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My newspapers tell-tale

What’s up with Gupshup, chai aur coffee and daily newspapers in India better than the rooster crooning that morning has arrived? I may be a relic of the past. There was a time or still better call it, heydays, buying daily print newspaper without fail and I mean not one but a couple of copies, accompanying for coffee, spending a good one hour and makes for the local voyage. Yes! I would prefer reading my newspapers and don’t mean solving Sudoku over a conversation.

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When I read Shail’s post on Newspapers, it got me thinking about telling my print tale. Hey! No confusion for newspaper and print are two sides of the same coin but just I hate repetition in a sentence, except for this one. I no longer buy newspapers. Blame it on the digital world cum pandemic where we get everything at our fingertips. Another unapologetic and apolitical reason is I now live in a country where the level of journalism is low that buying newspapers is just not an option.

Of course, there was a time where I would get two weeks old Sunday Times for some 25 bucks when the price in India is 5 bucks and would sit lapping it off. But, that’s just the past right! Of course, everything is digital what with websites and the last time I bought a newspaper is probably two years back. OK! I am lying here since bought one last week for Mom since she wanted to read something but was so disinterested to sieve through. And, the irony of sort is that I was a print journalist. Truth be told, you wouldn’t find a single newspaper on my workstation.

Back to my story, there was a time in India that I wouldn’t thrive or survive without buying newspapers with the assortment being endless. Imaging buying some three newspapers in those days was something and you gotta read. Boy! I did. How on earth I got the time to read is the biggest question but which is intriguing to me, at the same time! Newspaper reading in the morning was breakfast to me something I skipped while having tea or coffee. I would walk kilometers down the road in Pune if all printed news were over nearby and just wanted to bag my favorite newspaper. That’s also true. In those days, it was ToI.

And, the last time I held a newspaper in my palm was eons ago when someone got me from India. That’s the tale. On my tablet, there was an e-version of a Delhi newspaper subscribed for free but sadly, after the pandemic, the publication was shut down. It’s about time to revive the old-fashioned newspaper digitally and actually thinking to subscribe to e-papers. I really miss reading newspapers in some way or the other but I can always revive it during the post-pandemic times and like they say, moving with the times.

Reading experience may have altered yet reading on gadgets like I-pad makes for a unique experience and already I read Kindle books enjoyed to the hilt. Why not for newspapers or magazines? There is nothing like mobility and reading by sitting in the bus or train, watching the scenery which offers us un abound joy in an altogether different manner and who knows a story may be brewing in our heads, just like this post mushrooming.

Reading newspapers and sitting at the coffee shop in Bandra or CST, watching cabs and buses ambling makes for quite a sight. I love watching the scenery and people straddling their way on their daily chores or snippet of laughter and conversation while reading newspaper and man, could sit for hours wolfing the news, lighting a smoke and sipping coffee which tells a story we wouldn’t know. The coffee and newspaper tales are my happiness quotient where the simplicity of life is always what I long and look for.

The time has come to read the e-version of newspapers and magazines, something that I did during the COVID times with journalism colleagues sharing on Whatsapp. I still receive magazines from time to time. We all have a newspaper story we remember fondly and harking to the past, making for happy memories and unbound joy. What yours?