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Day 29: A wine story

I absolutely love red wine. A late entrant to the world of carefully picked grapes in the vineyard and turned into a confessed lover. The wine love story started way before Diwali when in a conversation with a friend who is now settled in Australia, he recommended wine to breakaway from whiskey. When college friends suggest something and liquor, you just go with it. I love Australian wine.

There is no stopping and enjoy a wine whether French, Australian and South African or Chile and Argentinian. Amazing stuffs. The only one missing is Port 7 Indian wine. When it comes to my alcohol, I prefer buying the original one and when back to India, enjoy local ones but the only condition is that absolutely hate the idea of alcohol be it whiskey, wine or Vodka imported from Europe but bottled locally, in this case, the place am currently in. This milawat wreck doom and is often a poor quality of alcohol.

I am disgressing. It should be my struggle with opening a bottle of wine and not flaunting about the connoisseur alcohol that I am. In my entire life on earth, I have never been able to pull open the cork and ended up breaking the corkscrew. No confidence to open a bottle of wine and the only option is to push the cork deep inside the liquid making a splash, took me good one-hour sweating blood and tears. The solace is buying wine with a cap twisting in a matter of second, to ease it out.

Some crazy discounts going on wine coming from France the last time I visited the supermarket and the deal was too good to be true, grabbed two bottles at steal away prices. Taking a risk with the screw and bought a corkscrew for a good 200 bucks. Needless to say, I googled on how to open a wine bottle and followed the entire step by step tutorial on YouTube. The expensive corkscrew didn’t help after the deep cut and twisting inside the bottle for doctor Vishal failed the surgery with needle left inside the lid skin.

Again Google baba was consulted to save the day. Wrapped a towel towards the end of the bottle and start hitting on the wall. It didn’t help. Patient was in terminal stage. Hit bottle inside the shoe. Didn’t work. Operation failure! The sharp knife scythed its way deep inside the cork skin like anesthesia. The biggest failure on earth. Straddled inside the kitchen and alley towards the washroom. Spotted a sharp screwdriver. A surgery taking almost two hours but we were not yet there. Screw driver inserted inside the middle of the screw and the bottle’s bottom. Screwdriver ended up with a twist.ย  Miracle! Miracle! I felt like dancing and the apparatus pierced towards the edge and slowly lifted the cork. Quarter battle was won.

The tired hands twisted, right to left and center. We weren’t yet there, me and my bottle. Knifey came back into play and like a magic pill, the corkscrew bearing minor scratch was lifted open. Wine was ready like clean blood poured and flowed into a slim glass, giving serum. A life of wine was saved. Finally! Yay! I deserve the Nobel prize for finally able to open a bottle of wine with less than perfection in a lifetime and grooved to dance steps. The man made it. Two hours can do not just wonder but lots and loads. Enjoy the perfect wine story.





Work-in-progress, seeker and bundle of contradictions. Stubborn and Refusal to grow up and constantly in search of myself, I blurt it out on my space. Drop in and share some love. Indian by choice.

11 thoughts on “Day 29: A wine story

  1. Interesting, adventure with the wine opening ceremony. I had similar experiences. cabernet sauvignon and merlot are my favorites, giving the same ‘nasha’ as of gazals by Mehndi Hassan and Gulam Ali.

    1. Thanks Sir and quite a task opening wine! Cabernet and Merlot are the top range. Alcohol works best Witt music, ghazal of course real deal! Mine are 70s and 80s Hindi retro with Kishore da! Mehdi Hassan and Ghulam Ali are such legends!

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