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Book Review: Teens book live out fantasy and adventure

Book Review: A San Franciscan Dream

Author: Saad Amaan

Genre: Teens and adventure

Rating: Three stars


A book about teenagers by teenagers, exploring San Francisco during a maiden trip, and getting stuck in the US make it replete with eyes twinkling with dreams and adventurous excitement. When Saad Amaan, the 11-year-old writer contacted me on Linkedin to review the book, I didn’t say No and the end products surprised me for it speaks the language and lingo of teens, in a freshly innocent manner and at the same time passionately for a generation never shy to explore and conquer their dreams.

Six friends, Aman Utraviolet, Tina Gates Ultraviolet, Zee Edward D’Souza, AFN Siddharth Dikshit, John Kim Lufthaver and Heather Kim Lufthaver belonging to slightly different ages and thrilled with excitement in exploring an alien world makes the novel uber cool. A fun read at a time when travel has eluded us in more than one way with the pandemic and it wouldn’t be wrong calling it, futuristic writing. I was impressed with the scientific language, humor and weirdness making it a fresh read. From preteens ordering hamburger and eleven plus babysitting a six-year-old girl, the dialogue veers towards candy and stuff, surviving on allowance we call pocket money, it makes for a joyride of sort.

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A tale about Alice in Wonderland vs Agathe Christie meeting Christopher Pike with the young guns playing detectives and lending a ubiquitous charm with the usage of French language. Don’t they say pardon my French? There is a certain charm and alluring in the way French seeps into the narrative of this cool tale, the bonjour means good morning or Hi adding to the yin and yang of this exhilarating adventure.

There is no dearth of creative imagination laden into the aspirational when the teens meet Sundar Pichai, yeah right, who wants the autograph of Aman Ultra Violet. It makes for quite a lively imagery interaction between Aman and the Google CEO, termed as the ‘super-megaferociously-never-beforespecial’. It makes for fun interaction and getting ‘zanier’ what with the fourth dimension.

An interesting aspect about Saad’s book is the effortless blend of the lingos, from pretty dorky to thimblefuls and troubles jocks adding to the fun element.  The robotic as a metaphor central to teens if I can call it is intriguing for this teenage book but worth the effort with a dint of Tolkienism in the modern world.

What’s Not:

As unaware as I am about the lingo and style of the younger teens and preteen generation, the lack of spacing in many sentences and expressions makes it a tad difficult to read. At some places or the other, it does looks fun but when repeated in several instances in the book, it gets a tad repetitive, breaking the flow and not to say reader unfriendly to a certain extent. I love the creative interaction with Pichai but at times, I feel that the author has overdone it right from the ‘accent’ to the ‘hasty explanation’.

Final Remarks:

A San Franciscan Dream by Saad Amaan is a commendable attempt to tap into a world that the teenage crowd will identify with and making it a fun read.  The book surely has glitches but it’s something that the young and promising Saad will learn with time but surely is a lively adventure with a rich and appealing texture. The language and teen conversation are fun, making it a madcap journey with numerous twists. Read the book if you are a teen or a millennial like me stuck in childhood and wanna re-explore teenage days in the present times. I promise to be fun. Will you?




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6 thoughts on “Book Review: Teens book live out fantasy and adventure

  1. Thanks for the review! Your review narration was so awesome!

    My characters will now react to the review –

    Aman : I mean, that’s super duper uppity game!

    Z : Juste magnifique. (Just beautiful, in French)

    AFN : Now, Vishal Uncle, you wouldn’t mind giving me a hamburger or three, won’t you?

    John : Well, that’s great! Give me a call (*whispering*, and 40 dollars *whispering ends*) and I’ll give you a tour!

    Heather : These boys have gone crazy! Still, this was lit! I’ve read your blogs on feminism. Omg, I literally can’t even describe how cool I’m literally feeling!

    – Saad

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