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Tale from the coffee shop

What if we were having a webinar! Whatsapp call or met for coffee by accident? I would perhaps ask how life is treating you in this pandemic or post-pandemic world depending on the part of the world you are living in. It wouldn’t matter whether you are living in a city, state, or country infested with COVID cases flaring up and/or in a place with very few cases. Fact is that the pandemic is taking a toll on our mental health and awareness.

This post is not about mental health but it may be indirectly or remotely connected to how this new world has impacted us. Last week, I visited the coffee shop where I’ve been a regular customer and ordered an iced coffee, sat to read a bit but didn’t stay for long. I again visited on Monday and this time remained for two hours. It felt strange in 360 degrees altering the globe. Sitting with the laptop and coffee, I typed an entire chapter for the romance novella on blog. I didn’t keep track of time and enjoyed writing.

It made me happy deep inside. The rare perks of going out, enjoying coffee, croissant, and writing. The coffee was good but something was missing. I love the frothy on top but was watery. I didn’t complain because it’s a luxury which is the rarest and thinking about friends who cannot go out for coffee. The girl at the cafe ran to me and asking about seeing me after a very long time Truth is that I am still into self-isolation mode much after the lockdown and my reasoning is irrespective of few cases and declared COVID safe doesn’t in any way imply a COVID free world. Till we haven’t battled the virus, the risks remain present.

Back to the coffee shop trip, I felt the world has changed. Something was missing in the happiness sipping coffee, writing, taking pictures and selfie staring at the laptop. It feels good to step up in a world afflicted by the pandemic yet it’s odd sitting at this familiar place, and to think the last time, the virus scare erupted. It felt different. Yet, at the same time, we need to venture out and learn to live with this frenemy. How long can we stay cooped inside remain the biggest question?

I’ve self-isolated myself for more than six months and refused invitations but there comes a time when you need to venture in a place lending serenity. Coffee shops are such places for me. Reading at peace and being with the self. Did I told there is an old British gentleman we Indians would refer to uncle saw me the last time and told you are the guy who reads at the cafe? That’s how he remembers me. Fucking true!

Life has changed for us and perhaps our individual perception to a certain extent on how we respond to fears. It’s a natural thing to do since we live in a new world and the virus phenomenon is something new to us. I know many won’t pay heed to it but over the years, a certain degree of awareness has seeped into my life.

A sense of happiness about visiting the place and picture it one year back when I was a regular and then, the dock of life, be it coffee shops, movies or travel has stopped. A feeling of being grateful to the universe for stepping out and the only difference is perhaps the mask, sanitizer and social distancing. I intend to make the most ay sitting to work once a week at the coffee shop and far away from the maddening crowd or even senseless conversation. It works well for the mental health and why not embrace the routine change.

How often do you go out in the uncertain times? Do share.

With Love



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16 thoughts on “Tale from the coffee shop

  1. We only venture out to shop for groceries and medicines, Vishal. And yes, visits to the vet. Perhaps, were being too cautious, but when we see that people are going about business as usual, it does seem scarier to go out.

    1. Thanks Corinne! I think getting out for sundry expenses do help. I’ve been doing that for a year and it’s fine to be cautious in helping us for our sanitary health. At some point my self imposed isolation started getting to me and why I’m choosing one day to be at the cafe! I agree going out in huge numbers get scary and make a point to attend gathering not more than 50 people. Be safe and we shall all get out of it.

    1. To a certain extent the place I’m in has less cases but believe once a week we need to venture. It can impact our mental health Sharmistha. Our lives got affected too with the lockdown and fear of getting infected! Thanks for dropping 🙏

    1. I am doing the same Moushmi and keeping once a day sitting at the cafe. I am cautious though very few cases since we can never know and the virus not going anywhere soon. Sanitizer and masks my life saving devices.

  2. I am blessed to live in a country which is on top of the virus. Plus my rural region only had one known case back in April. So even during lockdown, due to my brothers being locked out overseas I had to travel about to get our family home sold. Then more busyness to find my forever home, relocate and furbish it. I have walk or cycled most days but also gone to the movies, the cafes, visited as I wished.

    Guessing that if I lived in a large city it might be quite different, rural living is ideal for me and so safe!

    1. I agree with you…in small rural area with less population, it’s safer. I too stay in a place outside India with few cases. Still, I’d say be safe and true large cities are facing huge toll. I can understand how tough it is travelling to get the house sold. Be safe 🙂

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