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Rain soaked happiness

Rain soaked moment,

water droplet into tea mug,

splash to the soul,

every gulp fills with contentment,

pitter patter of happiness,

madness and delirious,

first monsoon captured in the mind,

a peek into the heart,

still and vivid images,

moving pictures,

sealed by the distant,

near perfect past,

splayed in the current,

every droplet stirs hidden desire and excitement,

drenched to the core,

swaying to the unabated waves,

offering seamless happiness,


Work-in-progress, seeker, and bundle of contradictions. Stubborn and Refusal to grow up and constantly in search of myself, I blurt it out on my space. Drop in and share some love. Indian!!!

16 thoughts on “Rain soaked happiness

  1. Tea and rain together indeed are seamless happiness 🙂 I felt like a cup of tea after a reading the poem and then remembered I wouldn’t enjoy it right now as much in the heat wave that we have.

    1. Thanks so much Pragalbha! Rains are bliss and best time for chai. It gets tricky during heat wave and been ages haven’t made cutting. Now our conversation prods me to make cutting soon 😊

  2. That’s lovely, this contentment here. Are you in monsoon season now Vishal? I can relate to the meditative aspect of the rain, the soothing nature of it…you captured that so well here in the melody and rhythm.

    1. Right now am not in India but yes there is monsoon. Where I’m based it’s rainy season with winter so yes I tried merging present and past days in India. Absolutely happy you loove the post. Thanks much 🙏

  3. There is also the idea of a “feminine rain” I think in Asian cultures, if I’m right, and I like that when it’s a soft rain in the winter here. Stays green at least, in the Pacific Northwest (in the States).

    1. Thanks so much Bill! I think films always portrayed feminine rain in India in depicting seduction and sensuality. I will try doing a poetry on rain and female sensuality soon 😊 I love the gentleness of winter rain and Romance in the weather! Aha do share about it in the States for am really keen to learn about. Glad seeing your comment here 🙏

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