Pushed to the wall

This is what you call being pushed to the wall and waiting incessantly. I was supposed to fly on sunday 15th september but two days prior to my departure, I am directed that I can’t fucking fly..

Well, though I am an Indian by origin, I need to get a student permit which has been expired long time back. So, on Friday, I contacted the required authorities who instructed me that it’s too late to process them. Another problem,I inform my Mum and she’s like whether I’m delaying it by myself and that my air ticket cannot be cancelled. In a fit of anger, I shout at her. Next day, all is fine, I try to get on board on thursday..But ”sorry sir,our flight is full and we can accommodate you on monday morning only”..I’m like what the fuck,man……….Either ways, got to fly and let’s hope this time, nothing will come in between because told my friends about my departure day and I need to inform time and time again..


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