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Short story: A mug of steamed coffee

Yellow crepuscule wore a contrast to the faded grey Marine Drive sky and forming an arc, crescent and white creamy layer steeped into the tall South Bombay buildings, lights and vehicles ambling.

A Doberman dog lurched and stopped towards a football rolling on the concrete slab. Hungry dog broke away from the owner’s shackle and leapfrogged on the white bench, punching jaws to scratch the shadowy human slouched.  Sleep monster was shaken off and yelped in fear. Fierce and frightened eyes faced each other when a feminine voice shouted, “Maggi! Maggi! Leave him alone,” the pet was wrestled in time before it could turn into blood sucking vampire. She broke into a hysterical laugh. “Sorry. I couldn’t stop myself laughing. Maggi can be naughty at times.” He panted heavily.

“Hi! I am Pallavi. Not the best way to meet a stranger in the city,” she smiles effortlessly. The trembled hands fidgeted with a Classic mild cigarette to light and she helped herself with the pack. He shyly told his name, “Rizwan” before walking away from her and flinging the fag inside the deep, seawater.  She watched him moving away and the dog gently following his mistress at slow and effortless pace behind the man.

Bustling and sweaty morning in South Bombay characterized a beeline of a crowd lining up at the popular chai wala when someone incidentally split the hot chai on crisp skirt and blue denim. “Fuck man! Are you so bloody blind,” she turned around with her middle finger stopped straight at the cusp of the cleanly shaven face. She turned numb.  “I just can’t believe that…Rizwan, right. Are you secretly conjuring revenge on me?” she asked. He made an innocent face, “I am sorry and didn’t know that was you….thing is that I am in a hurry to college and thought of quickly gulping a cup of tea.”

Amusement wrung on her face and pulling back hair tresses, Pallavi coyly said, “Hey! Listen! Punishment for you. Are you game to walk me home? He didn’t have time protesting when she threw another missile on him, “Don’t ever think of saying No for I ain’t walking with tea stain on my dress, man.”

Walking past the steel gate and flicker of cool air cooled their heels and the shadow of a huge Gulmohar tree cooled their heels, she ushered him inside the lift to reach the apartment. He was admiring the sea view standing at the edge of the spacious balcony, the tiny humans stuttering, cabs and buses ambling always fascinated him at the peak. The eyes were distracted by the slim and athletic pair of legs under a white short and green tee. He tried hard to avert the sensual gaze to focus on her face. She was too hard to resist, fragrance of hair fluttering and battling frantic heartbeats when she stood within inchesLeaning closer, she handed a steamy cup of coffee on his hand and took a sip, almost spitting it out.

“I just heated in the oven. Too hot to handle. Not me but the coffee,” she winked. Rizwan bit his tongue lashing with the hot liquid swirled inside the mouth. She slowly moved her leg and in a sudden oscillated turn, stuck like glue on his knee. She gently caressed his hand and directed it on her soft waist. Rollicking tongue on the edge and smothered on the lip, dark eyes flicked wide with intensity. Naked arms ran through his hair and lightly pressed his neck. Mouths cusped together and electric waves rushing through the flesh turned the heat on and voraciously licking necks and tracing the lines on lips. Tongues lashing into each other gave a chocolate fudge sensation for passionate seconds.

Consumed saliva and hungry fingers scything to pull laces of bra strap with effort and fingers ran deep to break his shirt button. A hot sensation flew on the skin, swiftly moving up and down, tongue biting on the hairy chest. The bodies gravitated towards each other in motion and passionately dragging away from the balcony and moving past the door to thrust on the bed in the room, darkened by the brown curtain. Female fingers scratched male bareback with full force and eyes flicked on clothes strewn on the floor. He sank deeper into a deep slumber and arms flailed aimlessly on her skin. The room went dark and a sudden thunderstruck, creating a bang sending pulsating heartbeats.

Rizwan was getting late for the meeting and drove the car in speed, swerving towards the end of Nariman Point lingering past the sea and motley crowd towards Inox when he was hit at the rear end. The driver behind has lost control.

He furiously stormed out of the car and saw a woman in long hair and decked in yellow chiffon saree in front of him. An explosion splintered in his brain that sent him to the burnt apartment ravaged by fire five years back. He hesitated, “Pallavi! Is that you? How are you doing? I thought you died in the fire.” The intense eyes haunted him for years and peering into his soul, concealing a mocked smile. She touched his hands and face, “You are alive as well!”

The mystery both Rizwan and Pallavi were alien to and naked bodies saved by strangers, where he often visited the razed building wondering what happened to her.  On that night, he woke up in the hospital, imagining she was by her side on the bed to see lights focusing on him. “I left the city,” she calmly told. “I looked for you in the city but didn’t know your full name. Life is squeezed lemon. Were we dreaming during sex?” he sheepishly asked. She smiled coyly and the fleeting escapade, hovering on the bygone times.

“So you drank the coffee I made for you,” she guffawed. “No! I left it cold on the balcony.”Pallavi gently slapped him, “What! I made hot coffee and you didn’t take a sip but went straight inside me. Dude! We have business to finish.”

“Are we in love conjured by destiny,” she teased. Pallavi ruffled the long and unkempt hair as he opened the BMW’s door to usher her inside. Pallavi untied her pallu and casually spread her body on the seat flapped backward with eyes wide open.  Rizwan gently untied the blouse, kissing her neck and moving towards the red tinted lipstick. She was unfazed by sexual emotions.  Hands moved past her face, cupping her breasts, sucking the nipple and lips on navel.  She opened her legs and bodies pressed together unfurling in motions as she was swayed into the unchartered, idyllic perfect paradisical world, “Don’t stop,” she moaned.

Light and sensual chill flew encapsulated the fragrance of white and milky skin in turn clutching the skinny, roughened and hairy chest. Pallavi’s perfectly shaped and toned body stuck like glue with Rizwan rolling on the car seat. Erected bumps grew thicker and burning sensation longing for desire hitting an octane level. Knees weakened and felt a spurt reaching an elixir.

A loud and furious clang hit the car window like a speck of arrows to break the passionate gaze and chilled fear pushed the eyes staring open, and passion winded out. Steamy coffee mugs lay on the wooden table. She traipsed on her toes and mouth drenched in the creamy dark brown milk and moved the mug on the edge of his mouth. The liquid ran deep past his tongue and warmed the parched throat. Mouth smacked into each other. A drizzly hot sensation brewing and passionate tongues swirling in serpentine form curled deep inside and slow motioned to hit off intensely.


The end


Work-in-progress, seeker, and bundle of contradictions. Stubborn and Refusal to grow up and constantly in search of myself, I blurt it out on my space. Drop in and share some love. Indian!!!

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