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Fog, cold and misery

Foggy evening,

chilly cold,

shivering skin,

ruffled feathers,

lone soul,

trodding on the tip,

homeless lying on the pavement,

in search of the blanket,

and a single wish,

to save itself from the icy sensation,

shaking and coiling,

human snake is a bane,

in the deadly winter whistle,

torn apart,

craving for a hot drink,

not a dime to spare,

the palace’s luxury,

fancy and colorful blankets,

not a thought for the miserable,

clinking expensive scotch and brandy.


With love




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A chill and icy temptation

Slow wind wafting,

gently stroking the lip,

icy breeze caressing the face,

sudden chill interspersed with mundane thoughts and emotions,

what you make of it?


imagined lust,

stoked by silence,

encircled by the bonfire’s flame,

a mind tempted by the caress,

wild sensation,

thunderous night,

reluctance to bowing down,

to divine forces,

tis shall not be a conspiracy,

of humans,

or ghouls,

the battle waged within.

With Love


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Winter mist

Fluttering leaves.

Winter mist,

regaling the heart and mind.

Wind blowing like heavenly voice.

Night’s folly.

Morning mist.

Thunder waves.

Cuddled by thick blankets.

Slumbering in heavenly peace.

The bed is my only solace.

Listening to the pitter-patter of rain.

Lulled to sleep.

Rolling the icy cold palms.

Caressing the face.

Ha! How I wish could sleep for the whole day!

Steamy cup of coffee.

Warming the body.


Waft of cold seeping through the bricks and glasses.

Blissful season.