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Day 30: Flush with beer and high on new laptop

A new laptop ushers change, the only constant in life and makes it good feeling to type on the brand new grey silver ASUS motherboard. I can’t stop drooling over the shining beauty, a babe winning my heart and coming during Ganesh Utsav making it special. Care is being taken not to let this babe suffer scratches or dust piling, unlike the old friend. Laptops are loyal friends becoming an inherent part of our lives. How we take them for granted!

The laptop entered my life in a completely unexpected and tragic fashion for there was no plan to go for a new one. What if I tell my old HP laptop drank beer? Believe it or not, I was enjoying beer on Thursday and careless hand flicked the glass with the entire liquid spilled on the motherboard. Panic button hit! I reached for a cloth and tissue papers in the kitchen, to clean laptop and table. Restarted couple of times. Screen intact. Holy fuck! Motherboard not working and unable to type. I had work to do but went to sleep knowing that in the morning will reach out to my techie neighbor and friend.

Nothing to panic. He tried sorting it out and gave me a new mouse to scroll, something I can’t remember when I used the last time. Problem solved. It still reeked of beer You bet! Bad signal! Mouse working but stopped beyond a certain point. I tried typing but hell on earth. There are days like that. The Ipad and iPhone saved the day to google and sending work stuff while my neighbor was sorting out the laptop. He called in the afternoon to tell the bad news. He cut open the intestine and patient was clinically dead, beer flowing in the system that will take it a couple of months to dry. There was no way out and forking money to buy a new laptop seems the only way. No point spending a fortune to get it repaired. I never knew beer would cost me 20 grand.

At this point, the only woe is saving the works on the old laptop and took my friend a day to save everything in an expert fashion which looks pretty much like the old gadget. The best thing about working with a professional techie and the entire document sets didn’t bear extreme changes, making it easy to start on the Asus Vivo Book. I hate things being drastically altered and facing the upside down. Everything done and we did a barter of fees in exchange for the old laptop that I was only too happy parting with. The next day, he gave me an external hard disk sourced from the old laptop and he told, I am sure you don’t have one. True!

Lessons learned, never keep liquid, tea, water, juice or alcohol close to the laptop which cost me money to replace. The only fuck up is that I spent the weekend in asking for reset of passwords for Facebook, Grammarly and Linkedin or Twitter not yet done. I need to reset for Netflix and with maddening difficult remembered for Prime, or else that would’ve been a complicated affair canceling the subscription and starting all over again. I can’t remember office email and will ask for a new password or the company to do a reset for me. A new post on mistaken or lost passwords shall find its way with my bad habit of keeping codes scattered.

The first post on the brand new laptop. Say hi to the babe and new friend.

With love




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