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Hurrah! Nominated for blogger’s award..Tanku tanku..Not so king speech!


What have I done on the blog to deserve the nomination for the Hugs Award?! I wonder and am not trying to sound modest or humble about the whole thing but stating the facts. Publicly, thanking the wonderful person, Saumya is the first thing that I should do outta here. Our blogs met each other for two weeks and the minds clicked and there was a palpable chemistry between the blogs. I saw the comment notification and Saumya dropped the url to her link where she nominated my name along with other multi-talented bloggers for the Hug Awards and other bunch of awards.

I gotta be candid here and confess that jumped with joy upon seeing me nominated for a couple of awards on the blog front. It is after six years of extensive blogging on that I have been nominated for a bunch of words by Saumya. The awards can be checked on the link to Saumya’s blog, which I am sure you will love. You can also read the blogs of other fellow bloggers who have been nominated by the wonderful Saumya and here please find the link to Saumya’s other blog, I am sure you will love it even more and next time, I gotta put links of several bloggers I love to read.

It is only this year only that the blog has hit a modest high with some 18,000 hits and more than 40 followers. The fact that I am nominated after six years proves how bad I have been with blogging over the years. I am a technically challenged blogger when it comes to the thing called computer or technology or social/new media though I am present and quite active on Orkut, Facebook or Twitter. Quite law one would suppose for someone who in one week will get another tag, ‘has-been’ print media reporter. Actually, I prefer the designation reporter to journalist since I have not reach the level where I have the moral or ethical right to call myself a journalist.

Move over this bit: This award given by a seasoned, extremely talented and whom I called a whizz kid, Saumya, after all..aren’t we all kids, Saumya? I bet you won’t say No to that!! Hahaha! Seriously speaking, I dedicate this nomination for the awards to bloggers like Saumya and other fellas who took the extra pain to read and like my posts as well as comment. This has struck a chord between me and fellow bloggers-cum-the ones on whose blogs I comment. Together, the global community of bloggers can make a huge difference to the world by spreading joy and hope as well as push authorities to act by airing our views on issues such as communalism, racism, sexual violence against women and the girl-child, terrorism and so many. The new media is such a powerful form of communication and it has given us a voice which was lacking. Political people can no longer turn us into oblivion.

Why do I think I am bad and has not reached the stage of calling myself a writer? First of all, I procrastinate too much and this has acted as a big hurdle and impediment to my self-growth. Great writers plan their day accordingly and the time they call it a day, they express a certain fulfillment. Despite jotting everything in diary, I am unable to achieve the kind of satisfaction I crave for. Case in point: I started a rom-com novel since last year and till, I was able to write barely fifteen pages. Trust me, it sucks. I hate this procrastination. I already started on two scripts for short stories, barring my Mumbai and college days memoirs which is hanging in some dark corners in the room. It really gets to me.

My biggest problem remains that I can find means and ways to relate the last words I left and where to continue. I honestly believe that a continuity stand important when one is writing a story, novel or the script. I am struggling to make my work shape itself as the devil of procrastination gnaws and believe me, it is a depressing thought to let time slip away like that and it’s just the first draft that has dragged its feet. I am hopeful that I will be able to write tonight but, ahem! ahem! ahem!

My plans as jotted in the diary:


Reading The Guardian/Times of India/Khaleej Times

Reading: Biography of Amitabh Bachchan


Commenting on blog, putting a post

Working on novel for two hours


Watch the news on TV

Blog/work on short story on my blog post

Status of achievements

-Wake up at noon

– 1 to 3 p.m: commented on blogs

-3.30: Watched news on Headlines Today and NDTV

-4.30 pm: Read Guardian

6 P.M: Blogging on the present

Missing the Cue:

-Reading the book

-Working on my rom-com novel

-Not yet written in my Diary

Concluding remarks on procrastination:

It is becoming a problem and huge one. I am not going to deny that and perhaps, I need to work on a better and efficient method to overcome the state of procrastination. Any suggestions gals and guyzzz?

If I had to give a speech on my nomination by Saumya for a bunch of awards….

I promised dear ones, I am not gonna be long coz I don’t wanna you guys to nurture the hope of killing me for being boring. Since, it’s Friday, you must be hunting for the snacks and the booze and I promise I won’t be long and boorish. Hold your breathe: It’s ain’t the King’s speech. Normally, one is expected to give a speech when one bag the award but I am giving a short one for the nomination coz I may never get one. Remember, it took me six years to fetch a nomination and just imagine how long, I will take to bag one..mere toh bache ki bache ho jayenge yaar…kidding. The first person I shall thank here is Saumya..that’s for you Saumya for deeming me skilful and competent to get a nomination and it’s very kind of you. Cheerz to that! I wish to thank fellow bloggers whom I’ve mentioned above, mom and dad who encouraged me to read, my professors, good friends and my college Fergusson College in Pune..M a proud alumni. I promise to work out finer details and bring novel concept to the blog, ideas, short stories, posts on same-sex marriage, live-in relationships, yes my shortie on Raavan and so many, together we gotta make a difference and and..all human being must be treated equal whether men or women, homosexuals or hetero like me and no room of racism and casteist politics.

Now, raise your glasses and cheer up:)

Njoy the party coz its Friday.