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Thousand heart beat and steamy glass of tea

Droplet of water,

plopped inside the cutting chai,

hiding under the tiny tent,

water sprinkled and drenched the long hair,

snipers barricading the steamy tea,

saving it from the water,

no human nor liquid can save its skin from the splash,

a sensual gaze flitted past the manly gaze,

emotion ran deep inside his body,

water flew through her perfect sculpt,

carved with finesse,

eyelid popped open at her gaze,

she flew like the brittle wind,

thousands heartbeat,

a fresh gulp,

tongue burnt,

she disappeared in the flick of seconds,


mesmerizing beauty.



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Magnetic beauty possessing my soul

Stroking her hair gently,

the breeze ruffles the hair.

As she turns around, her face sparks of divinity.

Beauty can be an illusion,

yet I feel drawn towards her like magnet

Her angelic smile symbolizes the perfection of beauty made in heaven.

I am longing to walk up to her,

a power is fettering my steps.

I stand paralyzed, unable to make a move to tell her, ‘Her beauty captivated my mind and soul.’

The time I recover my senses,

she is long gone like dust out of thin air.




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Relationships are made in heaven

Hola people, zup???? I’ve started reading 7 Habits of Highly Effective People by Stephen Covey, former advisor to US President Bill Clinton. It is a powerful book where the author takes up small things which affects our daily lives and beautifully explain how we must get rid of ego centric behaviour. At the end of the day, what it takes to emerge as a winner in life. The most distinct feature is that the author place emphasis on the beauty of human relationship. A work of immense beauty. Having said that, it is not a book which should be read as novel but step by step as we climb the ladder of life. It’s immense and valuable for any human being.

Post 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, I’m yet to finish another jewel, The Power of Now by Eckhart Toll. Then, no self-help or spiritual work for me. Need some space out in life as I nurture my relationships with fellow humans. Speaking of human relationships, I take pride in saying that I have always nurtured relationships. The ones I have forged in my life has been the most beautiful aspect of my short life since the time I took birth. There were no costs and benefits accounting stuffs in my relationships like so many of us do to reach a specific place in life.

True,relationship is an investment for any human being but not in an economical manner. It is important for a human being to invest in a relationship coz beautiful friendships are not created in a minute. It takes time to fill in the seeds, nurture the plans and create an amazing chemistry. Relationship is beyond a life span. At least, this is what I believe. We should be very self less in respect to others and ever ready to listen to the other’s point of view. Sometimes, this dear friends needs more a patient hearing than we do. Trust me on that, it works wonders on our own existence in this world. Now, I have some issues with the oft-popular,”Every relationship reaches an expiry date.” It depends on which kind of relationship we are talking about. Certainly, I am not speaking of casual dating and sex, romance but relationship forged with humans. I am indeed referring to friendship with childhood mates and college friends. The promise we made that we will be there when we need each other. True, with work and life, we do move on. But, it never harms to call a friend and ask what he or she is up to and if they need something.

I duuno perhaps what I’m saying be laughed or met with derision. But, I have always been like that and always been emotional when it comes to my relationship with friends and the people I love. Call em at 4 a.m, I will be here for you coz you have been here for me. If you haven’t been here, I may be cross with you for some time,but not for long. That’s the way I am.

With Love