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Day 4: Diary of the day

Doing an online journal/diary entry is never easy. I shall try not making it bland. Ok! I am on my third peg of alcohol and no drunkard par it’s just that enjoy drinking a couple of times a week. Not heavy drinker but just to imagine the writing process flowing. Another tale that the writing process is not really happening as I fucking wanted it to! So much to write.

Imagine we are nearing the end of January on date 27. Can you fucking imagine? Screwed! Like someone tweeted on how January is a trial month and I believe it so. There was so much that yours truly was planning to do but the entire thing fell apart. Right now, I am listening to Hindi Retro on Radio Mirchi online and always sending me to the good old Mumbai days where a decade was lost, the time it was called Purani Jeans. Picture me, sitting at Marine Drive, smoking and having cutting chai! What days!

I am a late riser and hate waking up early. In a nutshell, sorted out work and translation stuff, doing groceries for the month, online payment, watching The Forgotten Army on Amazon Prime, and set off for the evening walk. Feeling a tad feverish and didn’t run but brisk walking to be back sipping scotch. The entire day went off for a toss. It often got me wondering what I end up doing and why on earth don’t push myself to do things love doing. I gotta jot a to-do list and things often skipping the mind.

Writing is eluding me. Books to read. Materials to write and one such thing failing me. I slouch on the chair and eyes thrust towards the ceiling to watching the fan rolling. I shall ignore the Whatsapp conversation but as much can’t stop the mind, it keeps verging towards the flawless past. The brain travels to Churchgate, Marine Drive, local trains and Pune where the best of times was lived every minute. I check Linkedin and saw an acquaintance landing a dream job. I was getting hyper that gotta do something to live my dreams. In awe suddenly, how peeps are making every moment count when the person writing this post is lurching and making terms with destiny.

The most beautiful surprise came today and made me a little bit emotional. A friend and filmmaker in Mumbai tagged me for the greeting card sent to him and he made an entire video on Insta recognizing the small gesture. In a digital age, I love hand-penned letters and seasons’ greetings is always an excuse writing letter and spreading happiness.

Good news knocked unexpectedly! It always comes up whenever India celebrates Republic and Independence Day for me. 26 January and August 15 are not just my favorite days and lucky charm surprises me every single year. I have always trusted my instinct on the two days for lady luck smiles at me. And the day ends in no unequal terms. As a person, I have no expectations about life, love, and relationships, a philosophy adhered by and trust me, not building skyrocketed expectations, makes everything simple and usher in unlimited happiness.


With Love





Work-in-progress, seeker and bundle of contradictions. Stubborn and Refusal to grow up and constantly in search of myself, I blurt it out on my space. Drop in and share some love. Indian by choice.

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