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Day 27: Splurged and bagged with American Tourister

There is no reason to splurge stupidly and when you bag something on a whim or fancy to drool over, no limit to exuberance and joy. July wasn’t really a good month when I mentioned a huge amount of money stolen right under our nose inside my room in the glass display case. August seems to have started well and on the first day itself, went ahead and splurged big bucks on a bag I was longing, American Tourister.

I used an Arc bag for more than seven years which has been showings sign of wearing off and scratch here and there that may not be really visible. Mom discussed this blue bag with me and told it’s high time to change it. We agree and when it comes to self-branding, the first thing people notice about you is the bag carried, shoes and appearance. Speak about branding. Sheer coincidence is that I’ve been reading the book Brand You-Reinventing the Theater Way by my good friend Vinita Vyas on the essence of grooming and presentation in today’s times. Being a PR person and with company clients across different fields, regularly attending several high-level conferences, it struck upon me and discussed with Mom telling even if something is expensive just go for it. Truth is the presentation and selling one’s skills matters lots. Quite a surprise since the stick-wielding and shouting choo mantar mom at my wishlist normally hates me spending big and always chiding me.


Black is the corporate color and something that fits properly when it comes to choosing a bag. It’s been a spate of years that I haven’t got a black bag and this time too no luck. I settled for the red and blue color combo. Finally, my bag worry was over and disappeared with the flick of the wind. Shopping for a bag can be quite stressful since I am quite finicky when it comes to such stuff! I walked away with the bag conscious that I forked a huge amount from the pocket but this time was not berated by Mom. She told, acha! You took a good one rather than settling for something cheap that would be worn and torn in no time. Mothers can be so pyare and unpredictable, I tell and never cease surprising us.

At the end of the day, not only I loved the brand and the color, owing to the TV ad by Virat Kohli that became an instant hit with me but it’s not just a shoulder bag but labyrinth of sort with three huge and spacious compartments, separation inside and pockets at every inch or space, hidden ones, lockable pullers, rain covers, tractum suspension and padding. American Tourister wala bag is a vault. I was going mad zipping it open with multitude of pockets and compartments, burying the stress of splurging for good. Always go for a trusted and well-known brand for it’s better to invest for the longer term. The last time, I bought a red colored bag was in Mumbai more than a decade back.

I was on top of the world and the aha feeling of comfort wearing high on the back, giving a sense of confidence and joy, something haven’t experienced for a long time. Energy waltzing and feeling of something extraordinary to unfurl was lived before, the signs which cannot be misread. Sinking into this feeling of buying something through sheer hard work and sweat, loving it totally and the feel-good euphoria hasn’t waned. Cherry on cake it’s like a travel suitcase and may be need to pack to travel the world.




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8 thoughts on “Day 27: Splurged and bagged with American Tourister

  1. You can even write an article on buying a bag!! πŸ˜‚ Kamaal ho yaar. But where is the pic? Jiski itni tareefein hui, uski soorat to dikhao! 😊

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