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Day 28: How often we cherish lone moments, space and freedom?

There is something deeply personal and free in being alone at home, far away from everyone and cherishing the solo moments in the company of alcohol. A sense of freedom and spacing out cherished since these moments are a rarity that keeps popping.  I stay with Mom. There are times when she visits a relative to stay overtime and the real icing. It feels like a child and teen whose parents are out and wanna do crazily naughtily things…alcohol and smoke.

As human beings, we all need our creative freedom and space. I am sure our parents, lovers, and friends long for this moment of being on their own. It’s not that on regular days I feel suffocated or choked. I don’t. But, drool over the moments being with myself and some may call it the ME time. With Mom around, there would be a hesitating to grab a drink and would inform that I am having something.

Watching Netflix, reading or writing with a glass in hand or blowing curled smoke. Alcohol and music work like magic combo for me. I love listening to the songs 0f 70s and 80s during the cherished time spent with myself. I don’t belong to that era but the near-perfect composition takes me back to those in mid-2000 in Pune and Mumbai. Being alone means, I can shed tears to cry in silence, perhaps of joy and emotion poured without being mindful about being watched.

There is a certain stillness and alluring moments when one is alone in his or her own, very therapeutic, adoring the silent and beautiful night, and the moon fading. Beauty may not always come alone but fragrance paints the spirit and a lone heart waltzing through to belching a song created on the spur of the moment…the loner may not be alone, cherishing the solo moments, getting dreamy, empowering the mind, a sense of being complete and enjoying every second. Dance in the moment for loneliness is not a bane but pure beauty, a jewel.

One thing I have always loved be it during the student and bachelor days-I am still one- and now is getting this regular treat to do things at my pace and leisure in the ME time. I would be surprised if someone tells me they don’t enjoy being alone and with no one by their side. Personal space, privacy and a sense of freedom are things that make us who we are as an entirely unique individual, defining us.

The alone moment offers perspective on what we are doing right or possible wrong and offering context on priorities or passion and aspirations that can be rekindled. In a nutshell, it helps to discover oneself and silence is often one thing that we fail to practice. Close the eyes for seconds and few minutes, breathe in and out to feel better. Choose the happy space in the room or house when alone to reflect on past choices and the present to flesh the future.

As a child growing up, I have always enjoyed playing alone and most of the times keeping to myself, speaking to the voice in the mind or creating games in the grey cells. A habit that hasn’t subsided over the adult years and enjoyed straddling on a walk and hearing a voice not alien but my own. No wonder, this joy and therapeutic in form never leaves me a bit and leaping with joy when discovering the fief of freedom and private space. The moments which I need and we all deserve. Our parents need to be away from their children to do things making them who they are. Tell me what do you think about the quest for space and freedom! It offers me innate joy and happiness.




Work-in-progress, seeker and bundle of contradictions. Stubborn and Refusal to grow up and constantly in search of myself, I blurt it out on my space. Drop in and share some love. Indian by choice.

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