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Day 8: Featured on Planet Marathi

I am spreading my wings and exploring various mediums in experimenting my writing skills. As mentioned the last time, I debuted on Planet Marathi which is the ultimate platform for everything happening in the incredible state of Maharashtra, from cinema, to sitcoms, culture and web shows. I write on something very close to my heart, the future of Marathi flicks and sitcoms in the digital era where there is a huge audience lapping on Marathi web content. You can check my debut article here. Don’t forget to like and share but also give a shout out to Planet Marathi on both Facebook and Twitter.

I am a great believer in Marathi cinema and content that has consistently performed over the years and it’s by no stroke of luck that the regional language has been honored time and again at the national awards in India. Marathi content has over the years won hearts for its sheer consistency and I am grateful to become a small part of the wind of change, showing the true colors of Maharashtra, albeit India, the portrayed diversity and rich culture.

The place to be for everything Marathi and Maharashtra, Planet Marathi, is one such initiative with talk shows online of the ilk of Faces, Lai Bhari and Manja Bole boasting of big and respectable names like Amit Bhandari and Mahesh Manjrekar. The web portal is carrying forward a rich legacy and of course the future is bright in the state with 27.71 million, a staggering number of viewers in the state. It’s all about believing in  a dream and nurturing aspirations. Planet Marathi has plenty and bountiful in terms of initiatives to make millions in Maharashtra to dream big, wings to fly and soar in the sky.

Every week, Planet Marathi showcases a Star of the week, featuring new talents, with fire in the belly and ambitions to make it big. Founder Akshay Bardapurkar has incepted a dream and is making it happen by working tirelessly with a dedicated, round the clock team. It’s all about taking a tiny idea, giving it wing and achieving a rare feat.


With love

Jai Maharashtra

Jai Hind