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Happy Friendship Day: Rainbow and forever sunshine

A season turned into timeless and forever. An encounter by accident and after all, relationships flow by a stroke of luck but bringing seamless joy, giving us an identity as a person and showering strength. I believe we don’t choose our friends but the universe works its magic in showering dollop of happiness, the souls that give us a sense of direction, making us secure individuals and pushing beyond limits to achieve the impossible.

Friendship for me has always been an emotional trip. As I hark back to the past, tears stream on my cheek, thinking about the days we laughed out together, dancing without a care to the world, stupidly silly jokes and slam drunk evening when we went berserk to break all limits. The best lines in advertising, film or writers’ punches, after all comes through interaction with friends, isn’t it! That what makes our talent supremely divine for we have friends that matters the most and completing us as a unique individual in being Ourselves.

The childhood and college friends, social media connection turning into close friends who are now on our Whatsapp making it a grandparty. The definition of my friendship may have altered over time but the emotions remain intact for we believe there is no limit to the expression of love and bond. The memories carved over the years last for eternity like sunshine. Friends are our rainbows. The souls come gently and stay with our forever, the moments create an identity.

Some friends we lost but their voices still reverberate in our minds, every moment remembering their antics, smile and words making them alive.  We never bury memories and such close friends are watching us from the sky. Relationships are prayers and we fulfill them by honoring our friends, the siblings that we never had but exist on a deeper level. We are not judged and our dreams as irrational or stupid they may be, are given a patient hearing.

Emotions are not about bands tied on the wrists. I miss those every moments when a friend will prance on me to give a hug when they know things are a bit wary without telling them. This is a pure moment of friendship. The unexpected call from a friend uplifting the mood and few words reminds how much we matter. Grateful and blessed to have such amazing people completing me in life. Friends are a pure gem and worth gold.

Friendship Day is one moment to reflect on the relationships we made over the years, hair turning grey and grateful for the moments spent together.  Joy is something to be experienced and re-lived at every moment in life. The ones who matter will always do and only if the joy stickers on Whatsapp could speak the language of thousand joys, what friends mean to us. Love has no language, so is friendship the route to be experienced and moments felt through our nerves, hearts and spine, like food and oxygen waltzing into high spirits.

Happy Friendship Day, dear friends for we represent an identity and you have always been family, the serum of life.

With love



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12 thoughts on “Happy Friendship Day: Rainbow and forever sunshine

  1. A very meaningful essay on friendship covering the positive aspects of this relationship. Social media has a contributing role to develop new ties as well as reconnecting with the lost ones. Happy Friendship Day my friend.

    1. Thanks so much Sir. I tapped into memories and how social media gave us such lovely friends. Of course the friends who are no more stay with us. Happy Friendship Day Sir. You are one mature voice equipping me through your posts.

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