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Not WTF but Work from Home

Work from home (WFH) has become a routine and translated into office hours in my life for the past four years that was never an option.  The WFH seeped in our lives at the time of complete lockdown and many are still coming to terms on whether productivity or targets will be met and alternately, missed interactions.


Between my last office job and WFH, the change was smooth since it’s all in the mind as we look at adjustments that need to be made in adapting to the new routine. While the WFH doesn’t really affect my life on account of something internalized, I still miss the coffee shop trips which is a weekly affair, and supermarkets trips-an absolute no no right now and ain’t waiting in a queue surrounding by a berserk crowd obsessed by panic buying, and venturing to escape the daily drudgery to break the monotony was a must. It’s neither sundry and all for the job needs to be done. A few tips to make your WFH a memorable yet momentary affair.


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Try getting up at the required schedule and practice yoga or any form of exercise the time you would travel to the office and shed the pajama or shorts to wear something like jeans, tee, and shoes to get into the office mood. Do not forget to clean the office space to remove all risks of the virus. I confess on not being in office attire spirit many times but it’s something to religiously adhere in not compromising. I need to preach what I say here.


Switch this Facebook staring right at you and try avoiding many forms of distractions or else you will be forever working. It’s simple, work out a schedule between 9 a.m to 4 p.m or if you are a late riser like me, start working from 10 a.m till 5 p.m or still better, from to 6 p.m. The rest of your evenings should be free. The hitch with WFM is that there is a tendency to keep delaying things beyond working hours. Ever heard about time table during school holidays. Right! Stick to it.


Prioritize is key for a productive day. An agenda diary comes handy. First thing first, check all the emails and reply to them swiftly. Start working and put some soothing music to flush out all worries to get set, flying. Jot on a note pad the tasks at hand and during the day check the progress about targets set in the start the day to assess how far you have reached. It’s a normal tendency to constantly check the phone and the possible outcomes of keeping it far away from the glares. Keep a routine of things for in the start it may be quite a task but as days flow by, one gets used to the new routine.


Sitting on a chair can make the body stiff. Get up and stand on the balcony for fresh air, stretch the body where you can look up online for some minor exercises. Staying fit, both mentally and physically is needed while working from home to keep sane.


The complexity of staying at home makes it hard to resist temptation, like the afternoon nap and if you can try to sleep between 30 minutes and one hour but make sure not to overstretch lazing off for an entire efficient day maybe or lost. Don’t delay or postpone work for the night that defeats the entire rigorous purpose. Keep the evening for some exercise, blogging or writing, Netflix and reading.


Design the office studio, it can be the room and in the hall where everything work related is kept on the desk and declutter to make it cozy. Avoid making the mistake on sitting on the bed with the laptop which is the mother of all distractions. Get rid of all unnecessary papers to jazz it up. Making the office space at home matters. One good thing is that we have a Whatsapp office group and trust me we don’t just share work-related stuff but silly forwards cum small conversations. WFH has never been more fun and should make the trick.


Happy work from home



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12 thoughts on “Not WTF but Work from Home

  1. Good read! I agree, I’ve been just too distracted with the many things around me and the continued beep of the Phone.. announcing the notification of some or the other social app. And that leads to longer working hours… Time to fix that and be less distracted.

    1. Thanks Maggie. I know and been guilty of wasting time during the four years. Perhaps the outbreak is teaching us so many things on how to fix things and remove distraction. Stay safe and healthy 🙂

  2. The WFH did change a lot of things on my end too. Adding to that, social distancing cut off whatever ties we had with the world. Peers at work, those neighbors, friendly shop keepers and people on the road – I miss seeing them. Though I like that I don’t have to rush anywhere or beat the traffic, this is different. Stay safe, Vishal! Take care.

    1. Extremely different and a toll on us to adjust or cope I know! Not a bad thing to slow down but will affect our lives in many ways! I hope we learn our lessons and don’t prey on species or the haphazard development! Thanks Parul and stay safe! Quite an adjustment 🙏

    1. Ya true with chai, coffee aur biscuits aur been doing that for 4-5 years! I know it’s quite a change but lack self discipline that need to work upon 😀Thanks lot🙏

  3. We really need to stay focused on our goals specially at this hour when everybody is calming themselves out. No doubt this is the much needed time but still I feel productivity should not be fall behind.

    1. Hi sorry for approving your comments late and was busy in work and grocery shopping! Staying focused matters and today was slightly productive after shifting work from the couch to a table! Still need to have better focus 😀 Thanks lot for sharing your views 🙏

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