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Reclaiming simple conversations

Conversations carry several layers, gentle, growth modicum and respect for distinctly different viewpoints as we are carried into a mecca of learning from each other.  The mooted thought: Real conversations during lockdown with near and dear ones breeding productivity and growth arena minus prejudices or ego mustn’t be lost. One thing I have learned overtime on the importance to delete or avoid small talks with people gaslighting and imposing hard lining perspective. Many do that and shut, shun or avoid such things often lingering on the R for religion, bigotry, or whatever massages the ego trip.

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Sitting at home is no excuse not to nurture great conversations with people who matter and already the digital world has rendered our lives real.  The digital world we opened for seminars, workshops, and discussions, exploring platforms such as Google Duo, Zoom and Lifesize pushed the secret drawer wide to make every dialogue worth. Friendship carved with strangers and bonding over everything. The year 2020 will be remembered as the year of digital seeping our lives when none did. It makes for an interesting reflection on conversation cherishing simple relationships where there is no place for toxic.

A silver lining over the dark cloud is about making our friendships real and a world shrinking when in the past we took everything for granted. Conversations are becoming gentle, unique and simple-sweet at the altar of sweet-sour.  Dinner time conversation with parents matters and remember explaining to mom what Fin-Tech means. Simply put, the bank is on the mobile meaning finance and technology. Easy lunch or dinner time for quality conversations.

A new world has unfolded and learning how to make conversations that were amiss brighter in triggering a tiny spark.  Reinventing not just professionally and in business but from an individual point of view in chatting online at a simple download click. It will become more relevant for us and the way we interact with people will be significantly altered. A habit of making it a weekly affair speaking with our friends and parents on video building constructive, removing the scope for negativity.

It can about any mundane things, right from sports to books or funny tales in the closet and lockdown series, fun things done, rainbow, love or dating in our new life. Smear the online conversation with positive colors and diversity with friends beyond Whatsapp fake university. Conflict breeds negativity. Take the interaction off social media networking to make it digitally personal. Limitless boundaries make effective conversation in keeping the online etiquette alive.

We are hardwired for time and the world we are living now is making every moment count. Hard press the stop button for conversation needs no value judgment. A slow moment makes us human and takes time to articulate views. Conversations are no junk food or filter coffee. A sinking feeling that calls for no harrowing experience. Slow pause works a lot in disagreement. Let the hyper state evaporate pretty much like food metabolism. Take the plunge in chatting for the tomorrow lies in the past.

A new sun has set in to wager war against the dark. Digital bears no limit and comeuppance discussing and dissecting ideas, making it novel. The intricacies and deeply layered complexities have no place. Who says the digital media cannot wait! We have mastered a falsely claimed planet about not having time for anyone. The sole purpose of this online world whistles to simplification of the so-called hard concepts keeping fellow humans away. Educate people alien to its wonders, pretty much like the conversations we have. Include everyone in the chat and not hesitate in walking to a stranger, making them comfortable. The purpose of a chat is education. Just imagine how empowered we were the last time somebody made us feel important. Return and pass the karma to everyone willing in listening the signs.

Conversations need not be long but what matters is quality time, pretty much like this Facebook status. I am learning to make things simple and reach out to people not getting the A-Z or those so-called mind-blowing concepts eluding fellow humans. Line up for several online courses that will help me as the medium to teach people surrounding me, Mom, friends or plain strangers. Next, I shall teach about video calls on Whatsapp or otherwise during food times. Our race against time, anyone. Reclaim our conversations.




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Day 3: Why are we start up obsessed generation?

Retiring early and young is on everyone’s lip. This mantra is startups. Everyone worth the salt is at the inception stage, albeit on a small scale, sitting at home or juggling a full-time job with a business idea germinating in the head. We belong to a generation witnessing the spurring of social media during our college days, right from Hi 5 to Orkut, Facebook and graduating into professional adults with Instagram, Linkedin and Twitter. Picture, the mushrooming of digital media and blogs in hordes selling everything under the sun. We have become the biggest salespeople. Why not graduating to business honcho?

We are startups obsessed. This thought cropped up after watching the Indie flick Start-Ups, narrating on the dream of four friends in college to get something rolling but relations fell apart after initially spark. Why everyone, be the 30 plus gen us, 20s something and people in their 40s and 50s have become so obsessed to jump the bandwagon at the risk of chucking out a full-time job.  The film pushed me to think about it. To be honest, I am no different and really want to start something together with well-meaning friends to make the moolah online. In my case, it’s online media, something which is my forte telling both an Indian and global story.

The Whys remain. Has digital media been successfully savy in selling us a dream that there are countless possibilities in making lakhs and crores? I am trying to decode the start-up magic recipe, read concept and passion to build a business by sitting at home and connecting with people across the world to make a killing on the market. Like I said, we all want to retire young and avoid the experience of drudgery our parents have not only gone through but made the cut despite the harrowing challenges. A part of me feels that the older generation has got more spine and strength than we do.


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The social media world, particularly Insta pictures selling dream destinations and globe-trotting every single second has simply won over us. Glamor has been sold to us in the form of startups. We are biting the bait. Nothing wrong with it. I think it takes lots of hard work and perseverance to work on an idea, which is not just one-off thing or the next big idea to strike.  A junior from college spent an entire year doing research on an innovative project and model built around sustainable development which he launched last year. The point, I am making is that startups demand lots of dedication, courage and vision to present a product for which we must be strongly convinced. Just think, if we do not feel strongly about it and just want quick-fix solutions, nobody will believe in us. It may well work in the short term, riding on social media or market wave but in the long term, chances to crash are high.

Our USP lies in people, our audience, in particular, the young generation we are reaching out who probably has better information than us and are never miles away in the loop. Today, Gen Z is ahead of times and well attuned to the smallest details that they can teach us a lesson or two. It’s not just about making the moolah but building a trusted brand on the market, ever ready to brave and beat graveyard shift in bringing the latest development to the audience fearlessly. Are we ready to tread on the thin rope?

Many shall argue about competition on social and digital media platforms. I think the biggest competition is You.  One of the biggest issues I have seen is that many want to jump the digital bandwagon by setting sights on money. Of course, we are all here for that but how we become moolah obsessed by neglecting content or this whole NOT of buying Insta followers. I don’t personally know anyone doing it but heard a lot about it.

Glamor of cult entrepreneurship is sold to become the next Snapdeal, Ola, Swiggy or PayTM and Uber on the market. The fault may not lie in the mind of our generation and let’s face it, our start-up idea translated into action will not take us one or two magical years in becoming filthy rich to holiday in the Bahamas but good 10 to 15 years beyond. Startups entail going beyond the grain, making the graveyard shift and the fact about us is we like to do things the chaotic way bursting the bubble of money minting, not overlooking the reality check, we need a job to make ends meet.

Time is the biggest culprit. Running a business is no cakewalk and takes an entire day or sleepless nights. Earning is a first priority to fund expenses and often resorting to freelancing assignments may not be enough to fund our dreams. Survival instinct matters and making time to work on our big bang idea is the real hitch. The entire ecosystem goes beyond a concept, domain name or setting up for it takes hell lots of effort and time to network or seek to convince venture capital.

The battle is never won in advance but working round the clock, shuttling between work or convincing angel investors or venture capitalists, the buzz words raging on the market. Startups are never easy. It’s about personal investment in a project dear to us. Many have made it. I ain’t saying that we cannot make it but let’s not build skyrocketed expectations of nailing it at the drop of a hat. The unfortunate thing is overselling this entire idea and in a couple of years, we will become the next hotshot or millionaire in town. Take your time and build a concept that will not only thrive and adapting against changing trends on the market. Adapting and thriving is key to make a start-up that works but not neglected our core strengths.

The whole startup is buzzing all over the place to become the next hot entrepreneur in time with marketing gurus claiming to hold the secret and we end up splurging by trusting their killer instinct. I am not in favor of spending money seeking so-called expert tips and makes me wonder yours truly gets sucky at networking.  Work on the idea slowly but surely is my mantra but chucking out this whole obsession or going gaga about becoming the next Bill Gates, Steve Jobs or closer home, Ambani!



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Day 8: Featured on Planet Marathi

I am spreading my wings and exploring various mediums in experimenting my writing skills. As mentioned the last time, I debuted on Planet Marathi which is the ultimate platform for everything happening in the incredible state of Maharashtra, from cinema, to sitcoms, culture and web shows. I write on something very close to my heart, the future of Marathi flicks and sitcoms in the digital era where there is a huge audience lapping on Marathi web content. You can check my debut article here. Don’t forget to like and share but also give a shout out to Planet Marathi on both Facebook and Twitter.

I am a great believer in Marathi cinema and content that has consistently performed over the years and it’s by no stroke of luck that the regional language has been honored time and again at the national awards in India. Marathi content has over the years won hearts for its sheer consistency and I am grateful to become a small part of the wind of change, showing the true colors of Maharashtra, albeit India, the portrayed diversity and rich culture.

The place to be for everything Marathi and Maharashtra, Planet Marathi, is one such initiative with talk shows online of the ilk of Faces, Lai Bhari and Manja Bole boasting of big and respectable names like Amit Bhandari and Mahesh Manjrekar. The web portal is carrying forward a rich legacy and of course the future is bright in the state with 27.71 million, a staggering number of viewers in the state. It’s all about believing in  a dream and nurturing aspirations. Planet Marathi has plenty and bountiful in terms of initiatives to make millions in Maharashtra to dream big, wings to fly and soar in the sky.

Every week, Planet Marathi showcases a Star of the week, featuring new talents, with fire in the belly and ambitions to make it big. Founder Akshay Bardapurkar has incepted a dream and is making it happen by working tirelessly with a dedicated, round the clock team. It’s all about taking a tiny idea, giving it wing and achieving a rare feat.


With love

Jai Maharashtra

Jai Hind