the car whooshed past the crowd swarming to the shops to buy new clothes, sweets and decorations for Diwali. It was painful to sit in the car and wait in anticipation.

She was restless. Where to go and how to find him, Ayesha wondered. The stress was too much to handle and felt that her heart could explode anytime. She couldn’t take it anymore. Finally, she got off the car and started running like a mad woman on the streets, shoving past people and sweating profusely.

“What a fucked up, game? As if I am some runaway bride?” she bellowed. Her phone beeped, “Clue Number One. You are close yet very far. Cards, mushy balloons, fancy pens and train.”

She hollered, “Gosh! Crazy man. I gonna find him.” Ayesha stopped in her track and beamed, “Wait, baby…It means that I am right now in Churchgate and train, means station.” She sprinted for her life, chucked out her breathlessness, stormed inside the station, ran down and up the stairs to wriggle her way out, facing Eros cinema.

Her phone rang, “My baby, you are an inch closer to me.” Ayesha lashed out at him, “What man? Cut the crap. It’s Diwali today. You think I am some mad woman who don’t have anything else to do or what? Am I Mother Theresa?  Wait! Hope you not thinking that I am Jai and Veeru rolled into one and you are Thakur who has assigned me to get Gabbar Singh in Ramgarh.”

He laughed on the phone, “Just follow the clue.”

Something struck in Ayesha’s head. She was standing in front of Archies Gallery…yea! Fancy pens.  Cards. Soft toys. She trawled her way inside, admiring the mushy love quotes and soft toys when her name, ‘Ayesha’ was shouted like a lullaby inside her ear.  She turned around and saw a man, walking with paper stuck on his white tee, with her name scribbled in bold letters, ‘Hi Ayesha’ with tiny dots of shaped hearts. She ran behind him and scrapped the paper that almost tore the tee.

“You are my teddy bear. Turn to the shelf,” the message read. Ayesha turned around to see a huge teddy bear slouched among many soft toys and a message written behind, ‘Go back to the Station.’ She turned around but the mysterious man has already disappeared. She clutched the teddy bear close to her chest and leaped on her feet, a car almost hitting her which made the driver mouthed expletives in Hindi.  She brandished her middle finger towards him.

Ayesha was unfazed about the world and sprinted her way, doing a Kajol in Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge, holding the teddy bear close to her heart. There was a huge commotion with the crowd pushing their way in a chaotic manner and a huge poster displayed on the train stationed on platform No. 1, “A for Ayesha. Come inside.”

She turned her head and upped the gaze to see balloons hanged on the train’s roof with her name splashed all over, Ayesha.”

A Hindi romantic song was suddenly played at full volume. The female announcer called out her name, “Ayesha! You are as beautiful as your name. They don’t make such men anymore. How I wish someone would love me as much as he loves you!  Clue. ‘Romance by the sea’. Run girl run. You have 40 seconds to meet him.”

There was a huge crowd on Marine Drive, exploding crackers and fireworks zooming up in the air to hit the sky and scribbling Happy Diwali. Beautiful lamps were wrapped in colorful muslin papers and placed within inch on the promenade and jutting till the end to make a replica of the Queen’s necklace on the ground.

She sat on the boulder admiring the light decorations on the trees and buildings, in myriad colors and her heart almost melted at what she just saw. Her peachy eyes turned moist. Her voice quavered. Six Muslin papers which adorned the earth lamps sparkled with letters, A Y E S H A. It was her name. The fireworks thrust towards the sky to form white, red, wispy strands, ‘Happy Diwali. I love you, Ayesha. Your Gigoloskore.”

Ayesha picked up the phone, “Dude! I know you are here. OMG! It’s so romantic and awesome. Now, reveal yourself. It will be six pm in another hour and I need to go home in time to light the lamps and candles.”

“Patience, my love. Patience. We will light the lamps together,” he whispered.

“What the fuck dude? I am going home,” Ayesha slammed the phone.

She walked away and hailed a cab to her home at Nepean Sea Road, battling emotions and unsure  whether it’s happiness or sadness. Will she ever see him?! She mused. She sat like a statue at the back and closed her eyes.

To be continued…

PS: I am lagging by one post in the UBC Challenge. Wait for the final outing.